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Allah gives You Even When HE Withholds – Find Out How!

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spinomenal Rahim hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah while AlLahi wa sahbihi Omen wa Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone welcome to Ramadan reminders, Episode Number 27 the Kabbalah Lamanna woman comsol helemaal will accept from us our good deeds May Allah grant us the right of power and decree and virtue and all of its rewards and May Allah free us from the Hellfire I mean your amin And may Allah bring Ramadan back to us for many many years to come whilst we are in good health and good stead i mean i mean brothers and sisters I take you to sorbitol, Bukhara This episode is number 186. Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah mentioned to us another principle, a principle

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of life something that is not changeable. Allah says what you've asked Allah kariba de nieve in the body. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and when my servants ask you, oh, Mohammed concerning me, then indeed I am near. Indeed I am near Allah then says, well, gee, Buddha waited there either the ad Allah says, I respond to the, to the supplication of the supplicant when he or she makes two and calls upon me. So Subhan Allah, this is really this is one of those if that really

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makes your hair stand Subhanallah especially when you understand it in the Arabic language.

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Because Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying so much. In just these few words, firstly, let's try and go through them. Firstly, Allah says that

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when my servant calls out to me, which means Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to call out to Him. Yes, Allah knows what's in what is in our hearts, Allah knows everything, he knows the hidden, he knows the apparent, but his system is that he wants us to make an effort, he wants us to call out to Him, right? Allah sees when they do so far in the trip. Now, if you understand the context of the Arabic language, you will understand that this is a net result of calling out

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you know, allies not saying

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you know, myself It makes throughout then they will find that I am the ally saying then I am nia.

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Right. If you call out then I am Nia, meaning Allah is so close to your door, he's so close to my door. He's so close to our door. He's so close to it. So hide Allah. Allah says, then, oh, gee, Buddha today is that that Allah says that I certainly respond to this application and draft the supplicant when he or she makes it.

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And I'm translating it in a way that trying to give the you know, the true impression of what the Arabic is saying others it's far more eloquent and striking. In the Arabic language is one of those things that English vernacular doesn't have the ability to appropriate.

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The emotion that is present in the Arabic words and then how the words are pieced together. This is what makes the Quran eloquent using Arabic words at the Arab spoke, the way it's coined the way the words come together, SubhanAllah. It's beyond the ability of, of human beings

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in light of the meanings that are produced, and realities that are taught, right, a loss of headway utterly is saying that when you make that do it, then know that Allah is close to that door, and that door is close to Allah and Allah responds to it.

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A lot of response to it.

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So we learned here that every dollar we make Allah answers,

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right, of course, on condition, that we stay away from the things that prevent our doors from reaching Allah, that Allah has said that these things will cause me not to respond to your door, not because there's anything that can be stronger and beyond Allah subhanho wa Taala when he had to be like, No, no, no, it's because Allah has said, This is my system, I will always respond except in ABCDE circumstance such as being disrespectful to your parents, such as eating Haram, and drinking haram through harem earnings. You might buy halal food, but through haram earnings, and it's through rebind interest provincial as being answered.

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So ally always answers our da unless we do that which Allah says if you do, he will not answer.

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Now, the next question that we must discuss is how.

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And there's a lot always answered by giving us what we want.

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Then when we look at the son of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. We see that though, Allah answers your drive, by giving

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You better than what you want

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and sometimes better is not giving you what you want. So hold on. So you might see it as a lot of answering my da. But so find Allah Allah has answered you to

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any Allah subhanho wa Taala he gives you even when you think he's not giving you so para la ilaha illallah wa Malik unhemmed right? How so? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaches us that Allah subhanho wa Taala if someone makes a dua, he either gives them what they asking for it that is best for them. Or he saves them from a calamity that was about to strike them or reduces the severity of a calamity that was about to strike them, because in the knowledge of Allah, that a great calamity is coming. So he reduces the calamity. Because of that. And had you known that this calamity was coming, you wouldn't have made the alpha whatever you are asking for rather you would

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have asked Allah to remove that calamity or reduce it. So Allah is giving you what you would have asked for had you already known.

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So isn't that giving? Indeed that is giving. Then we have the third way.

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And that is

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through Allah subhanho wa Taala not giving you what you asked for but keeping your eye out for the day of pm. When you need that blank check when you short on good deeds when the scale needs the required Wait a lot takes out your door and places it on the scales for you. So you go to jack, had you known that you are going to be short on the DFP ever? You wouldn't have asked Allah for what you asked for rather, you would have asked a lot to make your skills heavy on the DFB Allah, so Allah did it for you anyway.

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He gave you what you would have asked for had you already done. So even if he doesn't give he is giving meaning doesn't give in our perspect he is given in reality. And that is why even with the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala there's two names that we should never separate they should always be together and that is a RB l Bursa.

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La COVID is the one who withholds and the basket basket is the one who gives beyond measure.

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Why should we separate it because last names are beautiful. If we separate the names, the one who withholds it doesn't carry a beautiful meaning. But if you join it with a basket, meaning if you join it with the name of Allah which means the one who gives beyond measure, now it becomes a beautiful name. Now it becomes a beautiful name because now you understand that Allah is the one who was holds and in his withholding his gift is he changes. It changes you see. So understand this My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, take this lesson and take it well. There's no excuse for us to ever, ever blame Allah subhanho wa Taala and complain about Allah subhanho wa Taala This is bad

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manners with Allah subhanho wa Taala to say that so hard Allah, you know I'm making

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I'm making I'm making a lot of difficulties keep getting more and more and more and more. You know, I don't know what Allah has planned for me why this keeps happening to me this is bad manners. This is for you to be patient. And Subhan Allah in Allah giving you what is what you would have asked for. And you being patient by not getting what you did ask for Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to reward you for your patience and build your agenda. So at the end, you're going to get a bigger agenda and you're going to get what you would have asked for Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, how amazing is Islam? How amazing is Islam, Allah gives us the knowledge to give us the certainty to

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maintain our faith in all circumstances and situations. Our problem is, we lack knowledge. And, you know, in today's day and age, the knowledge we have is through random YouTube videos and random conference talks. You know, going in one ear come out the next. You know, once we watching, we're doing other things we multitasking. It's not curriculum based knowledge which is built upon each other which stacks up in our minds and hearts in a way that leads to transformation.

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But that's a discussion for another day. I leave you with this message. I love you all for the sake of Allah Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh