Saad Tasleem – You Will Be Tested With Immorality and Temptations!

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of testing people to see who is best among them and how their experiences affect them. They also touch on the topic of the "theen of Allah" and how it is not the deity of Islam, but rather one person can achieve. The deception of Islam is also discussed, including its pleasures like property and wealth, and the belief that only one person can achieve it. The speakers stress the importance of educating oneself and being present in the moment to assert one's ownership.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah hirable Alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah sherfield Gambia you will miss any Nabi. Now we'll say Do you know or have you been on Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ultramarine Sierra Madre como Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

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My dear brothers and sisters, it is part of our faith. It is part of our aqidah it is part of our creed, that there is no life that we can live without being tested and tried by Allah Who Subhan Allah to Allah.

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Allah tells us that He created us to be tested. Allah the Halacha moto while HYAH Talia beluga, comme au come us and who am Allah, the One who created death and life to test you to try you. Who amongst you, is best in deeds. This is a statement of Allah who Subhan Allah to Allah that has spoken directly to us. When we hear Allah who's have had a lot to Allah say Lena beluga come to test you. We don't think them we think us, we personalize the message of Allah who Subhan Allah to Allah. When we hear this verse, we become alert. And we say, I will be tested. Allah created me to test me, Allah created us, as human beings to test us to see who amongst us is best. And without a doubt, we

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see greatness in people when they are tested. And that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the best of Allah's creation, they were tested the most severely. The prophets, Allah hemos Salatu was Salam. And amongst the prophets, it was the prophet muhammad sallallahu ala he was sending them who was tested the most severely.

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And that is why when we live our lives and we go through difficulties, and when we go through hardships and trials, we remember that we are following in the footsteps of all of the prophets, and amongst them, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we are being tested the way those who came before us were tested. Do the people think they will be left alone? Because they say we believe, well, Humla you've 10 known and they will not be tested? what are called Fantana Lavina Min cubberly him? We certainly tested, we tried those who came before them. And so my brothers and sisters, when we look out in society today, and we see you know, there's a spread of immorality,

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there's a spread of sin, there is a spread of temptation, and we feel like we are surrounded, we should not be surprised. We should not say you know what, I just can't deal with this. We should understand that this is part of the test of Allah who Subhan Allah to Allah. We should understand that Jana, Paradise is not cheap. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said Hoefer to Jana Bill McCurry. Jana has been surrounded by hardships by difficulties, while her foot in now. And the Hellfire is surrounded, be showered with temptations with desires. And this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us straight up Allah tells us that in this life, there are those things that are provided for us as

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a trial as a temptation. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, zoo United nurse your Shaohua we have beautified for mankind for human beings love of worldly desires. And Allah who's petawatt to Allah mentions a list of things that people would want in this life, amongst them wealth and property and so on and so forth. And then Allah says that Lika muda or hayati, dunya these are only the pleasures of this worldly life. Don't get it twisted. Don't think that these pleasures that you face that you have in front of you these temptations that they're gonna last forever. Know that there are just temptations in this worldly life will love our Endo. Hetzner Allah has with him the best return.

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Meaning that is where our focus is. That is what we look towards as believers and that is our aqidah that is our creed my brothers and sisters. Allahu Subhana Allah to Allah.

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Allow the Shi Athan to tempt us. Allah subhana wa Tada allowed the ship on to be as a test and trial for us when the ship bah

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I'm straight up, told us what he plans to do. In the Quran Allah has How do I do Allah tells us of how the ship been threatened mankind. He said, what I'll be the new home. He said I will mislead them while our money and no home, I will arouse in them their desires while unknown, I will commend them.

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And my brothers and sisters, we should hear this and say the ship on command me How dare you commend me? Because it is only Allah Subhana Allah to Allah who commands me. And so Allah reminds us Yari to humble you money him. He he, he promises he makes these promises to them while you money him he arouses in them, these false desires. Why am I here? I don't wish she upon Euler, hoorah. The only thing that the she upon is promising to you and me, my brothers and sisters, no matter how tempting it may seem, no matter how enticing it may seem, it is nothing but deception.

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And this is why Allahu subhanho wa Taala tells us of those who fall prey to the attack of the sea upon those who give in to their desires above submission to Allah Who Subhan Allah to Allah, those who give their desires precedence preference over what Allah Who Subhan Allah to Allah has commanded when we know and I believe this in my heart, my brothers and sisters, as Muslims as believers, we know that what Allah has commanded for us is better for us. Yes, it is difficult. And it's okay to say that it is okay to say you know what, I find some of the commandments of Islam to be difficult. It's hard to get up for Feadship it's hard to fast the month of Ramadan. It's hard to give up this

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and to give up that that's fine. But we know once again, it is part of our creed. That what Allah has promised for us what Allah has delivered to us, what Allah has commanded to us, is better for us. And so Allah who is Pamela to Allah tells us of those who fall fall victim to the sea upon Allah says, I've right Amrita Allahu Hawa. Do you see the one who has taken their own desires, as their God?

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And as Muslims, my brothers and sisters, when we hear something like this, we should be offended?

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Because the crux of our faith is to hate is to submit to Allah Who Subhan Allah to Allah alone. That is what makes our deen special. A Deen a religion a faith of sincerity to Allah Who Subhan Allah to Allah. We worship Allah without intercessors. without intermediaries we have a direct connection with Allah Who Subhan Allah to Allah, there is no faith on Earth. Who can claim to be monotheistic the way Islam is monotheistic, there is no faith on this planet that can claim to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala the way we worship Allah Who Subhan Allah to Allah with purity and sincerity without partners. And so when Allah has Mattawa to Allah says, Do you see the one who has taken

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their own desires as their God? We should say that oh do bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. We seek refuge in Allah from the sheer fun from being that person? How does one take their own desires as their God our scholars tell us by obeying their desires over the obedience of Allahu Subhana wa atta Anna,

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my brothers and sisters. This is the mindset that we are talking about here right now in 2022. In America close to the Capitol, in the world that we're living in this Dean is not a dean that only is applicable 1400 years ago in the Arabian Peninsula. This Dean is to be practice here in the capital of the United States of America because this Deen was sent just as much it was sent for the Arabian Peninsula 1400 years ago, just as much as it was sent for then it was sent for now. For you, for me, and for the people around us. We may not feel that sometimes we may feel alienated from our deen we may feel like our deen is not applicable. The problem is not the deen my brothers and sisters. The

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problem is our understanding or should I say Dare I say a lack of understanding of the deen and this is why my brothers and sisters knowledge and understanding of our deen is so imperative to our relationship with Allah who is penalized to Allah? There are people who despite having this Deen leave the deen of Allah. Why do they leave the deen? Why do they leave the deen of Allah because there's a problem in the religion of Allah know. There's a problem and what they were exposed to what people claimed to be the deen of Allah who Subhan Allah to Allah. So if we're living right now

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And we feel restricted by Islam. The problem is not Islam. The problem is our understanding of Islam. So the next time you're out there, and you look at society and you say, You know what, Islam doesn't apply to me right now and 2022, with all the craziness that's happening around me with all the temptations, when everything that has become normalized, and so on and so forth. And I know we can lose hope, and say morality has changed. Things that were considered immoral in this very country 20 years ago, are not considered completely acceptable. What is the future? What is our future, and I know we're worried about our kids. And sometimes we lose hope. And we think, you know,

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my kids cannot survive the temptations and the trials that are ahead of them. But I want to remind you, my brothers and sisters, Islam was not sent to a utopia. Islam was not sent to a perfect people, Islam was sent to a society that was knee deep in sin, in philosophy, in temptation in immorality, if Islam was able to correct and make a society that was deeply corrupt, more deeply corrupt, a moral society, at the time of the prophets, I send them without a doubt, Islam has the ability to do that right now, today, in 2022.

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That is our faith, my brothers and sisters.

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That is our Islam, that is our identity. So when we walk out there, and we feel like a minority, we feel like we're not the majority, we feel different.

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We feel like we are alien, even though many of us, myself included, born and raised in this country. I don't know any other culture, the way I know, American culture.

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That's my culture. But yes, sometimes as a Muslim, you can feel alienated. But my brothers and sisters, that is the same trial, that is the trial that the companions of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe was sending them themselves went through the prophet Sallallahu, ala he was setting them in his own society in his own community. He felt alienated because society had gone astray.

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And so my brothers and sisters, instead of lamenting over how bad things have gotten, it is imperative that we educate ourselves. It is imperative that we are there for one another, it is imperative that we help one another in the trials that are in front of us. Because that is how we're going to make it through this. My brothers and sisters, the prophets summon Why send them he said I they couldn't be GEMA. He said, I urge you, I urge you to stick to the GEMA to stick to the congregation. Look around you right now. The people around you are your source of strength. There are your help. There are the ones that are in this together with you. We're not alone. 100 Allah,

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the deen of Allah who Subhan Allah to Allah is present is thriving. And the fact that we are all gathered here in this room today is testimony to that very fact that we are not alone in this journey, my brothers and sisters. And now for a moment I want to speak to the younger generation. I want to speak to the teenagers and I want to speak to their parents. In the few moments that I have left. I know that sometimes we can feel alienated sometimes you can feel alienated from Islam. And I know that the teenage years are a time in your life, where you're going through changes. When you want to assert your own identity. And you want to assert your independence, you want to be your own

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You want to establish yourself, but my brothers and sisters, remember that nothing will bring you honor and pride, the way your dean will bring you honor and pride. As much as you may feel that by following someone else, even though they're different than their than your parents, or than your community that you have somehow rebelled and established yourself. That will never bring you honor. It will never bring you satisfaction, the way the deen of Allah who Subhanallah data will bring you satisfaction because in the end of the day, when you put your head on your pillow at night, it is not about your parents. It is not about your family. It's not about your community. It is about you.

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It is about your sense of self worth. Where does your self worth come from? Does it come from how many people like you? Does it come from how how part how much part of society you feel? Or does it come from your relationship with Allah Who Subhan Allah Allah and I close with that my brothers and sisters fo new Cody hada stuff that Allah Allah come through in the horrible for him was Sarah Juan rahmatullahi wa barakato

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