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Staying the Course: The Hallmark of Muslim Youth.
Nation Muslim Basketball Tour – Midwest 2011

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One of the beauties of our being

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opposed to the society we live in,

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is that our need for

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a collective collective

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contrary to what the society promotes, which is individually, I have my house, my property and

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my father asked anything about me, leave me alone.

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When it comes to our need or need individually, rd or religion teaches collectivism, how to always be to get until the point that if you look at the actions of our D that we've been, we've been commanded

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to carry out the acts of worship, we find that the act alone compared to the act and collect collectively to reward them collectively outweighs many more calls to action.

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For example, the most basic example of this is celebrate a boom you get a single reward for a promotion. Along with a group of people establishing brotherhood and establishing a community what happens now the reward is multiplied by 2523 27 different narrations, it's almost five days of solo, a person can get that reward just by playing one song, together collectively with a group of Muslims. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned

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to the believers or brothers of the believers are brothers of each other. The color shouldn't matter.

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The background the culture shouldn't matter. What matters is that we have

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we study the life of

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the companions in Medina, we find that there is a person by the name of Sandman, you've heard of this person, right? So manifest Rosie from he was from Persia, and then you

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know, who are the two main superpowers at the time?

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I mentioned that

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the Romans were fighting each other. So one is from

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another Empire. But when they become Muslims, there is no I didn't even show the slightest grudge against you don't hear any reason. To me, he tripped over some Foxy while they're walking on the street, or whatever the other one sold his money.

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It didn't matter. The backgrounds didn't matter once they became Muslims. And

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he clarified it's very clear. In the last sermon he gave in the hush, hush. He mentioned

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that there is no excellence for

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excellence for the owner of an auto

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You are not superior to one who will start to skip or one who has red skin

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unless you excel that individual unless you beat that individual impiety.

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And when he said a couple Hakuna Bhatia. He

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said that, Heidi and you use this finger and he pointed to his chest This applies here. Don't try to impose your piety of other people by showing them your actions by using your statements against them by showing that your power because your power only lies in the hands of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in the law

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Look at your face on beautiful, how often you go visit the beauty parlor so often you go visit the beauty salon doesn't care your face in

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your face.

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But a lot here says what's inside your heart

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is what are you what are your actions. Lots of title doesn't

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matter what happened on that day, no wealth and no children will help you.

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Except for the one who comes to us. With a sound heart. There was a companion. This has always been one of my favorite hobbies as a child. I recorded everything I need, you know for 15 years and I studied whenever the study came it always brought tears to my eyes because I thought the beauty of Islam within the city, one of my favorite Ahadi and the honey is a story of a hobby by the name of

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sad. He was

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the reason why he was fired is because his

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and his he was

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Try to say his name was sad. And that's what

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he said he was

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a messenger of Allah

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that will enter the agenda. As soon as

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he through messenger of Allah and darkened skin, people make fun of me. People look down on me, no one wants their daughter to marry me. I'm a loser in the community. What's gonna happen to me? It's not gonna be pleased.

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I'm not gonna be upset with me.

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Well, I guess

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you will get it. And that's my promise to ensure

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any sort of messenger a lot of what you're saying is true. The wider the people in the room have done me so much.

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No one will ever look down Have you ever again and he said Go and call this man but

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he has a daughter who will marry his daughter.

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And his daughter was one of the most beautiful women in

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the senior the seniors in the higher people were higher ranks. They dreamed of

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read that it's a dream come true for him. He's married the most beautiful lady and so you look around

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and tell him

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that he's very sad come to the house.

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And he knocks on the door in the West Coast.

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The Messenger of Allah has sent me here has sent me here to marry your daughter

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looks at him says Look at your face. Look at yourself, you're gonna marry my daughter.

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He said

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we're gonna deal with that later on. You're gonna marry my daughter. That's the final word here. So he was sat over without you know this the way he started off was heading back to the machine.

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And the daughter steps up from behind the curtain he said oh my father in law student last sentence. And we reject her suit. We will we be? How can you ever live a life after rejecting?

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We're believing will be exactly where we are sitting right now. Who will we be exactly who we are today. If we reject the sooner reject the columns, who believe each person ask them So who are you Who am I? Without as soon as possible? So ask yourself why are we where we are today? It's the answer simple because we commanded the tsunami.

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Imagine leaving

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your loved one. He's sitting on the table eating with the Persian generals, or the Persian generals is eating with the top generals of the rope and he's having a dinner with him. And he picks up a morsel he reads into his mouth and the morsel slips his hands off the ground, bends down and picks up the porcelain. He cleans it and he's the man next to me.

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From the garden eating it while you're sitting on the top of the table with the generals of the world. You should be ashamed of yourself what kind of matters

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and he says something that honestly you should write in your heart and

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he looks at him like disgusting.

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We have an eye for these idiots here for these idiots.

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So this girl sister.

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rejected. She says oh my father, you do not have any objection to this. And when

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they both come to the

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US as soon as

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he said I mentioned

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how much

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I've ever seen in my life.

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I'm gonna give it to her.

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take it easy. Go to

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go to them and tell each and every one of them to give it to him.

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He comes back but 60 minutes he gets here. As soon as

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you go home, your husband will deal with the

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leftover money you have.

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Before he goes to the market is looking for a gift for his wife. You can't even imagine how excited he is his

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agenda. The lady we'd never dream of marrying you just marry her. You can never imagine providing he just gave a diary. His wife is sitting at home waiting for him and he's wanting to buy a gift for his wife. He's

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he's walking in the market. He's walking in the market looking for a nice, the perfect gift for the perfect person. And what happens there is events that are elevated area and he says

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he's in that supposedly just a

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vision that he was at a time of war has come

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Join the battlefield all men here and let's go and

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go and enter into paradise.

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He looks at the 200 gentlemen his hands, he looks back to the house where his wife is sitting. And he says, and he realizes that he has to do. He purchases a horse. He purchases his very first farmer in his life. And he purchases the very first sword in his life. He put some armor on, he takes a sword, he mounts the horse, and he joins the army. He throws a clock over his face because he realizes that

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you weren't allowed to fight. He had just gotten married moments ago, and he's going in the battlefield. He has a conference space. The companions are asking, Who is this man? I

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forget who he is. He's wearing a lot. Let him maintain his sincerity that people don't keep himself hidden. The worst

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enemy behind the field, he's fighting away. He's finding a way to find an intern falls off his horse and space for a single woman is exposed. As soon as

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he says, Bring that man here right now. When the man comes in front of

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him. He removes the bill from his face. He has tears in his eyes, people's love, all messenger will love the man standing in front of you is no other than sadness for the tsunami whose nega moments ago was sort of less than love it said, I told you that entered the paradise.

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never looked at the face.

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Never looks at your pocket, when he looks at what is inside your chest. When he looks at his What's it what your actions are saying.

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Your actions and your heart always told us who you were sad you are going to paradise. And that's my promise to you saw that as soon as

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he stands up once again, he goes on the battlefield. And he's fighting, fighting, fighting until he is injured and when he's injured is about passed away.

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runs to say he doesn't want to he wants to he dives piece of his head and puts it in his lap and

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he gets a stroke to hear

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me and he passes away in

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tears and he's crying cuz look at this man. This is

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this is what you're calling a true believer. This is what you call a Muslim. He gave his life for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. On the day of his marriage, it was sort of lots and lots of crying. And then all of a sudden sort of lots and lots of begins to smile. And then he turns his face away and gets up and leaves the companion see or messenger of Allah first you're crying, then you smile, and all of a sudden you gotta laugh What is this? Some said, When the man passed away, I thought to myself how great of an individual is he? Here's where both my eyes and then I saw the food coming to receive Him. And as far as body being washed with a water paradise, his wounds being

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washed the waters of Paradise, I begin to smile safe at Sunderland span is going through exactly where you want it to go. And then the whole thing and progress towards it. And one of their legs were exposed a little So I turned my face away. And I sit down let him relax for less than I had set for him. No sort of lesson from left

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aspirins Harbor, asked for the sword and ask him of course and said go give this back to that lady was waiting at that house and tell her her husband couldn't beat her in this role. Her husband

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and this is the gift that he would purchase from the market.

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This is such a beautiful answer. I love this. I looked at him. And I made the biggest mistake

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I saw inside Yeah, you know, his hair braided up and yeah, check what's going on? Sure it was ripped up. He was like 18 years old for like, you know, he really just was all over the show. This guy was all over the show. Yeah, probably I don't know, he had things that you know, tattooed on his finger.

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Whatever the case of Greg, so he hasn't really

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made it to the machine. So I said to him, Okay, you know what, I'll meet you. Let me just finish up with some other things that need to get done. You know, for those of you who've been to ICS, you have 400 people in one machine, which is totally accommodate for 200. And it's tech. So finally when I met this brother, it was 12 o'clock at night. Everyone's sleeping. We're sitting there alone. And I said what's hot? So he started crying. He said

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he started crying and crying, crying and I said What's happened? What's the problem? I'm just thinking probably some drug issues, probably experienced want to get a girlfriend probably had a secret. They got bored the kid? Probably you know, you know, the cops are out.

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Tomorrow, I was thinking of all these things, right? Let's see what happened.

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She said to me, she had a lot of anger. I said What happened? What made you see this? He said the very first time in my life in four years. I missed the last night.

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I was

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so puzzled. I honestly I was thinking back so far. That why did I think this person was seeing this image of what was lying in science versus inner life.

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The point that I want to

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focus on yourself. Don't let people deceive. Right. Don't let people judge you and at the same time you

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Our job is to care for every person around us. And if we decide to stop caring for the people because they fall under the fifth, because it's

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because they fall into another race. This is foolishness, right? Our Deen tells us

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that we need to have groups and tribes to get to know

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each other or the Jesus

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is the final word that I'm holding.

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One of you can never be a complete believer.

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minute when he left for himself, anything that happened on the court and Iraq and you have access to that here, when you leave here when we leave Of course, once again we saw embrace one another, shake our hands and show that brother for them became established.