Hussain Kamani – Ramadan Reflections Day 18

Hussain Kamani
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the return of Islam to Afghanistan and the return of Islam to Afghanistan. The importance of understanding the history of the first treaty in theielding thread of Islam is emphasized, along with the importance of showing respect for Islam during quarantine and setting people aside from their positions. The importance of learning from the mistakes made by the people in the aftermath of the Islamist revolution is also emphasized.
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You're listening to the Paloma Institute Podcast Series Ramadan reflections by Mufti Hussein Kimani

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Find us on [email protected] slash column Institute. similar manner human hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah huaca phenomenon.

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Susana CGT Rosario Hartman and via Allah Allah heliski. I was having a MOBA.

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Yesterday we talked about the

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Battle of butter that took place on the 17th of Ramadan, as yesterday was also the 17th of Ramadan.

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And I mentioned yesterday that we would talk about five major battles that took place in the month of Ramadan.

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The second grade battle that I wanted to talk about which wasn't really a battle but a conquest that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave at the hands of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was first hammacher, the conquest of Makkah karma karma.

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Now in order to understand the importance of the conquest of Mocambo karma, we have to briefly understand the life of Ibrahim on his time

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before he brought him on a Salaam dropped off his wife harder, not harder. Xbox on Indian thing, okay, before he brought him on, his thumb dropped off his wife ha, Jada, and his son is finally signed on to this barren land of Mocambo carnamah there was nothing there. It was kind of like this another empty land that people would walk past there and that was the end of it. Then the great miracle of knowledge Salaam took place where he kicked the ground and water gushing out of there. People then found water there. So now it became an ideal stopover for travelers moving from Yemen up north. So now the Yemen travelers they begin to move there and settling because there was water

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there now. And now that they settled there, Allah subhanahu wa Tada. He used the people of mcomber karma, the new settlers there, and in particular, Allah will use Ibrahim Ali Salaam and inside his money dallisa to build the Kaaba there. And the Kaaba from that point. God was built from other monasteries time and according to some narrations, even before that, but from the point where Abraham and Islam built the Kaaba once again rebuild the Kava Kava mercy, if you wish we can say. Now this became a spiritual PowerPoint for the world. And it was always a source of guidance for people. Now as time went on this very same GABA which was always a symbol of monotheism and the

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oneness of Allah subhana wa tada was polluted with idols. And Allah subhanho wa Taala sent the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with many missions. And one of the missions of the prophets of Allah Hammadi was Saddam's life was to once again purify the Kaaba and return the religion back to where Ibrahim Alayhi Salam set its foundation many many years ago.

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The province that a lot holiday was set them tried very hard for 30 years after profited from age of 40 to 53. But it just wasn't happening, that people have Mocambo karma had sealed their minds off, seal their eyes off, seal the ears off and they just weren't taking anything they weren't buying. So now the purpose of aloha it was set by the instruction of Allah, He migrated to Madina, munawwara when he was leaving the city of Makkah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was very sad. And the reason why he was sad was because maka, maka, Rama held all of his memories there. His wife Khadija della Han who was buried there, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had children that

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were also buried in Mocambo karma. his forefathers were buried in Mocambo coma. His place where he was born was in a coma coma, their beloved house of a lava GABA was in a coma, coma, the Kaaba became like a very close friend of the prophets of the La Jolla sun, and not only had to leave this part of his the Kaaba, when the prophets of Allah while he was sitting was leaving, he was in tears and he was very sad. And alausa was the narration mentioned when the Prophet said a lot of sin was leaving, he kept turning around with on his animal and looking back at the Kaaba and he kept crying. And he kept saying that I wouldn't have left you had your people not forced me out of my coma, coma.

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And then alasa was revealed and I have the Quran. In this I have the Quran Allah subhanaw taala made a promise to the prophets that allowed Islam and what was the promise of the promise of the long audio system allows me to the purpose that allowed them that Allah promises one day you're going to return back very soon. Very soon you're going to return back and the scholar is the same when a person goes to Mocambo karma for ombre after when you're leaving, what if you read this very same law, returning back inshallah very soon? And what is that law? It's an AI of the Quran. In Allah the further article Khurana law took a llama the indeed the one who has ordained the Quran upon you, He

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will return you back to your origin very, very soon. Alonso is going to return you back. The problem is that a lot Hollywood city moves on to Medina, Managua in Madina munawwara there were three attacks made against the Muslims, how many attacks three, the first year when the Muslims got there, they settled down how many years were the Muslims in Medina?

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10 I mean, the Muslims, how long did the Prophet said Allah doesn't live in Madina munawwara 10 years

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The first year when they arrived there, the process that allamani was set on was settling in. So there was no battle that took place. The first major battle that took place it took place in which year, second year, it was called the Battle of button. When the Kufa Maka makara. Lost, they couldn't take it. They came the next year for round two. That battle was called the Battle of God. It was a 30 rafter migration. The Muslims took some, you know, Smitty Sahaba, were martyred and it was a very tough battle for them, we would actually call it a defeat because Allah will always give victory to those who believe in him.

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So you can say, you know, the Muslims lost quite a few Sahaba and hams out of the law. One was also one of them who was martyred in that battle, along with many great Sahaba the fourth year after migration that took a break, because the battle above it and the Battle of water plays, both sides had lost quite a few people. So the fourth year they took a break. The fifth year, the people of Mocambo karma came full throttle, and they came with everything. And this was called the Battle of the Battle of the Confederates are also known as the It's also known by the name of the tactic the Muslims played during this battle, the Battle of the the trenches, the Battle of 100, which year did

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this take place in the fifth year? A lot of the words that miraculously saved the Muslims, as we read in the trabajo para surah has up and allows them to gel he blew off the enemy with the wind and they were gone. They couldn't stand the chance, the sticks the or the puppets that allamani was sent him saw dream and he saw a dream that he was performing. So he said to this ha but let's go perform Ramadan. They said of course it's been five, six years since we've gone to Makkah Let's all go. So they all got ready together and they headed towards Mocambo karma when they arrived at a place called hood Abia. very brief, this is okay. When they arrive at a place called prodibi. They realize

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that the people of mocha mocha Rama we're not letting them in. And finally, they had an agreement called the sala de via the Treaty of academia and industry, the Muslims, it seemed as if they were at loss, it seemed as if they were at loss, but Allah subhana wa tada gave them victory to this through this treaty. How is that that's a very long discussion, maybe we can have at another time. But one of the clauses of the treaty is very important for us to understand before we move on to the conquest of Mocambo karma, because this is the build up to the conquest. There was a treaty that any one who has a health anyone that has a an association or an agreement with the Muslims, the Muslims

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will not fight, the Muslims will not be trading, or they will not help them start the Muslims will not help them in any battle. Basically, what they were saying is that and anyone who the kofod have treaty with the machine again, they will not help them either. So what they wanted to basically was that the Muslims in the fire were saying, We fought enough. It's called peace now. Let's call it quits. No more fighting. We fought a lot. Let's just leave it No. So that was basically the core of the treaty that no more fighting. So they set sides. Now there are two tribes, one called Bonanza, the other one was called bonobo bonobo. They were very close friends with the Kurdish they had

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hunted for the chorus, the rally from the Cornish. bonobos are very close to the Muslims in Madina munawwara. Now, these two tribes, they got into a fight. They had a little battle. Now according to the treaty, the Muslims couldn't have been ozar. The Quraysh couldn't help borrow, borrow, but they couldn't have because that was a treaty. But what happened was some people from the police, they broke the treaty, they joined blue bucket, and they killed many people from burning cars out. These people haven't been because I came to the profits that allamani was sort of in the eighth year after migration. It was a month of Ramadan, before Ramadan, and they came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam and they said a messenger of Allah. The Quran broke their part of the treaty, and we want you to assist us and take revenge. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to them Be patient, Allah is going to open the doors very soon now. Allah subhana wa tada gave permission to the prophets of Allah Hadi was set up to now march towards Mocambo carnamah because they broke the treaty. The Muslims didn't break the treaty who broke it, they broke it. So now it was the month of Ramadan. And the Prophet actually, before we get to the conquest, the Prophet sallallahu it was said a main intention to march towards makup macom karma, but there were two things. The first thing the

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progress that allamani was sent him one or two march on them in such a matter with such strength, that they wouldn't be able to fight back. The second thing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not want to violate the sanctity of Mocambo karma, therefore he did not want any war in kumbakonam at all. He just wanted them to surrender. And the best way to for them to surrender in order for them to surrender the purpose of the law, how it was set them had to do two things. The first thing was he had to catch them off guard. What was the first thing catch them off guard. The second thing was the process that allowed he was set up first thing he had to catch them off guard

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on when he was going to attack. The second thing he had to catch them off guard with the number of people he was going to attack with. One of the people a mocha mocha Rama they had no idea that this was going to happen. The Prophet said a lot while he was setting he told us how about we are preparing an army but

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no one knows.

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No one should not say Medina what's happening. Now once a hobby, he sent a letter to the people of mocha mocha informing them that the Muslim army was coming in their direction. His name was hotbin, a delta, the prophets that aloha audio center was informed by Allah azza wa jal, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called the law and he said, there's a lady who's traveling with a letter towards moko, you have to go and stop her. Because of that letter reaches Makkah, they're going to find out and this will not be a sneak attack anymore, then we won't be able to just walk in and victory, there's going to be a battle and I don't want to battle in Makkah. So now I need to do a

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lot one, he put the coordinates into the province that allow it to sit him gave him he put it inside his GPS and arrived directly with a purpose that allowed him when he came there, and he saw the lady was there. He said to this lady. Where's that letter? She said, which letter?

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He said to her. Look, don't play games with me. The prophets that allamani was said, I'm giving you your location, you are right here. I don't have to search for you. They're here. Nowhere. I just came directly here because the purpose of the lesson told me, he also told me you have a letter you're taking to Makkah. So either you show it to me, or we search you from head to toe. And I mean, we'll search. So this lady when she saw, you know the law of ones conviction, she opened her hair up in somewhere inside her her dreadlocks or somewhere inside her hair locked inside. She had a paper. I didn't know the law, one brought the paper back to the office of the law to send him the profits.

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That alone is someone who read the letter he called hottap. And he said, Why did you do this? Why did you send the letter to the people of Makkah, telling them that we were coming in their direction? He said our messenger of Allah. I know that once Allah promises you something, Allah gives it to you a lot of promise to victory over Makkah, I had no doubt that Allah was going to give you victory. The only thing I thought was that if I gave them a letter, they would take care of my family that's still in my karma, karma and hasn't migrated yet until they conquer. They will look after my family because my family is struggling in Makkah. The Prophet said a lot of your loved one

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was there instead of messenger of Allah, I will destroy this hypocrite. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said do not call him a hypocrite in the hookah. shahida. bother. The Prophet said a lot of them said he's not a hypocrite because he participated in the Battle of Baba. And we talked about yesterday without ecoman Lumina haka the Sahaba, who participated in butter are the real believers. So then the Prophet said, a lot of money was said and he pardoned them, hearts have been to be built out of the alone and verses are revealed in the Koran. Yeah, you already know.

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mamanuca monado confit novela. Well, while I'm

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on the line, there was nothing these verses are there in the put on regarding this incident. Now anyway, the point is that allamani was said, in the month of Ramadan, now he marches and he marches was such a large army, that the people of Arabia had never seen one community produced so many soldiers. How many soldiers have they put together, they put together 10,000 Sahaba. How many, they have never seen a number like that before. And these 10 1000s of haba they marched and marched and marched silently, until they came outside como karma. Now on the way in the journey, one very, very interesting incident took place. What happened was that the province of allamani was gonna realize

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that they were very close to their destination, and very soon, possibly there could be battle and the victory and Mocambo karma was very important strategically for the Muslims as well, and also a part of the mission of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the prophets that allamani was set up at one point when this house was settled down, the prophet said along it was said and said to the Sahaba, who is fasting today,

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it was the month of Ramadan, so many Sahaba said, we're fasting, the prophet said, a lot of them said, we should not fast. Because tomorrow we have this journey is very important. And we have to be focused, we need to be nourished, we need to be on our game. So the purpose of a lot of money was sitting, ordered for a bowl of water, and he drank and drank himself. And the purpose of the lesson knew that if he drank them, they were also going to drink this habit. Then they joined the puppet sauce in the drink. And they continued on with the battle. This is very important because sometimes, as leaders, the community leaders, sometimes the community things, if our moms are lenient, then

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what hope do we have in the community, but at times, the Imam needs to be leaning to show the lenient pathway for the community. You guys understand that? The properties that allow audios and could have said to them, You guys break your fast I'm not going to break my fast if he said that with the Sahaba have broken their fast, yes or no? Absolutely not. So the Prophet said a lot of them, he took that pathway of leniency first himself to show this habit that you should also do it in following your email. Now, this is how they all gather outside welcome karma. The prophets of Allah subhanaw taala Sahaba. Every camp should have their own little fire, they have their own

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little fires, everyone will settle down. And I will say john, who was one of the leaders of Nakamoto mine hadn't accepted Islam at this point. He came out for a walk with two of his buddies, but then in hockey, but they live in America and hockey man has three of them. They went for a walk. When they climb the mountain, they were just talking Hey, what's happening? Oh my god.

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What's this and they saw 10

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1000 people sitting at nighttime. They're like, what is this here? We don't even know what's happening and where do these people come from? So right when they turn around to go and tell their people, the Sahaba cotton is they don't say anything. They tie them up, and they run up to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He gave the Tao of Islam to the three Buddha and Hakeem they accepted Islam. I will say I was a little iffy, he wasn't sure. The Prophet said along with some certain levels of Yon has a time not come that a wise person like you would not accept Islam. So he said La ilaha illa Allah.

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The purpose of the lesson said,

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what's next? Muhammad Rasul Allah. He said, I believe in Allah, but I'm not sure about your prophet hood yet. Because the thing was, as soon as he accepted the Prophet of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now that means in Mocambo karma, his clan was inferior to the clan of the prophets. That along it was Adam. And that's the Battle of his forefathers were fighting for generations. So he said, I know when I learned a lot, I'm not too sure about Mohammed lucilla. The prophets that allows him to think about it tomorrow conquering Makkah. He just think about a bust uncle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to us with Eon and he said to him, brother, relax, say Muhammad

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Rasul Allah. I was the one that said that, you know, even la Hamada Rasulullah the next morning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said to the Sahaba, there will be two groups. One will attack from the north, the other will attack from the south of Mecca, two directions. Zubaydah Guardiola one was put in charge of half of the army that was going to attack from North Holland. Meanwhile, he was made in charge and the other half of the army that attacked from the south. Now the people don't like karma, karma we're enjoying their day when all of a sudden 10,000 people just walked in their city. And when they walked in their city didn't know where to turn because they couldn't go up. They

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couldn't go down. They couldn't go right left surrounded by mountains. Before they knew what this haba had walked inside mocha, mocha Rama and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to this hub, that whoever enters into the house is mobile, Sophia, we give him we give them we give him sanctity, we give that person

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whoever goes into the house of levels of yarn, that person has been given safety. Now that statement of the province that a lot of while he was cinemas very powerful because now the people that welcome karma knew by that announcement that I was to share has already accepted Islam.

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You understand? And when they thought it was accepted Islam and the province that a lot of money was sent them has made his home safe base, and who are we they all walked inside the hospital. And one by one everyone they dropped their arms on and they took their peace. The Prophet said a lot of money was sent him when he came. Finally when he walked into a coma coma, he was holding the rope of his camel. And he lowered his head where his head was just about touching the rope and humbleness because he was honored that Allah had given him such a beautiful rank that today he entered into mocha, mocha Rama, the city he was born in just another child of the city. The city he was kicked

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out from the city he was tortured in the city he can still hear the Sahaba screaming as they were being whipped. And today now the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is entering that very same city as a thought. Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, and he is lowering his head like this The purpose of the law of distance walking in. And as the prophets of Allah audio cinemas, walking in the province of the law to set him comes to the Kaaba, and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he walks around the Kaaba, and as he's walking around the Kaaba, he's looking at it and he's carrying his staff and he sees the different idols there and he's breaking them one by one. And the purpose that

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allamani was set him on, he's breaking these idols. He's reading the verse of the Quran, Bhopal Jah el Haku, Alberta, in Alberta, la casa haka that the truth has come down and falsehood must leave.

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You have to go and he's destroying the bottle as he's walking along. The Kaaba and he's purifying it. And after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam purifies the Kaaba. The Prophet said, Aloha, he was sent and then he performed this the life along with the loss, and after that the life is over the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gives a very powerful speech, a very powerful speech. And in that speech, the people were all gathered there, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said to them, you know, La ilaha illallah wa the hula Sharif Allah subhanho wa

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Taala has Avada that was just horrible how the profit and loss some sort of and in the profits that allamani he was sent him. He said to the people that today onwards, just a rough summary of what the officers were missing. He says that today Allah subhanho wa Taala has taken away from you the traces of dionaea and allows them how to what Allah has taken away from you the ignorance that your forefathers had instilled inside you and a loss of power without a know that allows a wizard has created every one of you from other monies around you all equal. When other mental Robin other medicinal was created from soil, and the purpose of a lot of money was cinema. I read that. Yeah,

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you're not gonna come in the creme de la cultura Ba ba ba

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in economics,

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in the law and even hobby, right talks about ranks between

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tribes and communities allow me to also we get to know each other not so we hate each other. No one has superiority over another person unless you defeat them in your duffel unless you supersede them in your piety. after this is over all the captives, all the people of macoco were brought in front of the prophets that along with them, this person did this, this person did that this person killed this person, all of them are gathered there. They're all criminals. And all they're all standing there. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to them, Do you know what I'm going to do to you?

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And they said, that you are an honorable brother, the son of an honorable brother. Even though I can carry your honorable person, the son of an honorable person, we have high hopes in you. And the province that allowed to set him said, I will say to you, what I used to find is that I'm set to his brother's ladder, three Valley camileo that today, you have all been pardoned a law, I cannot imagine what kind of heart You have to have. If someone punched you in the face. Would you be able to forgive that person so easily? If someone said two words bad to you? Would we be able to forgive that person? If someone took our money and didn't give it back? Would we be able to forgive that

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person? Yes or no. We can't endure the process that allowed us the most forgiving everything they did last year. All

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right, and that shows the mercy of the prophets that allamani was

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you know, cabal, azeem, azima blah, blah, blah. This is another one from Buxton. He's a very famous poet poet. He said something very beautiful, he said, Josh eco coming up need to parlay your dis Monaco visa Macaca who say or a Cana de casa mahna mahna he hit up here. Okay. He said jasika commonly agreed upon is the one who gives heat to the sinner inside his sheet traditionellen COVID. Macaca dwad, the one who prays for the enemy after the enemy wounded him will say or kannamma de Gaza mana what else will history call such a person? What if he hits a pit on a guy? If he isn't mercy? Then please tell us what is the definition of mercy.

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So this was the beautiful conquest of Makkah. mukava there are so many more incidents but very briefly for you guys, so we couldn't remember and learn once again, from a great incident that took place in Islamic history. The prophets of Allah Allah was someone standing in front of the Kaaba, he made said He then said to the Sahaba, and an hour to Avi Brahim, that means standing here today is actually the result of the law made by Ibrahim it set up. And what was that Dr. Romani salam, and Ibrahim Hassan built that very same Kaaba hundreds of years ago, him and his son, his mind was standing next to it and no one was there. And Ibrahim is not raised his hands and he made dua Ravana

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to topple men in the country similarly, well, except for us. And then he said, Oh, well, I have one prayer, that from this community, I want you to send a very good messenger, Robin Alba masuleh Miriam. And the only messenger that was born to the city of the GABA was Hamada, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the prophets of Allah, it was me telling this Haha, I am actually the result of the law of my father Abraham and Sarah. So it all links back to the story of Abraham and it's such a beautiful story, where Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us an ability to understand the beautiful lessons that we learned from the conquest of Mocambo karma and Allah subhana wa that give

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us victory to the difficulties that we face in our times as well. So how do I become the Houston Chronicle nominee, the shadow ally and the stuff we're gonna to break after the Havana army Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Ramadan 2015 – Day 18 – The Conquest Of Makkah

Jul 6, 2015

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