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Beyond Yourself

2017-06-23 – Ramadan 2017


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The speakers discuss the upcoming month of dash and the success of their community, including establishing real brotherhood and unity. They emphasize the importance of taking care of oneself and not just giving preference to others. The speakers also emphasize the importance of water sharing and avoiding harms and harms' lives. They emphasize the importance of honoring witnesses and community development, and emphasize the need for community love and choice. They share personal stories and emphasize the importance of sharing love in community.

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a lot of fun Rahim al hamdu Lillah

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Allahu akbar wa salam ala Dino Papa

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kusadasi grocery ricotta Milam via Bala alley here. Ischia was Javi lactea Ahmad.

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It seems like just a few days ago, I stood before this congregation fhs Allah. And together we welcomed the month of Ramadan. And we reminded one another that this was a month that we had aim to accomplish much in

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and we kept reminding one another again and again that the month of Ramadan is coming to an end, the month of Ramadan is passing by, let's make something of this month.

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And today I stand in front of you to remind you that we have potentially three fast left for this from Milan, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, with a high possibility of read being on Sunday inshallah loving it.

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So now it's time for us to start evaluating. What have we accomplished in what's left to accomplish from Ramadan.

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Hopefully, we've accomplished a lot in our personal data. When it comes to reading put on fasting family, we'll do our crying in front of Allah asking Allah for forgiveness, seeking love, mercy. These are all things that I spend a lot of time in this from lon talking about personal development, spiritual development. But there are things beyond your own personal spiritual development that Ron Vaughn also wants you to develop in yourself. And yesterday, we started off this discussion, the companions they see, we had never seen a month in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was more generous in them in the month of Ramadan. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was always

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generous. There are so many narrations of people coming and asking the prophets that a lot of it was going on. And at some point him saying that I don't have anything left to give you or sending someone to go and ask all of his wives if they had anything left. And they would come back and say there's nothing left to give. He was a very generous person. But then in the month of Ramadan, the province would allow it was for them took this to a whole different degree. And today, I'm not just talking about generosity, that's financial. That was yesterday's discussion. Today, I want to talk about generosity beyond just contributing with your money, generosity of the heart, establishing

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real brotherhood, sisterhood and unity within the community, putting others before you. The human being always wants to be at the front of the line. When you're checking out at Walmart. And there are three people in front of you, your heart desires to be at the front of the line. Even though you know those people that are standing in front of you are standing there, rightfully, they came before you, they stood in the line. But your heart doesn't want you to stand in line. You tell yourself only if there was a way that I can go to the front of the line. Because you always want to put yourself above others. You want to give preference to yourself. When spirituality doesn't come by

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serving yourself. Spirituality comes through serving others first. And this is kind of like a synopsis of the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, constantly giving preference to others, and every element every aspect of his life. If another person needed help, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was always there to be at the forefront. And the same thing we see in the lives of the companions, the whole of our Rashi doing that these are people who are always at the front line putting other people in front of them. When the famine hit during the palapa vomit of an katavi Allah one. He took an oath that he would not eat until the Muslims ate first. Even though

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he had wealth of his own, even though what they were giving him was not decreased from other Muslims. But he said, How can I be their leader if I don't feel the pain that they're going through, and he were turned to a stomach and he had hit a stomach and he would say, make all the noise you want because the stomach would hurt. They say that he went through such difficulty during that year a famine that the stint that the color of his face had darkened. His family members have pleaded him, please eat, please eat. And he would strike his stomach and say make all the noise you want out of hunger. But I won't eat until the Muslims eat first. And when he saw that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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honored the Muslims on the famine came to an end and the skies were shouting down. He was the one that was most happy, not because he was going to bring food home first, but because he knew that other Muslims will go to sleep hungry and satisfied not hungry anymore and satisfied tonight. This was a state of the people, the province of Allahu Allah he was sent him

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He came up with another party like the last one. And he says to him, he thought the Boston Marathon Mahabharata has a G ronak. That when you cook some sauce for yourself or when you cook some soup, some curry for yourself, add a little extra water. Now you must be thinking the companions asking a messenger of Allah Why should I add extra water? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says because when you add extra water with a hedonic now you can share with your

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you can share with your neighbor too. He won't just eat alone. The farmers got Allahu alayhi wa sallam said later movement Allah Yes, well, Yahoo Jaya Elijah de that a believer is not one who eats till he is full and his neighbors next door to him are hungry. That's not the believer. The believer doesn't put himself above the world. The believer puts other people in front of them. The believer is the one that will do another unforeseen Hello, can I be him kasasa will to remove the pharma hobby he miss Kieran were to run a Syrah these are other people, people who were not in the best circumstances and they didn't have a hope of being paid back. Look, if I took a wealthy person out

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for dinner. I know in my heart that one day he's gonna pay me back. I take him out today. Tomorrow he'll take me out too. But then taking out a person miskeen on a team and what a poor person taking them out for dinner or taking an orphan out for dinner or providing food for a prisoner. Do you expect any return from these people? Yes or no? No. Why are you doing it because you care for the value of that human being. And then Allah subhana wa tada says in the next ayah in they say these people who feed them in Mr. Luthor mo can leverage Hilah we are feeding you so that you feed us back. We're feeding you for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada landlordism income does not wanna

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Shakira. You don't have to think as you don't have to reward us in Nana Huffman. rabina Yeoman Abu Salah compartir Ah, we have fear of Allah subhanahu wa tada have a day that is very severe and its punishment is not variable. We are interested in that day a lot in the punishment of that day. So yeah, Allah protect us because we've been kind to your creation, the progress that Allahu alayhi wa sallam told us in her narration, Allahu fionnula, Allah subhana wa, tada will continuously assist and help his servant, as long as that servant cares for other people. Don't let your heart become one that is self obsessed with my education. You forget about your parents and your siblings, my

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wealth, you're not providing to the poor anymore, my house, my this, my that because when you come when you become about yourself, slowly, slowly, the number of people that you actually care for will decrease. And believe it or not, a time will come where the simple lesson that your parents taught you from childhood, always look after your brother and sister, a time will come in your life where you won't even care about them anymore. Your own brother will come and ask you please fix me today. And you will say nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty, I'm worried about myself. The problem is that a lot while he was telling him he was not nasty, nasty. What was his response? Oh mighty Amati my people,

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my people, let them come first. I shared this narration with you. One night The Prophet said a lot while he was trying to read an eye on the Quran and he cried and cried and cried. Gilani Salaam came and said O Messenger of Allah, Why do you cry? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I'm worried, you know about what will happen on the Day of Judgment. And GB Larissa Nam said Allah subhanho wa Taala says that on the Day of Judgment, he will make you happy when a sofa your ticker of buka fatawa you will be pleased alone will take care of you. When Allah subhana wa tada says this to the Prophet that you will be taken care of what's the first thing that he says sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam, then know that I won't be happy until my entire oma ghost agenda. Until every one of them no go to Paradise, I won't be completely satisfied, I won't be happy. Go and learn a lesson from your own mother's. Go and learn a lesson from your own father's look at the people of the world who had big hearts and the way Allah subhanho wa Taala elevated them up to third Ed last year, we heard about him passing away. And not only him, but there are so many people, you know, people who open up their hearts, they didn't have wealth to give, but they had a lot of love to share. They cared for other people genuinely cared. We see this in our community. You know, over the past few days, and

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even today, we have refugees in our community that are attending our Masjid, so that they can help themselves and collected the cup. And believe it or not, I'm humbled. I was speaking to Dr. Bob yesterday and he was telling me that Mashallah this debacle has increased and people are giving, and we're able to distribute that wealth. But when I heard per package, depending on how much we've collected, each family was getting around $150 what is the family going to do with $150? I don't understand. If you have four kids, a husband and wife, what are you going to do with $150? We live in America, if someone gave you for your six people $160 What would you do? $150 What would you do?

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He would say what am I going to do with this money? I could probably get an Uber five times that's it. You know, that's one way otherwise this money is not going to help me much not that they're ungrateful, 111 I you know, miles enjoy and patience and excitement that the Muslim community is here to help us and Mashallah our community has

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But this responsibility has to continue on. This is not just a matter of providing a small token of appreciation the people by coming to our Masjid, they've done us a favor by giving us the opportunity to be there for their customer. Just as the unsolved problem stuff as honored because the mahadji rune gave them the opportunity to do their cinema. It's not just a matter of a one time donation, if one of you has the real heart of a believer inshallah, and I make this intention myself, even if you can't do it today, just make the intention, stay, inshallah, take the responsibility that one day when Allah gives me and if I have the opportunity, I will sponsor a full

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family for a whole year inshallah, where I provide for my kids, I will take the responsibility to provide food for their kids, where my kids are close. On the season, when I buy my kids clothes, I will then close them. On the day where my kids get their gifts, I will give gifts there are two, because that's the heart of a believer, the heart of the believer doesn't feel content, knowing that another person is in pain. And we know in a California or in one narration that he said, a lot of it was said I'm said, and let me know and I just didn't. Why didn't one body that's what the believers are like, in

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the cuckoo. If the eye is in pain, the entire body is in pain, well initially caught off. So who is takaku and if the head is in pain, the entire body is in pain. There was a famous scholar from the subcontinent by the name of shuttling him he was known as shift with him. But

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he was imprisoned for a period by the British Army that were occupying India at the time in Malta, and he was tortured there extensively. And his students when he was being imprisoned, they said to the soldiers, arrest us, too. They said, you haven't done any crime. So they said, Tell us what crime we need to commit to go with our shift. And then these students were also then arrested and they were taken in prison with their shifts. And what they used to do is they will do FISMA, one of the students, he says that one we were in the prison was chess and Malta, from Yvonne came, and we were fasting and there was no one to leave for prayer. So the chef was very old, he couldn't leave

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himself. So he said to one of us, memorize the Quran and leitha, we, the student says, I would memorize the Jews during the day and leave the thought all we had night, I became half of the Quran in 30 days in that prison, which is a very interesting, he's actually written, there's actually a book written on his time in Malta, and in that prison. Finally, when he was released, he gave a historical speech, chuffed with him that I can only give a historical speech when he was released from prison. And he says that in that time, while I was in that cell, I kept thinking that what brought the oma to where it is today, you have to contextualize India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, that

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whole region, what it was going through, you know, war and 1000s, and hundreds of 1000s of people dying and back and forth. So he said, I was wondering what brought our nation to where it is, what were the problems? And he said after giving this so much thought for years and years and years, I summer, I'm summarized it down to two points. There are two things that if we fix them, a lover honor us, but as long as we ignore these two things, we will always remain the lead and disgraced. The first thing, the oma has lost the connection with the whole time. If they don't connect themselves with the Koran, there will be no as an honor for them wherever they go. Because Allah

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subhanho wa Taala honored this ummah, because of the put on tonight could be later to call the 27th night of Ramadan. This night. What's the honor what's special about this night in Angela, who

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the honor of this night is in the Quran, what's the honor of the month of Ramadan, Chandra Ramadan and lady on the left, the Quran is a source of honor. Wherever you put on gold, it honors with it wherever it goes. Whoever takes it into their heart, whoever brings it into their practice to put on will follow them and honor them and bring honor to their family. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the child who memorizes the Koran, on the day of judgment, his parents will be given these beautiful chairs or min bottles to sit on and they will sit on these high thrones and on their heads they will be given

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a you know a crown and the crown will be so beautiful, it will be so beautiful that those who won't have that crown will envy and stay only if I had that crown of my head today. That's the nature of the Quran. Even those that are related to the person who's half of the Quran, Allah subhana wa tada honors them. And the second thing shuffled him that I move along that I said, The second reason why I see the oma is where it is today is because we are divided into love is lost in the heart. And we've become groups. We are no longer one big family. Oh, who was in brotherhood has left us. You know, this is the reality. people when they sit at a thought or they sit with people from their own

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race. And this is not just, you know, an issue with a particular family or a particular on someone's having a party. They invite the people from their own race. This is not just one group or one family. This has become a universal issue. As far as this voice goes, trust me there are people who will agree that this is the

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issue in their communities to our friends, who are these people from our own race people who are relatives of ours, those Muslims, where are they gone that every person that was to their right and their left, they had the desire to hug them and kiss them on the forehead and say, Oh my dear brother and make dua for me tonight as a little closer. If you make law for me, it's very possible Allah forgive me, I will make law for you to these wars with the Sahaba where they are the narration, the three of them, they sat next to the Kaaba, and they said, Let's make dua for one another one will make law for the others, the other two will say, I mean, and like this, and the

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narration, I don't want to go into it. The laws are very interesting, the participants were very interesting. And I like to separate all of them, the last one became a leader, one became almost a honeypot, and the other person became a Mojave did people they had that much trust in one another. So that's the sort of brotherhood and community we need to develop again. And this is the very same spirit that Ramadan starts with when we start off with the virtue of feeding one another for Assad. And this is the very same virtue, the very same principle, the very same ethic at the Quran, the robot, Allah wants us to exit the month of Ramadan with and that's what we have, so that most of you

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start your own Yvonne everyday and you end your fast everyday with giving other people preference over yourself, and remembering other people and ending your own Milan with a very same attitude. That where I provide for myself, I need to provide for the people. I know for a fact there are many people in this congregation. And this itself is a litmus test. If you're wondering where your heart is, when it comes to love for the oma, here's a great litmus test. And I don't want you to raise your hands, I just want you to reflect in your heart. How many of us have already given ourselves a cultural fit. It's a 27 five, by the way, tonight, we have three nights left at top, we're gonna

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have two nights of tamales most likely possibly three nights. If we cared so much for the oma, we would have already given ourselves up. We would have ensured that it reaches the hands of the people, the state of the home my such Mark my words, because this is going to happen probably in our own community. for lots of reasons starting people are rushing in saying where do I get myself?

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Where do I get myself into fitness? It's an obligation located a part of the doctor.

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They say I'm fulfilling an obligation but their attitude is such that you know as if you're being forced in corps to go pay back a debt. a lump sum how no one without I gave you this opportunity to care to show love discharger so I got some fitter today tonight. Don't let another night pass by without you discharging as I got. Anyway slated to close off. This holiday God is talking about this gathering of ours to remind that one of the main lessons of Ramadan is to learn to love other people. Learn and love, love everyone around you. Share the love and put other people before you. When you're standing in line for a thought. Don't cut the person in front of you. Don't desire to

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get dessert before them. Let them go in front of you. You eat first if you eat first, it'll bring me joy. Isn't that the attitude a mother has towards our child? Yes or no? Or does she cut her child off and say I'm going to stand front in line? Never just the You go first. She'll give her child the food. She'll make sure her child sits down. She treats every ever children with so much love that those children see it. And that's the same love we need to have in our communities. Pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala bonds our hearts, Allah subhana wa tada joins them. Allah subhanaw taala removes from our eyes, the colors of Wraith, Allah subhana wa tada removes from our hearts, the division of

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language, Allah subhanaw taala removed from our hearts, these dividers of, of wealth, the poor and the rich, and we all become one because by Allah, all of us, every single one of us, men, Adam, will Adam interrupt. We were all or that we are the children of Adam and Islam and other monies to them was created from soil was set along with that and I say that I'm humbled. I'm honored