Hussain Yee – Ramadan 2017 – Reminders 24

Hussain Yee
AI: Summary © The Prophet's actions are recognized as beneficial for the person, but not for the person. The importance of reciting the Prophet's words in prayer is discussed, along with the use of proper hand language and avoiding metal plates. The Prophet's teachings encourage individuals to eat healthy foods and not to get angry at people, and the importance of following the Prophet's instructions for taking care of their bodies and minds is emphasized. The importance of following the Prophet's teachings is emphasized, and a new beer called Hanukkah is mentioned.
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One of the action because the action of profit will be divided into two categories. One is ama, and one is, this is ama, and this is cause cosmin. There is only for the profit you cannot do.

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This will

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be for the profit not for you, not for me.

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Example, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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the Prophet sallahu wa sallam said, No prayer after pajara prayer until sunrise, this is the saying of the Prophet. That means he didn't allow you to perform any prayer after

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until sunrise and the proper set again, no prayer after answer until sun set, remember, no prayer after pajara until sunrise, no prayer after until sunset, clear.

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But then the proper perform

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that he had

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but that should not only apply to the prophet and that sadhana is not soon after. But that is the sooner that the profit means after.

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He means after Zoho and he do it. When he remembered after and I shadow and say that is only for the Prophet sallallahu wasallam not for you not for me. Again, BMP

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three factorise three

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BMP 353. And b jq 898 Bj q 898.

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Now, again, the prophets of Rotterdam said,

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when the Prophet died,

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his body cannot be transferred out from the place that he died. If he died in the house of Ayesha

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and he was buried in the same place. His body cannot be transferred out to any other grave yet, that only applies for the profit, not for you and for me.

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That is only for the profit. That is his

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saying, Yeah, he's saying that that is only for the profit.

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Again, then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, when the Prophet pass away,

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whatever property the Prophet left behind, cannot be inherited by the wife or the children. It belonged to the oma. Our property cannot be just given to anyone. It must be

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distributed among the next of kin is against Yeah, there's a difference between we and our prophets on the monitor Salaam. This is some example I want to show you to know that to show that you know that the saying of the Prophet take.

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First first, then then the one action and profit. Now why Jeep? There are some action of the Prophet that is wajib example.

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When the Prophet performed prayer, harmony, rock and fudger he performed to do you find in the Quran, Allah say performed pajara Torah. No, the pie in the Quran says as far as I know, you don't get this ayah or there's any evidence in the Quran that Allah say tsubo tools are harder for us or for the prophets. Is there in the Quran say that there is no prayer without Surah Fatiha if you perform a prayer, you don't miss a party. There's no solder for you Who said that? They play in the Quran. No is in the saying of the Prophet. So sometimes the saying of the Prophet become worship You must follow. It's not a child. If you don't recite Fatiha, then your prayer is not valid, especially

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when you're praying alone. Or you're praying in the silent prayer like zohore Asada and the last record of Margaret and the two last record of Asia when the Imam recite Fatiha silently sent every one of us must recite.

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But who say that not in the Quran is a saying of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. This is just an example. Yeah, so not all of the Sunnah of the Prophet his action or his thing is so not but it also become compulsory.

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Okay, in sha Allah We hope that you can understand it slowly.

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The sun that Yeah, like sooner probably so not bad idea there is a sooner if you want to perform

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Not zohore chhabria swinnen but the zohore is up to you. You don't call me any if you don't do it

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but if you have time Why not because doing sooner prayer benefit as to because the Hadees will see that Allah mentioned about Sunnah prayer. Those in a day of judgment Allah check up on our farrotto prayer and there is some defect.

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There's a lot of weaknesses in the power to prayer then a lower commander Angel for us to look into our Sunnah prayer

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that can come in handy here to rectify to help. Yeah, the one that we miss thing that is not so perfect in the photo, it can be rectified by the sooner prayer inshallah. Now, the Sunnah of the curse, I have mentioned early, the profit center cannot receive any sort of profit and his family cannot accept sadaqa. How about we can we accept sadaqa? Even we are raised? Can we accept sadaqa? You still can have

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because we are not the Prophet.

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Again, the prophet can marry more than how many wife?

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So the husband the manner, make it clear for

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this one, the men will respond faster.

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Yeah. But anyhow, the prophet never said that he is allowed to marry for money. He married more than four. And that's why some of the, the the followers of the Prophet today not at the time here today, they are very smart. They sit and say marry two,

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or three, or four. And if you cannot be just just married one. So now they say there is the ayah. But the action and the Prophet is not like that. He got more than four. So the real understanding of this ayah marry two plus three plus four plus one. How many?

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How many, then? Yeah, in a court in Johor Johor Bahru, there's a hearing. Yeah, for years before they arrest a guy who have 10 wives.

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And then they say, how can you marry 10? Why's

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he said for an SEC, two plus three plus four plus one.

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My bet his calculation

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but that is not right.

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According to the Sunnah of the profits and loss only allowed his Omar to make more not more than four if they are ready for it. They are fair, they know their rights and their responsibility.

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Now, again, the Asana more aka the highly recommended, the sooner the highly recommended by our Prophet is the Sunnah of the Prophet never missed even while he was traveling. He still observed soon

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as the opening of the prayer for the day, and so that we did as the closing prayer of the day, highly recommended the Raz Clara makeda center example after

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Amazon Azhar before Azhar is not moqtada you want to do you can but the Prophet Yeah, do it and then he just abandon it.

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He abandon it more than doing it but if somebody wants to do it, you can do it in swana Cobra Shah if you want to do you can but it's not maka. maka is something that highly recommended. Yeah, so not a bad dad. So not a bad dad. The prophets of masam remind us to cover our isn't a bad cover your outline is an ibadah How do you cover is up to you? Matthew, Avaya oni Massey where ductular maaseiah We are the Arabic kind of dress to power No.

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If you are a Malaysian you can even dress by your Koran, no problem. If you are Chinese Muslim, you can dress Johnson mean long dress as long as you cover your aura. If you're Japanese most Muslim woman you can wear Kimo No, no problem as long as long it cover your aura

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is not necessary. You follow a particular tradition not as long as you cover the aura. And this is what a call ibadah cover is about. When you want to eat and drink the proper only say use right hand whether you want to use bad

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And welcome

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spawn Okay, Spock Okay, knife okay chopstick okay just stick you can

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chopstick no problem if you use your stop the use of tea you cannot say no no no no when you are Muslim no more chopstick

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must you must use hand money yeah no problem if you say if you want to eat soup with hand then you can also no problem now you know you're suffering you know yeah it's not practical anymore Just an example the sunlight is beautiful as long as you use your right hand that is the sun yeah

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how you want to use the right hand is up to you. Sometimes when people eat with five finger they see is not pulling the sooner the Prophet only use three finger is it you want to go to that area if you want to go to that. So detail you have problem. First the first problem you must ask profit it rise or rocky

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most of the time the profit hit roti so irati three finger is sufficient. Yeah, yeah, you just hold one finger up point and then to you you break the bread Alhamdulillah my we are not eating roti all the time. Tradition is tradition any treasures that do not contradict with a bada that the prophets are Muslim forbid, carry on. You want to if you like to eat

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banana leaf restaurant, do use banana leaf what can you do? Can you say no banana leaf. Only one plate the profit also don't use the paper that we use. So what can you do in your as long as you can eat? Yeah, on any utensil, that the Prophet allows you only the prophecy don't use pure gold and pure silver utensil? Yeah, that's all. Yeah, so Islam is very rich with culture and tradition. And the tradition does not contradict

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Islam, the Sunnah of the Prophet you can carry on no problem. Yeah. This is the beauty of Islam to make us understand. Now the agreement and the silence of the Prophet is something that the Prophet never command you. Neither he start to do it. But it was done by the companion in front of the Prophet.

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And then the Prophet have no comment. He's silent, he agreed upon when he silent then he agreed upon like Holly Edna Valley and his tribe love the desert lizard. They love this special dish they call the desert lizard. So he invite the prophet to visit his tribe and they prepare this meal for him. So the prophet SAW the something strange to him but he never made any comment he just ate whatever he used to eat

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we are colored he had finished his share

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and adopt we have color color finish my he was looking at the profit the profit then Tash never touched a dub so at the end they asked a profit then the Prophet said this kind of food do not exist among my people. My people are not used to that so I'm not used to this kind of food that's why I don't touch it but he don't make any comment

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so the same go to all of you

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if you don't like something

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if you're not used to it the what you call the mud crap

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you heard the man crap the green one if you're not used to the mud crap you only use to the flour crap so it for our tax prep Yeah, just eat that crap Don't worry. But don't say to the people who did it the mud crack haram

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you know why you said haram something?

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Why you say haram? Because they say because this crap live in two worlds. water and land.

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But the Prophet said you can eat No. You don't eat is your problem. You are not used to eat is your problem. But the other people love to eat is hella

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You have no right to change the law of a law

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thing that you don't like there is your kimchi you do you like kimchi?

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I don't know you like or not?

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Do you like Thai?

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Alhamdulillah some someone do knives now there's no bad

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Do you love the origin of cars I left Iran you left Iran then no macro when all of us left Iran

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No macro is okay. But I don't like gildan and you urine in front of me that's where the macro come in. It's not haram yet. I dislike that and you still do something that I dislike in front of me.

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When you open the door and I want to warm it

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but to you, this is the king of all foods.

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You come to this country you don't eat urine that means you do not what is Malaysia

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there is a difference. Is this a thing that is hella you're not used to it, don't it? Don't force yourself. Yeah, that's how it goes. This is where the agreement here, the tequila.

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The tequila means the silent R is the agreement of the Prophet. That's right to all the sisters. You cannot force your daughter to marry somebody that they don't like.

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But you like

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as a mother, you like that guy? And as a father, you like that guy? But you've passed your daughter. Now sisters who are not married yet.

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Please, you have your right to say no.

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But when you keep quiet

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means yes. Then later on don't complain. And no, actually I don't like you my brother. You know my husband. I'm sorry. You know, since you have accepted me, but I want to give back my Mahara. Can you take me?

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I'm sorry. I cannot. I cannot have any relationship with you. Because my heart is not with you.

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I was passed to the you cannot sit your phone. When they asked you do you want to get mad at this guy?

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If you don't get the feeling of your parent, no problem. Keep quiet for a while.

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When the party asks you

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you cannot keep quiet.

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When a party as you say you say no.

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Man you're silent. The caddy confirm Yes.

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So remember, you're right you're silent is also can be a problem. Yeah. So please remember this action saying and the silent what we have to learn is his saying first do what he wants you to do first, later on, Daniel tried to move into this area that is not close for him. The general one

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example the Prophet liked to wear a certain kind of sandal you wonder where that kind of standard is okay. No problem.

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But the prophet never commanded you to do that. But if you want

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you can follow certain sooner the Prophet love to use what miswak see what

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Yeah, the stick. Yeah. Even before he passed away, he asked Isaiah to give him to see what he loves. But if you are not used with a see what you can use toothbrush, no problem. Colgate is there.

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So many other two phase you can and then you can brush your teeth. The important to keep your teeth clean, and also keep your mouth clean when you want to perform prayer. This is just some example that we have to understand. So now I hope all of us are aware. The difference by that is something that you follow tradition that do not contradict You carry on what it contradicts you cannot carry on the tradition even is just a tradition. Yeah. But it must not contradict the teaching of Islam example. According to the ibadah when you have a newborn baby on the seventh day of the child, then you may Attica and you do

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holla save the baby's head. The Prophet Nell call you the cat

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and no you don't have to waste coconut. You don't have to use coconut.

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Coconut you pass it to us we can eat any we can drink. Yeah. You don't go in ways that coconut coconut have nothing to do with the Africa. Yeah, the Africa is the shape, not to just cut. Example, a lot of people are not aware of this. This tradition. Cutting is not from the Prophet is from other people's culture, and we are following. Sometimes we are so confused. We are so cultured to the extent that we go against the ritual.

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So please have this right understanding and try to follow what the prophet want you to do prayer. The Prophet says hello Kamara, I want to say is a very strong command from the Prophet. Pray. Have you seen me pray? You have no choice to choose? No. You must follow Hajj Umrah, qu aneema nessa Manasa taco also is a very strong

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command from the Prophet when you want to perform Omaha, follow my way, not your way.

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So it is a certain ibadah You must follow some ibadah they give you some choice. May Allah accept our prayer. May Allah accept all of this. And tonight Alhamdulillah our hash Team 26 have prepared more I used to have more I do you have something for you to eat supper here and also tap out to Maura is here is you don't like he ready for tapo

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don't get from the Hades. Yeah, yeah, this is our tradition. Yeah. Alhamdulillah so we hope everybody will enjoy what you can behind

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the building and May Allah bless us. May Allah reward us we'll see you tomorrow night again. So Hanukkah lava Madame de sha Allah, Allah Allah antastic Furukawa to LA salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Ramadan series by Sh. Hussain Yee titled Remadan Reminders 1438/2017

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