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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of Halal in Islam, highlighting certain foods and conditions that would be considered Halal and avoiding certain conditions. They also discuss the importance of deeds and hangers of the Prophet sallam, as well as the need for a deal to avoid punished behavior. The importance of fulfilling partners and not associate them with animals is emphasized, along with the benefits of red meat and avoiding drinking too much. The speaker also encourages people to use technology to avoid bad habits and moments in life, and to stop and abstain from it. The upcoming holiday season is also emphasized, with a focus on fulfilling partners and not apologizing for mistakes.
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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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Smilla he will Hamdulillah he was Salatu was Salam ala Abdullah he Rasulullah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine

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Bye my brothers and sisters, the word Haram is used in order to highlight to us what Allah has forbidden. In Islam. We use the word Halal in order to highlight what Allah has permitted. Mostly we talk about foodstuffs.

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But it's not only foodstuffs, there are certain things you do that would be haram or halal, Permissible or impermissible. This term Haram has also been used to refer to certain places and Masjidul Haram is a masjid that is prohibited

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and there is haram which is an area that is prohibited. It is a sacred place. So what exactly is prohibited and why is it called Al Masjid Al haram? It is called that because Allah Almighty has laid greater emphasis of the prohibition of certain things in that area.

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And some things that are permissible outside will not be permissible there. For example, if you were

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to see a little insect for no reason, in the Haram, you're not allowed to harm it, leave it if it is a pest and it is bothering or it is perhaps like a mosquito that would maybe want to harm you in one way or another, then you may eradicate it in the best and easiest possible way. But this is just one example. Similarly, the condition known as condition of a haram also taken from something similar, it's also connected to something that makes you not do things that would otherwise be permissible to apply perfume in a prohibited condition in a sacred condition in the condition of a haram is prohibited to cut your hair through that condition where you're wearing the two pieces of cloth

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known as haram. Prohibited when it comes to the end of your Hajj or the end of your Umrah. It would then be at that particular position permissible for you to now cut your hair depicting the end of your haram.

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So this word Haram is a very powerful word when a Muslim hears the word haram, he or she should immediately Listen What is it and take it seriously. In Islam. If there is something that is debated whether it is halal or haram, a Muslim is taught stay away. The reason is, if you stayed away, you wouldn't have done something debated. Say for example, I give you two examples. For example, if I tell you it is haram to do this,

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and you are listening to someone else say no don't worry, it's Hallel. Okay.

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If you were to go ahead and do it, there is a chance that you did something wrong.

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Because this may be 5050, sometimes more, sometimes less, but there is a chance even if it is a 1% chance. And if you left it completely nobody can debate that you did not do anything wrong. Agree. That is from the Hadith known as the hadith of Normani Bashir of the Allahu Anhu where the prophets Allah Allah Allah Salam says in Valhalla Allah Yun were in Al haram Albanian Halal is very clear Haram is very clear. And in the middle, there are some things that may not be so clear to you and I, in the eyes of Allah, Allah knows that this is this way or that way. So the Hadith says Boehner, Boehner, Huma OMO musta, Bihar to Allah Allah Munna, Kazuhiro Mina nurse for many taka Shu Bahati,

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*a decembre, Li D wire the woman walk off he should do hard work, I feel haram. The hadith says whoever has stayed away from those things that are gray area debated, they have saved themselves and they have saved their limbs, their bodies, their organs, they have saved themselves entire entirety from something haram and whoever fell into it has fallen into haram. Allah did not say that there's a possibility of you falling into halal or haram. He says the minute it's a gray area according to you stay away. And why does he say if you did it, you fell into haram because you were prepared to take the risk. That's what it is. The minute you prepare to take the risk you don't even know

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Oh, it's okay. Well look, there might be a chance that this okay let me do it. Now why am I mentioning this because today is the day of Eagle of HA yo Manohar. Today is the greatest day from the days of the year in terms of

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the deeds that we are going to be fulfilling and greatness given to it by Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, when it comes to the nights in the year as Muslims, the most powerful night is Laylatul Qadr. It is named the Night of Decree or even translated as the night of power because the term Kadar refers to destiny. And the term Qudra refers to power so Leila tocado refers to both of those. So the nights we know Ramadan there's no more there's no nights that are more powerful than the nights of Ramadan but the days What about the days, the days the most powerful of the days is this particular day yesterday being the Day of Arafah the most powerful then you have these 10 days of

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the ledger which are considered the season that is the most powerful in terms of days so you're supposed to do more good deeds through these days like the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says ma'am in a Yemen Allameh louzada houfy Hiner haha il Allah Haman Harvey Hill Asha, there are no days in which good deeds are more loved by Allah than these 10 days and this is the climax of it Yeoman Maha. It is the day of the great sacrifice, the great sacrifice. So where does the word haram come in? Very interestingly, the prophets Allah Allah Allah Salam made Hajj once, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave a sermon towards the end of the Hajj on the day of NA. And he

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repeated a few of the points a few days for a few days later.

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And from among those points where he got up and final speech, final speech, meaning they call it the Farewell Sermon. That's what it's called. Many of us might have it on a plaque at home, but we haven't read it we just say final sermon, we look at it a mashallah looks nice there. That's why they say there is a debate whether it is permissible to hang verses of the Quran in your homes or not. Some of the scholars say it's prohibited, and some say it's permissible. Those who say it's prohibited, say the Quran was not revealed in order to decorate your home, it was revealed to read, take a lesson and you are actually belittling the verse of Allah. And the other say, No, it's

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permissible because at least it will remind you, we are from among those who believe it's permissible, but read it once in a while, then it makes it permissible properly.

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We hung the verse up mashallah beautifully written, written Alhamdulillah we read it we take heed, we listen, we tell people read this verse. Do you know what it says? It says, so and so and the message Subhanallah then it becomes meaningful. So that's the debate. The same applies to anything else. It's not prohibited to hang up a hadith. But wouldn't it be belittling a hadith of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to just hang it up in your home and say it looks lovely, but you've never read it. You haven't seen it. Come on, you don't you don't stop for a moment to look at read and put into practice. So the same applies. This sermon or this lecture is the most powerful of

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the lectures and that's why the points are so interesting. One of the most beautiful points is the point regarding this issue of haram. This issue of haram. What is it? The Prophet SAW Selim says Allah in the MA como, I'm walakum wa rather come Hara come comme ca Hurmati, Unicam hada Fisher honeycomb. hada fie Bella de caminhada, Allahu Akbar. He says, Behold, and this was his final sermon, imagine the most beloved Unto Allah. His last words, actually not the last words in terms of what he uttered. But in terms of a lecture

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in a gathering, massive gathering. He says, Behold,

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your blood amongst you is haram.

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Your wealth amongst you is haram.

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Your respect, Your Honor, Your dignity amongst you is haram. What does that mean? Dima accom. Haram your blood amongst you haram. It means you're not allowed to commit murder. You're not allowed to harm and hurt someone physically. That's what it means. You can't allow the spillage of blood of one another blood is haram you cannot kill another person. Come with me. Allahu Akbar.

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Dima, come haram that's haram.

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He says I'm wala come haram. Your wealth amongst you is haram. Yours is yours. His his his he can't claim yours. You can claim him Don't deceive and cheat and don't steal from one another. Don't you serve, don't connive and so on. The words will continue and continue.

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Don't eat someone else's money Subhanallah

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Yeah, are you unloving? Amanullah that go? No, I'm wala Goomba in Akun been battling in the community, Jonathan tarawih me Come, Allah says, Oh, you who believe don't consume the wealth of one another

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in false hood in a wrong way,

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in a haram manner.

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And then Allah makes an exception. And he says the only time you're allowed to consume the wealth of another is when you're doing business with the happiness of both parties.

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You cannot just come to someone how much is this, he says, $100 Here's 50. And goodbye. And I walk off. I mean, the guy is looking at what's going on here. You can't do that. There has to be a deal. $100 I'm not too happy, make it cheaper for me. Or if you're wealthy, and you see a man who's poorer than you selling, another way that you earn the reward is to tell him you know, 100, I give you 120 Perhaps you can feed your family, we stopped doing that. For us. If someone does that, they see you crazy, this guy's got a lot of money. It's not a matter of a lot of money. It's a matter of you knowing that this thing, he's not making more than x amount he's poorer than me. Allah has blessed

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me with so much more. Let me add a little bit and give him and tell him you know, Bismillah take it okay, here's your 100 and here's another 20. There might be some from amongst us who actually do that. May Allah help us live in that once again.

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Amin was relatively soft.

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But my brothers my sisters, I can tell you something. When the Hadith says Dima can haram unwelcome haram it continues to say ah rather come haram, Your Honor, Your dignity, your respect amongst each other is haram. You're not allowed to accuse someone falsely of something you cannot backbite about someone because it's their honor. Talk about them behind their backs in a good way. Not in a bad way. Something had they heard it, they would be okay with it or happy with it. That's fine. But the minute you go around saying something bad about someone behind their backs, what have you done, you went against that hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam where he says I'd rather come haram on

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Aleikum, Your Honor your dignity from one another. And that's a minor thing. If you were to think about it carefully in today's world, people consider it minor in the eyes of Allah it's a big thing.

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And to belittle someone you teach them in Islam, you're not even allowed to call someone a name or a nickname, which they would not be happy with. The Quran says Walton Abba Zubin. Elcom. Imagine I'm not allowed to call you fatty or whatever, unless you like that name. Allahu Akbar.

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All those who are called phatic. And forgive me for today.

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But it's one of those things people call us names we don't like if someone does that don't respond to the name it will become your name. Don't respond to it at all. Keep walking, keep going, until they call you the proper name you would like to be called by nicknames are not haram but bad nicknames that the person himself disagrees with a haram. So that is the issue of haram but the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not stop there. He went on to say something powerful. He says go Herma to me.

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He said, Do you want to know the level of prohibition of these things I've mentioned is equal to the prohibition of this particular day. This particular day, what was the date today? Human natural, the day of sacrifice the day of the slaughter, the day of the great slaughter the great day of Eid. He says similar to the prohibition of the state, don't you consider this day sacred? It's a sacred day. The hood judge for example, on the day of

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the slaughter the sacrifice the pelt shaytan they are in a haram they've just come from Delhi far they are marching on to Mina. They do they are doing that tell BIA what is the tell BIA they are saying the bake Allah Humala bake or they are saying Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, Allah ilaha illa Allahu Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah Allah Hill Hamed, Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest. Allah has no partner, none worthy of worship. besides Allah, Allah is the Greatest and All praise belongs to him. The day is a sacred day. So your wealth, your lives, your dignity and respect and honor is as sacred as today. That's what it is. Don't mess with yourselves. respect one another.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam continues to say, karma to me Comhar Daffy Shari caminhada you know in the Islamic calendar, they are 12 months for from among those are known as the months that are haram haram in what way? You are not allowed to commence war during those months. You must be at peace. They are known as a horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible the man's that are haram. What are the

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Volcker Rule Hijjah Moharram. Raja, those are the months.

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So we'll hit J Is it not a haram month in that sense as well? So

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That's why the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says, as sacred as this day as sacred as this month and as sacred as the city the city of Makkah. Subhanallah you're not allowed to hunt in Makkah. Did you ever know that? You see a bird you're not allowed to just go and shoot it or whatever hunted you cannot hunt in Makka Makka is Matka the animals are at peace Subhanallah

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so much so that people's lives, they're at peace. You have an issue with someone come out of McCann sorted out Subhanallah here, Abdullah Al Amin. So the call was very powerful on that sermon when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam clearly said, Learn to respect one another learn to fulfill each other's rights. In the same lecture. He spoke about women, he says, fear Allah and the treatment of women. That's what he said treatment of women. So whenever you maltreat a female you need to know I just went against the last advice of the prophets Allah Allah, Allah, Allah

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Subhana Allah, and so many other pieces of advice, he gave us powerful advice. Don't ever associate partners with Allah.

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Don't ever associate partners with Allah. That was the most powerful advice also on that particular day. Worship Allah fulfill your duties Unto Allah, my brothers, my sisters, this is the day of Eid a day of happiness and sacrifice today, we will be sacrificing what will we be doing sacrificing animals and perhaps for those who might not be sacrificing animals, we will either witness it or benefit from it, or at least we've heard about it now. Subhanallah some might say no, you know what, it's quite expensive. I'm not on the threshold where I need to do it and I can't do it. Well, then we will give you some meat and we can share meat you can share the meat with your friends, your

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family you consume from it. It's a sunnah actually, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says for Kulu minha you eat from it as well. You know, people see that well, red meat is bad. Have you heard that? Red meat is bad for you? I can tell you something. The Quran tells us to consume from it a little consume from it. It doesn't say how much but consume from it a little bit mean it means a portion of it. The problem with us is it's how we eat that's the thing you have a samosa you end up having 10 of them you are going to get sick come on one is enough It's okay even if it tastes good one is okay to maybe fine really like it three okay, stop there, depending on the size of it. But with us, we

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lose track of it mashallah we we consume more than what we are supposed to then we say very bad for you. What was bad for you? Allah says, the minute you said Bismillah Allahu Akbar, you slaughtered the animal eat a little bit of it and and hamdulillah there are some things that will be that you will benefit from that particular red meat that you won't get from any other thing that you're going to eat perhaps I'm not an expert, but I'm telling you based on Revelation, mashallah, so my brothers and sisters, let's not say it's bad for you something Allah has made halal, in itself can never be bad for you. Maybe the way you ate it is bad for you. Maybe because of your lifestyle. It's no

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longer good for you to consume more than a bit. Or maybe you finished your quarter someone might say I have gout. I can't have red meat, fish, that's fine. You have a sickness that is stopping you from something.

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So you might want to consume less but don't totally label it bad. Because it's Khaled. Allah said it's halal.

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These are some of the days where we are supposed to declare the greatness of Allah today. When you're returning home from the salah to eat, try and use a slightly different route to go back. It's the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, one road a little bit different. You know, the reason is the people who are witnessing the muslimeen go and come back from the Eid need to see us more and need to see us in greater numbers. Because it's a day of happiness and joy, we declare the tech be by right if we were walking and we were declaring the tech beat, it would create such a lovely environment people will see look, the Muslims are all going well dressed and smart and they're all

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declaring the greatness of Allah. So on your way back when you use the different route more people get to see you one of the reasons may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for us. So my beloved brothers, my sisters, as these days have to shriek they are known as days of tertiary, the Enlightened days. These are days of tertiary.

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There are days when you should be eating, drinking and remembering Allah the remembrance of Allah we already said the tech be eating and drinking. We spoke about it briefly the eating part of it as for the drinking, mashallah, you and I know when a Muslim says drink, he means something that's not intoxicating, because we had a young man saying but you know, aren't they three days were allowed to eat and drink? I said no, though your whole year you're allowed to eat and drink but it's supposed to be that which Allah has permitted don't come with loopholes and

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Make things excuses for yourself. And then we make dua to Allah to help us to help us.

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Listen very carefully because it's for me and for you. We make dua to Allah to help us eradicate our bad habits and anything displeasing to Allah. Why? To sacrifice an animal? What is the importance of it? Go back to the history is My Allah Alayhi Salam. Allah tells Ibrahim alayhi salam sacrifice your son, he sacrificed the son Allah replaced it with the RAM from Jana, right? We know the story verses are well known. We've heard it year in year out, what is the idea? The sun was still alive, nothing happened to the sun And subhanAllah it was a miracle from Allah subhanho wa taala. The idea is to slice off anything that is coming between you and Allah, that is it. I cut off what do I cut off?

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I'm going to cut off my bad habits, any bad habits, whatever it might be, don't just defy a bad habit. To feel that a bad habit is a bad habit is the first step towards improving yourself. The minute you excuse it's only macro macro. That's what they say regarding cigarettes. For example, may Allah strengthen older guys, I know a lot of people who are really good, and they have an addiction, for example to tobacco or cigarettes. admit it's a bad habit. It's a bad habit. The minute you admit it, and this is the lighter of the rulings according to me, it's not even allowed. It's prohibited. Not just according to me according to the text, anything that is harmful for you and your body. Not

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allowed. Give it up for the sake of Allah. Are you prepared to put a knife today upon your cigarettes if you are Wallah, he you get a better reward and a greater reward than those who are going to put a knife upon that animal Leanna Allah Hello humo while

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working Allah says the blood is not going to get to us the meat is not going to get to us but the taqwa the fear of Allah, the consciousness of Allah developed on such an occasion is what reaches us. Allahu Akbar, what is the consciousness you have an addiction to something it could be pornography, so many people today with technology are hooked on to it. But at the same time, we need to realize if you're prepared to put a knife and to stop yourself and abstain for the sake of Allah, you are the winner today it is called yo Manohar because Allah wants us to slice out anything that is coming in the way of his obedience. So inshallah we promise Allah that we will do that. And at

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the same time I pray to Allah to help us to understand the term haram and how it is connected to this day because of that sermon, and what is haram? Exactly between us and at the same time. May Allah accept from us all the sacrifices we have made we are making and we will make for his sake and his sake alone. Akula coldly hada or sal Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad