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Al-Baqarah 130-141 Translation

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Leonardo sweetie Hill Kareem and I borrowed firewood we left him in a *load of rajim Bismillah hovering over him. Rubbish rightly so the way assembly and the way that I mean designing a coup Holy probenecid

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lesson number 19 sora Baqarah I am a 130 to 141

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woman and who? euro Babu? He turns on away from miletti Creed way, Ibrahima of Ibraheem alehissalaam illa except mn who Saffy her. He was foolish nafsa, who himself Walcott and certainly is for Fina, who we chose him, fit dunya in the world, we're in the who, and indeed he fill f Euro in the hereafter Lamin surely from a sunny hain, those who are righteous.

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It when father he said Lahu to him, Prabhu, his Lord, a slim, you submit Allah, he said, a slum to I have submitted lira B for Lord alameen of the worlds

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while also and he enjoined beha with it, Ibrahim Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam, Bernie v. His sons were kubu kobu and Dr Koop early Salaam yevgeniya. All My Sons in the Lucha Indeed Allah is tougher. He chose Luckily for you. A Dean the religion fella so do not the moon you all definitely die in there except what Anton while you are Muslim moon are ones who submit

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um, or quantum you were show her the witnesses. If when halbertal it came jacoba to your coop or you send them an mo to that

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is when parlor he said leave Bernie to his sons. Man what darboux Luna? You all will worship men from birdie after me.

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All they said Naboo we will worship in our hacker your god what either her and God Abba of your forefathers. Ibrahim Ibrahim.

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What is marine? And his marine? Are they sort of what is how? And is how are you sir? Either one God were hidden one when I knew and we know who for him. Muslim moon ones who submit tilka that in Mattoon a nation in fact hallak it passed away Lucha for it, man whatever. Guess I bet it earned one a comb and for you, man, whatever. Gossip don't you all earned one a and not to aluna you will be questioned I'm about what can I knew they were yummy loon they do

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babalu and they said cool. New you all be houden dues Oh or nesara Christians data do you all will be rightly guided

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cool, say but rather militar creed. Ibrahim of Ibrahim earned his salon honey from unswerving warmer and not Ghana. He was mean from an emotionally keen those who associate partners with Allah

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kulu you all say and we have believed Villa he in Allah warmer and what wounds Isla? It was sent down Elena to us warmer and what? wound Zilla it was sent down Illa to Ibrahim Ibrahim, what is marine and his marine? What is help and is her

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were called and they are called alayhi wasallam well as well and the descendants warmer and what butea he was given butea he was given

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Musa Musa alayhis salaam, where are you sir? And recently

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warmer and what butea he was given an OB unit, the prophets men from or became their Lord lair not know for Rico. We differentiate bainer between a heading anyone men home from them when a new and we love who for him, mostly moon ones who submit for him. So if ama knew, they believed be mostly with like, man what unto you all believed? Be he with it for God, then in fact, if they obtained guidance we're in and if there were no they're turned away for innama than indeed not back.

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Home the V in Chicago in a split

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first is FECA home fair. So, Sir, will soon Yak Fie. He will suffice. get you home from them?

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Allahu Allah. Wha hoo. And he is a semi the always on hearing. Allah arleen he always annoying

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sleep ohata special coloring. Allah He of Allah woman and who are Sonu is better mean Allah than Allah cebula 10 in special coloring

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wonersh new and we love who for him. Are we doing ones who worship?

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Oh say due to, Juna you all argue with us. fee concerning Allahu Allah. Wa Hua while he rabona Our Lord, what have become and your Lord while Anna and for us, our Medina, our deeds, welcome and for you are my new comb your deeds, wanna know? And we love who for him? Mostly soon. ones who are sincere

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and or Doku Luna you all say in indeed, Ibrahim, Ibrahim, what is married and is married, what is haircut and is how we are Koba and they are approved. And he was said on one as well. And the descendents can they were Holden Jews out or nesara Christians.

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Oh say do unto you are our animal no more. Um or Allahu Allah,

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woman and who have Lamb who is more unjust man then who katama he hid, Shahada can a testimony in the who with him, mean Allah from Allah, woman and not Allahu Allah be laughing in the least unaware. I'm from what thermolon you all do

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tilka that Mattoon a nation, but in fact, harlot it passed let her for it. Man, whatever, get Sabbath it earned welcome and for you, man watch ever because of the tone you are earned. Why now and not to Luna you all will be questioned

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about what can they were Yama Loon. They all do

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that specifically recitation of these verses.

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Well, me,

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me letting you go. He

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said he

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it on a Roku.

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All as learn to be learn I mean, while also being

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on anybody.

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The match.

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Righty in

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to be here