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Episode 10 – Waiting for A Sign – Night Kalam

Another common excuse that one uses to avoid changing for the better is: “I am waiting for a sign from Allah!”. Hear what Sheikh Hussain Yee and Dr. Bilal Philips say to this.

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The speakers emphasize the importance of proactive behavior and not rushing too far in order to avoid procrastination. They also highlight a study showing that people who use social media more often are more likely to commit crimes, and warn of the danger of harm caused by procrastination. The speakers emphasize the importance of planning for death years ahead.

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Yeah, there are people who always said, No, I want to change by thing. Allah didn't give me any signs. It's not that right time is like people's here now, I want to go to omarama I was not invited yet. And now the call is not there. What do you think?

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I think this is, as you said, a lame excuse right? Now, because reality is that, you know, the call is not gonna come like a bolt of lightning from the sky, you know, and then, you know, bam, this is the type. No, no, I got the colleague, you know, it doesn't happen like that, you know, the point is that, once you know, that you should change, then that's the time that you actually begin to change. Because the change itself is is is a split second, it only takes a split second for you to decide, I'm going to do this.

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You know, what takes a long time is to decide to say, I'm going to do this. So that way you can wait that's the waiting for the call, right? You can drag that one out to your to the end of your life. You know, so the point is that as soon as you know that change is required.

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That's the time that was the calling. When that knowledge came to you, you may have had a vague idea, whatever but then one day it comes came to you

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I need to change

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that time you've got that realization that's the time that you need to change that is the call that is the message from a law that is that is the opportunity

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Yeah, normally people always give excuses no not the right time. Yeah, time come I will change but the unique thing when they want to change to something which they like they can do it ready.

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I'm ready. I'm going to try it so that people say oh I was not been called yet to go to MCC and so on. But they know how to plan to go to to London to visit

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Australia they know how to brand neither Australia's calling them nobody called them because they want it's really up to the individual What do they really want in their life? They want to be a better person. And this way I was looking at a lot of people who give this kind of of excuses actually

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they need a lot of guidance.

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They can have excuses Do you have problem with online a deal judgment nobody should die given all these excuses. It's just like the hidden layer in the Quran talk about those who have been oppressed and the freedom to do what they believe that they have the right to do to practice the deen and then allow it ask them they do and they say it was

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for to hide to hide your fear you must

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be white and no excuse. So you have to prepare to make

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the changes in Islam normally is known as like a migration you are leaving some negative to something positive. But very human always have this kind of of feeling to try to lie to them I consider lying the cheating themselves. When they want to change for something which they like to change. They can do it just as

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well when they do not want to give you 1001 exclusive because of the because of that is a lot harder on me. So

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yeah, I mean it's it's the basis of procrastination. You know your your excuses become your way of procrastinating putting off till tomorrow what you could be doing today. You know you could do it but you find an excuse to justify not doing it. Now when you should. It's just that when people who love dunya do make time for dunya

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do spend time they will make that you don't have no time to create their own time. But when they come for our camera and they get it no maybe not really the prepare yet is like the one to pmla and they said oh I'm so tired, but they can pm for football you know, they can still wait they can plan everything. And they can just wake up for the whole night because of

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the way they thought

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Talking about or a call is not there yet and the sign is not there yet.

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I believe that if LBD are sincere to themselves, inshallah we need to change before it's too late. We do not want to regret in the future because we keep on giving these excuses. And these excuses is going to track this. It's from Satan. Yeah, it's from CDs. At least we'll go from there, then this time. Yeah, there's always time. The same thing with the Hajj, too, you know, so many people told me you know, that in their country, they discourage young people from making how much you know, they're able to have the money if they say no, no, don't go now. You know, you're still young. You know, Hodges wiping away your sins, right? So you don't want to go there while you're young. wipe away the

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sins, come back and do more sins. So better you leave it to the last part of your life. When you can't do any more. Since you've become so old. you've run out of steam, no more sense to do okay, now you go make your hedge, clean up everything behind. It sounds so logical, you know, but it's Satan. Satan has given this beautified disobedience justified procrastination from doing what is right and and deprive people of Hajj because so many people they die before they reach that point. Or they reach the point but they have done so many sins. They have become such bad people that even when they go to make the Hajj, they are committing more and more sins. So they had not accepted they

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go there to discharge which is not accepted yet. I still remember in the late 60s, early 70s my people in my country in Malaysia, the Chinese when they look at people coming back from harsh they respect them Heidi, honor them this is like Sage Wylie coming back. No. These people are very clean, very pure. You see that stone to get the jumbo white, and third one all white, white and also just people your heart is very clean very pure. So if you if you lose something lost something, you better go and ask them they can shop these people can see the

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So the honor these people but lately the mind people say these people, they lie. No, they are not really going to mock you see they come home after one week they change their back to their normal life and not because

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our intention is not there anymore. We believe that anything could and you know is good for you first a bit of good Clara you should be hasty Don't delay anymore. We are worried the wispy of the site and it's obvious their level you see Don't worry this time though you're young

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don't don't rush and

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then some will try that will give it is good for you to know before you come in and off scenes. Go there and kiss the brakes and the oddest thing is that you come back pure okay. And new sin is still okay. No is not that that heavy yet. So give you all these kind of ideas. There is going to make you become worse. Because now you're taking all this seems very likely. But again, we believe that we are always encouraged people who know that they are having some weaknesses here and please know, don't delay anything is good. Because death is just the corner. We can die any time. We always ask a lot, a lot marketing. Let me host a party on this one. I think a lot the Muslims have been asking

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Allah in the prayer, they want to hit a good template. If we know that we are going to end 50 years to come then no problem. You can plan to 49 years and the last year you will repent. But no one knows you can die at any time you know. So we hope that we don't take things for granted. Anything could prescribe the IRA with the history to us in sharp