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A TV talk for Peace TV entitled The Great Fitnah by Sheikh Hussain Yee. This production is owned by Peace TV.


AI: Summary © The importance of the "fitna" in Islam is discussed, along with the need to avoid distraction from the media and not give up on Islam's teachings. The danger of fitna towards Allah's agenda is emphasized, along with the importance of following the Prophet's teachings and not giving up on them. The speaker also emphasizes the need to use their money to buy clothing and not to share their shadow.
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we have in Alhamdulilah hinomoto, who understand you know who won the stock of Euro

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when also Billahi min surely and fusina wasa Dr. Molina, Maya de la bufala Mandala mama minute little fella ha da da da da da da da La sharika why shadow Anna Mohammedan Abdul Rasul Allah wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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We are lost Peace and mercy and blessing be upon us all. I mean,

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Hello brother and sister in Islam Alhamdulillah. Today we are entering a very important topic about our Deen. There is about the great fitna. When we talk about fitna, the fitna today do not just apply on the fitna about we and the world and our environment. But it also involved in the deen itself, the fitna towards a law. There's a great fit.

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What do you mean by the fitna towards Allah. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala said to us, number one,

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in Edina in the law, Alyssa,

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that the religion that Allah recognize is only Islam. Now, if any one of us so called Muslim has some kind of belief that all religion is the same is a great fitna to Allah subhanho wa Taala that means you are saying something against Allah, Allah said, the religion that he acknowledged is only Islam. But you are telling that all religion is the same.

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There's number one, number two, Allah subhanho wa Taala say, Allah yo Ma Ma to LA comme de la Khun.

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Today, in a day of arafa 1400 years ago, Allah said that he revealed the verses to Prophet Muhammad and Ruslan Lawson from convey the message to his oma, that today when the Prophet was giving his last goodbye in arafa.

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I, Allah have perfected this religion for you.

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mean Islam, the religion of Allah is something that Allah have perfected for us is something ready made, you just use it, nothing for you to do any changes, minus or plus here and there. No alteration is allowed in the deen of Allah Who ever create something new in Islam in a last rule don't and the do's and don'ts he creates a great fitna towards Allah. He is saying that like Allah is what is not perfect, that he got to come and add something to make it more perfect.

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This is very important. This is with Allah subhanho wa Taala give you another example the fitna that people apply to Allah. Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, may Allah say, even you want to believe in him. You must believe in Allah, with the right knowledge, with the pure knowledge. When you talk about knowledge. We are talking about what a law says, and what the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam said, not what I see or what you see, or what the community say, what the people say, what our forefathers say, know what Allah and the Prophet see. Now allows it even when you want to talk about him, because when you want to believe in Allah, Allah, Allah, you must believe in Allah in the way allow you to believe if Allah say he

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will rest on his tone allottee what? Allah Kasama what

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Allah, Allah is the one who created in the sky and the in six days. And after that he takes a risk on above the stone, alarm that will say that he is everywhere. Allah say that he is above his throne. Do we have a problem to believe in what Allah talk about himself? You are talking about online abstract, you can see him you are talking about what he say. Now do you have the right to interpret in your own way about what Allah is talking about himself? Or is better for you to believe in a way Allah wanting to believe how the prophets Allah have shown us at the time of the Prophet there was a slave lady

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who was summoned by the prophet SAW masam and he asked her ways Allah, she said

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Law is up there somewhere. She knows her allies everywhere. Then the Prophet she's a believer and the Prophet command the master wonder the component of fee. Now this is a great fitna today when we talk about a lot, a lot of Muslims, some of them is talking about Allah in the way that you want to imagine. The way you understand that is very wrong. There is a key The

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second thing, Allah subhanho wa Taala has said to us, if you want something from me, the only StG will not call upon me. He did not want you to call upon other people as a medium he forbid you

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but now you have people say it's okay to go to the coup is okay to go to the death people in the graveyard to ask them to help us

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or you're asked from somebody who is dead, you go to a place where they say this is the term belong to a sane and your answer will lead to help you know this wrong because our say ear canal Moodle. What ear canal Stein

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only to Allah alone, we should worship and to Him alone. We asked for his help.

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This is hunting with aqeedah and the fitna in a bada

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the way we are doing our EBITDA today,

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profits and the loss of them did not teach us anything about the balance.

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Therefore the profit gives us a very stern warning. The first one in the Prophet said is that man amela amalan laser Allah has a marina for whoever whoever engaged in it. It's not say that we are not doing something we are doing something but any ibadah ma when I talk about ebird Amanda, I'm talking about the ibadah Sue's not general

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meaning of worship, but some form of worship that is specified by the prophet some of Salaam like Salah

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prayer. You are not supposed to do prayer in the way you like to do. The God the Prophet sallallahu Kamara, a Timonium moonee Valley, you should perform your prayers how you see me perform. You cannot perform in your own way, following A or B or C or D you should follow what the prophet command you to follow and follow him his way, not your way, not my way. How many Muslims know the way of Prophet Muhammad SAW Islam performing his prayer?

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You ask yourself brother and sister.

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We create a lot of fitna in the bad

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thing that the Prophet never do. We sit and we say is a Sunnah we create another fitna because the prophecy man Kala Eliya mallam aku familia de Beauvoir

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who ever say something

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about the Prophet,

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when the Prophet never say,

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there may he is using the name of the Prophet the Prophet Nancy, this is a sooner we see is a sadhana then you will put yourself in hellfire.

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You're making a booking in advance to go to hellfire. You're not supposed to say something about Islam without knowledge. Just hearsay. hearsay No, is what Allah and what the prophet see.

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This is very important. This is about ibadah the prophecy, if you do some ibadah that I

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are, we do not show you how to do it. You create your own way of ibadah your own style of Eva, then all these are not be accepted, will be rejected for who are robbed.

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Because the prophet will be summoned by Allah in the deal, gentlemen, to be a witness upon all of us to see whether what we are doing is accordance to his teaching or not. If not, we create a great fitna.

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We know there's ideas from Sam Muslim is a long hot days at a profit was given a special gift in the Day of Judgment. How

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closer that means are closer, it's like a pawn in a special pond, that the water will come from Paradise only for the oma a prophet Mohammed samosa none

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other than the followers of Prophet ma will not be able to drink from this pond and closer.

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Then Allah subhanho wa Taala call upon Prophet Muhammad to invite all his oma to come close to this one in Yamanaka. There are people that are like chase them away from drinking the water from this house

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and then the profit

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are surprised and he asked, Why do you stop this oma of mine to drink this water from the couser because this is for me and for my oma, Allah say to the Prophet, you do not know what they have been doing after your death. They have done a lot of things against your teaching. They are not being following your teaching. This is a great fit for you see what Allah subhanho wa Taala reminded us about going against the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad going against the teaching of propharma

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Allah subhanho wa Taala set for a young lady levena your colleague una an unreal and to see boom. Are you see Baku, Azerbaijan Allah?

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Allah is telling us that in chapter 24 Yeah, that mean in Surah tolu. Nor

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was a 63. Allah is telling us that and let those who go against the prophets teaching.

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Beware that the great fitna will befall them, or painful torment be inflicted on them. Now Allah is telling us he is going to punish us in the hereafter. If you go against the teaching of His Messenger, you have no right to say something about the prophets without any evidence from the Prophet.

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And also you see what is happening to this oma

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allows Hannah Horta, he gives us guidance after guidance, but we have been forgetting about this guidance. Now if you want to be a good Muslim you must know the what is the adapt to be a good Muslim how to believe in Allah how to believe our prophets and loss alone. Now inserted XM en la see mama cannoli Meanwhile, Mo Mina Tina is a condom la hora, Sulu amariah Kunal aeroadmin ambrym wa maxilla, hora Sula, who Fokker de la de la la mattina. These are what allow one as you said, it is not allowed, it is not permissible for a person who claim that he or she is a believer to say that even Allah have the set something for you when a prophet decides it is it is okay and I will look

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for other decision I will think about it.

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Whoever does that, find a way other than what Allah and the Prophet have decide for you about the deen indeed his turn astray. And his history is clear that mean he is not in the right path anymore. Now, when you talk about Islam, you must remember this religion belongs to Allah doesn't belong to you doesn't belong to any scholars. It belongs to Allah. It doesn't belong to our forefather. It doesn't belong to our country, it belongs to Allah so what Allah and I have the site for you, that's how you should accept it. That's how you got to follow. So we hope that we save our sin from fitness those are not don't talk about a law without a proper knowledge and authority from a lot itself.

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Because he has explained about himself in the Quran and also to His Messenger Prophet Mohammed samama. Don't use that we don't use your rational because there are certain thing you cannot use rational because he's talking about that strike about law that mighty he do wonders he can do thing that you cannot even imagine.

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This is just one in the beginning that I want to share with you about the danger of fitna towards Allah fitna towards Prophet Muhammad so masala meaning there are a lot of things that the Prophet have never taught us to do. And then we do it and we see it's okay. There's nothing wrong.

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Not in a bother, you must remember any act of worship by the MA is tagged with money, meaning you are not supposed to do without any example or any instruction from Prophet Mohammed samagra Salah.

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But anything to do with dunya we are free to act

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and Allah be omonia come because the prophesy when dunya is concern you know better than us. He is not going to interfere in our dunya life. But he do not allow us to get involved in the environment, because he has been perfected by Allah His Messenger Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa salam, you're not supposed to make any changes. You are not supposed to develop any form of VEDA in the body. Because the prophets of Allah tala, what have went wrong to the people before us. The people of the book before this have the same problem. They create the same signal to the dean, what the Prophet did not say now they are saying that the Prophet is saying that the Prophet is claiming

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That way the Prophet Moses didn't even say the Prophet Jesus Don't even say that. The same thing is happening to the Muslim today. Another thing that the Prophet now said but we are saying that as soon as soon who gives you the authority to say there is a fitna there's one

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side of the fitnah Of course in our life is a full of fitness again.

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And last Hannah who did remind us in one of the ayah, while Namo annamma, Amal Kumar, Allah,

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Allah is telling us You must be alert, you must remember that your Well, your possession and also your children is a fit not to you. This is another form of meaning the property that we have also can create fitness. When you love money more than a lot you become a fitness

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where you don't care whether it's Hello money or harmony is another fitness. If you think this money belongs to you also is another fitness

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because everything belongs to Allah, nothing belongs to us.

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We are just a trust, taking care of one last property and the same thing go to our children, sometimes our children also can cause sickness is a trial fit right in this form is a trial is a test on

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many of us feel because of our children, you love your children, and you spoil them. You corrupt them. Now what the prophet Allah Allah, Allah Allah sutra, Ababa, who you are you know, Ronnie, are you magician? Every child is one clean, pure and fitrah

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who corrupted them who destroy them who mislead them. We as

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we show them better example. We allow them to do haram thing. We allowed them to dress in haram dress, they didn't cover the odor, we allowed them to go out and walk in the street half naked without power in the hour. We are the one who allowed this thing to happen. You cannot blame the children they do not know whatever you buy for them. They just use it. Now you use your money to buy the Haram dress that do not cover the aura. And you allow your children to leave the house. How naked and you're so proud.

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It's a fitna is a fitna to the children to the family. This is something we parent must remember. The children is an Amana our property is an Amana you must make use of it wisely to serve Allah. For the cause of Allah is from Allah and to Allah, it returned, everything come from Allah. So you must make use of what they've given you to please Allah not to destroy the religion of Allah, not to destroy the Ummah not to destroy yourself, not to destroy your children. Now you can afford to buy so many things. You can travel here and there, because you have the money, but if you do not plan it properly, he also create another fitna.

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You spend the money in the wrong way, not in the way that Allah is pleased with.

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Now if anything doing some that will work, doing some FISA vilella kind of work, you should support them but you have the money, but you don't do anything. When people ask you to do something for Allah. You always have excused. But when people call you to participate, support something that has nothing to do with Allah. Something that do not benefit the AMA. You give all the support isn't in the fitness.

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One is a fitna, our wife is also a test mama is a fitness is an Amana from Allah. If you do not take care of her properly, guide her and educate her properly. It become a fitna to you

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everything can be a fitna is been a trial. Your position as a government officer if you're working in a government also can be a fitna if you do not know how to use your authority to please Allah. And if you are not just to the people is a fitna.

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You must remember brother and sister. First thing the fitna, in the deen of Allah, Islam fitna about Allah Himself. Don't talk about Allah. When you don't have any reference from the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet samosa, just keep quiet, it's better for you to be silent. Then you talk about something that you're not sure and then he creates another fitna. When our model says this is haram, don't ever say is haram.

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Because haram and halaal belong to Allah.

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He is the only

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one who can see this is haram Are these the do's and don'ts? Because all these Divine Law belong to

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me when Allah is it haram don't twist and turn the word of Allah

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While you twist and turn, you create another fit.

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As do that, you will know better than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Yesterday the Prophet small son was given

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a special task rhombus convey his message. Why? Because he is a man of his word is a very honest man. We know the attribute of the Prophet one of it is

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He will never say anything as to what Allah revealed on him, or my understanding, however, in what Illa Allah say, Muhammad is a man who will never say anything I said, What I review, whatever he says, Why not let us whatever we say is knifes

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based on our own feeling,

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this way, you are not supposed to say anything about Islam without a proper knowledge from the Quran and the Sunnah. If you do that, you create a fitna and again when people follow the teachings of Islam, the Quran and others as soon as you brand them with so many brands that they are not the right group of Muslim, they're extremists in the mirror, maybe you can say anything you call them Wahhabi or what is this? How can you call a Muslim who follow what Allah and the Prophet say?

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And the process teaching wahabism How can you say that we are falling along the Prophet. So by doing that you can enter the fitna toward Islam as though that you whoever followed the Quran and the thing is wrong.

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The prophets of Allah will never hide anything from us.

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Because Allah subhana wa Taala have said that he is a man that will deliver what Allah Allah have revealed to him.

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And you know, the prophet have the attribute of public means a person that will never hide anything, whatever Allah has revealed to him.

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Now the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said to us,

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minute ish Lincoln body fissara de la kathira

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whoever survived after me You are sure to be exposed to a lot of disagreement dispute among my oma

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the Allah the Prophet, have foreseen this is going to happen that his oma is going to have a lot of misunderstanding.

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And then a prophet some assumption la condition that he was not a local fit at Raja Deen and the main body. He knows it that you should follow anybody, or any email or any issue you visit. You must follow my teaching

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and the teaching of mine kalasa urashima. From the prophet to the Khalifa, not from the Prophet, john to the Lama, no, there's the other.

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Wherever come first, wherever believe in Allah first we should honor them. They are the first generation, the best generation because the professor

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Ernie the best people is the people who live in my time. And that's why the Prophet said follow me and follow not just any Sahaba but my Khalifa Bulava Rashid in Medina Bali. The four colleagues who the Prophet have said that they are the people of Paradise prophesy 10 people is guaranteed to go to Paradise. We should follow these people if you do go to Paradise. If not, then you're going to create a lot of fitna to the religion of Islam. So we hope that Allah subhanho wa Taala will make us understand the danger of fitna

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aka the other fitna involved and what we're talking about other people, is also an athlete. Now when what we say is not true. We create a story about somebody just we want to humiliate the person or destroy him.

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And then people start to believe in that of course is a great fit. Now you're destroying a person. You're destroying alive a soul. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala save you and save me brother. Stay away from all this fitna.

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Number one, the fitna towards Allah was the Prophet was the Bader and towards fellow mankind. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala. Forgive us, strengthen our Eman, increase our patient to encounter all these great fitna will be later 50 or Akita Juana or hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen Subhana Allah Hamada Hamdi eyeshadow Allah Illa Illa en esta casa Rocca wa to LA assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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It says their lives above