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Ramadan 2015 – Day 20 – The Battle Of Hittin

Jul 8, 2015

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You're listening to the Paloma Institute Podcast Series Ramadan reflections by Mufti Hussein Kimani?

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Find us on [email protected] slash column Institute solar Hello Haman hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah haka file so laminata evadne Latina stofer hosoe sanada city to the city of a $40 million early healer scale was heavy handed

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and handed off previously we talked about in the previous night's the Battle of better how Allah subhanho wa Taala give victory to the Muslims when they were a few in number. And then we talked about the conquest of Makkah macadam and how that was such a miraculous event that took place that very few people were injured during that battle only a few people were martyred during that is not even a battle to conquest they locked in, but just a few people gave a little What do you call this little trouble a little tough time to hotter than whatever the law one South Southern invading army. And then we talked about the highest division entitled men's yard run on lodato motomachi as

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conquest of London. And today I want to just talk about a very important event that also took place in the month of Ramadan. And this battle is known as the Battle of thing.

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And the one who walked into the battlefield with the army from the Muslim side. The leader from the Muslim side in this great battle was none other than Sultan Salahuddin a UB Rahim Allah tala Rama Tamasha. But in order to understand the significance of this battle, you have to understand what was happening at that time. So this was a time when the Crusaders had invaded the Muslim lands. And an empire the Muslim Empire, which had grown so large and wide, was now slowly slowly shrinking. And the few cities and towns and countries that remain in the hands of the Muslims, were just there by the name of for the sake of name. In reality, more or less, the entire governance was run by the

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Crusaders, but they had kept certain people in their positions just for the sake of you know, keeping the people happy. But otherwise, they control the entire communities, entire cities. And what had become common the common way that the Crusaders were controlling the Muslims. And this is a big point of reflection for us, was first thing, the power of their intelligence system. They have placed spies, everywhere. Okay, and these spies, were not Crusader spies. They were Muslim spies, who reported to the Crusaders, the second thing,

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they would poison anyone that would come in their way. So they have these people called the Hashi group or the fidai group, and these are all Muslims, by the way, they will hire them, and they were poison, and they would remove assassinate anyone they paid for, saw the Muslim leaders, the great rulers, etc. Regarding Moodle, Dean, the teacher of Salahuddin that he was also poisoned, he was killed. So great figures were killed at the hands of these assassins, who more or less, again, the Crusaders controlled. And the third thing the people who the Muslims who are ruling the countries at the time, the Crusaders were controlling them through their finances. And the Muslim rulers have

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treaties with these people. So they would say that we will listen to everything you're saying we will give you tax just don't attack us. Let us let us remain as as rulers let us remain as leaders. so few people in order to secure their seats had given up the reality of Islam and had lost the essence and spirit of Islam within their communities. At a time like this. It was such a difficult time Allahu Akbar. You know, the Muslim armies from the time of this hava holiday on either the Allahu Akbar, Ahmed have been asked honest with the law one,

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law one or the order of the law one and the many, many Sahaba, who gave their lives and fought to conquer Syria, hook to foreign code to conquer Philistine who fought and gave their lives to conquer Egypt. Now these countries have more or less left the hands of the Muslims. And Islam had began to shrink shrink of the of the map of the world. Allah subhanho wa Taala sent Sultan Salahuddin up to this world and he was born in 523 years after migration. And Sultan Salahuddin Ayub his real name was use have been a youth and a lot of how to hautala made it such that his birth was very unique. When his mother was expecting him she saw a dream. And in her dream, she saw that she was bearing in

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her womb, a sort of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And the second unique thing that happened was that when he was born, his father and his family they would live inside a fort. They used to live inside a fort. Everyone used living force that day in those days because there was so much war happening. So in order to give themselves security, they used to live in forts say his father used to live in a fort and some incidents that took place with his uncle and so on, resulted in his father in the family being kicked out the day Sultan Salahuddin was born. His father was very upset. And he used to always say regarding Sudan silica

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That attempts Salahuddin that he is a source of misfortune that the day he was born, we were kicked out of our houses. And whenever sawed off Dino would cry, his father would get angry. And his father at times even threatened to kill somebody until one of his servants said to his father, that How could you kill this innocent child? He hasn't done anything at all. And lots of how to home without a plans in very unique ways. Because we'll dance a lot within a UB could not become the salado Deena up he was until he left that fort. And Allah subhanho wa Taala did not want him to live a day inside that fort. Allah subhanho wa Taala sent him right after his birth, exactly where he needed to be for

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him to become slot sultanzoy Latina up. So turns around within a UB was a master in two things, you have to remember this. One was his knowledge and warfare and intelligence.

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And the second thing was his piety. And these two things, one of the things you could have possibly gained from that fort, he could have possibly gained that the knowledge of warfare and and armies and how to be a general he could have probably gained that from the fourth. But the piety aspect he couldn't get from that for that for now, when the family was when they were exiled from the Florida and they were leaving Sultan Salahuddin his father. He said to the family that let us let me take you to a person who I did a favor to many years ago who is now in a leading position. His name was Mr. Dean, and Mr. Dean along with newtek Dean. These were the two people who actually made

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Salahuddin into who he was when Salahuddin grew up inside that fort. So imagine obviously open handedly he welcomed him in he took them in, and that one slot with Dino is growing up inside that Ford. He gained so much knowledge Salahuddin at UBC regarding him that he was happy to go on. They say regarding Salahuddin a UB that he was a master in the shaft and he had memorized texts and texts. So many textbooks have the shaft effect off by heart. So lots of towns that are holding a UB would enjoy sitting in the company of a scholars. He was a student of Hadith. But his respect for Hadith was so great that they say that he never stood up by listening to the Hadith of the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would always sit down first out of other for the Hadith of the purpose of the law audio system, a man like him. Now growing up in the middle of countries that had sold out to the Crusaders was like a gem. It was like a light something they have, you know, not even imagined of a person like this. They say regarding Sultan Salahuddin, a UB never in his life did he ever miss a lot with the Jamaat and when he became ruler if he found his soldiers were missing the hundreds the law he would say to them tomorrow Don't say you lost because we have fewer number tomorrow say you lost because you didn't create the hunter salon for Allah subhana wa Tada.

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He was a man of taqwa. He never gazed at Han. He would never drink wine or alcohol. He was a very pious person, he never engaged in extravagance. And now this will cancel out within a year he goes, and Allah subhanho wa Taala makes them into this great man was so powerful and so influential. He's so righteous, and allows them how to walk out of this journey of Salahuddin a ubese conquest. It starts from Egypt, where does it start from? It all starts from Egypt, he becomes a leader he is appointed as a leader of Egypt, and when he becomes a leader of Egypt, so thumbs that up when he walks into the offices of where he will be ruling, the first thing that you have to know. And this

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is the most important thing, whenever we talk about some funds that are holding it up what comes to your mind,

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Crusaders, war Philistine, when the reality reality is that these things happen at the last part of his life. Very few people know what's allowed it up did for the first 10 years when he became a leader. Let me tell you what he did today. When Sultan Salahuddin UB became a leader, before he decided to make the offense, he had to deal with internal affairs. You guys understand that? So all the Muslim people, all these people who are quote unquote, Muslims, who are rulers that had sold out to the crusades, he had to first deal with them. The armies that were given to him were all infiltrated, they were all corrupted. He had to deal with them. He fought for 10 years against

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Muslims before he even laid his eyes against the Crusaders. for 10 years, he fought against Muslims dealing with them dealing with the corruption in dealing with these people. I'll give you one example. When sometimes that happens in a UB is appointed as a leader in Egypt, when he enters into the into the into the offices when he enters into this big palace where all the offices are. When he enters there, one person comes all the rulers come to receive Him. And one of the leaders his name was nadji. This analogy was the one who was in charge of the armed forces of Egypt. He had an army of 50,000 Sudanese soldiers who are so skilled and so powerful that they say in warfare if they

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would pass the enemy, if they can strike the enemy with the sword down, they can lift the enemy off the horse and bring them onto their horse. Imagine the strength they had imagine the speed they had these people or something. But this entire army belonged to the father of the Empire, and the father Musa was a *head

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And so Tom said I was going to UB had trouble with the sheet he said I thought that was established in Minnesota before he came in established as soon as he left. Keep that in mind, okay. Now, when he comes in, he sees this Naji, he meets him now that he was a person who ruled the entire army, but at the same time, you have to understand he was a very corrupted person. He had ties with the Crusaders, he would do whatever he wanted to all of his soldiers were they used to drink wine and they would, you know, go to gatherings that were women would dance and it was a very bad environment. And when he heard that sometimes a lot of dinner up was coming to Egypt. He thought to

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himself, that people say he's a pious man. He's young. It'll fade away. Once he comes into our role. Once he comes into our palace. We'll change him. This was his mind that he was going to corrupt Sultan Salahuddin up and he did whatever he could to corrupt sostanza Latina up. Now sometimes Allah Houdini up when he saw this person,

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he had some idea that something's wrong, you know, we say and rather than Makhachkala, there's, something's wrong here. This guy's too nice. You know, when someone's too mean, that's bad when someone's too nice. And you also say, something's off right now. Something's a little suspicious. So tomsula, Deena up, he learned something from the Crusaders, which was the power of intelligence and warfare, of having people around who can keep you up to date with everything that's happening. And his chief minister of the intelligence department of his was a person by the name of I live in Sofia, what was his name? I live in Sofia, he called Alban Sofia, and he was an even soufiane was

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the one person who really trusted he really trusted him. Other than him. He didn't trust too many people, many of whom may or may not know. But there were no less than more than way more than 10 assassination attempts on something that was getting up over how many attempts 10 from his own soldiers at times, from his own minute times. So there were very few people who he trusted right from the beginning. He called us on even soufiane and said to him, this guy right here, I have a problem with him. Something's not right. Keep an eye on him. So I'll even so if you answer No problem, I'll take care of everything. later on. Even if you don't realize that this person had very

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bad intentions for Sultan, his intention was to first of all corrupt him. And he had taken an oath that he would make some fun to laugh with in a you become at dinner, and drink wine. And these were things that were outside the mind of Sultan sanathana, you know, beyond his imagination. And then if nothing did work, he made an intention that he was going to kill an assassin in substance along with, you know, up. So the first thing is, I'll even I'll even soufiane did was he had the personal guards of seraphina, you'll be changed immediately. You guys understand that? There are cards that were supposed to guard him were from the previous room. Immediately, he had them all chained. He

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said, all of you guys does nothing. And I'm on a cul de sac a lot. Have a nice day. And he brought in his own group of people. He said, Now you guys are going to guardzilla Deena up. The second thing he did was the 50,000 army. That was a stronghold in Egypt. He realized they were all Sudanese. And they were all from one country. And their allegiance was to their country, not to the Sultan. So with the advice of the Sultan, he began to recruit soldiers from Egypt. And he recruited a large number of soldiers from Egypt, and then mix it mix the army up, you guys understand that? He mixed the army. So now there was no longer a majority. And this was one of the principles of sultanzoy

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Latina ubian warfare, he always made sure there were no more than 10% of a of a you have a individual country of soldiers inside his said one army, you guys understand that he always diversified it to make sure that there was never a large plan made and he would be caught off guard, you guys understand that by anything, if any one is going to go against him, it was going to be how many percent at maximum 10% he always had 90% right. He was very smart last month that I gave him great intelligence okay. And like this, he neutralized the situation. So like this was done. So how do you be you have to understand the first years of his life he was just dealing with internal

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politics. Then finally, Allah subhanahu wa tada made it for him such that the opportunity came for him and he had taken control over the Muslim lands. And now it was time for him to march towards the Crusaders. Now one sometimes that I was gonna up was gathering all the strength, the Muslim rulers, the Muslim rulers who was still on the side of the Crusaders, they realized that it's so Tom comes in control, and he defeats the Crusaders, we will all have to lose our seats. So they became very worried. And what they did was, they started going to the prisons, and releasing the Crusader soldiers, letting them all out. And the reason why they would let them out of their prisons was

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because these soldiers would obviously go and firing and Salahuddin, and hopefully, Saladino die a lot. But imagine this. He's not only fighting against the enemy, he's also fighting against his own people, his own friends. Look where the oma was and look where the oma is today. Well, ah, it seems like we're talking about the 21st century when we're talking about the time so that it sounds like we're talking about the 21st century today. When I'm reading the history, I feel like am I reading 500 you're hitting or 1400 days, you can't tell the difference. It seems like 900 years the real really hasn't changed. Much.

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Here they were letting him off. Now one of the people who they released from the prisons was a person by the name of Reginald. What was his name? Reginald. Reginald, the shadow. This was his name. He's a very important person, because as soon as he was released by the Muslims to fight against Salahuddin what Reginald did was he immediately got an army together. And he took an oath by saying, I will march towards Makkah and destroy the Kaaba. And then I will go to Medina and take the camel herder meaning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his body from Medina take it back to my palace, and they will charge Muslims to see the body of the prophets that allow us to them. This

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is the first thing he did. Now, it happened that when he took his army to the port, and they were supposed to board the ships to cross over to headquarters pages, Allah subhanaw taala sent a storm and it couldn't climb. Now what he couldn't travel, the second thing now, what he started doing was that he used to stay in the desert, he had a small group of people, strong soldiers, and what he did was anytime he would see a group of people going for Hajj, or Umrah he would stop them and he would kill them all one by one. And when killing them, he would say before he would take your head off he would say if you follow Mohammed Let me see Mohammed come and save me today and he would then take

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your head off. If you listen to Muhammad if you follow Muhammad, let me see him save you today and then take it off Reginald one by one he would take their heads off. So thoughts that are holding you up when you heard this. He raised his sword to the sky and he said, Well, law Hilah Dean, I will take his head off. He dishonored the prophets that a lot of them said we'll law them I will take revenge for now just remember that story. Okay, we're going to come back to Reginald very soon. Now the Battle of Athena is taking place. So bounce it off within a UB prepares this large army

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and in front of the in front of this of the Crusaders, but no matter how large his army was, the Crusaders always outnumber them. So so thanks a lot with the Navy realized that there was only one way to win. He was a very smart person, rather than attacking the forts were the Crusaders where he went to the fort, where the Crusaders wives and children used to live. You guys understand that? He went to that fort, and he's surrounded that one. Now, obviously, if the Crusaders had any, any data inside them, right, any self respect, they were going to come to defend their wives and children. So they started coming their way. Now the historians say that the actual journey between where the

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where the armies were and where the families were, of these, of the Crusaders was no more than half a day. How long was the journey? No more than half a day was a half a day journey and half a day they were going to be there. Now the second mistakes that often didn't even make the first mistake they thought he made was that he came after their family, they were angry. The second mistake that allowed him he made was that when he positioned his army, he kept the see behind him. So now these Christians are so large and number they thought you know what we're going to do, we're going to come in a large group hold our shields up, keep pushing forward and push them inside to see finished

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right. You guys understand that?

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They said Salahuddin a UB is the greatest fool that we've ever seen. Now we're going to destroy him. But they didn't know Salahuddin. He wasn't a fool. He was actually he was very smart. The only way to get the line out of his den was to go after the what the line loved the most the family he stood around the family. The reason why he kept the see behind him was because the see was going to be very important. Now that half the journey, so not only the Navy strategically placed archers on the hills everywhere. And he said to them, you have to slow them down. That journey cannot be completed in half a day. Okay, first thing, Second thing, this all took place in summer, which means it was

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very hot outside. So when you're hot, what happens to you feel? So what Sultan Salahuddin he did was he ordered his men poison all the welds on the way.

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All the welds from there to here, poison them all. Now there's only one healthy water supply and guess where it is?

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It's right behind me.

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There's only one wealthy water supply and guess where it is? It's right behind me. Do you want water you're gonna have to get through me. They stand there now. Now this journey that was supposed to take no less than half a day extended for a very long time. Many soldiers were dying, just through the arrows, and many of them were thirsty and they had lost their energy. They weren't in the state of fighting anymore. Now in the morning came for the Battle of Athena, the big battle that took place in the month of Ramadan. So thumbs up did a third thing that was very intelligent, very intelligent. He realized the wind was blowing in their direction.

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It's not the winds blowing in their direction. What can you do?

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What would you do?

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Throw the sand. That's not gonna work.

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He played very smart. What he did was he realized that they were thirsty. And he realized they were also injured. So what he did was he took what burned it and let the smoke go in their direction. Carbon monoxide.

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You guys understand? And he the wind took the smoke of the fire in their direction and smoke them all out. And they were so sick. Most of them couldn't even stand properly. And then sometimes Salahuddin up said, What is llama?

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What did he say?

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That was a call these two have in war these the why Islamic which means Islam or Islam, and they rushed in their direction. And one by one they destroyed the entire arm just like that. It was something history had never seen before. Now sometimes that happens and he was victorious in the Battle of our Deen. One more thing that you have to remember that he didn't stop there. Allah subhanahu wa tada when he was victorious in the Battle of 18.

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When finally the Crusaders lost and their flags and their crosses fell down, what is up do?

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What would you think?

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You know, take a turban thrown here, you know, maybe start doing like an instrument in the air like confetti balloons everywhere. We did a big party. So it turns out the Navy got off his horse. And he went into such them. And he praised Allah subhanho wa Taala because these people knew that victory only came through the help of alasa widget. And then after the Sultan, he began to march towards Philistine. And when he came to Philistine he was about to wage war against him. But the Crusader said, If you fight against us, we will kill every single person that's a Muslim inside the walls of Philistine sometimes that I won't let anyone die. I'm willing to come to terms with you. And after

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coming to terms with them. So tonsa Houdini up, he walked inside for the steam. And like I said the other day when Sultan walked in Philistine, he had his hand holding the ropes and his head was lowered down. And humbleness like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was humbled today, he conquered Mocambo karma, and also talks about Houdini he became in. He called for the member the new dean his teacher had made while his teacher was alive. And his teacher's dream was to take that member and put it inside much of the left side. And so Tom took that member, he put it in much of the left side and give a historical speech from there. And after giving the speech, so Tom

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Salahuddin, the up, he gathered all the leaders and all the leaders that came in front of them, they were all thirsty in salon gave them all a cup of water, except for one.

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And giving a cup of water was a sign that I'm going to let you live. But he didn't give it to one person. That one person, his name was Reginald de shadowline. He didn't give him water. So what are the other leaders give him some water to drink some of mine. So he drank it very quickly. He thought he was safe. So Vaughn said I didn't give it to him. He gave it to you.

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He can give you a piece if he wants to not for me. Then after I said to him, that look, I give you one option. And I'm only going to say it once I offer a stamp to you.

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He said no.

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So Tom then said to Reginald, that then I will say to you something that I've been waiting to say to you for years, that every time you kill people, you ask Where is Muhammad? Well, Mohammed couldn't make it but this is his slave conveying a message on his behalf to you. And so thoughts Allah had me up, took off his sword, and he ended this person's oppression and volume and he put down Reginald to Shadowrun. So Tom said the Navy after this, he moved on to the machine in Syria and he lived there. And he became very, very ill at the last part of his life. And lots of hot on without us have had a lot in year 583. After Hitler Sultan Salahuddin, he became very sick and he ordered his men he

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couldn't leave his tents. So you ordered the men in his in his group, that all I want in the last moments of my life. I want people to gather around me and read the Quran. And some men were appointed, they will stand up, sit around some dinner up and read up on while he was passing away. And he's just listen and days and days passed by and he's just listened to the Quran. And he would continue to read this aloud with Jamal never missed a salon with Gemma, such a pious and righteous person. Allah subhanaw taala shows us that if you are believers, Allah will give you victory. We have to become believers. First. You have to believe in Allah offers. They say some fun never ever

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let anyone from his shoulders ever missed that I would imagine this. And sometimes that often the Navy was lying there and they say one person was standing next to him and he was reading the verses of the Koran, and he came to the cottage of a criminal suit, and unphysical Aziza rally him on it to hurry sorry for him in our low football has to be a law. And if they turn away, tell them a lie is enough for me. Now in a law who there is no one except for Allah. There is no one to worship other than Allah. Allah hit the word cuckoo on Allah, I rely on this part of the ayah came to dawn he sat up and he pointed towards the sky and he read his Shahada. And then after the Sultan Salahuddin he

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passed away, allow upward historians say the entire world cried when Sultan Salahuddin he passed away because he was a light of hope in a time of darkness. He wasn't only a warrior, he was a spiritual man. He was a pious man. He was a role model. He made men like men should be. You know, great historians say that from the time of harder than believe in the Battle of Yarmouk, there was no victory that took place and until we saw the Battle of Dean, what kind of victory that was, and Allah subhanho wa Taala used him to serve the dean. These were great men. And this was a nation that has passed by tilaka.

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That is a nation that has gone the hamaca support for that nation will be what they earn.

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Welcome Microsoft two and four you will be what you earn what

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you will not be asked regarding them, they will not be asked regarding you. We asked that allows a wizard gives us all the trophies and ability to be strong men. If you want to conquer the world, first learn to conquer yourself. First learn to be a good person. The last thing we want is a Muslim khilafah and establish an eye for the rules over the world. But the honeypot is a corrupted map. history's already seen this before. We don't want that again. The last thing we want is Muslim majority where the majority is corrupted because we've already seen that before. Why do we want to open up that pane of history again, we'd rather remain as a minority, but strong rather than being a

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majority and weak. What good is numbers that don't have any weight inside them? Let us be people of the ohana. Pray that Allah

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Subhana Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah Allah and Mr. Furukawa do we lick

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sir Mr Kumar, la vaca