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Zubaidah wife of Haroon ArRasheed

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So micrometer over cattle brothers and sisters, I wanted to share with you the story of

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one of the wives of Harun al Rashid. Her name was Zubaydah bent Jaffer. Are they allowed her Anna was a very righteous woman.

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Very interesting story. And I thought that inshallah it could be something that you would really enjoy knowing the way that when Jaffer was a very righteous woman, and as you know how to Rashid Mashallah was a righteous man and Zubaydah was well known to be a Hashmi

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and also from the mother was also harsh to me.

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And she was well known to be a very righteous person from the family of the prophets are seldom directly related to the family.

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It was reported that one debater of the latter Anna went to perform hajj and umrah so when she went to arafat, she saw the Hajaj. And at that time, she noticed that one of the most difficult things that the Hajaj were having difficulty with is actually finding water. So what she did was she actually called her minister and personal gods that everyone and said,

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find every bit of wealth that I have, and build as many wells as possible until some people even mentioned that she built a canal, all the way from Makkah, going all the way into arafat supporting and supplying water to the judge. And she had wells built all along this canal in order to support the water so that the judge could drink water

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as part of the What a great fit my That is right. Can you imagine? So much so was this Padma that all the judges were thanking her and making love for her and praising her. So when she passed away people saw as a beta in her in their dreams. And so they were like, what is Allah done with you? they asked. So she mentioned in the dream and the dream was was said that she said to these people, Allah has forgiven me. So the people said, Oh, is it because of that? Well, that you dug the canals and the under the water that you provided for the judge? Is that the reason because obviously that was the most precious thing that she had done that was well known to people and the most popular

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thing she said no, it wasn't because of that it was because of two rockers that I used to pray at the depths of the night. So Subhanallah you know sometimes all of this work that we're doing, or all of this hard work that we're doing in Ramadan working for this charity and that charity working for this project and that working our life towards some serious goal or the other for the Mohammed Salim it may all be rejected by Lhasa budget, it may be just that to rock as at night is that $10 that you give to some poor person and he raises his hands, begging Allah to forgive you it might be just a food you put into some orphans mouth it may be a good deed that you do to your mom, it could be re

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citation of the Quran that you did at the depths of the night with your with your eyes floor or overflowing with tears. It could be some miniscule deed that you consider insignificant that could be the one that is accepted by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, this is why my brothers and sisters lamb lamb, para Domino model fish I do not belittle any good at all, especially the good that can only be done or only those deeds that can only be done in secret, such as depth such as such as praying at the depths of night. And this is why you know one of the things I really envy about my brothers and sisters who work with me and mercy mission is I really envy those brothers and sisters who are at

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the back end You know, they're in the back end of conferences and the back end of of the limelight. They're not in the forefront I really envy them well Lucha envy them I envy them because you know no one knows them. Their names are not are not spoken about. There's no credits that mentioned their their names and the titles. No one knows that they are, you know the backbone behind which all of this work happens to support a lot you know what maybe that was what I was going to give them the idea of all of this work rather than us who take the limelight. So we Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Allah forgive us for life Allah forgive us and accept our deeds were ashamed would be for all of this hard work to not be accepted by law. My brothers and sister Islam keep your intention purely for the face while azzawajal nothing but if last will do nothing but a class will do nothing but a class will do and be of those people who strive to do the deeds that are hidden, to not be of the people that are in front. Try to keep completely hidden from everyone and not hidden from from Allah.

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subhanho wa Taala sokola here. Until the next time Salaam Alaikum.