Can We Have A Tree Like Them

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Some Companions asked the prophet peace be upon him this question “Can we have A Tree like them?” it is Soooooo funny because some Muslims are asking the same question now, Shaykh is it Ok to have a Christmas Tree? You should know how the prophet answered them.

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Let me double triangle for center we can

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either have no more

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brothers and sisters in snap.

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We are an oma

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which is labeled to be the love school.

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And we are responsible for delivering hate to humanity.

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Listen, our job is to be there

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not to force people to understand in knowledge that is

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our job

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and you cannot think about why you're contradicting what you're delivering.

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If you go and explain that to the people and then you go and mingle with them when they are celebrating something that totally contrary to what you believe in this

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is English.

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What is this

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a way that you would understand what you believe in or whether you're doing it for us.

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I'll give you a quick story.

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When the brothers have a massive and conquered machines,

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the people who have not yet accepted Islam, the majority of them but now they will not come to meet it with them

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throughout the years learning new Muslims they would have

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made an army out of them to go and conquer

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a CD

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or they're not even they didn't they can be

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and they could see from a distance

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they can

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and they will do something funny. They used to have a team called dare to unlock

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and they used to go about around the tree and they touch that thing they place those sorts of

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newly reverted Muslims because they are not

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just to show you that only people who do not have knowledge to do that stuff. So they

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Christmas tree christmas

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children are visible

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a lot of native cross

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in front of them as soon as they cross the desert.

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Nick doggy and