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Hussain Kamani
AI: Summary © The concept of sham is discussed, emphasizing the importance of dressing appropriately and speaking appropriately, as well as being humble and comfortable. Shamers try to avoid offense by wearing Lloyd's shirts on top, as it is the beauty of modesty. modest modesty is defined as being both a social norm and a culture, rather than just a social norm.
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In this world, you have a mission, which is to please others.

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And that mission would have been very easy had there not been any barriers. But it also created a barrier which is known as shame.

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And the only way a person can save themselves from their opponent or their enemy, is by carefully studying their enemies and carefully studying them. When you play basketball, when you're in the ring fighting jujitsu, when you're boxing, whatever you're doing, the only way one of the most successful ways to beat your opponent is by studying your opponent. So

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you need to study you need to understand what are we studying, the sooner

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we realize shavon has a very

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shady way of attacking the human being, his ultimate goal is to take your face. But it's not as easy as coming to you and saying, Give me your faith and joy. Because the reality is that you and I will throw a hail mary. And

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so what happens now begins to work around the framework around the framing, he begins to attack, and how does he attack you he has to get to your faith. But a lot

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of us have a lot of them have ordered us to do certain things in our Deen, which are obligatory upon us, which are optional upon which set around our famous shells of security, which safeguard our feet. So what she does first is he attacks your character. And after it happened to your character, when your character goes down on a textured modesty, and when your modesty go down goes down, then she begins to attack you and often your optional actions. And when they go down, or the optional actions are taken away from your hands, the next thing she found is he attacks her sooner, and the sooner

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isn't taken away from

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the next next half of the person. And the next thing it takes away from the person is is once you've

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got that taken away from that person, the last thing that remains in this person's head, which are and when the obligations are taken away from a person, the only thing that he stands on is one pillar, which is his faith, a little when it comes that pillar falls over to and nothing remains that person at all.

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Do you have any modesty and the rest of it is just a trickle effect slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, all of it goes away degree to show that we have a powerful thing that we have is our modesty.

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There was a very famous scholar by the name of

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a judge,

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a judge, he passed away 100 years year 100 he was known as

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what was known as a mirror meaning he was the leader of all Muslims. And he was one of the first in Islamic history to critique narratives.

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So he was a very good scholar, athlete, and this man by the name of the lucky winner. And this Abdullah was known as being a very mysterious individual. So he stood in front of me. And he said to him,

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narrate something in front of you, you're a master of hiding in front of him. So

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he knew that this man wasn't here to study, he was here to bother. So he said, I don't want to know.

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narrate in front of me, otherwise, I'm going to break open on Sunday pretty quick. So

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you have any modesty, then go do what you want. There's nothing that can keep you in your place

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to remember that I came here to bother you. But once you get rid of this have you in front of me, and you call me in my modesty, my challenging, right? quite frightening to you, when you call me in my shoes in my modesty, the only thing I can do now is repent, he shook the hand in your shoulder and he repented on his hands and his bluff and went ahead to be up to law if you must remember that. There was a very good scholar of the love. And

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the point that I'm trying to make here is that this is a principle in our our modesty, the sort of law civil law says that each nation was given something special, there was every nation, every province emphasize a particular thing, a particular subject and there is a particular characteristic within their teachings. And

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what I emphasize the most is modesty, to be bashful to control oneself. Now generally when we think of modesty that comes from I just write more or less whenever we think of modesty. What does that mean? Don't walk around, you know, without any shirt on top. What does that mean, don't walk around with your shorts on. That's a concept of modest, modest is beyond clothing. One of the three components of modesty is to dress appropriately. But the second component of modesty is to speak appropriately. And the third component of modesty is to conduct yourself appropriately. There are three key components to modesty. A person must dress appropriately, speak appropriately and also

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your content must be appropriate. Well

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See a person dressed really nicely, but it's, what's the use of a person is saying hi, hello, thank you. But it's kinda because this person is a harm to the society. So this is not modest. modesty is complete. And this is

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to be humble and to be humble, to be humble in the way we dress.

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How does he dress? We'll see how does he speak? How does he talk? How does this person conduct himself for the people, that people see his actions, they hear his words, they see the way he's dressed, and they have, they have no justification. But

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so this is the beauty of modesty Nardin, and honestly, it's a very broad topic. And there's so much to cover in this subject. Hopefully, this covers our discussion right here. One thing bear in mind, we must never lose our modesty. You know, this may sound a little harsh to you guys. Honestly.

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Most of you guys sitting here

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is jumping in not me. But my position.

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My position here honestly, is as a brother to pass on advice. And this advice is not my own advice. This is advice.

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So we're playing basketball when we're outside on the street, and we're meeting other people.

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If you work, and play basketball, and come keep ourselves composed, keep ourself proper in our content in our speech, right in the way we dress, then trust me, you learn what modesty actually means. modesty isn't that you're sitting in front of someone that loves you, and you speak nicely to that person, you show nice to that person, and you dress appropriately when it comes to the budget. That's not modesty. modesty is when you are in the streets. modesty is when you're in a competitive realm. And at times like that, you let the rings for yourself that you don't let yourself finish and you keep yourself proper.

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The most difficult of times, and even one example

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moments before the two armies clash, just moments before the challenge has already taken place.

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He's really very he's crying. He has tears in his eyes and he's really great.

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there will be no

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one has his hand on the shoulder.

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And he's a

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messenger Allah, Allah will never let you lose the firm and allow us to be firm to

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them. One last time I was walking through the

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streets in your life. And there was one companion was standing with his chest sticking up. He was standing.

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Outside, he took a stab, and he pulled the competitors in the chest to sit stand straight.

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And that person said to

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me, You hurt me right now. I want revenge.

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Lane basketball. It's not our living situation that we face on the street. This is battle that we're about to take with the first grader.

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And he is

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he gives him the snap. He removes the sheet. He says take your revenge from me right now.

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And what does that Sahabi do? He takes us on the ground and he jumps up.

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He said

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when you told us to stand firm in the lines, I had made intention that I would never walk out of his mouth ever again. And the last thing the last joint pleasure I wanted to do was to hug you one more time and accomplish that. There's no longer any need

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for you and I

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in our workplaces, in our school, wherever we are within the society within our fans on the court off the court, we always keep

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the tough one is not the one right at the top what is the one

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the top man is the one who can control themselves.

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Because that requires discipline. And not every discipline requires to be true and

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everything that was said for myself listening

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