The Importance of Da’wah

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Da’wah (Calling people to Islam) is a responsibility of all muslims, yet it is something most of us neglect. A short reminder on why da’wah is important in Islam. The Prophet (May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) said: “For Allah to guide any man through you is better for you than the red camel.” [Muslim]

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Al hamdu. lillahi Rabbil alameen

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naramata who want to start in the humanistic field on ounds b lemon Cerulean fusina. Woman se Medina de la fala fella Medina, one minute lil who fala de la, Shadow Allah, Allah in La la la de la sharika Why should we know Mohammed Abu who was Oh, dear brothers and sisters Alhamdulillah May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept all our deeds, and so all our prayer and protect all of us from Phaeton insha Allah now brothers and sister Today, I would like to remind myself and all the weavers, the importance of Dawa in Islam. Now that word in Islam is something that is so essential, and the mission of all prophets and messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala even Allah have asked us

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woman as an opcode Amanda in a lower Amina slowly her will call in nanny minimal slimming

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now ally is asking us whose word whose speech is better in the sight of Allah than those who use his tongue, use his speech to call people to invite people back to

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to the Creator, a lot of bulanan

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know, no mission

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and no profession that is better than this.

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But of course, Allah also remind us as a caller,

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we must show good example. As well as it was an accident Cole Amanda in LA wa Amina sada.

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Now a caller, they themselves will act upon what the belief

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is, we believe that Islam is the best. So we must prove to ourselves at least, that we are trying our best to follow the command.

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Now how to be a best Muslim, there's no other way except to submit ourselves totally to a laws, rule and regulation because he is the law maker. He knows everything. He sees everything. He knows what's going to happen to us in our future, and what is going to happen in near in the hereafter. So there's no other rule and law that is better than a loss, ruling and allows hokum so our duty is to try to understand that one of the important thing Allah say, call people to Allah. So we are supposed to invite people to Islam.

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But then Allah remind us we the caller must show good example. Why me lasagna,

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even whatever we do, must be pure. Sincerely for the sake of law, no hidden agenda.

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And as a caller, there is no limit.

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There is no limit to be to do that work. I mean, you cannot say, I've done that work for 10 days, 10 months 10 year finish Nope. The Dow will carry on as long as you are still alive. until the time amongst Hana what Allah

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invite us back to him and allow him a color to Islam. He or she must be proud of his or her identity as a Muslim. He and she must know that we are Muslim, and everywhere, we still are Muslim we are do not change our identity because of the place no,

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we may change our approach, but not our identity. And that is good. You had to be proud of who we are. And that of God, the first important thing we have to invite people is to Hitler.

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Tell them about the importance of believing in one God.

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Just as the beginning. Don't discuss about the hokum and haccombe but just talk to them about the important belief in one God the true God and show them the beauty of Islam.

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Not just ritual. We know a lot of people inviting people to Islam and immediately reinforce the ritual.

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Now this ritual insha Allah will come automatically one the person have the right understanding of Eman, one a person love Allah and they appreciate the value of Islam. inshallah, brother and sister do love to perform prayer, the left to do whatever Allah want them to do. But today we have problem. It wouldn't born Muslim having problem why the bomb Muslim and not practicing Islam.

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Because they will talk about the ritual without understanding the values. So we should always remind the people about the beauty of Islam, so they can value Islam. There is a religion of peace, harmony, Islam always want the best for all of us. Islam is simple, Islam is easy.

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Don't make it difficult to anybody. And when you call people to Islam, the follow up program also is very, very vital, is very important. It's not just inviting to people, the Muslim, and then leave them alone. Now they're part of us. So when they're part of us, brother and sister, we should try our best to spend time to be the mentor, talk to them, advise them, be there for them, show that we care, we like to help them and the Prophet have said that whoever still helping another Muslim for the sake of Allah, as long as we are helping enter the servant of Allah, the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala is always there for all of us. This is the beauty if you have good intention to help

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another Muslim, then the help of a loss of Hannah what Allah is always there for all of us, brothers and sisters. And one of the last thing that I like to share by doing all this data what the you know, the people, nobody is perfect. Don't look at the, the the wrong, the weaknesses of a person. Even there is some witnesses. We try to cover it allows it Yamato Bella Sara, the day will come when no secret will be hidden. Except the Prophet said. Those who cover the witnesses the fall of another Muslim for the sake of Allah, Allah will cover his witnesses here in this way enter here after Mashallah, brother and sister This is the blessing the naghmeh to be good, the neck ma who always

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have good thoughts to fellow humanity, especially the fellow Muslim and for the people who become Muslim Mashallah brother and sister. Even they have scenes for so many years. But Allah is prepared to forgive the scene not only to forgive the scene, but also whatever scene they have committed. Allah was transferred to be good this allow only later This is the greatest thing. And for us, we have received a lot of reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala by just trying our best to invite other people to Islam. So brother and sister, if you are not sure how to start, please contact us come to our center khadim have their own center in Sri Lanka you era that you can come and inshallah we can

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try to share with you so that everybody will be given the opportunity in sha Allah to get this special reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala at least once in our lifetime, we managed to save one so call them back to the deen of Allah and Islam. May Allah Subhana Allah accept our deeds and May Allah Subhana Allah make us feel easy to come forward to me that way and that way you can do real harm to example, be listen to your word, or in any form with

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us inshallah. So brother and sister May Allah blesses, may Allah make things easy for us. And may Allah make us people who care and who would like to share with other people. I mean, Arabic Allah mean or billetto they were actually the 100 reliable alameen salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.