Pray Before they Pray over You!

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of praying for God's word and not letting things happen. They encourage people to stop praying and wake themselves up by praying for God's word. The speaker also warns of people who are in the teens who may not be dying and may not be graduating.
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Your parents might have told you when you were young that you better pray because if you don't, you're going to end up in hellfire. That's a lot of these parents who don't understand how to motivate their kids to pray. Do you know let me tell you right now off the hook on why you're praying. Yes, it's true that you might end up in Hellfire because you don't pray that that's in sort of depth. But that's not that shouldn't be the motivator. The motivator is what allows me that says you remember me I remember you. He'll give you specific specific guidance. Rama mercy he'll give you he'll treat you specially when you pray. Allah azza wa jal has told us it's time to be subdued Salah

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you get your all your problems, you come with the problems to Allah with two things with salah and with sour with with prayer and with patience. The reason why you're doing it is because you're creating a link with Allah and a bigger reason why you're doing it is because you're thanking Allah Salah is thanks, you look at the first word you saying in the beginning of Salah Al hamdu, lillahi Rabbil aalameen It's a way of thanks. You're thanking Allah for all the things that he's given you for the for all the you know, the time that you just spent, you think about the time you spent, if I wanted to take you from this earth, you wouldn't even be alive. So the fact that you're breathing,

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thank him that is giving you a longer life, like, Oh, you've got friends, you got others around you you're enjoying time, you've got a brain, you've got intelligence, where does that come from? came from a lot. You ate food, right? You ate food, you you feel the stomach up, who gave you that Allah gave you that you had drink Allah gave you that you're using the toilet freely without any pain? Allah took the pain, you know, away from your body, oh, he never gave you pain in the first place. Right? You have a healthy life. You had a good life, even if you have a few problems. And some people you know, they get problems. They say, I've got problems. God gave me these problems. I'm not

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gonna I'm not gonna worship God. Well, you know what, every human being on this Earth right now has got problems, different set of problems. And the law gives those problems for different reasons. But that's not a reason to turn away from God. It's a reason to for you to come to God. But even whether you have problems or you don't have problems, you're thanking Allah for what he's giving you. Because if I want you to snap your gum.

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So I'm gonna ask you to do one thing. Can you stop if you really think that you're a person who you know, so what if I don't pray? Can you just do me a favor, and do yourself a favor and wake yourself up by saying that I'm not going to enjoy or I'm not going to do any of the things that God's told me to God given to me. So for example, eating, I'm not going to eat from the plate that God's provided me with, I'm not going to eat

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something which Allah has given me in my provisions, I'm going to stop drinking, or I'm going to stop sleeping from the good sleep that God gives me. I'm going to stop breathing from the air that God God gave me. You can't do it. It's impossible. But you might be thinking that Well, yeah, I know. I'll do it later on out, pray. You're not praying today, my friend. You'll be taken like this with a dilly dally, dilly dally all the way till the end of your life very quickly, under the hope that the shaytan on the devil has got it that he wants to take you out. He's waiting for death to come to you. When you're not even praying. You know what they say? They say that you better come and

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start praying before they pray over you. Oh, yes. There's a day when your janazah is coming. And you're going to be taken to the mosque by force without you having to having any choice, and they're going to read your janazah over you. So if you're not praying, look, put it this way. Some people are saying that, well, I don't want to pray right now because I've got a sinful life. Well, if you've got a sinful life and you're not praying, then you know what your real remedy actually is to do Salah Do you realize that God said in the Holy Quran, he said in a salata, tanha and in fact, he will mooncup that in Surah number 29. And number 45. Allah told you that Salah prevents you from

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sinning. So if you were to do your Salah properly then you prevent yourself from sinning. But no, it's too much for you. You just want to carry on sinning and you're enjoying the sun. Okay, guess what? I'm telling us one thing, take the remedy of salah and carry on as you are. Just carry on as you are. I'm not giving you a license to carry on as you are. But you're very thing that's supposed to make you wake up again and be back to normal again. You deserve that it's like a person who's sick who says that you know what? I'm not gonna take medicine because I'm just like, you know, I'm just the way I am. I'm just you know, here in my bed I'm got these thoughts about me. No, you take

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the medicine even if the medicine is something you don't want to take. And after a while you get better. Salah was the thing that's supposed to get you out of the sinful life. And if you're sitting and you're doing Salah, you sitting and you didn't Salah You carry on doing your salad properly on time again and again soon enough is going to make you think what am I doing now? If you think you will, I'm not ready for this right now when you're going to be ready. Because the moment that Angel of Death comes to you and don't tell me young people are not dying, my friend. There are people who are in the in the teens in the 20s that are gonna pop up like this because we've got things around

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today that we never had for for centuries, certain diseases and illnesses that come that weren't there for a long time.

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So I'm going to ask you, thank you, Lord. Make a connection. Get your key to Jenna. That's what Salah is and start praying today and whether you singing or not singing, just do what you have to do. milazzo jelly, give Sophia amin Slavonic. Hey