Jannah Gems #25 – How to Deal with Anger

Haifaa Younis


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The transcript describes a conversation between a person named Billahi and another person named Adam. Adam describes how Billahi's approach to the situation, suggesting that people should sit down and not say anything until they have been calm and quiet. He also advises people to read emails and not respond to angry people.

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Anger is actually from shows.

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Anger is form shaped on the rusada usato. Center says that he was passing by and spa LA and he saw two men were in an argument and the argument became so heated one man course the other in the presence of a Swati sort of set up Subhan Allah and one is really cursing the other in his face is so full of anger and robbed. And also it sought to sit and said, I know one word. If he said it, this will all come down our two minute shape on the regime. How do Billahi min ash shaytaan Raji and he said, Allah in the lava jam rotten pickled with me Adam famara, he told me when de fafi Oh dodgy from Hudson Valley KB she will look what he said was what he sort of set up. And this is an email.

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He said, anger is actually as if there is a hot piece of coal in the heart of Adam, the heart of the human being. Don't you see how his eyes get so right there, and his face or his cheeks get surrounded, whomsoever feel this way. Now, don't act on the feeling, whomsoever feel this way. Let him put his cheek to the earth. Because the earth is what is dust, and its columns heat. So he said because it's heat angers he let him put his cheek

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will order and our Swanee salatu salam novel, Hadith, which is something very similar. Same thing, he said, it's a heat or a piece of hot, cold. Cold in the heart of the human being, his face will be right, his his eyes will be right here. He says, If you feel it, sit down. So two things sit down, if you're standing, or if you can't, especially if you're alone, you get this text machine that gets you very upset, or you hear this news, or this thing happened and you're alone, immediately put your cheeks, put the cheeks, on the

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on the on the earth. And also third, when the human being gets angry. Let him stay quiet. This is one of the best way. And when you when you ask almost pantalla to teach us this. Don't speak. Don't speak. And if you cannot not speak, leave.

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If you are in a situation, in a situation with somebody, and that person, he or she got you upset and angry. Just leave, don't say a word. If you read an email, and the email, the content of that email made you angry, don't respond. Or if you have to respond, send it to yourself. Don't reply, send it to yourself and read it in the morning. When you're calm. Don't text message. either delete that text message or don't respond.