Tahir Wyatt – Taqwa in Ramadan

Tahir Wyatt
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Brothers and sisters in Islam, today is the eighth of Ramadan. And it just seems like yesterday that we were talking about Ramadan coming into panela. I mean, we're in the thick of it as in a few days we'll be in the second third of Ramadan. More than a quarter of Ramadan has already gone behind the Subhana Allah. And it's important that we stop

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that we don't just fall into routines and not think about what we're doing. And that's usually what happens as time goes on. So your first day is second day or third day, your body's getting accustomed to the fast and so forth. And then you start developing, developing the routine. But if a routine becomes a habit that's mindless, then we're not actually attaining the goal of our fast because the goal of the fastest to attain taqwa, one of the meanings of which is that you are conscious God conscious that Allah Subhana which Allah is always on your mind, and therefore, you are doing those things that are pleasing Him and you're avoiding those things that are displeasing

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to Allah subhana wa Tada. So we need to be reminded of the statement of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who said boo Bissau even learn how Villa humann Cm e e Ll jewellery, loutish. Perhaps somebody fast, and they get nothing out of there fast except for hunger and thirst.

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Let that sink in for a minute. The reality is, some people will fast for an entire month

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and they will come out of the fast having gained nothing except for hunger and thirst. Ramadan does not change them. In fact, there are some people who are very anxious about the coming of Ramadan, meaning that they're nervous about it. They're apprehensive, okay. And then when Ramadan comes, they just tolerate it. That is, okay. I have defense this month. And so therefore I abstain from food I abstain from drink. They don't really have any goals outside of Ramadan modification mode. How do I come in modify my program during the day, my workout now I'm going to modify that I'll do that at a different time. I'll do certain things that I would do on in the daytime, I'll switch those over

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tonight. But there's not much that is changing really about them. In fact, they can't wait until Ramadan is over so that they can get back to life as normal. It's important that we don't fall into that category. Ramadan is not made for temporary change.

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Yes, there should be a temporary changes and you do better in Ramadan. And that's not a

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you can't do that on a consistent basis. Right. You can't always do the things that you do on Ramadan on a consistent basis. But there are certain things that should happen in Ramadan that impact the rest of your life. They impact you even after Ramadan. And in fact, one of those things is a character change. And our Prophet Isaiah select was set and focused on character in the month of Ramadan he said FCM Juna fasting is a shield for either Canada. So mu Yomi FA that Canada yomo CME decom for your food while a US hub. The purpose of it was sunset. So if it is the day when you are fasting fasting is a shield. So if you are on the day of fasting, then don't use obscene speech.

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Don't use vulgar speech. When is hub and don't raise your voice out of anger

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for INSEAD, because I hadn't. Oh Shattuck. And so some of the narrations for INSEAD Bahu, I had an O shettima. Failure call in the saw him. So if somebody comes to him got any one of you, that is fasting, and somebody insults him, or he wants to fight, he's provoking him. Failure call me sorry, let him say I'm fasting that has two different interpretations. According to the scholars of prophetic traditions, the scholars of Hadith, some of them say that he says it inside of himself, he reminds himself I'm fasting, so I'm not going to respond in kind.

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I'm fasting, I am going to modify my character. And some of them say no, he actually out loud says to that person, I'm fasting to let them know that I could respond to you, and kind I'm not scared of you. I could actually meet what you're saying with something better, but I'm fasting. So the point here though, is that just like fasting has these outward manifestations that is that we're refraining from certain things. It also has inner manifestations that should have an effect on who we are, it should have an effect on our character.

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For this reason, oh my god Allahu tada and who the great Khalifa said laser. A cm minute for me was sharabi vida. Fasting is not just from food and drink, while Akina, who meenal KDB well, Bharti wamena love We will help you that fasting is also from lying. In other words, you have to refrain during your fast from lying.

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It is from Bartle any type of falsehood from vain speech that is talking about nothing.

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Talking about nothing is something that we should avoid when we're fasting.

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And from swearing that is always saying, well, law he will overlay but by law, by law, by law, because people just say this off of their tongue, they don't really mean it. So in other words, being conscious of what you say jab, the left or the alone time to angle another great companion of the prophet Isaiah salatu salam. He said do not let the day that you fast be like the day that you don't fast. I read the cell Manny Rahim Allah. He said it tuku I'll move up to the rain. Beware of the two things that break your fast.

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He didn't say food and drink. He didn't say intimacy. He said el Caribe wahiba. Lying and backbiting, lying and backbiting, to the point that some of the early scholars of Islam, though this opinion is not correct. But some of the early scholars of Islam said if you lie when you're fasting, you have to make that fast up. But that day is gone. And there is no doubt that the reward for fasting on that day is lost. Because the Prophet it is salatu salam said and we've mentioned this heading several times, but it needs to stick in

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it he said man lemmya doc hola zu will Allah be whoever does not leave or false speech that includes line will MLB and acting according to it, any of the Haram actions will jump any another words that a person acts foolishly, for Lisa Leila he has yet to Luca paramahansa raba. Allah has no need for him to leave off his food and his drink. And so some of the scholars have had mentioned based on this Hadith,

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in Sahih, Al Bukhari that whoever lies when they are fasting, they missed the whole reward for that day of fasting, not that they have to make it up, but there's no reward for it, who wants to do what we're doing. So panela not get rewarded for it, getting up early so that you can eat

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and then leaving off food and drink for the entire day. Interestingly enough, on the way here, on the way here,

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we're riding by some of the fast food chains, the line of cars is going around the the fast food spine.

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And so and it's like, wait a minute, Oh, that's right. Not everybody is is fasting.

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You know, sometimes you can forget that not everybody is doing what you're doing. Do you want to be like those people who are in that line getting their chicken sandwiches or whatever else they're doing, because you decided to lie on the day that you were fasting, because that's basically what's happening, you're losing that rewards panela. And so it's very important that as we fast that we recognize the objective of our fast that leaving off food and drink in intimacy, these are things that are means to a greater objective, which is to do one that you will attain righteousness that you attain piety and SubhanAllah. What this means here is that you are developing an appetite,

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you're developing a hunger for relationship with the Koran, you're developing a hunger for Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And the best way to develop an appetite, if you will, is to curb the appetites that you already have with the stronger appetite. And see, so that's why Allah Subhana Allah through fasting allows us to leave off these natural appetites that we had this fasting, this, excuse me, this, this drinking this eating. So we leave those off those appetites go to the side, and guess what, over time, they they're not as strong as they used to be. So as you go two weeks into the fast three weeks, it's at a fast, you almost feel like you could do that for the rest of your life and you might be able to honestly, but that's not what's intended. But what happens is you're crushing those appetites, and

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the appetite to be better. To be a person who is more in connection with the lust in hand with Allah grows because those other appetites are, are subdued.

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And so when we talk about taqwa, a lot of times this is a term because we all know that this word we're trying to get in Ramadan, everybody, every Muslim, right?

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I don't know other terms during Ramadan. They know the word tough, but I hear it all the time. You've probably heard it every year that you've been a Muslim. Every year that you've been coming to Juma. You hear the word tougher. But the reality is, is that sometimes tough? Well, when we say as piety or as righteousness, or as God consciousness, a lot of times the meaning gets lost. And it's so abstract, that people walk away not knowing Well, what can I actually do to get there? fasting is not a magical way that you attain stuff. Oh, by the way, it doesn't just mean that you just stop eating, you stop drinking and then automatically, chocolate comes down from the sky goes inside your

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body, you become somebody who has tougher just because you started fasting. There are things that we have to do to attain that taqwa. And by fasting, it makes it easier to do those things. And fasting is one of the ways to attain taqwa. So as we read the Quran, and as you read the Quran, throughout this month, inshallah, you'll see where lost parents, Allah says, this has been prepared for the Mottaki. This has been prepared for the people have tough one. Then he mentioned some of the side effects or the characteristics of the people who have tough when we don't have time in a cookbook to go through all of those characteristics. But today, inshallah Tada. I'm going to mention just four

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because I think we can all remember these four, and inshallah to Allah implement them in our lives going forward and they will be a means of us attaining taqwa, if Nila heeta Baraka, which Allah, so besides fasting, besides fasting, which is what everybody is doing, the first thing that I'm going to mention is the recitation of the Quran,

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reading the Quran, trying to understand what you are reading, not just reading to get it over with because you're supposed to read for example, a juice every day, right? So I'm going to read it to get it over with that's not the point that's not what we're talking about here. To attain talk, what you need to be reading the Quran to understand the Quran, even at best, well the Allahu tida angleman

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he said that the prophet Isaiah is Salatu was Salam cannot also delay so although I think it was selama edge where the NES that the prophet SAW the light it was sent him was the most generous of all people. He was generous sallallahu I think he would sell them in Ramadan and outside of Ramadan.

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Then even I bet that we can edge with a mania Kunal Fie Rama by Hina yell call who gibreel but he was the most generous that he would ever be.

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When jabril would come to meet him.

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The angel gibreel had a say when he would come to meet

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the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. And then he went on to say what can you call fi shahadi Rama bonfield Cooley later, he would come to meet with the Prophet it is Salatu was Salam in the month of Ramadan, and every night, you dead he soon quarter and they would study the Koran, study the Quran. This month is the month in which the beginning of the revelation of the Quran to our Prophet Isaiah salatu salam began. And so it is a month that we give extra emphasis to the book of Allah subhana wa tada but as we go and we you know, we study the Quran in Ramadan, we read the Quran in Ramadan, what happens is we realize how impactful it can be in our lives. We understand the words of Allah

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subhanahu wa Tada, our Creator, we realize that this book should not be on our shelves. 11 months out the year and only in our hands and the month of Ramadan. We realized that this is the guidance that we that we need. We turn so many other times to other types of materials that are out there, the latest fads, whatever the newest thing is how to declutter your life that was like the thing in 2019 everybody knows whatever it lady's name, how to declutter your life and then before that it was this person or that person, how to organize your time and how to do things to panela. If a person reads the Quran, and understands the Quran, those type of things come naturally as an implementation

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of what is in the book of Allah subhana wa Tada, it regulates your life panela and it puts things in perspective. And almost every Juma khateeb is reading sorta till ad 102

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zero to one minute oola

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several irons but the point being is that

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will ask you to hire whatever counselor to Allah, and the Hereafter is what is better and more lasting than what they're doing. That helps us put things in perspective. The point is that the recitation of the Quran is one of those things that we need to be doing in order to attain taqwa. The second thing is also mentioned in this Hadith, and that is generosity.

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And that's something that you can measure

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You can actually measure your generosity. Are you more generous in the month of Ramadan or not? And if not, you should be because that was the way of our Prophet Isaiah SelectUSA. That, and generosity is with your wealth. It is with your time it is with your status. It is all of these things. generosity is not just with wealth, but that's part of everybody can sit back. And really, I guess this is one of those questions that we have to ask ourselves, do we spend more on cable than we do support in domestic, for example? That's not right. These messages, the structure that we're in right now, its maintenance, and its upkeep, its operations costs, it doesn't come from public

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dollars. There's no grants from the government that keeps these massage, it opens they open by the believers. are we paying more for Netflix and entertainment and Hulu, whatever else is out there, then we're actually spending on the house of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So, the point here is that generosity has to increase in the month of Ramadan. But remember, even at Best Buy the Allahu taala and whom I said, Canada's who likes to lie to us send them edge with the NES. He was the most generous of all the people.

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Not just in Ramadan, he was a generous person. sallallahu wasallam. He was generous to his family, he was generous to the Muslims, he gave the Muslims his time, he gave his family his time. And notice that this is not a statement of the profit idea select within the province, it did not come and say be more generous in Ramadan. This was something that a young man who was not even pubescent yet, this was something that he noticed about the Prophet it is selected today that he was generous.

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So being generous, is the opposite of when we talk about character. being generous is the opposite of being petty. You should not be petty period, but especially in the month of Ramadan.

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Maintain your duties, you have responsibilities, you have responsibilities to your family, even if you're young, even if you're young, you probably have responsibility in the house, whether it's washing the dishes, whether it's washing your clothes, whatever it might be, don't be petty about this stuff.

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A lot of times we, you know, Subhanallah that's one of the things that goes against being a generous soul. Playing tit for tat, this person did this. So I'm going to respond like that. It's not what we're doing in Ramadan, and inshallah can carry over even after Ramadan. But in Ramadan, we have to be generous, again, generous with our character generous with our wealth.

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The third thing, so number one is, number one is recitation of the Quran. And number two is being generous. And that and that, again, acquired, that's something that you could do. So panela, everything switched online now, because of this virus that we're dealing with. You can find many different campaigns that are worthy of your generation of your of your donations, and you don't have to give them all of your will. But give them something, give them something to show your generosity. You know, interestingly enough, we look at the bad debts of Islam as a whole. So, you know, obviously we enter into Islam through testimony of faith, and then we've got prayer, we've got

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fasting, we've got the cat, you got making Hajj, all of them actually touching on different areas that helped make us better people. Zakat is the giving away of what you love. generosity is the giving away of your wealth. It's something that you love. Well in the holy hug, Bill hate Elijah de Allah Subhana Allah said that about us. He said that he loves his well should eat Johnny, he's, he's real.

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You know, Harry's keen on his wealth.

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You give that away, because that helps you to become a better person. And you don't give it away because you want somebody to thank you because that's the wrong intention. Langley domain comm does and we don't want you to thank us. And we don't want any reward from you. We want we want our reward with a loss of habitat, so you can give away but that's something that makes you a person who is avoiding the stinginess of his own soul when you NFC for Ola eco homophily home, the successful people are those who are what saved from the stinginess of their own souls. And so by giving away by being generous, then you avoid that you become from the successful but in the later type. The third

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the third point is pm will lay that you stand in the night, every single night during the month of Ramadan. There is no breaks is no time off. There is none of that. Even though you're sick days, you can sit down in the chair and you can pray in the chair if you have to. If you're in the bed, you you can't even get out the bed you can still pray like that, that this is from the Sunnah of our Prophet Isaiah select with sin emanating toward his companions. If you can't stand up and price it down. If you can't sit down, then lay down. That's fine. The point is there's no days off when it comes to pmla now

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In the month of Ramadan, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam segment Kama Ramadan Manawatu sabba ofuro delamater Kadima means m v, whoever stands, the nights of Ramadan, whoever stands and in prayer and the nights of Ramadan, his previous sins will be forgiven. That means every single night. And so standing in the night is something that's very important for us to do. And that's you should have a specific time again, we're dealing with a very unique situation this year. Normally, you could just come to the masjid and you would pray Tada, we're with the Imam and congregation that this year, that is not happening in the majority of the massage of the club across the globe. And so it becomes

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each and every person's responsibility for their family, to pray at night, some type of prayer. And this is something in the lead up to Allah that will help a person draw closer to Allah subhana wa tada and draw closer to the fourth and final thing that we're going to talk about, and it's very important that we do is to

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mention Allah subhanho wa Taala much to remember him and to supplicate to him subpoena who attack advocate, what do I

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this is one of the most important things that a person can do inside the month of Ramadan and outside the month of Ramadan to attain a tequila. But specifically what I want to mention is what Allah subhana wa tada mentions in the Quran when he talks about the characteristics of the people of tequila and salted there yet, or bill as Harry whom Yes, still fuel

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in the s har, a Sahar here refers to the time that is between an federal candidate in federal asylum

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and federal candidate meaning that first event that is oftentimes called 45 minutes or so before, before the event of selection.

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between those two times, is the time that the mood tolkein people who are trying to attain tough one, that's the time they make a lot of is still far asking Allah subhanahu wa tada for forgiveness.

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Believe me, it is our sins that stand in between us in that relationship that we're looking to have with the loss of him without amending that relationship to his stepfather is very important that we seek a loss of parents is forgiveness.

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And if we think that we don't have sins that you need to seek more forgiveness from Allah Subhana Allah because that's a sin in of itself. I think that you're a perfect human being, because that doesn't happen to think that we think Allah subhana wa tada enough for the blessings that He has given us is delusional. And so seeking His forgiveness, and when we seek His forgiveness, Allah Subhana Allah forgives, he Subhana who were to Allah directly told Adam, and excellent don't eat from that tree. And Adam ate from the tree and he sort of lost friends Allah forgive us in the law forgave him.

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Even though lust pans out to talk to him directly, Allah azza wa jal forgave him. So we shouldn't think that we're not going to be forgiven, we're going to be forgiven, be in the land for our sins if we truly repent to Allah grant at that time. See again, as you read through the Quran, you'll start to see these are the characteristics of the Motoki and that characteristic right there is very important and in Ramadan is very easy. Because you're up anyway

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you're up for so whoever you're up at the time of

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the time that we're talking about right you're already awake.

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But instead of using that time

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to joke with your family to backbite other people to get all your lying out for the day because it's not fast and tired or whatever else is going on. Use that time for is still fine and don't get tired of reminding each other Don't forget this is what the sir This is the time aside we should also do is they should also be making dua not just eating and it's not it's not a prompt, as you know.

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You know, as long as what you're saying is nice with your face, that's fine. But don't forget that this is also a time to make a lot of do I and the other time that I'm going to mention this the last thing that we'll mention here, but it falls into this category of addicted which

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is to remind us of a an important Hadeeth from the prophet Isaiah salado sit in

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who said masala and fetcher Fie agenda jamara muscle Fiji Fiji Mr. Whoever prays salata budget in Jamaica in congregation some car

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law to either top law chumps and then he sits and he remembers a law.

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He makes thicket in the best dictated by the way his recitation of the Quran

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that is declared as the best they can. But again this is inclusive of do it in any other type of thinking. Through MCI, the US court of law that applies chumps he sits and he remembers a lot until the sun rises. And part of that should be what we call as called a sub or those that are specific to the morning time.

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So masala, rock it and then he prays to records that is after sunrise candidates who had you will Amara?

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It will be for him the reward as if he performed hygiene O'Meara this hadith is collected by an amendment tirmidhi. Some of the scholars of Hadith do not believe that this hadith is authentic, but many of them do, including schakel banya Rahim, Allah hota

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and others who are mostly contemporary scholars of Hadith and from the former scholars of Hadith The point being is that even if this Hadith, even if the reward is not hedging OMara, the reward for sitting and remembering a loss of Hamlet to Allah, and reciting the Quran and sitting in the masjid, and then praying to recognize for salata is a major reward. And it's one of those things, which you can do at the very beginning of your day, which sets the tone for the rest of your fasting day.

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And so what you should do, and for those who cannot pray in Jamaica, your local Masjid is not open, again, somehow is a very, you know, extreme circumstances that we're dealing with. The scholars have mentioned about this particular study, that if a person is sick, and they pray in their home, and they, and they sit wherever they prayed, and they remember loss of habitat, and so the sun rises, and they pray those two records, that'd be in the lead, they'll get the same reward as the one who was in the masjid. So for the person who was prevented from going to the restroom, and they do this, or the sister who is at home and she's not going to the mansion anyway, then be in the later alley,

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they will get a similar reward for this. And this will allow us to do what it allows us to combine between the dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah into AI, and also the recitation of the Quran and studying of the Quran fit right there at the beginning of your day. And then what you have left is being generous. And pm Allah because those are the four things that we talked about the intellect for things that you can measure, that will help draw you closer to Allah Subhana Allah and draw you closer to taqwa, so that we are not like those people who the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said get nothing out of there fast. Except for food. Excuse me, get nothing out of there fast, except for

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hunger and thirst. robina fildena rihani nella Dena siliconera li man, Aleta Jaffe, colombina de La Nina immunodominant. In Nicaragua Rahim. Allah Muslim in Edina lady who is meant to me Nina was Liliana dunya Anna latifi hamartia. Was Lena ask about analytic data Marina

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is here that Elena if you qualify

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