Hussain Kamani – Ramadan Reflections Day 9

Hussain Kamani
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You're listening to the problem Institute Podcast Series Ramadan reflections by Mufti Hussein Kimani?

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salam ala

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rasulillah Hartman MBL Allah Allah Hill Ischia was having a little bit about

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yesterday in our last reflections, we discussed the importance of the fasting of the heart while the body is fasting.

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And we discussed yesterday briefly and today I wanted to continue on from there. That in order for our fasting to be a source of taqwa to be consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In order for us to gain this beautiful characteristic, we have to learn to fast more than starving ourselves. And this is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, in a very beautiful tradition, that how many people are there that fast and the only thing they gained from their fast is thirst, come in saw him in a set of human suyama he loved them. So how we go beyond that thirst and our fast is by having our entire body involved in the fast and yesterday we talked about the importance of having

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the heart involved while fasting, and today inshallah, I'd like to talk about how we can involve our tongue in our fastest well.

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The tongue is a very important part of the human body, the prophets that Allahu Allah was sort of said in a very beautiful tradition, that the power of the tongue is such

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that it can take a person to genda or the power of the tongue is such that it could take a person to the fire of *. Just one sincere La ilaha illAllah from the bottom of the heart, could be weightier than 9999 Cg lots are 99 volumes, large volumes of since just one lie in the luck and have that much effect. And on the other hand, that very same tongue can be the source of a pious person who we may see as being pious of being to the firewall. How many people have we seen in our community that Mashallah when it comes to their a Baba, they're at the top level, you know, our elders Mashallah regular on our regular on reading put on, the women in the house are always wearing

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the hijab, the brothers always given Southern Mashallah, but then these very same people have absolutely no control over their tongue. And this tongue ends up being the source of all of their good deeds being wiped away. And this is actually established from a very beautiful tradition of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam describes the true loser, the one who comes in front of Allah on the Day of Judgment with mountains full of good deeds. And when he thinks that he's going straight to Jenna, because of how many good things he's done, how many people have accepted Islam on his hands and how many arms he's recited, and how many

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on our mind he's made and how many you know all the great things that he's thinking of. Now what happens is that he sees that he's walking agenda. And then one person comes in says, Oh Allah, before this person goes to genda. I'd like for him to pay back the oppression he did on me. Allah subhana wa tada will say to this person, pay him back. And he will take a little bit of his good deeds and give it to this person. And slowly, slowly, people will pile up and they'll pile up and they'll pile up. One person will say he lied. Another person will say he slandered. Another person will say he accused me. Another person will say he swore at me. One person will say he backbiting to

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me, another person to say he was very jealous of me. And one by one, they'll come and take his good deeds and take his good deeds. And because this person who apparently was pious had no control over his tongue. Very soon. Imagine how sad This is. his good deeds are cutting down, cutting down cutting down until they're zero.

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And now he's in trouble. But the line still continues, and they will continue to complain to align Allah subhana wa tada will say to these people, that now he has no good deeds left, leave your sins with him, and they will continue to leave their sins and pile their sins and pile their sins. Until finally when everyone's done with this person, he will now have mountains full of sins. This teaches us how important it is for us to control our tongue and to control our interaction with people. How many families have been destroyed simply by the tongue.

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parents can't speak to their children. Because the parents are abusive with their tongues. Children can't speak to their parents, because the children are abusive with their tongues. Brothers and sisters can't speak to each other because they're so abusive with their tongues. Husband and wife can't speak to each other because they're so abusive with their tongues. Okay? They're so abusive with their tongues, mother in law and daughter in law, they can't get along. Why? Because they're so abusive with their tongues. The mother in law may be, you know, the greatest pious lady in the world. But even all women today and even our elderly men today and even the young everyone i'm not

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singling out anyone here, but symbol relationships are destroyed because we do not have control over our

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Tung the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in a very beautiful tradition, and I quoted this tradition yesterday, but I'd like to explain it a little more. The prophets that Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever believes in Allah in the hereafter should either speak good or remain silent. In the words of the Hadith art mankind are you meant to be law he will Yeoman aka to find the Apollo hiren. earliest word. The word for remaining silent here is just a summary. There are two common words we use for silence in RV. One is a su good and the other is a silent, there is a difference between both a silent is to stay silent from speaking balton. assumpta means to remain silent when

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it comes in regards to speaking vain. However, if you speak during the fact that you're speaking good, or if you're speaking in the middle of a good conversation, calling people to Allah, technically, that is a part of something you guys understand that falls under that definition of silence because you're speaking something good. When we use the word something we're saying, Don't speak bad. Us too good means stay quiet. whether it's good or bad, what you're saying just stay quiet. Don't say anything that'll look good, stay quiet. The progress that allamani was sent him says, say something good or something, don't speak anything bad at all. Right? That's where we learn

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the beautiful statement that's come from along, you know, from traditions and traditions, that silence is gold, it's golden, right? Sometimes it's staying silent is better. You know, there are traditions that has hobbies to train their kids to speak little by teaching them to play stones underneath their tongues. And that was trained them that you're not supposed to move the stone from here. So keep your tongue in control of that stone. So you don't speak anything bad. You know, we should learn to speak little First of all, and then whatever we do speak first think before we speak. In order to there's a very famous there are two famous proverbs that go in regards to

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speaking, thinking before speaking first is a bit at all pitiful. You guys heard of that? First way what you're going to say and then say it. And then another one My father used to always say to me when I was young, he used to say, How can one source gargle tapioca vodka sauce die. He's a smart person first he thinks and then he speaks. And the foolish person he keeps babbling a lot of all he talks. And then after he speaks anything himself, oh, man, what did they just say? Look how much damage I just called. I just cause Look how many people are hurt with my tongue. This is such a powerful tool right here. While we're fasting we should remember to control our tongues as well. And

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the scholars mentioned that we're Allah subhanho wa Taala says that we had ordained fasting on the previous nations. Some of the nations before us that were ordained to fast, their method of fasting was

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silence, not an arm making it very clear, our fasting is not silence. But some scholars mentioned that the previous nations are ordered to fast their fasting was silence. So we should learn to remain silent at times as well. When I was a teacher in the in the mothers of the mucked up in England, I used to teach in England after I graduated. And at the end of my foreign class, I used to always save 10 minutes. And I have until all the young kids and I used to teach this eight, nine year old age in the general age, right? Eight, nine year old age, it is almost like 20 of them in my class. And the last 10 minutes of class. We had a special exercise every day. And you know what that

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Everyone quiet. This is just what do we do? Now? It's nothing. Don't think of anything? Don't do anything. Don't move anything to sit down. What's this? What are we doing? I'm training you to slow down a little. You know, someone asked Look, man, Hakeem. How did you gain your wisdom. He said, I closed my mouth. I'll open my heart. I closed my mouth. Allah subhanho wa Taala opened my heart. When you learn to speak little you gotta eat and when to use headford dunya will kill lotta man, in fact that he will mean who's in a coma. When you see a person that speaks little and has no interest in the world go close to that person because that person will have wisdom.

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Now, what are the diseases of the tongue? That's a long discussion. I'm not even going to try today. Okay, I'm just going to give you guys a reference amount because along with ally ally is y'all know Dean has compiled a chapter on how to listen the evil of the evils of the tongue. And in there, he has listed 20 evils of the tongue. I highly encourage everyone to go there and read it or maybe ask I don't know mom to teach it to you at another time in Sharla. It's a very detailed discussion, very beautiful as well. at another time inshallah. However, I will give you three things that you can do to control your tongue while you're fasting at least. Just remember one thing actually, I'm going to

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narrate one How do you prefer go to these two things? how important it is for us to control our tongue while we're fasting? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, if you get into a heated discussion with someone while you're fasting, what do you do?

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You just say I'm fasting. Whether you're right or wrong, it doesn't matter right now. Right? But the fact that you're getting heated that anger is destroying your spirituality, and your tongue is going to steal from your all your good deeds. So just say in nice time and fasting today, I'm not going to get involved at all. So three things I want to suggest that inshallah if we can act upon these three things, hopefully we will learn to control our tongues. The first thing

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And I highlighted it earlier, I just want to reiterate it as a part of the three, formally, Think before you speak. before you say anything think, ask yourself, do I need to say it in this way? Do I need to say it at this time? Should I say it in front of these people? Should I say it in silence? Should I use these words? Should I use more words? Should I use less words? Think of all these things before you speak. So many of us we just babbling, we just keep talking. But I'm not a doctor. We just keep talking. And we don't realize that we're not causing any good in reality, we're causing a lot of harm. You understand that? You know, everyone talks about the importance of calling people

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towards good and forbidding them from evil, right? It's my responsibility as a Muslim, if I see something wrong, I should stand in the front stuff in front of the full congregation and say, this person did something wrong, you know, we like doing that right. But we forget two things. The first thing he

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said something very beautiful. He said, You know yesterday was a judo, yeah, takeover. Yes. He said a believer when he advises he conceals and then he advises Yes. Yes to the way he concealed equals to people whispers in the ears. When five Judo yeah tikka, and the transgressor he announces a sin in front of everyone and his intention isn't to advise is to disgrace. And the one who disgraces people in the road, the 100 of the profits that allamani was sent him as a law will disgrace them on the Day of Judgment. And the second common thing we use, people bring up the narrations. But oh, didn't the people during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stand up and object to

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him or bring their concerns during the hotel? Have you guys heard of that one? Yes, people would bring that objection. That is an objection of a person who has no understanding of Hadeeth at all.

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Why is that? The reason is because the scholars have gathered all those narrations where people stood in the middle of the gathering of the prophets that allamani was suddenly made objections. And all those people were all veterans. And veterans were known for having lack of other lack of what do you call this etiquette? And that's because they hadn't spent time with the prophets that allowed them till the one narration or abubaker stood up and spoke back to the prophets. That alone is fine.

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It doesn't work like that. Okay, learn to control your tongue. Think before you speak. The second thing. always remind yourself that everything you say every word every letter, you say you will be held accountable for it on the Day of Judgment. Allah subhanho wa Taala has angels that are writing down everything we do. Is that true or false? myall filming Colin Illallah de he rocky wanna cheat. And the last thing that I want to say

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is that if by chance your tongue slips or you say something bad, then repent to Allah subhana wa tada make us to fall right away. Don't be arrogant. Except it wasn't mistake. It's okay. I won't do it again, shall I go back to the person who said it to say sorry to them, make the gift some Southern part, you know how on the machines, we have this penalty thing here for the phones. If you say something bad, give yourself a little penalty. You cannot impose a monetary penalty on someone but you can impose it on yourself. I cannot impose a monetary penalty on you accorded the 105th letters By the way, but you can impose on on your self so you can impose on yourself and say every

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time I do this, I will give some sunlight and shallowness and this will help me stop swearing This will help me Stop backbiting and inshallah if we have reinforcements of whatever we say we follow it up with something with a repentance or support for something inshallah, we will learn to control what we see. We pray that Allah subhana wa tada gives us the faith to act upon what has been said. So Allah Subhana Allah home Abrahamic, the shadow Allah, Allah, Allah and the staff who can offer the honor and mean a sir Amara Kumar Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

Ramadan 2015 – Day 9 – Fasting Of The Tongue

Jun 27, 2015

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