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Ramadan 2015 – Day 17 – The Battle Of Badr

Jul 5, 2015


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The history of Islam is discussed, including the Battle of the motherland and the loss of the caravan. The importance of loyalty and staying true to prophets is emphasized. The success of the Islamist movement has led to a rise in faith among some, and the group is punished for their behavior. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the Battle of the motherland and the return of the motherland to the Muslim Um.

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You're listening to the Paloma Institute Podcast Series Ramadan reflections by Mufti Hussein Kimani

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come to La da da da da

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da da Susana cedral Suharto, Milan via Allah Allah Helios Kira wasabi, a MOBA.

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kundala. Today is the 17th of Ramadan.

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And the 17th of Ramadan is a very powerful day in Islamic history.

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This is a day that the Muslim should never ever forget. Because such a great incident took place on this day. That until the day of judgment, as long as it's real remains, people are always remembered the day of 17th in Milan.

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Can anyone tell me what happened on this day? Raise your hand if you know the answer.

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Kid at the back

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the Battle of other two please. Very, very good. The great battle of butter took place in the second year after migration on the 17th of Milan.

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And I thought,

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what better reflection can we have to remember the Battle of brother today? There were actually many great battles that took place in the month of Ramadan, some very good battles, and very especially in particular, there were five battles that took place in the month of Ramadan, that have placed such a position in Islamic history, that till today, the Muslims are indebted to those five battles. And we will always remember those five battles. The first one obviously being the Battle of button, the second one being the conquest of Mocambo karma. The third one being thought it means Yod waging war and being victorious in being victorious in Spain, the third being mahmudul mommy's attack

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against the tar and beating them, there was a first last ever had in their life, it was the month of Ramadan. And then the last one being selected Dina ubass victory in the Battle of 18. And after that Philistine came under Islamic rule, once again, these five battles, and I thought that maybe in the next five days, we can discuss each of them inshallah, who knows he's just so we can remember them and reflect over the great incidents that took place some of the bad things that happened, some of the good things that happened, and we can also try to learn lessons from them inshallah, the Battle of brother, as I mentioned, took place in the second year after migration. The build up to the

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Battle of butter was that abusive Yon took a caravan for business. And he took all the investments from the people of Mocambo karma. And he said to them, that when I returned back from Africa, I will bring profit to you on your investments. And those who are invested in that particular caravan they had made intention that they will use every penny of their profit, and then reinvested again in the army to fight against the Muslims. Now, when that caravan was returning with many folds of profit, the profits that a lot of it was sent him came to know of this and he said to the Sahaba, we have to stop that caravan from reaching MCC. Because if it reaches Mancha, they're going to send a very

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large army after us for the purpose of the law while he was sitting with a few Sahaba simply with the intention to stop a caravan. What was the intention to stop a caravan that's it. 313 of them they left and they went to intercede the caravan. I was with Yahoo at the time had not accepted Islam. When he heard that people were coming towards him to intercept his caravan. He changed the route immediately. And then he sent one person to rush to MCI and tell him tell the people of Makkah that someone is attacking us. Abuja when he heard the Prophet said a long while he was sitting with us haba are coming towards the direction of the caravan, he became very angry. And he made an

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announcement in Mocambo kenema that every man, every young man, and every adult should stand and pull out their sores and march towards the direction of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they amassed an army of 1000 people, on horses on camels on powerful you know, what he called his animals. And they had armor on and they had they had swords and they had arrows and they had Spears, they had their helmets on. These people were ready for war. While this haba they were simply stopping at

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a caravan. That's it, they just took a few sticks. Maybe we'll just scare them a little bit. And that's it. And while these guys they got ready, and 1000 of them, they begin to march towards the profits that allow it was a novel Sofia and after he dodged the Muslims, he immediately sent another messenger telling I was telling Abuja that there's no need for the battle anymore. There's no need for you guys to do anything. Because we've dodged them. You know, we're safe now. Let's just use this money the way we originally planned and then we'll make an attack. Well, john was so arrogant that he said, No, now that we've put an army together, we will flatten the Muslims out. And after

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preparing this large army, he also took with him women who were going to dance and celebrate the victory. He was so sure of the victory that he was taking the confetti with him, that as soon as we win, we're going to start celebrating like crazy. He already prepared a celebration speech. If you

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His victory speech, he was so confident of it. And as they were marching in the direction of the prophets of Allah while he was in the province of the law, it was someone you heard that I thought that an army of 1000 people was coming his way. They had 313 men together and there was 1000. on that site, the ratio was three to one, one Muslim to three from the opposition. We wouldn't even stand to a basketball game that had a ratio like that. And here, this is battle. And this is the very first great battle that's taking place in the history of Islam. Whenever someone talks about the history of Islam and the first grade battle, the Battle of other will be mentioned, and the

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results of the Battle of other are very important. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was very worried this hobble were very worried they couldn't retreat because that army was going to follow them wherever they went. If they went to Medina, then if there was a loss, that loss would be brought to Medina and every one of them, you know, would then be crushed. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam did not want to put Madina munawwara any sort of harm at all, the province of a long while he was sitting sat down with his hava, and he said to them, what is your opinion? What should we do? Now some of this harbor from the Mahajan, some of them are from the unsought now, the

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unsightly Sahaba who accepted Islam when they took pledge at the hands of the province that along with it was sending an invite to the province that allowed them to Madina munawwara they said very clearly in the pledge, that if there is any battle that takes place between you and people who you had issues with before migration, we will not be a part of it. Technically, we don't have to be a part of it. Anything that happens after migration, someone takes a fight with us, someone has a problem with us, then we're by your side. The problem is that a lot of money was seven remembering that one, that one clause in the in their agreement, he spoke to the Sahaba of the onside and said

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to them what will you guys do? The Mahajan are always with me, but what are you guys going to do? Will you hold on to your agreement? Are you going to stand by my side and then somehow a lot this habit is sent to the messenger sent a long line he was so dumb, that even if you were to take your horses into the oceans, we would follow you right behind we are going to say to you what Mousavi Saddam's companion sitter Musab, we will stand by your side right till the end of it. And when the progress that along with it was seldom heard this he smiled. And the reason why he smiled is because he was happy to know that the Sahaba around him, were with him through thick and thin. Right. And

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this is a big principle here. Many of our communities, they're with their moms only through good times. But as soon as times become difficult, then what happens? They leave their massage, they leave their email, they leave their board, they run away, they forget about loyalty. loyalty is a very important thing. And this is what the prophets that allow it was sudden became so happy with. It was a decent habit. They could have easily said we're out. But they said no we will remain loyal to the prophets that allamani was in him and they stood by the side of the prophets of Allah while he was in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said to the Sahaba that tomorrow they will

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reach he settled all this harbor down and set to them everyone. Take some rest and go to sleep. Now tomorrow you have a very big exam. Right? How could you sleep the night before? Forget exam This is a big battle. Tomorrow these people will know whether the Muslim caravan will return to Medina saying that now your children are often and your wife is a widow. They don't know if they're gonna live or not tomorrow, tomorrow could be a bit off. And they've made so much sacrifice for this in tomorrow literally could be the end of it. So they how are they going to sleep? Allah subhana wa tada says, from Allah Sakina suli Allah subhanho wa Taala then sent down Sakina he sent on peace and

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tranquility on a lot and on the companions and the messenger on the compat on the on the companions and the messengers. And what happens they all fell asleep. And imagine if you've had nicely before the exam how energetic you're going to feel the next morning and the prophets of alarm audio said even though he had Sakina he didn't sleep he stayed awake all night making blood of Allah subhanho wa Taala the fudger time came the prophets of Allah while he was in came to be loud with your loved one. And he said be loud stand up and give the other Malala de la one got up and he gives the other the prophecy that alone while he was certain that the fudger salah and then the Prophet sallallahu

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it was said he had this habit seated and he spoke to them. He said to them today is a very big game. Do not run away from the battlefield, stand close to each other. Be firm. Remember lots of hands on without it. Yeah, you will live in a theater festival to work

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well to LA

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Fatah Shalu Waterbury Hospital in the law, Hamas lobbying the policy blossoms giving them these instructions that how to how to how to prepare themselves for the battle.

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Now what happens is that it's all done. And then after the lecture is over the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam says to this haba stand up now and make your lines and the kofod. On the other side as the sun is rising. They're preparing their lines in the office and a lot of systems stand up and prepare your lines. And this harbor they stand up. Someone's wearing something on his chest. Someone's writing nothing on his chest. Someone's standing on his feet. Someone's sitting on a donkey. Someone's carrying a stick in his hand. Someone's carrying a sword in his hand. Someone's carrying a branch another one's carrying a spear. They have like a kinda like a broken team right

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here. But they're broken apparently. But from within they were so solid, that it's beyond imagination how solid they were from within because they try

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Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's what made these two have a very unique, that's what made them very, very unique from outside. The Sahaba, who fought in the Battle of Verdun had no reason to be victorious. But it was from within that Allah azza wa jal says in Surah, Anfal five characteristics that they possess that made them victorious in the Battle of other what were the five characteristics in the minion and Medina de la kulu wader, Tony Atala him it was added to imana Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah subhanahu wa

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seudah unfollows revealed after the Battle of the button, what were they supposed to do with all the goods after they were victorious? A loss of addresses five characteristics or the five characteristics that this haba had that made them victorious in the Battle of others. They drink a lot of protein shake, they all had membership and export, great cardio, very agile, and their stamina was unbelievable. No none of this stuff

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was holding the alarm was was one of the people who fought the battle of other he was so thin. The Sahaba used to make fun of him when he climbed up the tree. And this habit of looking at his shin they said, look at that thin guy. You know how we say to each other look at the chicken legs. People in our days, they all the young guys, they go to gym and they make the upper part of the body wide while their legs are small. chicken legs, right? You have to ask what your priorities are when the legs are most important to work out. That's another story. Okay.

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And the process that a lot is from says Don't make fun of I'm loving my legs. They have a lot of weight on the scale of on the scale of Allah subhanho wa Taala they have a lot of weight. They when they heard the name of a lot of their hearts to tremble. When they heard the verses of the Quran, their faith would increase. they relied on a lot. They establish the prayer and they give the charity without equal movement on the haka. And there you have 313 of them, they were ready. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When the Kufa came in front, three of them came up from the mobile De Soto firing line on one side, the Muslims are lying on the other side. And what they will

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do is that in the middle space, and the empty space between they would have a little dual. So the kuffaar will send three of their men and the Muslims will send three of their men and these three men would fight against each other and the purpose was that it would that the crowd would get very high. So if one of the Muslims got killed the father scream Yeah, and the front of the Muslims were victorious. The Muslims are screaming Yes, and they would get them all hyped up and riled up for the war. So three of the people came from the from the British side,

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three of them onside Step four, and these inside were proving their worth to the prophets that a lot of it was them that not only will we stand by your side but we're going to be in the front line as well and three of them came up and when these three local fire when they saw this this house on fire they said Who are you three we don't even know you guys we don't know who you Medina guys are we don't know on site we don't know you guys you guys are nobodies? Why don't you go back and send us three gracious send us three of our people. We want to fight against the people that ran from us. And these these have looked at the practice of law instead of the practice of law some call them

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back. And then the purpose of the law of audio Some said Korea Hamza, Hamza,

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Hamza Viola when

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they had an easy 100 of your loved ones, it just changed when he said it. Ali stand up at but we call this at Columbia, Aveda Aveda stood up, and three of them they walked forward together in one line. And when they came forward from the other side, the three that came comes out of your lawan he sliced his guy into pieces. I'm gonna do long one, no problem. I'll be there. However, when he struck his enemy, his his opponent, his opponent hit him back and the other one got hit. But hums on earlier the alarm came and wipe this guy clean. And then after that the Muslims, they began to shout

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back into the lines. And when they brought him back into the lines now the Muslims were very riled up because they had three on zero, right.

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And on that side, they were a little sad. But again, the numbers still spoke it was 1313 here 1000 minus two 1000 minus three sorry, right 997 left, and here you have 313 two left. So nonprofits that a lot a lot he was sentenced to this haba that now is the main time and the prophets of Allah Hollywood cinemas walking between the lines. And he was thinking of this habit of stretching your lines straight into lines down together. Don't disperse, make sure you stand together, fight together, he's giving them last advice. And there's a very beautiful narration that while the prophets of Allah Hollywood cinemas walking through the lines he saw on the hobby with his chest

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sticking up the purpose of the law while he was set on took his staff and hit him in the chest is it gonna matter instead, instead of straight, staring straight or man hit him in the chest? That's a hobby sort of messenger of Allah, you just oppressed me.

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Now there's a big battle about to take place. The professionalism pokes him in the chest and what does this guy say? You just pressed me. The problem is that a lot is how to look at his composure. He doesn't say be quiet we'll deal with later on. Bob nicolini No, he takes he removes a sheet. He gives him the staff he says take your revenge right now. It's a hobby puts the staff down and hugs the practice of medicine. He said a messenger of Allah I wanted this to be my last memory of my life not I'm ready to give my life for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. And the prophets of Allah Allah will set him before the Battle of brotherhood please he raised his hand and he went in his tent, and

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he made the Ottoman law and he

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He cried so much. He cried so much, which month was it?

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And Ramadan, you make Guatemala and he raised his hands while the soldiers outside ready to clash, and he raised his hand making Guatemala abubaker Cinco de la one, he's searching, where's the profit? Where's the profit? And he says the purpose of the LA honey cinnamon is in his tent moments before the battle. And he goes inside the tent. And he says the purpose of Alison's crying, and he's crying so much that his sheep kind of fell off his back a little. And the Prophet said, allow her to sit on a Walker says he made a statement that really broke my heart when he was so powerful, such a powerful statement. He said, Oh Allah, if we lose tomorrow, if we lose today in the battle, then

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there will be no one to worship you on this earth.

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Whenever workers to do it alone heard this, he came to the Prophet said a lot of sudden he put his hand on his back and said a messenger of Allah, Allah won't waste You know, that's enough. And then the Prophet said, a lot of them came out and instructed the Sahaba to start and the Battle of Baba when the sides class, Allah subhanho wa tada he gave the Muslims a bonus, all alone are to do is to see whether they would engage in the war or whether they would turn back. If they were to turn back then this nation was to fail. But just as soon as the sides met Allah subhana wa tada made a deal with the prophets that are modest enough that your Sahaba have met, they pass their tests, don't

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worry about anything, we are sending 1000 trained Angel soldiers 1000 angels, that Allah subhanaw taala says, okay, that's not enough. 3000 and then Allah says on the house 5000 5000 angels coming down before the ratio was three Muslims to one. Now the ratio is one of them to five angels.

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And these five 5000 angels have come down. And the Sahaba they say one Sahabi he says that I wish I can take you to the Battle of the land and show you I will point you the place where the angels are coming down from here, we would just point or sword like we're about to hit someone and like I was already done. We would reserve soon as if we were going to hit someone and that guy was done, we would pull our arrow back about shoot at someone and that guy was already done. The angels were running through the battlefield, they were just wiping out there knocking these guys on one after the other. And none of them stood to people to want to have the great leaders of Macumba kenema were

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killed in the Battle of butter. The first was may have been hot. Have you guys ever heard of this name before? You guys have heard of this? before? You've heard of that many times? Let me see who you can remember whose story is only ever mentioned, raise your hand

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at the back.

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Yes, very good, beloved of your loved ones for every time you hear the name of a lot of your loved one, the one that used to beat the law, the law one and a lot of the law one is to say I had I had who was the person beating them all the time. Well, maybe you haven't heard of Beloved, your loved one. So many have been caught up in the battle. And he said to the unsought, you should either go and kill him.

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Now, a lot of your loved one obviously he had an emotional trauma if you wish to see that guy beat him so much. He said to this hobby, you guys go and pick him up. And then a group of Sahaba they came very long incident. But at the end of it they killed the media. And Abuja had also has a very interesting incident of the time and over the long ones and entik narration of the harmony of your loved one says in the Battle of other eyes looked to my right, and I look to my left. And I was hoping that I have strong men next to me so I can rely on them in the battle if I needed help. But when I look to my right, I had a small kid and his name was mom. And it looked my left side and

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there was another small kid his name was always and these two young kids I was they were standing next to me I thought to myself, rather than them supporting me now I have now I'm gonna have to do babysitting. I'm gonna have to look after these two kids.

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One by one, they poke him in the elbow. They say Where's john? and Amanda Knox says Why don't you guys worry about a Buddha because Buddha was a very big man. He was like oh my god, Allah. The Prophet said a lot while he was sitting before Allah accepted Islam. He made a lot of Allah Oh Allah strengthen Islam through a Buddha or Allah. And Allah, Allah one was the one that accepted Islam. So he was a big man of the time. And also what are you guys wanting to do with a boy john, he's a big man. They said we heard he speaks bad about the profits of the long run. He was sent him and we will take revenge on him. Now their mother

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in law, their mother's name was

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what was her name.

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She has a very unique macom that no other hobby has. After all, the other one, I hope somebody that no other hobby holds. What is that she had two husbands. From her first husband, she had four sons. From her second husband, she had three sons. She is the only lady who had seven sons fighting the Battle of how many sons, seven sons. They were all lined up in the Battle of another one after the other all seven of them were there. And two of these sons were the ones who actually cause Abu Jamal to fall off his horse and finally he was killed by 11 was wounded the last one after the Battle of the mother. It's a very, very powerful story, the battle the battle and the great things that

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happened you know verbatim and a woman with your loved one don't have you know a lot of your loved one all these directly played. You know, you can read that story at another time. When the Battle of other came to an end and after Muslims were victorious. The bodies of all those who have been

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killed were taken and they were put inside a well, the name of the world was Baba. Hence the reason why the battle was called the Battle of the brother that was as well where the bodies were put inside after the battle was over, and all the captains were brought together, after Matura being done the practice of law while he was sort of agreed that the capitals would be released on a ransom, based off the ransom that was given, they were set, they were set free. The purpose of the lahardee was set him on he was leaving the battlefield, he walked up to the cave, he walked up to the the world. And he looked in the world and he said to the people, after all the bodies were

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there. He said to them,

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that I don't want you people to say to allow that I oppressed you. I came to you. I taught Islam to you, you people were the ones that were ignorant, you were the ones who rejected and he said that this what has happened to you today was actually because of your own actions and then the profits or loss and walked away, hence the scholar say CML Mota is directly studied right here that can the dead here, can a person talk to the dead and a person go to the grave and talk to someone, they use this hadith the Prophet sallallahu wasallam spoke to the dead bodies of

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the kuffar in the Battle of in the Battle of the button. That's another issues debated by the scholars you can discuss that in another time. The prophets of Allah Allah was someone who returns back in the month of Ramadan to Madina munawwara this haobo were excited, they were celebrating and they were so happy. When the province that allamani incident came, he saw the Sahaba were returning back from a burial promise that a lot of them asked him what who died. And they said, a messenger of Allah, your daughter to play with your loved one, we just ended up burying her right now.

00:21:30--> 00:22:02

And that's why I'm smarter the law one could not participate in the Battle of the mother because she was very ill before the purpose of a lot of sudden left. And he told us man stay behind and watch after my daughter. And when the purpose of a lot of the returns we have mixed emotions here. Here the great battle just came to an end. And here practice of law while he was said he was being tested by his daughter, God alone, being martyred, not martyred. She was she passed away. She passed away in the month of Ramadan. So that's why some scholars will say she was martyred because the one who passes away the motherland is also a very lucky person. She passed away in the month of a month. And

00:22:02--> 00:22:35

then in this Ramadan, obviously fasting was already obligated. So many scholars say this horrible war fighting in the Battle of Baba, they were all they were fasting. Imagine that. What were they doing with all of that they were, they were fasting. However, some scholars say they were not fasting so we should give justice to this one opinion is they were fasting. The other opinion is that they were not fasting because there was little stuff for them. And the last thing is very similar Milan, that was the first time that a fitted came in in the hobbit they celebrated the fifth and they give this other fourth and fifth after the after that very similar Milan. So we pray that

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Allah subhanaw taala gives us an ability to learn lessons from the Battle of Baba and then Allah subhanahu wa tada gives the Muslim Ummah victory on this very same day and is very simple Milan, and that Allah subhanaw taala removes away all the difficulties in the world that Allah subhanaw taala showers mercy upon all those that are oppressed in the corners of the world. So how to live alone with a shadow ally and stuff.