Sajid Ahmed Umar – Moments with the Messenger 6

Sajid Ahmed Umar
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of sall consecutive advice during Islam, emphasizing the need for a minimal viable effort and taking care of time. They stress the importance of time being passed, the need for everyone to be persistent and hold themselves in rein, and the importance of learning to be a man of the hour. The speakers emphasize the need for urgency and staying up until the last 10 days to achieve good deeds and reward oneself.
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hamdulillah number two who want to start you know who wanna study one or two below him Sharon fusina woman sejahtera Marina Mija de la, la la la, la, la La, la, la la la la la la la sharika y shadow, Mohammed Abdul Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam all about Akali or other early he wants to be a marine. Yeah, you are Latina am Ana de la haka Ducati on

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the moon. Yeah, you anessa Pura Bakula de la comida. ohana. camino has Oda over seminoma region and Kazuhiro one is a taco la la de de Luna b1 or have in the LA Kenyatta de como Eva yeah un Latina mo de la la pulu Colin sadita Kuma melachim

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Rasulullah poco de frozen Aviva lF de kita boleh el * * Mohamed El Sol La La sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Shara.

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wakulla much bigger or colavita 18 balada wakulla Bala nothing now Allah, Allah has a better luck with your mentor Jonah v Illallah kulula Sima, cassava. Rahman, O sevens of online or children of Adam. We begin by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him and we seek refuge in Allah and we seek his assistance and we testify the moose of Allah guides them can misguidance wherever he misguides the nun can guide and we request praises and blessings upon our Master and teacher and the final messenger Muhammad Ali Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he Allah gathers with him in general. I mean, I testify that there's no one worthy of worship besides one Allah and that Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is His Messenger, brothers and sisters in Islam. Welcome to another episode, our Friday episode moments with the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his companions for today's episode, we want to take a moment from the life of the companions with each other as found in a Pavani a book of narrations that goes back to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, and the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and in particular, we want to discuss the narration by Abdullah bin Hansen, or otherwise known as Abu Medina, in which he mentioned Subhana Allah a practice of some of the companions, when they would leave each other for

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long periods of time. They would give each other advice, right. But what was unique in the practice of some of them was that they would actually recite surah, to Lhasa, in terms of the advice that they would leave with their fellow brother. And in reciprocating this, the brother receiving the surah would recite the surah back to the departing brother, so panela How amazing was the relationship between the companion and between the companions on the train and also the relationship with the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala add surah to Lhasa, a surah Subhana Allah that many of us consider very short and it is from the shortest surah of the Quran. However, by Allah, it is

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extremely long in terms of meaning in terms of implications, and I bring about today's lesson in light of us completing a week already Subhan Allah from our month, the month of Ramadan and very soon we will close the door to the first 10 days and first 10 nights of Ramadan. And brothers and sisters, whether we believe it or not very soon, we will be searching for the night of power in sha Allah May Allah preserve us it is obedience. Amina May Allah grant us Baraka in our time, time is flying. And this is not a strange statement. It's a common statement. Everybody's talking about how fast time is passing us by we waited for Amazon since last year and we can remember what we did on

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the read last year but tapanuli feels like it was just last month and all of a sudden Ramadan is upon us. And all of a sudden almost half of the month will leave us left with a label. This is from the signs of pm a no doubt, brothers and sisters in Islam, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told his companions that from the signs of the hour from the signs of the hour is this concept of your Takara zemon which is translated as the coming together of time. And some scholars translated based on the understanding that Allah subhanho wa Taala or the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam means here that Allah subhanho wa Taala will lift the blessings from time, right so time

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will feel like it's coming together. Some of the scholars in Islam have explained it to me that cities will grow bigger, which means the distance between cities will be shorter, which means travel time will become shorter. However, many of the scholars of Islam such as remember Noah we Aqaba Yap, also a half a dozen hedger and a salani. And from the contemporary scholarship, Damien Rahmatullah, Germaine, they have the opinion that it refers to the concept of Baraka being lifted and we actually

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livid brothers and sisters in Islam we have 24 hours feels like just 12 hours a love and Mr. Ahn, right. So this is one of the signs of pm. And we need to be extra diligent, and we need to be in a, in an acute state of awareness with regards to the second hand and the ticks that it completes, we have to be super we have this brothers and sisters in Islam. Why? Because our greatest asset is the asset of time and we realize this in the month of Ramadan, even more so Subhanallah you know, time has an absolute value. With every human being the value is the same. Money has a relative value to some people, you know, 100 pounds or $100 is a lot and to others, it's a little bit with time to

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everyone. It's a lot why because we are nothing but time. So Pamela, now as Yvonne is running past us, I highlight to you all this practice of the companions in sharing advice with you on well, awesome. So panelo and Allah subhanho wa Taala begins the surah he, as always with amazing eloquence which proves to panela that this course is from Allah subhanho wa Taala well awesome, and also refers to a moment of time, in which moment has Allah subhanho wa Taala taken an oath by and remember, Allah doesn't take an oath by anything except to highlight its importance except to bring our attention to it, except to teach us how to handle law this moment in time is special with Allah

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subhanho wa Taala is important with Allah subhanho wa Taala can take an oath by anything because he's the creator of everything. And by him taking an oath by anything is actually taking an oath by himself. So panda who has the honor, so he takes an oath by time but in particular, time, which is about to end time which is running out, allow some right refers to the last moments of something, the last moments of the day. And let's say we pre selected the answer just before or during the portion of the day that comes just before sunset, because that is the time that represents the last moments of the time of the day. And even in in the Arabic language we call fruit juice allow C and A

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C refers to squeezed fruits, that juice that you extract from the fruits. The remainder of the fruit, what remains from the fruit is the juice is the liquid that you've extracted from it, it's called allows you to handle Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala starts to Surah in a way that's kind of like grabs our attention as if we feel or he puts us in the circumstance where we feel Time's running out, we have to do something, what is that something that we have to do? And that is why the scholars of the field explained pseudo to assume to be the pseudo of survival, right? survival, it's the the minimum viable requirement of every believer, right? The minimum viable requirement of every

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believer is in certain answer, if you want the bare minimum, which is save you from the Hellfire and to get into general you have to look after the surah This is the sort of survival Okay, in other suitors. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions rewards that are greater, right than just the entry level rewards. But here we are being told that this is the minimum level activity from you or Muslim, right to survive, to make it through. So Hanover to be saved from Delphi and to enter into paradise. Right? The minimum viable requirement, Allah says in the incentive, your hosts are again grabbing our attention, time is running out. And then Allah says indeed, all of mankind is drowning in loss.

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Pamela, we don't have time to go into the specifics. The linguistic specifics here, but I'm trying to give it's a it's a it's a, it's, I mean, it's a translation that we can say is close to the expressive nature, the deep expressive nature of the Arabic verse in Al insana, leviosa. Indeed, all of mankind is drowning in loss. And no doubt this grabs our attention. Firstly, Time's running out, then we all are drowning in loss. It's not that we endlessly drowning, it's sucking us down. And this creates a sense of emergency and a sense of urgency to panela that we have to do something.

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It's like you, you you in the current and the tide has taken you and in front of you is a waterfall. Right? And between you and the waterfall is a branch and that's your only Savior. Now to grab that branch. This is the minimum requirement we're not talking about was the branch our fruits, will you be able to eat Will you be, we're not talking about any of that we're talking about just saving your life. The minimum viable effort required from you is to grab that branch. And this is the realities of Canada that Allah subhanho wa Taala puts us in at the beginning of the saw. Everyone is drowning in loss except

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a select group of people. And they are a select group because of the following practices in the levena M and what I'm going to say the hat what also

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We'll help but also the sock Subhana Allah, Allah says, except for the believers who do good deeds, who practice the hour and the patient panel. It's amazing. It's an amazing song so short but so deep, so deep. And you know, I pondered over the suitor for for a long time that's why did the last signal the hour and patience

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in terms of good deeds because Allah said except those who believe right and do good deeds and we know that our is from good deeds and we know patience is from good from the good deeds as well. So why did Allah subhanho wa Taala say except those who do good deeds but then he highlighted for us vighnaharta IRA, dour and patience

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and for the benefit of the discussion since we have tapped into the surah. A conclusion that I reached in Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best is that without patience, you can't have doubt. And without data, you can't have good deeds. And without good deeds, your mind is going to suffer. And if anyone suffers, you're going to miss holding on to that branch. And you're going to fall down the waterfall. And at the bottom of it is the fire of Johanna Mala. homocysteine is punishment and loss and doom and gloom. So had Allah Allah knows best, but if we look at the surah, from from the end, moving inwards, right Allah says, amen. Then he says good deeds, then he says there are then he says

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patience. So if we go backwards, without patience, you can't have doubt if you don't have patience that was going to fall. Because to do that our brothers and sisters in Islam, to propagate Islam and to teach them to other people and also to be a proper Muslims to be that is to ourselves, right? we propagate Islam to ourselves to remain upon the straight path remain upon the do's, stay away from the tower, you need patience, yourself wants to go in the wrong direction. You have to be patient and hold yourself in rein yourself in this is right, people will not listen to you. You have to be persistent. That's the power right people will need you to try different approaches. That's the

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power right? It needs patience without patients you kind of doubt. But without that our you kind of good deeds without our good deeds will drop. And as Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in another part of the Quran, when he he mentioned the fall of Israel, what was you know, from the reasons of them falling was what they left out. They left propagating good, they left being advocates against evil. And then what happened they started practicing the evil themselves and leaving the good themselves to handle a calculated mooncup fellow that's what they did. They didn't stop the evil and then after some time, they became so desensitized, they started doing it themselves.

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So hamdulillah without our good deeds will go down without good deeds. Brothers and sisters in Islam, our Eman will drop. Our Eman will drop because Eman is about faith and actions that the faith mandates right. And based on the actions will our faith go up and that's why from the strongest Pillars of Islam is the Salah, and it's five times a day. And the scholars of Islam explain that if we waste a solid then the man is going to fall it's from the strongest of good deeds that keeps the pillar of Eman up keeps our faith health to hamdulillah. And without our without our good deeds as we've said the man will drop and when the man drops them, there's only failure

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so hello lamellas parallelogram is the understanding and make us ponder over the meanings of the Quran. Anyway, today's episode is not about solitude. But it's about the practice of taking care of time and advising other people to look after time and rising ourselves to look after time especially in light of how fast Ramadan is moving. We know how many people were with us last Ramadan. They wanted this Ramadan the past three days maybe moments before Ramadan kicked in Subhana Allah we don't know if this will be our last Ramadan, brothers and sisters in Islam. Right? So we need to bring ourselves together and bring everything that we need to and do everything that we have to to

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ensure that we Iranian ourselves and move into the second 10 days of Ramadan in a stronger way in preparation for the last 10 days of Ramadan. And someone might say are you sharing the advice too early or law he given how fast time is going by it's never too early to tell people to rein themselves in. And I know when Amazon kicks in, some of us didn't manage to have an amazing chabanne in preparation for Amazon. So this first week has gone into in terms of climatized and getting used to fasting and getting used to change sleep patterns and so on and so forth. And today even with with lock downs and so on and so forth and certain uncertainty, uncertainties. People have been

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going through different journeys in their own capacities which might have made it difficult to come with a trauma bond that we sit back now and say Alhamdulillah right but we should always say Alhamdulillah irrespective of circumstance and situation because the hamdulillah we are breathing we have a chance Ramadan hasn't ended and and hamdulillah Allah will judge us based on the strength of our ending. So how to live the end

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is strong in sha Allah, Allah will take the rewards of the ending and apply it across all 29 or 30 days, so don't lose hope. This is a message of hope, time is running out is a fact it's sharing effect. It's too if I'm creating anxiety and anxiousness and urgency, then Alhamdulillah that is needed, but not in a negative your brothers and sisters in Islam rather in a positive way that we use that urgency we use that anxiety to sit down and fix things right and I don't mean negative anxiety, I mean, anxiousness. We feel Subhanallah we need to get ourselves together. That's a good feeling. We need to we need to because we don't know how many trauma bonds we have left in our life.

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And we do know how fastest Ramadan's Pamela is already leaving us back. So let us take the lessons from this moment of the first eight days of Ramadan and

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try and correct things tweak things. Right try and sort of the priorities sort of our timetable, let us look at the factors that have caused us to to not achieve what we wanted to achieve have we overset our targets during the first eight days it wasn't as being pragmatic and practical if so let's reduce it so we we ensure that we burn in as we get to the last 10 days of Ramadan and not burn out right. So that is putting the necessary checks and balances dot the i's cross the T's in terms of these things. Let us sit down today and have reflective moments over our self during the first eight days of Ramadan. And what can we do to ensure that we are much better during the next 10

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of Ramadan? And what can we do to ensure that we are even greater during the last day of Ramadan not forgetting that the last day of Ramadan might entail us having to actually stay awake throughout the entire night and change our entire day. Right? In fact we should and this was the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam but however, I mentioning it using these words being sensitive to different people circumstances and situations no doubt some people have to be awake during the day which means they they have to have some sleep at night but if possible brothers and sisters in Islam, especially now with isolation and lockdown and we have more control of our timetables right

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we can we can do some of the things that we might have considered radical before like staying up the whole night and using the day to sleep and and and and carry out other acts of worship and then getting ready for the night as well and inshallah in future episodes we'll discuss tips to ensure that we have amazing nights and what can we can do during the day to ensure that we have those amazing night so let us use these moments brothers and sisters in a snap. Now in Arabic we say ashamed to share Youth Cup. people asking about this narration that says the first day of Ramadan is

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His mercy and the next 10 is forgiveness and the last one is freedom from the hellfire. This narration has been reported by Jose ma from the companion segment and faricy robiola one. However, the narration is weak due to someone in the chain of narrators who is considered weak whose name is Ali ibn Zayd, even Japan, and this narration hasn't been considered by the scholars of Hadith as something authentic that we can attribute to the province on the level and he will send them without doubt. In fact, it's more likely that we can't attribute this donation to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam it's a weak narration and also the reality of the other narrations of Ramadan

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testify against what this narration is it because we are taught in the center that all of Ramadan is freedom from the Hellfire Muslim who attend every night is freeing people from the Hellfire Alhamdulillah All right, so with regards to this nation, it's weak. However, in terms of our application, let us go from strength to strength. Okay, brothers and sisters in Islam, don't become overwhelmed over what's past. Don't let the first eight days of Ramadan affect you negatively moving into the next

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12 days just before the last 10 days use the first eight days to gather the necessary motivation to tweak what needs tweaking and get ourselves ready for the last thing because as I said, and I repeat that Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah will judge us based on our endings we always have hello to Allah grant us the understanding. I mean, I leave you with the following advice we'll also in the incentive in the levena men who want me to slowly had good deeds good deeds, good deeds good deeds but burn in and don't burn out what also will help practice that our right now is important that Ramadan is a man of the hour and remember brothers and sisters in Islam people see us before they

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hear us so even in how they see us is a form of their will have the intention that you know you're doing well in terms of your your character and so on and so forth. because number one is that month and we know that the Battle of better happened during the month of Ramadan and the 12th of Ramadan is synonymous with the Battle of better and events pertaining to the Battle of better so Ramadan is a month of our we have to do with our with our soul this summer and we have to be patient and no doubt Ramadan is a month of fasting and a month of patience. In fact, some of the scholars of the seed have explained the area in the Quran was studying to be somebody was solid seek assistance.

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to solder and solder some of the scholars have seen the same savoured here refers to fasting. Right. Once we know commonly Saba refers to patients but given how synonymous fasting is with patients and Ramadan is with patients, we must do that our and we must be patient and patients and there are good deeds and Eman all go hand in hand. Look after these things brothers and sisters in Islam, may Allah accept what has passed I mean, and bless what remains I mean, and until next time, or sallallahu wasallam or Bella Carlin abena Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ngma

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