Zakir Naik – The Important Acts & Deeds to be Done during the First 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The importance of setting up a ledger is emphasized, along with practice and increasing deeds to avoid losing profit. The Sunrise and 10-day rule is also discussed, with emphasis on forgiveness and helping others. Visits to do as many good deeds as possible are encouraged, and forgiveness is emphasized as a way to improve one's Islam.
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Now, we will discuss the second point

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which is the importing acts and deeds to be done during the first 10 days of the lecture,

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I have enumerated 35 important points, some people have listed, then 2030 some more, there are hundreds of good deeds you can do to make the list a bit shorter, I have enumerated 35 important deeds and acts to be done during the first 10 days of the lecture. And whenever the enumerate utter and enumerate the ones which are the further on the top, then coming with the highly recommended so now, and then the other sooner or later on, that's my policy. And when I repeat the good deeds, I also repeat the five which are supposed to be done daily, because what are the fries daily has to be done first, then you can talk about the Sonata mocha, then you can talk about the Sunita yarmulke.

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So this is the order I follow whenever I list the important act or deeds to be done.

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So number one,

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the most important act during the first end of the ledger is that we should offer Salah in congregation in the mosque, all the five daily Salah in congregation in a mosque, it is affordable, especially for the Muslim men, for the woman that exceptions.

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And when I'm listing these

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35 important points, it is for all types of Muslim whether you're more practicing Muslim, whether you're moderate, practicing Muslim, or less active Muslim, if you are a less practice Muslim, you will see to it that you will do as much as these good deeds as possible. If you're moderate, what you will do, you will try and do all of these 25 tips. If you're already a practicing Muslim, then what you will do, you will see to it that will increase the intensity of a mother. So these days are meant for all the Muslims that are less practicing, moderate practicing, or more practicing. If you're less practicing, you see too, that you do as much as possible of all the good deeds. If a

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moderate, you see to the to all the good deeds, and increase the intensity, if you're already a good practice Muslim, being all the fries, see to the to increase the intensity of the must also do the gamstop. If you're moderate, and you're doing the five, then you do the sooner

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if you're a highly practicing Muslim, then besides the five and the sooner that you do this into gamma Kappa, if you're already doing this with the gamma, what do you do, you increase the intensity. So during these two important days, one is the first one is of the ledger and the other are the days in the month of Ramadan. It's very important that you increase the intensity of a mother. So the first important deed to be done during the first villager is offered Salah in congregation all five times in the mosque.

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Number two, if you have not performance, you should perform much further if you have the means and if you have the health and the wealth and if you have not performance, you should perform much further on you. If you have already performed height, and if you can do it again. It is most of it The sooner it is encouraged.

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But we know since last one and a half year, we have this pandemic of the Coronavirus, and last year, hardly approximately 1000 were permitted to hatch. This year hamdulillah the Saudi government has announced they will allow 60,000 Muslims to do Hajj out of which 15,000 would be Saudi national and the value 45,000 will be the foreigners who are living in Saudi Arabia who already have the karma. They will not allow any outside people to enter one not residents of Saudi Arabia, but those who are already residents of Saudi Arabia, they will allow 45,000 people and the recipient they'll allow from all the different nationalities depending upon the percentage they present, we pay the last man

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of Allah that me he next year, solve this problem of the pandemic. And again, the Muslims would be able to do in large numbers inshallah, and millions like what we used to do two years before. The third

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important act and deed is that you should abstain from all the Haram acts from the major things as well as the minor sins. And if you're a good Muslim, not doing any major sins or hamdulillah there are some minor sins that Muslims have

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normally do, unknowingly or knowingly see to it that during these 10 days, you abstain from all the sins, not in the major sins, but each and every of the minuses. The fourth is, that you should fast during Yamanaka the ninth delight, and as I mentioned earlier, it will expiate your sins of the previous year, and the company, the fifth eighth, fast during all the first nine days of the ledger,

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and that is a highly recommended so now, six is that if you have the means, you should sacrifice dueling, Yamuna, that the eagle hada, the 10th day of the ledger, if you have the means and alive you will capacity sacrifice an animal on this day. The seventh is that say, the tasbeeh that this one Allah say the meat that is at hamdulillah say the daily that lie Lie Lala and say that and we allow all but as much as possible during all the 10 days of the ledger we can recite together so one lie, lie, lie Lie Lola. So by an Allah He well hamdulillah he was in the lower lower, you can recite this as much as possible throughout the day. The eighth is that you should go out in the marketplace

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and feed that that will ask loudly so that people are reminded of Allah subhanaw taala and they also repeated on their own. And the thing without as I had mentioned earlier if Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, la li la Allahu Akbar Valley, Lyle hum. As much as possible, go out in the marketplace. Tell to the others remind others to do xikar remember last minute Allah is more

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than distributing gold or silver in the marketplace. The ninth

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bring the tahajjud Salah in the last 1/3 of the night and do dua and ask for forgiveness during the last 1/3 of the night in which Allah subhanaw taala answers, the prayer the maximum

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The 10th is pray, the sooner the more that is there are 12 Sunita Makkah in which the Prophet said if you pray the 12 you will enter Jannah and have a house close to the house of the Prophet and the 12th Sonata maka the Torah kosuna before the Father Salah the two plus two for at Asana before the door Salah to record soon after the door Salah the kurata soon after the McGriff, salah and Torah kasana after the Salah, there are total 12 Sonata makeda in the full day also offer the Salah to Doha.

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And the Salah to Doha is offered approximately when Jamie was asked, which is the right time, he said immediately about 20 minutes after the sunrise till about 10 to 15 minutes before the whole time, you can offer the full out the door anytime between this time, you can afford to record the profits the terracotta as much as you can, but the profit most of the time your foot for aka. So preferably for a car, you can even afford to record the profit even offered a target during fermata. Before that,

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but preferable four o'clock which was usually practice of the Prophet. And the better time prophet The Prophet said is when the candle can feel the heat of the sand. So it is preferable to offer after the midpoint between the fudger and between the door. This is a better time, but you can have any time 20 minutes after the sunrise. And if you offer immediately after sunset, it's called a shock. But the better time is after the midpoint as in the front of the Prophet, the 12 point is that you should do dwa before breaking your fast the 13 NIF do as much as dua throughout the 10 days of the delay and do not miss them do during the Friday of these 10 days. The first 10 days of

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revenue if it comes with a once or twice see to it that you offer in that one are after Salah before my grip. This is an important time one of the prescribed time for the 14 days. Do thicker of Allah as much as possible throughout the 10 days of the ledger. Why number 15

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read the Quran.

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And if you don't understand Arabic, along with Arabic, read the translation of the Quran in the language understand the Best

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Buy number 16. Ask for forgiveness from a last minute during the first 10 days of the lecture. Point number 17 give as much as charity as possible besides the soccer effect.

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Given your socket good if you have not fitted to give it, but besides the card, give as much as charity as possible by number 18 do as many good deeds as possible. Point number 19 do a scan

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every day during these 10 days often didja

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bite number 20 recite the Muslim Diwan of the Beloved Prophet. If you have not reciting start reciting in these 10 days if you recite few start reciting more or increase the number of Muslim dua. For example, when you enter the mosque, there's a door when you come out of the mosque there's a door when you enter the door. When you come out of the door to the door. When you wear a dress, there's a door. For most of the apps there are doors to see to it, you do the Muslim doors, when number 21 do as many Sooners of the Prophet for example, while you drink water, sit with you sit and drink water it is a very important son of the Prophet. When you wear a footwear secret, do you wear

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the footwear on the right leg first, when you remove the footway see to it, you remove your left leg first, when you enter the mosque, and with right like when you exit the MOS you enter with the left leg. When you enter the toilet, enter with the left leg. When you exit the toilet, you exit the right with the right leg. When you're wearing a dress, I should put your right hand first. When removing the shirt, remove the left hand first, when you're very closer to the right leg first. When you're doing that, also remove your left leg first. These are the various another the profit, do as many fun as you can, if you're not doing start doing it. If you're doing few do more, if you're

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doing no increase it as much as possible. During these 10 days of the lecture. During these first 10 days of villager, you should see to it that a good deed should increase as compared to the other days of the year.

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It should be more

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if you're referred to as read more to us. If you're reading only the forest, start reading to sort of the market that if anyone isn't there, okay, then first start in front of the game. Okay? If you're reading all these three, increase, increase,

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increase. You're asking for forgiveness 20 to read the authentic Hadith of the Prophet say how did

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you have to say Heidi say Muslim and this is I say of albani the Hadith from of Tao from society from Edna Madhya and so forth. And there's also a new compile ation by cheque gentleman asked me of Jeremy Hammond. we've accumulated all the additional fee and remove the duplicate which is approximately 16,540 600. All the say. So once you read this, you can easily say that you have read all the same, irrespective whether it's in Bukhari, Muslim, etc, without duplicating so it's easier. So if you read the Jamey Campbell, it's a good thing to do. Point number 23 you should forgive people's fault. Forgive the faults of others, whatever false that people do around you, rather than

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keeping in your mind or taking a grudge, forgive it. If you forgive people fault, Allah will forgive you, whether it be of a family member, whether it be of your staff, whether it be a few people around you forgive as many faults as possible of the others.

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One number 24 do esla with your other Muslims

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by number 25 do Dawa with the non Muslims by number 26 if that you offer sympathy, I care more. There are total 10 Sunita Garam aka it is to rasuna after the door Salah, two plus two for a kosuna before that sir Salah pura kosuna before the McGriff, salah and Taka Sana before the shala so that 10 Sonata okay or more, if you offer this Alhamdulillah during all the 10 days of the lecture, the 28th point is attend as many lectures and programs and courses of the Atlantic scholars to increase your knowledge in Islam. And today being a pandemic is that all the while attending live program are difficult. You can go to the next point that between nine point you can watch the videos, the video

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recording of the attending scholars and authentic orators whether it be on a learning management system, whether it be on the Facebook, whether it be on the YouTube, whether it be on the Alinea, whether it be

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On the beach TV, on various social media platforms, but see to it that these scholars and orator that are very authentic by number 30 year the audio recordings of the authentic scholars and orators, you may be in the car and traveling. It's a good opportunity while driving, you can hear the audio, you may be doing some exercise you may be jogging. At that time you can hear the lecture and increase your knowledge point number 31. Read the theater, the biography of the Beloved Prophet masala Salah. And one of the good biographies that you can read is the economics to the seed nectar which is returned by shake saphira munawwara It is one of the best seed others available. Find a

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machete to

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spend more time with your family. When I spend more time with a family doesn't mean that you go out more with them chopping all the 10 days. Yes, if you want to shop just before he then buy them good. Play the symptom, no problem but not all 10 days, not going for outing when I spend more time with a family that along with a family you read the Quran, you read the skill of the Prophet at an Islamic program authentic scholars and authentic writers watch the video recordings of authentic raters on various platforms, social media platforms, hear the audio together, spend time discuss with them. Talk to them about the good deeds to be done in the first 10 days of the ledger, about the Sunnah of

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the Prophet, read the translation of the Quran. This time you're doing your Venn diagram, besides doing the bother, you're asking your family to divide. And the Prophet said that the best amongst the Muslim is the one who's best to his family, especially his life. So spend more time with your family and encourage them to come go that Allah subhanaw taala why number 33

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do not waste a single minute during all these first 10 days of the ledger. Point number 34 be cheerful and happy doing all these for 10 days of the lecture. And point number 35 see to it that you behave with the people around you with love, affection and care.

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This was in short, the 35 important acts and deeds to be done during the first 10 days of the ledger.

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