Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day #08 – What Banner Represents You

Omar Suleiman
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The more deceptive the times gets, the harder it is to tell who is the deceiver. And that's why the prophets lie. Some said in those years that are sinning Hidalgo years of deception, you kept that goofy facade while you sought the coffee Hellcat, the truth for our beloved, and the liars are believed, and people lose all notions of who is credible and who is not. And that's often because liars get good at their craft, and they don't have any boundaries. The truthful on the other hand, they suffer because they refuse to depart from their principles, and they refuse to act like their enemies. So imagine if we had reviews on people, but they were written by the angels, and they were

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certified by Allah, like a Yelp for melodica for angels. And you could look that up before even dealing with someone. And on top of that the inspection of the angels would be on the window of each person's home or on their business or wherever it is that you're going to deal with them. Now, if you remember, the prophets lie, some said, No one goes out from his house, except that there are two banners and hand, one in the hand of an angel and the other in the hands of a double. Verily, if a person goes out for a reason that Allah loves, then the angel will follow him with his banner, and he will continue to be under the angels banner until he returns home. And if he goes out for a

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reason that is displeasing to Allah, then a devil will follow him with his banner and he will continue to be under the banner of that devil until he returns home. But here we don't see those banners. On the Day of Judgment, they are raised high for all of mankind to see.

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In the last days, when the gel rises, the prophets lie some said Makoto Boone, Bina agnate. He, Catherine, that you look at him and written between his two eyes is the word disbeliever. And that's so that every believer can know Him, after he's done away with by the Messiah and the earth as a whole is done away with Allah raises on the day of judgment, and we have our identities, but those identities are determined by our deeds. The prophets license said in the Sitka yeah de la Albert. We're in El barrois. Yeah, de la John. We're in the raja lair. Stoke had you October and Allah he's a DECA verily truthfulness leads to righteousness, and righteousness leads to Jannah. And a person

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keeps on telling the truth until he's written with Allah as a truthful person. We're in AlkaViva. Yeah. DLL foodora. In that Fujimura Yeah, the era now we're in our modular layer, Kibo, hatha yoga and Allah He can stab and verily lying leads to wickedness and wickedness leads to the fire. And a person keeps on telling lies until they're written before Allah as a liar. And so when they're raised up on the Day of Judgment, that distinction is made clear. It's very interesting, because many times people can regret being truthful when others aren't because it puts you at a disadvantage in this world. Right? And look what Allah says, had that young young Pharaoh saw the thing is that

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the goal? This is the date that the truthful will benefit from their truthfulness. And that will be apparent in so many ways, including the banners that are erected above them. So what are these banners as for the worst banner, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when Allah gathers the first and the last generations on the Day of Judgment, Yoda Pharaoh liquidly laden Liwa, he will raise a banner on top of every treacherous person felt he had the Hydra to full and even full and it will be announced that this is the treachery of this person, the son of this person, so their reviews are public now. And the dishonest and deceitful person no longer benefits from their

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deception, and in fact, they're tainted with it with this banner that's raised over their head, as we're still waiting for the accountability asked for the praiseworthy banners. It starts with the greatest banner, and that is the banner of Muhammad Sallallahu.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and as see you do whether the Adam a yarmulke, Yama Wallah, I am the chief of the children of Adam on the day of judgment, and I'm not boasting will be Eddie Liwa will hunt well,

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and in my hand is the banner of praise. And I am not boasting, one that I'm in Nubian, Yoma even Illa who attacked anyway and there is not going to be a prophet since Adam on that day except that he's also standing under my banner. May Allah allow us to be under the banner of our prophets Allah Allah Allah. You know, the scholars say that the prophets lie, some has the ultimate, The Wild Hunt the ultimate banner of praise, and we all want to be under that banner. But the praiseworthy stations will also have banners above them. So you have the banners of Assad the clean people of truth. You have the banners of a slob, 18 and a shocking people have patience and people who

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gratitude May Allah grant us those stations Allahumma Amin

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And the vendors of praise are certainly not awarded to anyone except those that are distinguished by those stations. So a person who is distinguished by their truthfulness to Allah and seeking His reward, even if being truthful meant losing out on something in this world. And that's why there's some narrations that suggest that the honest merchants are with the martyrs there were the shahada on the day of judgment, because the martyrs were truest in their promise to Allah, and you have these merchants that are truthful and their dealings. Why because they're witnessing the sight of Allah upon them at all times. And then you have this one story that really encapsulates this in the

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most beautiful way. Salah had the son of Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah to Adam, he said, you know, my father forgave each and every single person who tortured him, or backfired. Think about all the rulers that tortured him, all the guards, all the people that betrayed him, all the people that backbiting him, all the people that mocks him, the amount of him Allah said, I forgive all of them. And you have narrations of many guards coming to him and asking first forgiveness before death. I mean, they lashed him almost to death. And he forgave them all. And you have people who back bite at him and they came to him and they asked him for forgiveness. And he always granted that forgiveness.

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So SILAC said, I asked my father, what about the people who died before they could seek your forgiveness? Now Muhammad Rahim Allah said, You know what, the kajal told me it fee Hillen, undoubtably he I forgiven even the dead people for the harm that they caused me. And he said, Oh my son, don't you know that Allah says Femen alpha will slap a Jew who Allah Allah, that whoever forgives and reconciles that his reward is on me His rewards on Allah, meaning Allah is going to take it upon himself to properly compensate their grievances. And then he said to me, Oh, my son, I heard that Imam Hassan Abbas Rahim, Allah said about this idea, either Cana Yeoman piano Jetha till

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OMA Mokulua venia de la that when the day of judgment comes, all of the nations are brought forth before their Lord on their knees. So Manu dia, and Lai Acoma Illa, manager, who Allah Allah, and then a voice calls out and says, No one stand up, except those who Allah has guaranteed their reward for Allah como Illa Manasa for dunya. So no one will stand up, except for those people who used to forgive in the student. And he repeated, the janitors make use of the hem. So I forgiven all of them. I've even forgiven the dead ones that beat me and didn't live to seek my forgiveness. And he went on to say that no man shouldn't want that Allah is going to punish someone else on their

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behalf. Now we can agree that it takes a big heart to do what he Mt. Rahim Allah did, but it also warrants a beautiful banner on that day, when the gracious benefit from the grace of Allah the most Gracious. The question is, what quality would describe you right now? And what would be printed on your head and what banner would be erected over you to describe the way that you used to interact with

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the bullet was seen for a wifey or Asia to roll with

What is a pulpit of light, and who will be granted the special status of standing upon one on the day in which throngs will be crushed together? They are reserved for those who were humble and just. In contrast, those who were tyrannical in this world will be so disregarded that they will be no larger than ants.

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