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Hussain Yee
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of Islam's control of one's life and how it can be controlled. They emphasize control of one's Islam and the importance of control in one's life. The speaker also discusses control of one's Islam and how it can be used to influence their behavior. They emphasize control of one's Islam and how it can be used to influence their behavior. The speaker also discusses control of one's Islam and how it can be used to influence their behavior.
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says their lives.

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In Alhamdulillah Hina moto when a star in the pharaoh announced will lead me through the unforeseen a woman say, Dr. Medina, Mayor de la palma de la, Mama youth little fella de la, la la la la, la la la la sharika la vie shadow, Muhammad Abu rasuluh, salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato.

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May Allah blessing and mercy be upon us all. I mean,

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Hello brother and sister in Islam. The topic that we are going to discuss about today is about the importance of self control every one of us, one to be under control. The best way to have self control is follow the way that Allah has described in his ayah and the saying of our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, because by nature, we all human want to control something. The best thing for you to control is to control your own self before it's too late. Because the last Hannah what Allah say, Allah,

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Allah De Luca, there we go to make sure that we did not destroy ourselves.

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Now Allah subhanho wa Taala gave a very simple guidance to all of us by saying one offs in San

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Juan Del Sol, what are some, what are some is some, Allah is telling us about our nature, He is the Creator, he knows the in and outside of every one of us, whether you are Muslim, or you're not yet a Muslim, but we believe all of us and the creator of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Now I must say one, three in in San Jose, Allah is telling us that Verily, all mankind

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is in loss.

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All not only mostly all mankind this way, I'll use the term insan not only Muslim, every one of us, every Children of Adam, is a loser. But Alhamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala do not just stop there or end. He continue by saying in London as de

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la mina saleha. Except now there is a group of people that is not included, as a loosen. At first I'll use that term, a general term, in the insert that as long as you are mankind, your own loser, then Allah said, except illness in our model, except those who believe, who is the believer that Allah is addressing, Allah is calling now. Those who believe in him. Not just believe in any gods, but believe in one God is Allah subhanho wa Taala. But if you become a believer, you can still become a loser. Because belief is not just a matter of worth of feeling, but beliefs always follow up with action.

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Believe without action is just like a tree. Without fruits. There's no benefit.

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There's why Allah said in the lesson Armando wa Mira salia

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except those who believe in the right religion of Allah, Allah Islam, and follow up with his belief, with unknown solid not all among our namesake, Jason among others say, Amen and salejaw.

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Righteous did what is amount solid amount of solid means, a deed that Allah commanded you to do. And the way you perform it, you follow the way of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and you do it purely lakita

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lip there are

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nothing more but purely to please Allah subhanho wa Taala not to please your in laws your friend or anybody but Allah alone, that mean sincerely for Abbas ohana ohana.

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Now, if you are a believer, and then you become a person who act on what you believe, follow up your belief with a mouse on a righteous This is only good for you. But if you just think of yourself, you are still elusive. Because self control is nice now. It's not just thinking of yourself is that within yourself.

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But then Allah continue whatever So Bill

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means, after you have become a good person, you must invite other to become good. You must call other people to be like you because you're a good person. You want other people to be like you, you are successful. You want people to be successful with you. That means we're not a selfish person, you are a person who and for others who love your fellow mankind. And then lastly, what our service so then you must have patience and self control. Even you want to believe in Allah, you must have a lot of patience. You must know how to control yourself properly, because you cannot believe in Allah in your own way. A lot of people want to believe in Allah, but they try to believe in Allah in their

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own way. Allah do not allow you have to believe in Him in your way. He want you to believe in him in his way. This is very important, a very important point. A lot of people want to believe Allah wonder about Allah, but in their own understanding.

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Why don't we just believe in Allah in the way Allah wants us to believe? And how the Prophet has explained to us. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala remains what our sub the sub that mean whatever you do, even the one that believes you must have a patient because you need to learn because everything in Islam start with knowledge. That's right, even to believe in Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, may Allah want you to know him with knowledge and not just say, Yeah, I know who is Allah, He is the Creator. He's up in heaven somewhere that know us, you must know what Allah talk about Musa and what he wants you to do. And then when you want to do any good deeds, you must

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have a patient you must have self control in doing good thing over the thing is not good.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala. See, I'm not looking into the quantity of your deeds. He didn't say that. Um, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, it's not saying that I'm going to test with you a lot of deaths, but I'm going to test you to look into the best deal that you can do. I will look into quality of your teeth, not only the quantity, the quantity has no value in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala please be careful brothers and we have good intention. Sometimes we need to do a lot of good thing by you must have self control, even good thing you can just do in your own way, what you like to do, but you must do it the way you want to do, and the way he has taught his prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, then when you are doing or this thing, Islam remind us that you must not think you

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must save others. So what are so called others, to join you to do the good thing to become a true believer. And you must have self control when you call people because it's not easy to call people to do good things.

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It's not easy for us to call people to change. They said bad habits die hard.

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Or you can say tradition diehard people are so used to their own way. Now you want to call them to the way of ama you need a lot of patience. You need to have a lot of self control. Without self control, you will fail their slide the Prophet sallahu wa sallam when he was asked by a man from Addis Ababa hora radi Allahu anhu call. They say that a man or Rosalyn

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asked the Prophet, column, even obese Allah wa salam, O see

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a man men came to the prophet and he asked the Prophet, O Prophet, consoled me, advise me of something that is important for me. So the prophets of Allah said to this guy, let

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Don't get angry.

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For a data, mira and the man, keep on repeating asking the same question to the power, advise me or Prophet Muhammad, or counsel me, the prophet keep on repeating, repeating the same thing by saying,

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Don't get angry, meaning the Prophet is telling us You must have control to yourself.

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The strongest person in Islam is a person who know how to control himself. Not a person who wrestler, personal muscular, but a person who has self control. So fellow brother and sister in Islam, we pray that we are among the people who can control ourselves, especially control ourselves from getting angry, unnecessary.

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Not for the sake of Allah for the sake of time. Now we all know that it's not easy to say, inshallah I will control myself. It is not easy to say, Be patient

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is very easy to tell others to say Be patient,

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be patient, man, sister, but when something happened to us, we know how difficult

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and how hard for us to control ourselves. But what is important here is we must ask ourselves, can we do

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what we can do know

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everything there's a limit. We can do everything we only can do think that we can at least give you an example. Allah subhanho wa Taala remind us wallet number one a conditional immune and hope you will join in amali Well, unfussy what thammarat wabasha saw.

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You see what Allah is telling us. He said he is going to test all of us. He is going to put all of us into a crowd.

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What Allah is going to test us and with what and how Allah said, Well, I couldn't be shy in Morocco. I am going to test all of you the feeling of fear, he put the feeling of fear inside our heart. Some people fear towards some small insects. Some people are phobia with darkness. Some people have so much fear here and now all these is a disease what is a symptom is a test wrong. If you do not know how to control yourself, you can easily fall into a victim to fear that we become so weak. You feel so many things more than Allah Allah will attack

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me. Fear no one except me alone. Cove.

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Amalia will unfussy awesome, and I will also catch you with harinder.

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When Allah tells us like Ramadan, why Allah want us to fast in Ramadan, to torture us know if

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he wants to take care of our Eman. He wants us to have self control that we become the master of our desire, not our desire become our master. That's where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said,

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Now you know

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to be.

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The Prophet is trying to tell us none of us can be a true believer until you have control upon your desire. You control your desire and follow what the prophet wanted to do. That means you don't have to follow your desire. Who ever followed his desire, desire always wanting to do what is best for you?

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majority of our desire is very destructive. And Allah do not want you to follow your desire. People who follow the desire Allah say they

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are who they are people who worship their desire whatever they desire wanting them to do they respond to their desire they don't respond to what Allah say. People who have no self control when they lose themselves and just follow what they desire wanting to do. And our is going to test us with what will poverty

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what can you do when you're poor, you try your best to work out, work hard. We know that Allah will give risky to everybody. Almost risky is everywhere is a matter of Do you work for it. Even the bird the animals survive, how can human and survive it because maybe we are lazy. We do not know what we should do. When we know what we can do. But we have been lazy. So we hope that we all will pass a pencil and last Hannah hautala have self control, blame other people, everything goes from blame yourself, ask yourself, what can I What have I done? Why can I change? Just ask yourself

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and then Allah subhana wa say I'm going to test you with

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loss of family that means your close family member pass away, you must have gone through you cannot just get out of control and then thing is going to become worse for your life. We do not want to just because of one person pass away in the family. Then we lost control and then we forget everything. There are so many things for us every is going to go sooner or later. Whether you're prepared or not, you're going back to our last panel wattana so please brother and sister try to have circled because these are not things that you can can stop. You have no

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authority about your life belongs to Allah. When the time comes around a ticket a ticket, Yes Wait Allah say at the end of the day, be grateful and also send good news to people who have patient. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala remain as

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a minister Sabri was Sala in namaha masabi Oh you who believe Allah say, ask Allah for help.

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In what Allah, anything you want from him, but you must invoke Allah with patient, you must have self control. You cannot demand from Allah give me this, I want this. Who are we to demand from Allah, it is your duty to try to do your level best for Allah when and then at the end of the day you pray to Allah and ask Allah to help you and allow you to ask him with patient

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you must have controlled yourself. And then Allah wanting to ask him through your prayer. That means you also must perform your duty towards Hannah wattana by praying five times a day minimum Salatu hijab to Raka Johor Azhar farrakhan, Margaret treatin, Asia forecast, this is a number that belongs to Allah 24434. But don't doubt this number. You will wish Allah subhanho wa Taala you just would act upon this number. Pray when our love for you to pray is because our nephew, he want you to keep on communicating with him. He want you to talk to him. How lucky we are brother and sister is the king invite you to see him five times a day. But there is not just a normal King, He is the King of

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all kings. He wants to talk to you he wanted to talk to him, communicate with him five times a day, but we have no self control. He just follow our desire, we give excuse I have no time from now all the things that you want to do. And if you have to get closer to Allah also you must have self control. even want to advise people, even when they do good thing when the prey when the fast You must have done the same thing going. If you want to do something bad You must have controlled yourself. Don't follow your desire, if anything he wanted to do was going to destroy you stopping talk to yourself, I am no master. I control your own mind. You don't control me. So the at the end

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of the day we hope Allah Subhana what Allah will call upon us with the calling of Yeah, I have enough so motema in a Ruggieri in Arabic your audio tomorrow Dr.

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Abadi what the Holy Quran,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala say, there will come a time he will call upon the soul, whose soul that he will call

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nuptse mcma in the peaceful soul, the soul that is under control. The people who know how to control their desire,

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Allah will call upon us, come back to me mj ihlara Bucky arogya tomorrow, come back to Allah, to me, your Creator, because you are pleased with what I have predestined upon you, what I have favored upon you. And now I'm pleased with you. Because you have self control. You know how to control yourself, for the sake of Allah. So I was very happy and very proud of us. After we can control our own desire, then Allah say, Come and enter among the group of people who are righteous among us, Allah see, for the holy fee by the come and join the group who always remember Allah, who have self control, who always please Allah subhanho wa Taala what the Holy Jannati and enter My Paradise, you

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see the blessing of self control. One you can control yourself properly. You have the patient, yeah, and to control yourself. And then people will look at you as an example. At the end of the day, Allah said, Come into my paradise, this is the reward.

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But a lot of people lost control to their side because they like to follow the desire. So the best way to control is you control yourself with the ideals of America.

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Now when I'm not going to do something you don't control yourself, it's okay. And be very patient. I don't have to pray to the when prey is concerned when you must pay them anything that is back you control yourself. I give example we know death is just at the corner. Why there are more young people die earlier than they are

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Old people today. Because the old people, they move very slowly. They have a lot of self control very patiently if they drive a car so very carefully, but the young one, they are very impatient to dress so far that is waiting for you. If you run faster, you will make death earlier faster than the old people. So you must remember brother and sister in whatever they do, please do with self control. And also let yourself be controlled by Allah and the teaching of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the sooner the profit, but just anything. Some people like to do a lot of good thing, but they have no control to themselves. They just do what people want them to do. No,

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we control 80% come into the CEO. I only do what allow me to do because I'm here to please Him. And I will do what the prophet one has to do, because he's the best example. So fellow brothers and sisters in Islam insha Allah, let us work together as a team, as a family. If you are the wife, you know how to control the situation at home for the husband, you know, as a husband, you have responsibility. inshallah, in the future discussion, we are going to talk about the marriage, Islamic marriage, so that we know how can we develop a good family and May Allah bless us and bless our family. So, for those who have self control, please remember, Allah is going to bless you and

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reward you kindly for me, Allah help us to have more patient and so that we have more control to our own desire. babyletto 50 What acadiana Well, hamdulillah Allah Subhana Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Furukawa

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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is always

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a complete

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says, it says,

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it says their lives

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is returned upon

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a way of life or a way of life by way of life, our way of life. Islam is a way of life, a complete

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