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Moderation in Food


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it's been a lot of fun on him and hungry.

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Hungry Allahu Akbar, Salama da da da

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da da da da Bahasa Milan via Allah Allah Hill Ischia was Javi he left Korea mbak

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there are many characteristics that Allah subhanahu wa tada has innately created within the human being.

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And these characteristics that Allah subhana wa tada has created within us, we as the human being have str we have an ability to choose on how we exercise and use these characteristics given to us by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Either a person can use them any argue that in balance, and if they're used in balanced, then they bring a lot of benefit. Or they can be used excessively overdoing it or under doing it. So this brought the fleet and it done. One example of this is anger. People want to think of anger they think of something bad. Anger in itself isn't a bad thing. If it was bad, it was a part of who Madonna wouldn't have created us with it. Allah subhanho wa Taala created anger in us

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so that we can stand up for our honor, so we can stand up against the oppressor. The absence of anger is actually a bad thing. Imam Shafi laid on him in love with Allah said, Whoever is made angry and that person does not get angry for him or that person is a donkey. So not being angry when you're provoked. When a person bothers you when a person gets on you and is violating your rights is a bad thing. The absence of it isn't good. Neither is the excessiveness of it good. A person shouldn't always get angry, you should know the right time to get angry for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa tada in humble Armani Allahu taala, hobo Killa will Bula villa. Similarly, comes a

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situation of hips, and hips is easily translated into English as greed. Greed is actually a good thing, if it's placed in the right place. If a person for example, is greedy to do good things like Allah subhanho wa Taala uses this very same word characterizing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Quran, how do you feel now it can be mean or for him, that he is greedy in your affairs that you are guided the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that you're on the right path but you make the right decisions in life. On the other hand, this very same characteristic if it's placed in the wrong place, it'll end up destroying a person.

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An example of this is the greed of the human being, when it comes to accomplishing and gathering wealth and the greed of the human being when it comes to carnal passion and the greed of the human being when it comes to feeding oneself. In mammals Allah tala era in this halo Medina, he has a chapter it's called Babu Casa de chahatein. The chapter on the breaking of the two passions, the two shallot and mmm because it says that the barrier between yourself and entering into gender are these two passions. These are two principal passions to principle problems that stop you from entering an agenda. They constantly distract you. They turn your attention in the wrong way you're doing

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everything right and then this passion pop up pops up. So he dedicates a whole chapter to this how to destroy these two shallot these two desires. And what are these two? Shout out to the button Russia what's in fudge the passion of the private area meaning carnal passion and shovel to button. The greed and passion for eating? Won't what won't a human being do for food? Well, the first thing we wake up in the morning what's on our mind What's for breakfast? You come back from a long day of work. And rather than asking your spouse How was your day you asked kind of a guy. What's for food? After you come back from mother's salad before you go to sleep you ask kind of Mika Hey, what's your

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food? before you go to bed? You asked tomorrow What's for breakfast? What's for food? When you get together with your friends? Hey, what are we doing for food? After you come to salon to the machines? What are we doing for food after salaat? What's the lunch plan estrogen masala? Which restaurants are open in Carrollton after all we prayer, constant discussion it's on our mind food, food food.

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Having a desire to eat is a very good thing actually. Without that what would the human being do? That's our energy Allah subhanaw taala says no caranas are clearly very beautifully recited towards the end. Yeah, you have an S pulumi method.

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Right is that what Allah has given you which is halaal what Allah has grown from the earth what Allah has given from the earth.

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Hello and hello meaning legal for you meaning wholesome and pure eating is a good thing. But being obsessed with it, this is what will destroy your person. or your loved one saw a man turning gets cut off with a huge belly. And I'm going to be a lot one asked him Matt marhaba Rajan, what is this? Oh man, he pointed out his stomach and said, How about amatola This is the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So I'm gonna go and reprimanded him and set him but have I belong? This isn't the mercy of Allah. This is the punishment from Allah. And we're not talking about people here who have an illness. We're not that's not what the discussion here is. This is an overweight state that a person

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has put themselves in due to their excessive greed. And this person was offended by all manner of their loved one statement, one pointing towards his his pouch and saying to him that this is our bla bla bla bla, so he got angry. Normally a lot. Juan said, you eating a lot makes this the central concern of your day and night. This is all you're worried about food, food and food. When a person is worried about food, more important things in life take the backseat. People aren't worried about other things that are more important. When a person eats a lot. They become lazy. Mm hmm.

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Then said, when a person becomes lazy, then they become tired and sleep and when they rest and sleep excessively. Again, they neglect their responsibilities for a loss of time. wattana Look mom the wife said to his son,

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yeah, bhulaiyaa exam tala? tala till nada when your stomach is full, nothing at all. your intellect goes to sleep. And then he said to him, Well, how does that then hikma and your wisdom goes away? We'll call it alpha and beta and your your limbs of your body become lazy from worshiping Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Viola one himself said, Man, aka hula, hula, hula, whoever eats abundantly will not enjoy their worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala. And many of us ask this question, why do I not enjoy my worship? Why is my son not there? Why am I not enjoying my pm and my tilava to put on, maybe it's because eating abundantly has become a part of the fabric that we have been woven from

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that we've made ourselves into, constantly worried about food, constantly worried about food, the progress that along with it was sort of mourning his companions from the state and the possible, the possible spiritual downfall that will follow. He said to the companions, the worst vessel that a human being can ever feel is the stomach.

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The worst vessel that you can feel is your stomach, you're feeding your passion. And the thing is, when you feed one passion, it then pours over to other aspects of your life. A person who, vamos wasaga, La Jolla and others they say when a person becomes habitual, of eating whenever they want, eating whatever they want, whenever they want, you know, there are those of us when we want to eat something we don't think twice, we just go and do it. We don't ask yourself, Is it healthy for me? Is it good for me? Is this the right time for me to eat it? Should I be spending this much money in this food, that is the I want it, I earn a lot of money, I work hard, I'm just going to go and eat

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it. without putting any restraint on themselves. They go and eat. And the mountain the scholars they say when a person becomes habitual in doing this, then that same attitude carries on to other things in life. When it comes to their sexual life. They became the vert they become the very same person, no one can stop me I'm going to do what I want to instant gratification. This is what has destroyed the millennial nation, by the way. But beyond that, let's broaden the scope and not talk about just the millennials. But broaden the scope. We become slaves of instant gratification. Whenever we want something, we demand it immediately. And the downfall that follows is tremendous. It's very bad.

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That's why we have this month of Ramadan where Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us say no to food, say no to it. I won't do it. Don't tell me today while we were fasting at 12 o'clock, and at four o'clock and at eight o'clock and then, you know, 15 minutes before if thought we didn't tell ourselves man, I'm hungry. What What did I do today for you know, a banana. Someone was walking in front of us drinking water. And we're like, wow, that water looks so great today. Things that you've been prevented from now becomes so much more beautiful, right?

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We all wanted it. We all wanted it. But Allah subhanho wa Taala told us No, and we learned the lesson. And the lesson was every time you want something, you don't get it. You hold back you learn how to hit the brake and life just because you want a car doesn't mean you buy the car. Just because you want a home doesn't mean you buy that home. Allah subhana wa tada wants you to think, do you really need the home? Or do you want the home? Do you need that car? Or do you want the car if you need it, then take it because the rules are based on what's your necessity, but constantly feeding your greed is a very bad thing. It's poison for you. Therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala repeatedly

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tells us from the Quran kulu wash, Ravana to sleep, eat and drink, but don't be excessive. We hold ourselves throughout the day from the break of dawn to the setting of the sun. We hold our greed back because we've been told that if we hold our greed back of eating and carnal passion, at the end of the day we will be given tequila as the Quran promises

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But what when the moment of taqwa comes right? When the thought comes? What do we do?

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We destroy that greed once again. We jump on it and we eat and eat and eat and whatever we can lay our hands on things that are we know that are bad for us, but we're making up and it's as if the person who wouldn't eat that much food a normal day, because he's been told not to eat for a few hours mix about how many times to in support and a thought, so much food so much eating and then we ask ourselves, Why can I not be consistent with my family prayer? Why am I lazy? When it comes to my brother? We see this every year that goes to food, they they shrink and shrink and shrink until the end of Ramadan, we have maybe two or three superflat because the rest, they've they've become lazy.

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That's that's a simple answer. They've gotten lazy, they've been distracted of the purpose of Ramadan. So in the month of Ramadan, it's really important for us, in order for us to gain that spiritual game that we follow through with a lesson of thought was not only during the day hours, but also during the night hours when our time comes, rather than eating away and as we'd say, pigging out, hold yourself back. If you must have your rice if that's necessary for you don't have an everyday habit every other day. If there's something that your heart is really attached to in terms of eating, cut back from that, eat something else in return, feed yourself, but don't overdo

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it, as I say in Persian, non but I try not to but I know that the bread was made for you, you weren't made for bread. Today, the human being has become slave of food. Think of a person who has a wound on their hand. It's healing and you keep peeling it off, you keep picking at it and keep peeling it off. Well, that wound heal, it's gonna drag out it won't heal as quickly. So by the end of Ramadan, we fasted for a few hours during the day, we built that resilience. And then what happened was a fighter came in we broke it down. And then we built the castle again the next day. And then when it when a thought came, we broke it down again. During the day we had the hook and

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tuck law during the night our hits our greed overtook us. So we have to learn to hold back and stop ourselves hold our hand you've come so far, so many hours, you can do more once a squat. One of the scholars was once asked that why did Allah subhanho wa Taala command us to fast and he said so you can feel the pain of the full cut off so you can feel what they go through. You know, look at ourselves. We've never known what hunger means. hunger to us means we're caught in traffic. hunger to us means that someone's lost someone's busy somewhere else and within a few minutes, the food will be ready or the microwave isn't working or the stove isn't working or our credit card isn't

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working. That's what hunger means to us. Real hunger. You look at people in other parts of the world, you go to the Middle East in Syria, you go to Yemen, these people are feeling the pain that we felt 15 minutes before artists thought for months on end on these artists thought we know there's going to be food on the table. At least when we're coming back home we know there's going to be a grand meal but imagine a mother holding her child and saying to her child that I don't know if there's going to be food today and today's a thought I don't know if I can feed you today.

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This is a moment for us to reflect to do should have lost count on without it. Yeah Allah you gave me food and if I'm not gonna have three plates of food, I'll have a quarter plate of food but I'll just shove it in front of Allah subhanahu wa tada the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam adopted this life. And this is how he was so spiritually charged, always energetic, always leading the community because his diet was good was good, because he had control and restraint over how much he consumed how much he ate. You know, someone can say that the Prophet said a lot who it was that an eight little in his life because he faced poverty. Which is true for the first part, Muslims

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there they weren't wealthy people. But after the conquest after the conquest and honeymoon after the conquest of Makkah karma, that it wasn't the same anymore. The Muslims had wealth abundantly. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he came to the companions and said, very soon you won't be the same people that I leave you as the companions and what do you mean? The prophets that Allah will give you wealth, and when you become wealthy, you will forget Allah subhanho wa Taala because you will no longer feel the need of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's who we've become today. We've lost the ability to sugar because our pantries are full, our fridge is full, our freezer is full and

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our deep freezer is full. We've become servants and slaves of our greed. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam even after for chemica. Even after the war, the world and its wealth fell to his feet. He still continued to live that life I shadow The law says the family of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never had bread on the menu for three days straight. From the moment the Prophet arrived in Madina munawwara until the day he passed away from the Long Island he was to them. This was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So learn to put yourself in Morocco. Put yourself in difficulty in Masada, La La says when a person fasts all day, and then eats away like

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crazy, I'd have thought they have an opposite effect of what fasting was supposed to give them. It's the opposite effect. you're you're you're not only do you not walk out with buchla but you're knifes gross. He's

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says that in order for the knifes the inner soul, the inner spirit of the human being to become strong in order for you to stand against JSON, you have to make the body weak. That's what the law says fast, eat little. When this becomes weak, this becomes strong. When a person stands during the hours of the night and their feet hurt, that's when spiritually you're going. This is Machado making a sacrifice in the cause of Allah. When a person physically puts themselves through a strenuous effort, that's when spiritually you grow. But what happens at the end of the day, I'd have thought every day, we feed ourselves so much so the shape on or let's not use the word shape on the nuts

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that was under control during the day hours when you feed it so much at a thought it bloats up into a beast and overtakes you then. So let's learn to control how much we eat in the month of Ramadan in particular, and let's take these habits outside Amazon. As always, a quick few things that can be done in order for you to carve, you know, control this the first thing, make your food and make your meals simple. Don't become slaves of your of your menu, eat what's available to you mahabhava what is present to you say Bismillah tada In the name of Allah eat it and ask Allah subhana wa tada to give you Baraka, don't be picky about it. Don't be overly picky that it has to taste like this and

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it has to be cooked like this, and this, that and the other and this needs to be paired with this and that needs to be paired with this drink. Don't overcomplicate your meals. The second thing, control your portions as a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us if you must eat more than a few bites of it, you must eat more than a few bites that one third floor. Go ahead guys. Food, one foot one third for water one third for air control your portions. You know today when people go to doctors with obesity complaints, they cut stomach it's as if they're following that they put balloons in the stomach right to help a person control their appetite. And this is something that

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Prophet told us that we should be able to do without someone performing a surgery or without someone cutting and snipping into our stomach and putting balloons into us. Learn how to eat little control your portions Have you guys noticed that the fork size has gotten longer in the last 10 years. plaids have gotten wider bowls have gotten deeper spoons. I've also grown cups are getting taller. Have you guys noticed these things when I was younger? I remember you know, eating a bowl of cereal just took a little longer because the food was smaller and then all of a sudden this big spoon came out just looking at it gives you gives your show a pleasure. Like you're like oh my god that spoon

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looks amazing. Right that bull's eye won't have to take seconds. So control your portions a little. Another one of the things that we learned from the process of a long while it was set them in this haba rather than eating individually they would pair up in it together. They would have multiple people sit together and one plate and eat.

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When a when a group eat together, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives Baraka and last two things when you do eat whether you eat a lot, little or a lot, be very thankful to Allah subhanaw taala make a lot of sugar to Allah cry as you're eating and say Allah I wasn't worthy of this food. You're the one who gave it. You chose me without me being worthy of it. Yeah, Allah I thank you for this gifts. Another thought for those who are hungry in the world. In the last last thing, if you really have a tough time cutting down on your food, just remember your messenger solomani think about the hunger that he must have lived with. Think about the hunger of his kids. Think about the hunger of his

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wives and tell yourself these were the best human beings to walk on the world. And if I want to live up to their standard, if I want to live up to their rank, I'm going to need to make a sacrifice to Allah subhanho wa Taala make this among

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Yaki darlin st Saad, Allah subhanho wa Taala make this a moderation where we have moderation in our food moderation and our eating Buttercup in our meals, and Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us strength from our meals to ultimately come back wash guru de la quinta, Yehuda boon to worship Allah azza wa jal or said Allah when I say that, I'm humble