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Ramadan 2015 – Day 16 – Learning To Cry To Allah

Jul 4, 2015

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You're listening to the Paloma Institute Podcast Series Ramadan reflections by Mufti Hussein Kimani

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for Human hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Rockefeller ceramic Latino stuffer. Susana, so you did a study with ultimate MBA early last year was having about

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two days ago in our reflection we discuss how the Miriam bond has not come and the middle 10 days of Ramadan, as promised by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam are the 10 days of forgiveness, and how we should frequent Toba and is too far in these middle 10 days. And then yesterday we talked about a very beautiful etiquette of making law which is crying in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala while making dua, and showering our tears on from our eyes over reflecting while reflecting over a lesson. That is greatness while reflecting over the life of the prophets that allowed us to them and becoming you know, more soft in our hearts in our approach to our Deen. Now, one thing that I wanted

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to discuss yesterday but due to sort of time I couldn't and I wanted to make that the focus of today's class inshallah is learning how to cry in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So yesterday we discussed crying in front of Allah subhanho wa tada and today learning how to cry in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we've heard the virtue of crying in front of Allah many times during our lives. And we've heard all these beautiful narrations. But the big question comes, how do we learn to cry in front of Allah? How do we bring this beautiful silver of buka this beautiful characteristic of crying into our lives? So for that, I gathered a few things that I wanted to list

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them in front of you inshallah, and we'll discuss them. The first thing the scholars say if a person wishes to learn to cry in front of Allah, you need to recognize Allah subhanho wa Taala with his names and his attributes, come to know and understand who Allah subhanho wa Taala is pondering over the names of Allah understanding the depth of the meaning of the names and attributes of Allah, we all know that allows that which tells us in the Quran that Allah has beautiful names, so info invoke onto him with those names with a smile, a smile listener for the obeah and we all heard the 99 Names of Allah Rahmani Raheem American produce Salam until the end. But we don't understand the depth of

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those names. Each name has so much detail inside them. The scholars have actually written names on the names and written books on the names and attributes of Allah subhana wa Tada. When a person understands a little bit just to Allah subhana wa tada is, then you develop two characteristics inside you. The first you build fear of Allah subhana wa tada because Allah subhanho wa Taala has certain names and attributes that are very strong in their nature. last panel that has a punishing Allah subhanaw taala is the one who will take revenge. So these wrinkles inside a person and then we have certain names and attributes of Allah that have so much mercy inside them, that they bring us

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towards what we call hope or Raja. When a person understands the names and attributes of Allah, you either create a hope, or you create a lot of fear, both things are important. But what's important is to balance between both not to let one topple over the other. That's another discussion for itself. Maybe we can discuss that in another day. When a person creates hope and fear in the heart of Allah subhana wa Tada. This now softens the heart and trains us to cry and it makes it easier for us to cry in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala The second thing is to recite the Quran abundantly while focusing on its meanings. We read the Quran but the one thing that the Quran doesn't do for us

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it doesn't teach us to cry. And that crying while reading the Quran comes while the person focuses on the meaning while crying. Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran, regarding the regarding the prophets of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says that the prophets are such either utilizing him Ayah to remind

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him of God tiny Sujatha pulusu Hannah rabina in Colorado pinata mahfouda, una de la county akuna is

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that when they read a brief translation, when they read the verses of a law they fall down and prostration from Allah and they cry away in cryo and cry away, because the meanings of the Quran are so deep of workers to decode the law when he was known by the Sahaba when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was passing away when he the final and final illness, he could not be prayer anymore. So he told us haba, Moodle, Ola, Moodle, Ababa, Felisa livingness go and go and command aboubaker to lead the prayer. And I shared with you a lot while I was there, and she said, I listened to a lot of work which shouldn't lead the progress that allamani was sent him said, Why?

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She said because he has no control over his tears. He cries too much in prayer. He cries a lot. And the prophets that allow me to send him said no, he will be the one who leads people and so on, which shows us how much is the harbor cried insula. Abdullah bin Shahada de la when he narrates it, near he narrates the narration, that he could hear the Aloha on crying in theaters.

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Salalah all the way from the last SFX Where was he at the back of the budget and he can hear the last one was the Imam in the front suffering is khilafah reading the verses of surah Yusuf in number two but it was neat Allah Allah woman Allahu Allah tala moon, he will be reading these verses and crying and he wouldn't have a mic on, but it is crying was so powerful. The word using the Hadith is in the dish in the Jewish means when a person raises his voice out of crying, he cries abundantly. This is how your loved one used to cry, the mean time evaluate the loved one, when he recited the verse impassibility understood what was the

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hot when he read this verse, He kept repeating it fudge Allah you da da da da sabaha key. He kept repeating this verse again and again, verse of Sujatha, sutra number, verse number 21. As Joshua, he repeated this verse again and again again and again until morning came and he will still crying and Allah subhana wa tada because a powerful impact this verse hadn't have the love and honor of your loved one when he read the verse of sudomotor 15 yo maya Pullman nasolabial alameen How will that day be when we stand in front of Allah subhana wa tada a law. How will that day be when mankind stands in front of Allah when he read this verse, Baca tahara he kept crying until he fell down

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one time

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and he couldn't recite anything after that. He just couldn't recite anymore. Because just the thought of standing in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It shook him up and he couldn't stop his tears. This is how powerful the meanings of the Khurana Masuda pioneer, it's that Corrado, Allah is at the heart He is that I decided one verse two, I shall the Allah one and what was that verse from the lava Alena, or Kannada was the 20 verse number 27 of suta. To you can read the translations there, because we have to go to a good pace so you can read the transitions yourself. Verse number 27, of solitude, he says, she started crying, she cried so much, and she kept making a lot of a lot

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to protect her from the punishment of a lot. This is it along with Allah, Muhammad Mukherjee. He was once reading the Quran. And while he was reading, he came to this verse, and he was crying so much his family members got worried. So they called another great scholar from the community about housing. And they said to him, go and speak to Muhammad Mancha and tell him to stop crying, he's reading this verse and is crying too much. So when he came, he said to him, malady of God, what's making you crying? So he said, I read one, I have the Quran. And the husband said, which eye are you talking about? So, one could have said, I read the eye of the Quran, what would that mean? Allahu

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Allah mucuna

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that that thing has become apparent to them, which they weren't even thinking of, on the day of judgment. You weren't even thinking of it. And that's what came up. That's what happened on the Day of Judgment. Verse number 47 of Sudoku. Fabrica has an MA who hasn't sat down and said, Don't stop crying. Let me join you in crying as well. First of all, buka Oman, both of them sat there crying loudly over the powerful meaning of this verse, Ibrahim, and he, he says that one night,

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a person was reading the verse of the Quran. What an evolution Nakata, Allah when Mujahideen was Sabino, what happened was about a verse number 31 was sort of humble. And he says that when this verses being recited, all that happened was that the person kept, the person kept saying, Why?

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Why bother? barnala you're going to test us, O Allah, because the verse says, we're going to test the people and see who is patient and who's making the struggle. So he said, Who are you going to test us? Who are you going to test us? And then he said in Baroda enough for that Anna, oh life, you're going to test us. If you're going to test how much we can actually bear, then we're going to be disgraced because we can bear anything. Well istana and you're going to tear away the curtain that's covering how we actually are in bellota Barona, Latina, Latina Oh Allah, if you're going to test us, then you are going to disgrace us we will be destroyed. And he continued crying all night

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after reading this beautiful verse of the Quran. So how to love

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so we should learn to read the verses of the Quran and also cry focus on the meaning of the verses of the Quran and enjoy its meaning. The third thing that will help you climb is to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala abundantly yesterday we quoted the man behind any Muslim, the seven people who will be in the shade of the throne of Allah the seventh person was the one who remembers Allah while he is alone, and then he cries. So the scholars say in order to cry You need to remember a lot while you are alone, the one who remembers Allah alone. This remembering Allah alone has a great impact on tears flowing from the eyes. So try to remember Allah subhana wa tada do the vicar of Allah

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In the fame, he says that indeed the heart becomes hard, and the only way to melt the hardness of the heart is through the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala The fifth thing which is very powerful, actually the fourth thing which is very powerful and make

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The heart soft is to remember death, but not only remembering death, to be present by those who are sick and who are passing away. If you ever gone to visit someone who's very, very sick, literally on the last days of their life, or have you ever been by the bedside of someone was passing away a lot, he if you haven't cried before, it'll make you cry. I've been there. One of my very good friends mana for hon. Allah have mercy on his father. He told me she has come visit my father. So I went to visit his father. And when I sat next to him, this is maybe a week or two before his father passed away, maybe two or three weeks before, and when I sat by the bedside of his father, a law clerk what

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I couldn't stop crying. So many tears were coming out of my eyes, because I saw him and I was thinking to myself, just a few years ago, he was a young man. He was a prominent businessman, his father, everyone in Chicago knew him, he had a very famous store. And now look at his state, he can't even move. And then I said to him, you know, farrakhan, cause if I have your permission, I'd like to read so they asked him in front of you, he said, Please go ahead. So I started reading, sorry, I seen and I was looking down and reading. And then I picked up a little bit, and he was trying to say something. So I stopped. And I said to his wife, that your husband's trying to say

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something, and he couldn't speak because his voice was gone. So she put his ear right next to his mouth. And he was whispering to his wife, he was saying to his wife, that, please bring my hat. I don't want to listen to the tone of my head being naked. And then his wife took the hat. It was on the cabinet, she put it on his head, and then he smiled. And he went like this. Keep reading, keep reading, right? Step by the side of people who are passing away and then your heart will become soft. I told you guys a story when we were in the alhuda. On the isn machine, right before Amazon, there was a lady. Her son was very ill, maybe 1617 years old in Chicago, and they had made the

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decision that they were going to pull the plug on him, they were going to take them off life support. She said to me shift, I would be very happy if you were there, and my son passes away. I said, no problem I'll come. It was in the old children's Memorial Hospital in Fullerton, if you remember, and I was there. And I was sitting on in the room, where were the family was her husband's was sitting next to me, she was standing by the side of her son. And then the doctor took him off life support. And you can see his vitals were cutting down cutting down. And I'm telling you, man, it was so painful. I couldn't look at the mother. And I imagine her mother holding your child's hand

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knowing that any second now he's going to die. That's like the armor before pm, seeing your child die, unless I don't want to give our children long lives, may protect them with you know, protect their mind and protect their health. And here, this child is passing away. And then she says to the doctor, that we don't want the final moments, final moments of his life. Come let me know.

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And the doctor said to her right now just the final moments right now. And Subhanallah what this mother did next. It made me cry so much till today. Whenever I think about it, tears come to my eyes. She leaned forward and kissed her child and stopped right there.

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And then after he had passed away, she lifted her head and said to me shift. I just wanted you to be a witness that I love my son.

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And then she said I couldn't tell him while he was alive. I used to always shout at him screwed Adam, scold him. But when he became sick, that's when I actually realized how much I loved him. And I didn't think I was gonna get a chance to tell him. So I wanted you to be witness under the judgment that I love my son, Allah, be by those people who are sick, go visit those that are passing away after they died something different. But when you see that, that it reminds you of what life actually is, and how much we can actually rely on life.

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There are so many incidents in this regard. What can we say? Sophia narrates that a lady came to it shut the alarm on her and she said My heart has become very hard. So she said to her acceded the current mode, your callback, she said that, you know, remember death abundantly and it'll soften your heart. I will not have your level unset that three things make me laugh and three things make me cry, said three things. They make me laugh and three things make me cry. What makes me laugh. He said the first thing he meant to dunya The one who has high hopes with the world was multilateral while death is searching for him. He's investing in big houses when he doesn't know what the danger

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of death is following him waiting to take his soul any second. Now. What a fool does that person he says this person I laugh at him. The second thing? Well have you done laser beam a funan the one who forgot Allah. Allah hasn't forgotten him. When I think about this makes me laugh. How foolish with how big of a fool is this person? Whether he says a third person, whether he couldn't be made if he he liar, three out of Allahu anhu

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he says the third person who cries with his mouth full ha ha ha like that mouth full of laughter but he doesn't know whether Allah is happy with him. Allah is angry with him. You know, I laugh at you. What kind of food are you? And he said the three people that did things that made me cry.

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The first thing that made me cry a lot was the day the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed away.

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He says the day he passed away. I cried a lot. I couldn't bear. The third. The second thing. He said just thinking of the difficulties of death. It makes me cry. And he says

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The third thing that makes me cry a lot is in imagining what what will it be like when we are made to stand in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala yummy of humaneness a little bit odd I mean

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so you've been given with your loved one who was a famous tabula he is to say that if we stop remembering death, even for a single second Lofa decurrent, multiple lubaina satun, la festa de una, our hearts will become corrupted. We can't forget death at all. This The next thing that's very important that will help us cry abundantly is eating Khaled, the son of Messiah hated the pious scholars used to say that the hearts become soft by eating hard by eating pure, we talked about this already. The next thing that's also very powerful and keeping the heart soft, is to stay away from sins. When a person stays away from sins, Allah subhanaw taala makes a heart soft. And the result of

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the heart being soft is that the eyes blow with tears. The next thing that's also very powerful, and keeping the heart and keeping the eyes flowing with tears, is to listen to motivational and powerful lectures. This also has a very powerful impact. There's a very beautiful narrative by monk Didn't we didn't have to lie to you.

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Many scholars, narrated by an advisor in Saudia he says the prophets of Allah hottie was set on one day, he gave us a lecture and it was such a powerful lecture, such a motivational lecture. It was such an eloquent lecture, he says vada terminhandel Yun, what did that mean? How kulu he says the eyes everyone in the crowd started crying. You know, people that say the properties that allow audio said it wasn't a passionate speaker. They don't know what they're talking about. I mean, very honest with you, the Sahaba they say the Prophet said along it was said when he gave a speech, I had a soldier who I know who his eyes would become red, his face would lift he I mean, his voice would

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lift up and there would be a vein that would pop out in the middle of his forehead. He was very powerful when he spoke. And this habit is everyone started crying. And the purpose of a lot of money was set up in his lecture, what did he say? We'll see can be takala I command you to be to be conscious of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's a very long duration. The next thing that's very powerful is to remember the day of judgment. And when you're remembering the Day of Judgment, think about how little we have done in preparation to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala a person saw booted out of the law one crime before he passed away. So he said man, you keep what makes you cry. So the

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alarm unsaid Amma in Nila Caledonia calm happy I'm not crying because I'm leaving the road, what I can achieve and avoid the suffering. I am crying because of the long journey I have had me once I die will kill that Azadi and how little I have prepared for that long journey. And he says what makes me cry most is that will Allah give me agenda or Allah give me fire of hell. This is the greatest narrative of honeyed who What's his name? Abu huraira the law one law.

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Someone asked Mohammed bin siddim he was passing away anyone know who Mohammed bin seediness who was famous for interpreting dreams, Mohammed bin Salman. He was in his office he was passing away and he was crying and someone asked him are you crying? He says I'm Kalitta, free TV I am in Hollywood. I am crying over the transgression that I did over my past days will kill the family it is genital Alia and I'm crying over what little I have done before the hi paradise that I desire. Well, am I in geni mean? I mean, not in harmony here. And I'm crying thinking that what is it that will protect me from the burning fire on the day of judgment? The next thing that's very powerful is that we should

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visit graveyards abundantly when you go to their graveyard. It also has a very powerful impact. I narrated that yesterday and I'd like to narrate it again as narrated by Muslim Rahmatullah. Yana. Yesterday, I didn't give the reference today. I'm giving it to you that have you been narrated by Muslim Rahmatullah honey. Viola Juan says that when we were going for America, when we were going for the conquest of Makkah, mukaiyama yesterday I said Hajj was actually the conquest of Makkah. When we were going for the conquest of Makkah, we left Madina munawwara and we stopped by the grave of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his mother, and the prophets of Allah while he was

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sitting when he stood in front of his mother's grave, he started crying, and they were so many Sahaba there were abcam and hola who when everyone that was around him also started crying. Everyone started crying, while the purpose of the law it was for them stood at his mother's grave.

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The next thing that's also very powerful that helps a person cry abundantly is to make the watch Allah make dua, to Allah to allow us to cry. megawatt of Allah, Allah give me eyes that will cry abundantly, Allah, how long are these eyes going to remain dry? How long are these doors going to be empty? How long am I words going to have no weight to the model? When is this Muslim? Am I going to change? When will our laws have the impact of changes the the running of the full road? When will our laws have the impact to destroy the fit of homes and puddles of our time? We need to first learn to cry and that we should ask a law to help us out to cry in Sharla. And the last thing that I want

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to say is that if you wish to learn to cry

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and you can

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Cry, at least make the face of those who cry. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that cry. And if you can not cry, then at least make the face of the people who cry. And how do you do that? You know, you raise your hand, you make your voice as if a person is crying, and you try to do whatever you can to lower yourself in front of Allah, in the theme, however, says that the people who try to act as if they're crying are two categories. He says there are some do and there are there are Mahmoud, sorry. And then and then there are

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there are people who try to cry, but they're doing it to show off these people. They're doing it wrong. And it says there are people who try to cry will make the face as if they're crying, they make the voices if they're crying, but it sincerely for the sake of Allah, this sort of action is praiseworthy. So we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us an ability to act upon what has been said and that allows allows us to cry also, Allah subhanaw taala softens our hearts that Allah subhanaw taala accepts our laws. So paralog clinical Lama, Shadow Allah, Allah, Allah and the stuff that we're going to do really, after the olana and delectable Halloween Assalamu alaikum

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warahmatullahi wabarakatuh