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The Evils of The Tongue: Part 1


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The speakers emphasize the importance of staying flexible and positive in avoiding harming the environment. They stress the need to learn to control one's behavior and avoid giving out personal information. The conversation includes brief advertisements for a new product.

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You're listening to the Calum Institute podcast series, beginning of guidance by saying Kimani

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To find out more information of the saints column course entitled the prophetic code a study of prophetic manners and etiquette. Visit Olam slash prophetic code.

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Rahim al hamdu Lillah

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Allahu Akbar Serrano diverticula. Dino Stouffer, Hassan rsat delusory Mohammed Ali Hill Ischia was harbor hill at clear about.

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So, we're continuing on from last week's discussion in last week, we started off part two of Marvel's waterlilies famous book the beginning of guidance. And in part two, he mumbles Agha la era is teaching us those things, we need to stay away from the things that we need to stay away from things that are not good for us, because it is telling us how to stay away from them. Now the way he categorizes all the sins that we need to stay away from, is by going through the different limbs in the human body. So last week, we covered for example, the sins that are associated to the human eye. But we also covered the sins that are associated to the ear. And today moving forward, we're going

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to start with the third one inshallah, the sins associated with the tongue.

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As for the tongue, it was created for you only so that you could spend much time in the remembrance of Allah Most High and in recitation of his book, that you could guide a lot of features to his way, and that you express your needs in a worldly and religious manner. Okay? Now remember him because

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he doesn't only take a approach and instructional approach that stay away from 1234. That's not all he does. He first gives us a reflection point by saying, what should you have used your tongue for? Why did Allah give it to you? So now that you're reflecting over that, that anyone was Ali says, don't use it like this because that's being ungrateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he starts off by saying, Why did Allah give you your tongue?

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Allah just Allah subhana wa tada did not give you your tongue. So you can rap about profanity, Allah subhana wa tada did not give you your tongue, to use it for sin and bad things. This tongue was given by Allah, so it can be used to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it's interesting because in a day, we probably utter somewhere between 7000 words to 10,000 words, on average, and the 7000 to 10,000 words that we utter in a single day. Honestly, if you ask yourself, how many of those words even have the name of Allah in it, you'd be baffled? Maybe the name of Allah will set 10 times, maybe the name of Allah was said 100 times, but where is 7000 10,000? And where is 100 times

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and it kind of gives you an idea of how the tongue is being used. It is said regarding the Buddha is surrounded he made it to Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And in his door, he asked Allah for four things. And he told a lot to protect him from four things. What are the four things that he asked for? lasagna and Akira? What Colburn Shakira? What burden and zawiera was au jetten turini fee Dini, I have affinity, he made a lot of four things. And every one of you should make dua for these four things as well. The first thing he says, oh, Allah, give me a tongue that will always be engaged in your remembrance, say I mean, a lot of the tongue that will always just remembering a law always

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remembering the law. Because when you remember something abundantly, that's a sign that you love it, you know, people that that for example, they like sports, that's the only thing their tongue talks about. For some people who like for example, cars, the only thing their tongue talks about, for some people who are into for example, you know, a sort of a particular type of martial arts, that's the only thing their tongue will talk about, because that's what they like, people who are doctors, every discussion of their somewhere the other medicine will be mentioned, because that's what they like to hear. When we remember Allah subhanho wa Taala. And always in the reverence of Allah, that's

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a sign that we love Allah subhanho wa Taala abundantly. The second thing that he made law for was Calvin, Shakira, Allah give me a heart that will always thank you. Because remember, Allah subhanho wa Taala has favored us with so many things. And we do not want a heart that is ungrateful to Allah. We want a heart that will always be thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala. People that are ungrateful are usually pessimists and they're negative. And negative people can get far in life, you have to learn to be positive, and you create positivity within yourself by thanking Allah subhanaw taala for what he has given you. because trust me, wherever you are, or whatever background whatever life you

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come from, no matter how foggy or rough you think it is, there is someone who has it harder than you. There's someone on this planet who has it harder than you. So think Allah subhanaw taala for the comparatively easy life, okay, for the life that you have that it's a lot easier think Allah subhanaw taala for that, and the fourth dwad that he made was, Oh Allah, give me a wife, who will help me in my worldly affairs and will also be a means of my salvation in the hereafter. That Allah give me a spouse that will help me in the world. Not someone

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Who will take me down who will take me into bankruptcy and Oh Allah give me a spouse that will help me in the hereafter. My spouse shouldn't be the one who forces me into the fire of hell. He's a four things he asked for. And then he said, Oh law protect me from four things. These are very beautiful. The first thing he said, he asked a lot for protection. He said, Oh Allah, save me from a child who will become my master.

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Do not give me a child who will one day rule over me and bossed me around or Allah, give me a child who will be obedient, don't give me a child that will be my master. And unless 100 I blessed him with.

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So they might have a son, who was a master to the world, that his kingdom did not cover come over his father, though that is not even the genius to listen to him, even the birds listen to him, but not over his father. That was because his father always made this a law. Never give me a son who will be my master. My shift is to say that you can be a shift for everyone on the road, but you can't be the shift for your father. To your father, you'll always be a humble servant to your father, you'll always be a child to your parents, you'll always a child, you can never go and preach your parents, you can advise them, but you can't be a preacher to them. The second thing here,

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he made the auto law law saved me from a wife that will make me old while I'm still young.

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Oh, Allah, Emirati to chez Eva niqab local machine or LA save me from a spouse that will make me old before I become old. Because marriage can have that effect on people. The third thing he said, Oh, Allah saved me from wealth, that will be a punishment for me and will be a burden against me. I don't want wealth like that. Because some people love that it gives them wealth. But as long as soon as they earn that money, their life gets flushed down the toilet. Now they don't have a life anymore. They can't give time to their kids anymore. They can't give time to their family anymore. They're always worried about the next lawsuit. They're always worried about what needs to be done

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now what needs to be done now. And then that worry and figure they lose their own life. So you're saying Oh, Allah, give me wealth, that will be easy for me, give me wealth that will be for me, that will make me happy that will give comfort to me, that won't bog me down. And the last one he said was Oh Allah, save me from in save me from a neighbor, save me from such a neighbor, that if he sees my good, he hides it. But if he sees my evil, he spreads it. Well, I don't want a neighbor like that, that whenever he sees my good, he doesn't tell anyone about it. Because he should talk about the good and other people. But this guy hides my good. And if he sees me make a single mistake, a

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single slip up, he tells the entire world that you know the other day I saw police outside his house. Maybe the police came there because you call them because someone was harassing you, but they're not going to look at it that way. They're gonna say maybe someone arrested him, the cops came to his house, you know, don't have your kids married into that house anymore. Watch out for these people to all cooks. So he's saying here all law save me from a neighbor who gives me a bad image who gives a bad image of me in the eyes of people. So these are the four laws without without Islam. The second thing Mmm, because Allah says Allah gave you this tongue to read the Quran. You

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know, and I always tell my friends is, mine is the month of Ramadan, seriously, ask yourself, when is the last time you sat with the Quran to read it. And if you're thinking of maybe a week ago, or maybe a few months ago, that's a source of shame. And I speak to myself first I'm not pointing fingers at anyone. I speak to myself. But what right beforehand have I fulfilled by reading it? Allah subhanaw taala gave me this tongue For this reason, if Allah subhanaw taala was to tell me, for example, if I gave you a car to deliver pizzas, and you use that car to take your girlfriend out, use that car for your own personal business, use that car to drive your parents around town,

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but you're not delivering pizza, what would I end up doing?

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I would take it away, right? So I'd say brother, give me that car back. You're not using it for delivering pizza. So philosopher hamburger has given you this tongue to engage in his remembrance of Allah gave you this tongue to read his book. And at the end of it, if we don't do that, Allah subhanaw taala has the ultimate right to say, give me that tongue back. And if a lot takes his tongue away from us, then what will we say after that? So use this tongue everyday, open the Koran a little bit and read it. You'll be amazed there was one girl she contacted me.

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She was in university. This is from another country. By the way. A girl contacted me from another country. She said shift I was in university. And while I was studying in university, I met this guy. And we started hanging out with each other we got to some things that we shouldn't have been doing. And we did certain acts that were not allowed in Islam. Right. And then she said to me that shift.

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I'm so disgusted with myself that even when I go to the washroom, I cry, I can look up myself in the mirror anymore. I'm so disgusted with myself. I can't even smile in front of people because I feel like I've committed a sin. That I don't know what Allah will forgive me or not. Allah will forgive her inshallah. That's another discussion, but I'm just trying to say what she's going through because of what she did. Okay.

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Then she said to me that I knew this was wrong. My parents told me that this was bad. I know culturally, it was a bad thing. But one day I was sitting in the masjid and I picked up the Quran I started reading it. And Allah subhanahu wa tada said in the Quran, that safeguard your private parts and keep them clean, purify your private parts. And when I read this in the Quran,

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It hit me that I did a bad job at fulfilling this verse of the Quran. one verse of the Quran changed her life. What was it just one verse of the Quran changed her life. And now she's crying and making Toba. She started memorizing the Quran literally, this girl changed her entire life. She left that guy and never talked to him again, change your entire life because of the power of the Quran. But if you don't read the Quran, then how can you ever expect the Quran to have an impact on you? The Quran has miracles, but you have to open that treasure box first. Okay, then after that, he says that Allah gave you this tongue so you can guide people towards this now, you don't realize but a single

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words of yours can be a guidance for people for Islam. This as you can turn people away from Islam with a single word, you can guide people towards Islam. And then after that, he says, the reason why Allah gave you this tongue is so that you can beg Allah for what is hidden inside your heart, from the deep from the your needs for this worldly life in the hereafter. Anything you need. ask Allah that's why Allah gave me this tongue so you can come and beg Allah subhana wa Tada. Now he goes to the next part of the discussion. Yes, if you then use it for other than what he was created, for, you have been ungrateful for Allah blessing. The tongue is the part of the body most able to

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overpower both you and are the creatures, the tongue is that part of the body that has the ability to overpower you and other people. It's not always strength that is used to overpower someone. Sometimes someone can be puny and thin, but they can overpower you with their with their tongue. their tongue is so powerful. You know, it's known regarding assignment Tabitha de la when he was a companion to the purpose of allowing it was saddam, who was a great poet. And, you know, in those days, you know how in our days, we have media, so if someone publishes an article against you, or they have a little, dedicate even a minute of any, any major news station to defaming a particular

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person, that person is absolutely defamed. And those days, the way they defame people, their medium of, you know, mass media marketing was poetry. So if a famous poet said something, everyone would say, that's it. You know, this guy is right. So there was a poet who spoke out against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now, when he spoke out against the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. He said things, how would you and I deal with it, we'd probably say, let's go beat that guy up given a headlock and usually beat this guy up. The progress that allamani was sent him says, No, we're gonna fight their battle back with him. If they think that they have poetry, they'll show them what

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we have. And the Prophet says to her son, man Sabbath,

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it's your turn now to come forward and defeat the enemy. And Hassan bin five, it doesn't have to go and work on his biceps and go and punch that guy or anything. He does start seeing his poetry and his poetry for the purpose of allowing Hollywood cinema so beautiful, that the positivity he brings to the stage eliminates all the negativity from opposition. And an assignment topic. By the way, it was known regarding him that he was a great poet. But in terms of strength in terms of the fighter, he had never he I don't want to say he had never because that's a little pushing it, but he wasn't the best warrior to have next to you in a battlefield. There's one incident that the Muslims were in

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a battle and the women were at the back and the prophet SAW some total assignment Savage, you're supposed to guard the women. He said, I got this

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the enemy started coming in that direction. They said to him, Hassan Come on, do something. He said, Guys, I can see some poetry. I don't do this sword business, right. So one of the women said if you're not going to do and then she picked up the sword I ran out for that guy, and he knocked that guy down, right?

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The slot to speak down upon assignment topic. That's not the intention is that the point that I'm making is that everyone has a skill. And the tongue is that one limb of the body that if used, it's actually if a person once it's it's like an arrow wrapped in poison. But if you want that very same tongue can now be one that is dipped inside honey. That's what the popsicle said. I'm says in one Hadid, every morning, the entire body says to the tongue before you wake up, you know, before you wake up and you're about to wake up, the entire body says to the tongue, dear tongue on behalf of the body, we asked you to please be good for any judge that our judge now, right. If you mess up,

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we're going to mess up too. Because your impact is going to come on to us. So your tongue corrupts you, and it corrupts other people as well. So be careful of what your tongue says. You know,

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the Arabic poet, he says, If fatherly sonica you will insert that your love and abandon Some say this is Imam Shafi.

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And what does he say? He says that, pretend protect your tongue, fatherly Sonic, protect your tongue. And you heard inside Oh human being like the one Mecca in the hotel ban. Because if you're not careful, that tongue may come and bite you because it's like a it's like a snake. It's very dangerous to come back and bite you. And then he says that there are so many people that are lying in their graves, because their tongues kill them. It's not the sword that killed them, their tongues kill them. And now when they stand in front of alarm, the day of judgment, they will have been the most the most courageous people were defeated sometimes because

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The power of the tongue. So be very careful of how you use your tongue. Yes, quote, people are not thrown into hell. This is a hadith by the way. Now this quote is a hadith. People are not thrown into hell on their faces for anything more than the harvest of their tongues. The Prophet said of this hobby that he said to this haba that the one thing that causes most people to go to the fire of hell is they can't control their tongue. You know, when you get hot headed, you say something, you don't mean it, you can't take it back. Now it's gone. And once you've set it, it's gone. You know, people are going to take effect of what you said. So you have to learn to control your mouth. That's

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what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the strong one isn't the one who can slam the other guy down. You guys remember that? Heidi? The strong one is not the one who beats his opponent, who was the strong one

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who can control himself at the time of anger. That's the real battle. Because when you're angry, you feel that burn in your heart. And you're telling yourself Don't say anything, but you're pushing. The other side of you is saying Do it, do it? And you're saying, No, no, no, that Bernie filling your heart. That's what you call, you know, spiritual strength. It's like, you know, that spiritual strength that you're building at that moment? Yes. struggle to gain victory over your time with all your mind, lest it throw you onto your list and throw you onto your face in the pit of hell. For it has been narrated in a heartbeat. Nearly a man might utter a single word. And for this one word, he

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is hurled to the depths of hell, a distance of 70 years, sometimes a single word of yours can make you be tossed in the fire of hell, and you will fall in the fire of hell for 70 years. And Alabama. Now we don't have to lie Holly, who was a great commentator of Hadith, he says 70 years actually means forever. Because 70 is for the feed. It's for abundance. And that means that this person may be in the fire of hell forever. So be careful with what you say. Yes. a martyr with that he narrates a story. Yes, famous story. a martyr was killed in battle. And so this battle was the Battle of war, there was a person that was killed. Yes. And someone said of him, How lucky he is he he has earned

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paradise. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, How do you know it may be that he used to speak of them which he did not concern him? Or was miserly over things which were of no benefit to him in any way. Prophet said, the prophet didn't say he's not going to paradise. Look at the way the Prophet worded it. He said, How do you know, maybe this guy used to talk about things that didn't concern and maybe he did a lot of chitchat. And maybe he was miserly with things that did not benefit him at all, meaning his wealth, maybe he was overly stingy. And he spoke about things that weren't beneficial to him. So the Prophet is highlighting These are things you want to stay away

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from, because not controlling your tongue can be a barrier between you and genda. not spending generously could be a barrier between you and agenda. You know, speaking about things that relate to you is important. If someone else has a problem, you don't get involved unless they ask you to get involved. Don't, don't put your nose into other people's business, focus on your life. You know, we're too busy fighting and defending on behalf of other people that we forget to focus on our own lives. You know, we've been a shield for everyone. But what about for yourself? What about developing yourself as an individual, everyone has their nose and their nose and everyone else's

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business? But what about your own business? So we're talking about what's happening in that person's marriage? What's wrong with that person's kid? How this person has this problem at school had that person that's this health issue? This person has this machine issue that measures this board issue, that board has this president issue? Everyone's talking about everything? What's happening in your life? You know, what have you done with your life so far? You're 25 years old, you're 30 years old? What have you done? You know, what kind of education have you put together? Have you please Allah subhana wa, Tada. How was your health? How was your relationship with your mother? How is your

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relationship with your friends, let's talk about things that are important. Forget about them. They're not important because Allah is not going to ask you about them on the Day of Judgment. A lot is gonna ask you about you. And that's what matters right now. So here your mom's argument, allegedly, he's saying this. Don't talk about things that don't relate to you. It is never heard from Look, man. Look, man, the wise you guys have all heard of him before? Yes, he's referenced in the Quran. Look, man, the Wise. Someone asked, Look, man, how did you gain your wisdom? How did you gain wisdom? He gave a very profound answer. He said I close my mouth a lot open my heart.

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I stopped talking unnecessarily. And a lot showered wisdom on my heart. Look, man, Hakeem said that local Colombian football kind of screwed him in that. He said if speaking is considered as silver, then silence is gold. And similarly, there is a statement from immunoblotting Rahmatullah. YALI, he said locaton kurama feito Atilla human fitball if speaking about the obedience of Allah is silver, then silence from the maaseiah from the disobedience of a law is gold. So silence is something better for you than speaking bad? If you're going to speak speak good, otherwise keep it quiet. naman was added on with the law. He says, I've talked about the importance of controlling your

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tongue. I will highlight here, eight major things you need to watch out for how many things eight samanya. I'm going to highlight to you eight things that you need to be careful of. Remember this book right here is a summary of the yellow muddy. The original is the yellow muddy.

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He along with Dean mumbles along with the law, he has dedicated an entire chapter to a thought to listen, which means the diseases of the tongue. And there, he doesn't discuss eight, he discusses 20 there.

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That's a book to read. That's a very good, maybe one day, we can have a seminar on that the 20 diseases of the tongue. It's a very powerful chapter. I taught this before some years ago in the desplaines Potter budget for those of you who remember, but anyway, hearing mumbles argument, allottee, he covers eight of them. Today, inshallah, we'll try to go through four of them. And we'll leave the next four for our next class inshallah. And as he's the one line, guard, you turn from line bulfin seriousness, and in just seriousness isn't just because if you lie, when you're joking, then you'll end up lying when you're serious. And if you lie, when you're serious and lie when

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you're joking, then people are never going to know when to trust you and what not to trust you. And your trust, is your dignity. If you have no trust, you have no dignity. You know, as an Imam, I know that there are certain people and I'm not to be judgmental, but you just know that certain people, they have done a very good job at always making up stories when they're presenting their side of the story to you. They always do a good job. But you, you really learn to realize that at some point, you can't even trust people anymore. At some point, you're like, I have to hear both sides of the story. That's why as a judge and Muslim leader or Muslim community leader, you're not supposed to

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give a verdict until you hear both sides of the story. Because one person may be very good. You know, there's a famous incident that a lady came to a coffee shop or a party should I was a student of the law. One lady came to Claudia Sri, and she placed a complaint in front of Claudia. And she was crying and crying and crying. The whole nine yards, right? She was like, you know, like this and crying and sad. Our eyes were swollen. So cloudy, she said to her, tell me your story. So she was you know, kind of like this crying her way through the story. Then after she was done, he said, now call the other person other party. I want to hear their story. So everyone else sitting there said

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coffee. Are you really going to torture this lady so much that you're going to invite that other person and make him give his testimony? Look at her she could never lie? What do they say? Look at her. She could never lie. So coffee today was such a wise man.

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He said of crying was a sign of testimony. It was a was a sign of truthfulness and testimony, then explained to me that I have the Quran

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above marisha and yakun.

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Anyone know where that is from?

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surah Yusuf. And when did the ayah that they took Yusuf Ali Salaam, they dumped him in the well. They took his quota covered it in blood, they came back to their father and they were crying, oh, daddy died. Instead of crying about him a shot of Kuhn and Allah in coffee. Sri says, If crying was a sign of being truthful, then tell me how do they lie to their father while they were crying. So you don't judge people simply by what they say. And a lot of times people lose their trustworthiness because they're not truthful. So you have to be truthful in every matter. Even the Prophet said aloud. He was one of the Prophet was joking with the companions and someone said, a messenger of

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Allah. Why do you joke, the prophet said, even in my jokes, I only speak the truth. I don't lie in my jokes, either. being truthful is very important. Because if you can't be truthful, you can't be trusted. Your spouse can't trust you, your kids can't trust your siblings can't trust you, your employer can trust you, no one can trust you, when you can't be trusted, then there is no value for you.

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Now, let it get accustomed to lying and just don't let it get a custom. Because when you get addicted to lying, then stepping out of that addiction is painful. So don't become addicted to it. Sometimes you have to live with the truth and say it, you may have to face the consequences. But that'll teach you to deal with reality and not to hide behind false words. So for example, if I did something wrong, I broke into this door. Now someone asks me, did you break into it? I can say no. And I can get away with it. Or I can say yes, I can be punished for it. And I'll never break into a door again. You guys understand? So you have to man up some time to say I did it. Yes. And if I

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deserve a punishment, let it be. That's my truthfulness. And I can lie to you but what about Allah subhana wa Tada. You know, there are 10s of narrations like this. There was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they were going on the Battle of the book. And when they were going on the Battle of the book, it was a very big battle. It was a first time the Muslims were fighting against the Romans. I mean, this was Muslims were always fighting against Arabs This was now let's go against the Roman Empire. So when they were going there was once a hobby by the name of Calvin of the along one. Goblin Malik

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gnomes, right?

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Yeah, carbon molecule, the law when he was supposed to be with he was supposed to join the army. He was a very good hobby. When the army left, he thought to himself, you know, I have a good horse. Let me rest in one more day at home. tomorrow. I'll use my fast horse and catch up. The next day he came he thought you know what? One more day my horse is fast. it'll catch up. Three, four days passed by and he realized now the caravan was gone so far. He couldn't catch up anymore. So he missed out on the full battle. When the Prophet came back from the Battle of the book,

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Everyone came one by one to the office that a lot of those who didn't join they came to give their excuses. Some hypocrite was saying, This is my problem everyone was lying. When Goblin Malik stern came, he came to the front of the Messenger of Allah.

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He was very honest, real talk. He's what a messenger of Allah all these guys, many of them just lied to you right now, you and I both know that because they were hypocrites and they were known for hypocrite their hypocrisy. He's a messenger of Allah, I can also lie to you as well. And I know for a fact that I can convince a person when I lie, because I have the ability to speak I have the ability to convince but even if I may lie to you, or messenger of a lie can never lie to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala and I know Allah is always watching me, so I can't get away. If I don't take the punishment in the world, then I will be punished in the hereafter and our gravity the punishment of the world. There was a companion of the Prophet said Allahu Allah will set up

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my eyes. You guys want the story of my eyes? My eyes he came to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam he said a messenger of Allah in need God's innate, I committed Zina.

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The Prophet said to the Sahaba just got drunk.

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So they showed him a common is this guy, drunk a little. So so once he got up, he smelled himself. Now he's not drunk. iv junoon is he not saying service of Allah? He's saying, The Prophet said to him, you know, might go back home and make Toba to Allah go back home and repent to Allah. He was going back home. And he thought to himself, maybe the Messenger of Allah didn't understand I committed Zina right now I couldn't have made her sin. He said, I'm going to go back and be truthful again. It's a messenger of Allah. I did a committed Zina. And the Prophet has the same two questions. Then he said, Go back home and make Toba to Allah. He came back a third time he said a

00:26:39--> 00:27:14

messenger of Allah committed Zina. And then the Prophet said, Come back home and make Toba. He came back the fourth time, because he knew that he committed a mistake, and he wanted to admit to it, he'd rather live with the punishment and the profits of demise. What are you doing this? He said, The Messenger of Allah, I'd rather live with the punishment in the world and die within the Hereafter, because I won't be able to deal with that. And the Prophet, and he was a married man. So the Prophet order the Sahaba, the punishment was to him for him to be stoned. And they gathered around and they began to stone him. And when they started stoning him, at one point he tried to run,

00:27:14--> 00:27:44

because when the stone sort of hitting them in it, he kind of realized that this was going to be the This is it. So he tried to run when he tried to run someone took an object, and he clotheslined him and knocked him on the face and knocked them right down. And they started hitting them more and more, until he died in that state. When the Prophet heard about this, later on, he said to that Sahabi, you made a big mistake when he was trying to run he should have let him run. Because he was such a sincere person that if he asked Allah for forgiveness, on behalf of Medina, Allah forgiven, the entire Madina. munawwara

00:27:45--> 00:28:22

never judge a sinner by his sin. Just because someone's gone to prison is because someone had a little rough background, you don't know what's in the heart, my friends, you know, and the pot and then a little while later, a lady came. And she's on a messenger of Allah, her name is Osama dia, she's the Messenger of Allah. I committed Zina. Oh my god, here's another one now. Right? And and then the Prophet said, Are you sure? She said, O Messenger of Allah? Are you going to return me back four times like you returned back Mize? I was a lady she couldn't he committed Zina with? And the Prophet said, Are you pregnant? She said, Yes. The Prophet said, then come back after your delivery.

00:28:22--> 00:28:55

He was trying to push it off the energem the Prophet didn't like punishment started push it off as much as he could. She came back nine months later after delivery. And the prophet SAW said, How can I take you away and leave this baby alone go and suckle the child now, so she breastfed the child for two years, because that's Islamic ruling. After that she bought the baby back in this time when the baby came, the Hadith says that the young kid had a piece of bread in his hand, and the prophet and she said on messenger of Allah, let me face the punishment for what I have done. I can live with this. And then she was also stolen and she until she passed away. The reason I mentioned these

00:28:55--> 00:29:26

stories is because sometimes we're so afraid of the immediate consequence that we forget about the long term consequence. I'm not telling anyone to stone anyone here, neither am I saying you guys need to start hitting each other and close, letting each other start whipping each other. That's something that's done under the Muslim government Muslim rule to the body's whole form, right format, right? But what I'm saying is you have to be truthful with yourself, and this is a part of being truthful, when you're truthful. Even if you admit to something wrong, and you're punished for it. At the end of the punishment, you'll respect yourself, is that right or wrong? And if you lie,

00:29:26--> 00:29:54

and you hide it, and you continue to lie, they'll never be able to respect yourself because you're no, you have deceived yourself. You've deceived people, you're a liar. So this is a loss of it says in the Quran, financial Allah Allah tala Helen, God, even Allah says, Are curses upon those who lie. Yes, indeed, lying is one of the breeding grounds of the deadly sins. Moreover, if you become known for lying, people will lose confidence in your word. Mistress Do you and look down upon you

00:29:55--> 00:29:59

if you wish to understand how despicable I am because Allah gives a very beautiful reflection.

00:30:00--> 00:30:38

He says, Do you realize how bad lying is? You know, when you lie you feel good, right? Some people when they lie, they feel good. They feel like I just smarter that guy out. You don't realize how bad it is to lie. So mine was and he says, Let me teach you how bad it is actually to lie. Go ahead. If you wish to understand how despicable it is to lie, look at the line of others. Consider how repelled you feel by it. Imagine someone else lied to you. Forget about you being the liar stop for a second. Imagine your brother lied to you. Your sunlight to you, your mother or father lied to you, your friend lied to you. How would you feel? Go ahead. Consider your disdain for the person who lies

00:30:38--> 00:31:16

in your judgment of his action as immoral. Do this with all of your faults, where you cannot know the ugliness of your own faults except by seeing them in others. Most certainly, then what you have found repugnant in others, they will he find equally repugnant in you. So do not be content with these faults in yourself. Okay, number two, yes, rigging a promise. Beware of ever promising something and then not keeping your promise. rather let your goodness toward people being the realm of action without the need for words. So remember, Sally is saying here. First of all, don't make promises. If I need to give you a ride tomorrow, rather than saying I promise I'll give you a ride

00:31:16--> 00:31:52

to show but the car, let your goodness be through actions without words. Just go and do the good. Okay? In a robin telling someone I'll donate 20,000 tomorrow, just being the 20,000 give it and walk away. See mom was only saying Try not to even use the words. But if you have to make a promise. Now he says yes. But if you are forced to make a promise, then Be careful not to break it unless you are incapable of fulfilling it. Or you have to do so out of Absolutely. Now you promised someone I'll be there at 6pm try to be there at 6pm try your best to be that 6pm if for example you get there 615 630 because of their traffic or maybe you got lost or maybe you have to do something or your

00:31:52--> 00:32:21

tire popped or, you know, whatever the case is, that's excused because that's human. That's it's beyond your capacity beyond human nature, beyond human ability. But without absolute necessity. If you promised someone to be there at six o'clock, you shouldn't leave your house at 610. Okay, and people what do they call it? You know, fashionably late. It's not an Islamic concept. Okay, it's a it's actually far from an Islamic concept. Yes. We're indeed breaking our promises among the signs of hypocrisy and repugnant character.

00:32:23--> 00:33:02

for dogs as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, If a man promised something to his brother, and his intention was to be true to his word, but he was incapable of fulfilling his promise. There is no sin on him. I would I would, yes. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Here are three qualities which if the lie hidden within a person, render him a hypocrite, even if you pass in praise. When he speaks, he lies. When he makes a promise, he breaks it and what he has given a trust, he betrays it. Number three. Number three, backbiting. restrain your tongue from backbiting, for backbiting is the same more severe for a Muslim than 30 eggs of adultery, as is in

00:33:02--> 00:33:39

the narration? If everyone backbite each other, you're going to break the concept of trust within society. That's the crux of it all. You guys understand? If we all speak bad about each other in the community, we no one will be able to respect anyone. That's why in Islam, we say praise people or just don't say anything. And Someone may say but what I'm saying is true. If what you're saying is true, that's what we call backbiting. If what you're saying is false, then we say backbiting, plus slander, it's two mistakes then, because you're lying. You're slandering and your backbiting is like you're just adding the sins up. Yes.

00:33:40--> 00:34:17

The meaning of backbiting is that you make mention of someone in a way that he would dislike the mention of someone in a way they will dislike of it. When we say mentioned that also refers to writing, writing about someone Facebooking about someone tweeting about someone, you know, text messaging your friends, what's happening your friends about someone, it's all considered us backbiting. It's not only what's spoken, any sin that's related to speaking, is equivalently the same sin for anything that is written down anything that is text, and that's typed in Allah subhanho wa Taala can hear your words and he can also read what you write Allah subhanaw taala can read your

00:34:17--> 00:34:42

text messages, my friends, trust me a lot more than I can read emails as well, my friends, these things are all open to Allah subhanho wa Taala. You cannot deceive. So remember, just as you are speaking, you have to keep it clean, keep your conversations clean as well. My chef is always say, you know, as corrupt as political figures, maybe they just might get lucky on the day of judgment and agenda. Because of the millions of people across the world that always do their backbiting.

00:34:44--> 00:34:47

I think about this right? How much do people backed by political figures?

00:34:48--> 00:35:00

This day, unlike the backed by them so much so much, and even the pious people of our community at times are backbiting these political figures or these famous figures who say that these people it's possible they might, they might say

00:35:00--> 00:35:33

According to gender because of all the backbiting that happens about them, so you're not supposed to back by and backbiting is not only limited to Muslims another misconception, people think that they can talk bad about a non Muslim behind their back. No backbiting, there's no nowhere does it mention that backbiting is only limited to Muslims or not? Everyone you're not supposed to back but any person? Yes. Doing so makes you a bit better in a wrongdoer. Okay, now there are some scenarios in which it is permissible to backbite. So, for example, you're speaking about something bad someone else did to warn another person. You guys understand that. So for example, I cannot tell this

00:35:33--> 00:36:06

brother, they know that brother there, he cheated someone in business. So the fact I'm telling him he cheated, someone that business is backbiting, but this is permissible, because I'm actually warning him. And this is what the Quran does, it talks about fit out and fit owns dead. But the reason why the Quran talks about falling behind his back is to warn us of the mistakes that are made. Similarly, if, for example, you're just advising someone that you know, so on, so person made this mistake, or so and so person did this, my advice is don't work that way. So you're warning them or you're advising them. For example, I would advise you know, another aspect of looking at the

00:36:06--> 00:36:25

advising thing is that, I may say for example, I dealt with a marriage case as an Imam. And I saw this is what happened. So I'm telling you that story. So I'm not backbiting them, because I'm sharing that advice with you. So you can learn a lesson. You guys understand that. But however, you shouldn't share names, because it's best to keep those people anonymous. Yes.

00:36:27--> 00:36:39

Another thing is that sometimes it's permissible to backbite. To take it off your chest, you'd like sometimes something someone might do something to you. And this is very real, by the way. So what am I doing in June is just building up on a buildup on a buildup on you. So it's permissible for

00:36:40--> 00:37:07

I don't use the word it's permissible to backbite to take it off your chest, I'm going to rephrase that it's permissible for you to go and share that burden off your chest with someone else. So someone did something wrong to you. Sometimes you have to go tell someone, you might want to call your mom and say, Mom, this is what happened today. Remember to tell your wife or tell a brother or tell you know, some of the community, this is what happened. So it's permissible to go and tell someone if that helps you with getting it off your chest like people do if they go to a counselor, you know, or if you went to a psychologist or psychiatrist, they may ask you to, you know, open up a

00:37:07--> 00:37:30

little. So in that case, that's permissible as well. Yes. Beware of the kind of backbiting that is committed by reciters, who are showing off my mom because he has this very interesting type of backbiting. He says there's a special genre of backbiting that is called the backbiting of the reciters will show off your thinking whatsoever of those. I haven't heard of that before, because it explains what that is. Yes. footnote.

00:37:31--> 00:38:03

No doubt this applies to those who recite the Quran without proper understanding of its deeper meaning, nor apply as councils to their behavior and conduct. But he does it at this point. Now he's gonna explain what that refers to. Yes. This forum bag binding is that you make your meeting understood indirectly saying for example, may Allah rectify him. I am truly saddened by what has happened to him and it has worried me. I ask a lot to rectify both us and Simon because obviously, this is a very shady way of backbiting. What does that I say, Man, Allah have mercy on that Khalid.

00:38:05--> 00:38:37

I told him so many times, but he keeps committing Zina. So I'm telling everyone how to just come in at zero right now. Okay. And the reason why man because obviously this is the this is a very shady way of backbiting is because you're making it sound like you care for him. Right? Matt, Allah have mercy on him. You know, I've advised him so many times. So now you're imposing that you're implying that you're better than him because you're advising him at the same time you're acting like you care for him, but you did not spare him from humiliating him. You guys understand? So the Mongols obviously this is how some people back to they'll act like they're nice and care. They'll make food

00:38:37--> 00:38:49

laws here and there, too. He says that if you really did care, and if you really wanted to make law for him, he didn't mean he didn't need to mention his name. He didn't you didn't need to humiliate him. You could have done all of that without humiliating him. Okay, yes.

00:38:50--> 00:39:27

Indeed, this insinuation is a combination of two reprehensible acts. One is backbiting since the other person understands the point being made, the other is considering yourself virtuous in praising yourself by passing a judgment of evil on another and expressing righteousness for yourself. However, if your true intention in saying May Allah rectify him is supplication then do supplicate for him but silently mmm Gladys is if you're really sincere, just do a silent lead and after announced the world that Khalid committed suicide only Yes. If you really weren't concerned about him, the proof of them that would have been that you would not have desire to disgrace him or

00:39:27--> 00:39:59

reveal his faults. However, your display of concern over his fault is in reality, a display of his fault. Sufficient as a deterrent for you against backbiting are the words of Allah magnificent and majestic, quote, and let not some of you bank by others? Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? No, you would truly despise that. Indeed, Allah likens you to one eating the flesh of the dead. How appropriate is it then for you to be on your guard against such a thing? There is a matter which would stop you from backbiting against Muslims where you

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

pondered turn to yourself in consider is there no flaw in you appearance or hidden mangoes that is giving you a solution to how to stop backbiting among businesses? ask yourself a question how fake I even thought hearing about you know, do you have any faults in you whether it's hidden or apparent? Ask yourself this question. Listen carefully. Okay? Ask yourself this question. Do you have any flaws? Whether it's apparent? Or whether it's hidden? Yes. Are you committing any act of disobedience open or hidden? ask yourself a question. Have I committed a sin today? Or do I commit sins that nobody knows about? or other people are aware about? Ask yourself these questions. Yes. If

00:40:37--> 00:40:53

you know this, to be solo, by yourself, know also that the other person's inability to free himself from what you have ascribed to him is the same as your own. And his excuses the same as yours. Mmm, because Allah says, Look, if you accept that, look, I have a habit of smoking weed, for example.

00:40:54--> 00:41:29

Now you're addicted to that someone can come and ask you, why don't you stop? What's your response going to be? I'm trying but I'm, I'm addicted, straight up, right? So my mom goes on. He says, if that's your defense for yourself, why don't you use that defense for him? Then? You follow what I'm saying? Yes or no? Why don't you say that? Okay, if he's addicted to, for example, looking at something Haram, just as you can get off your addiction, because you're addicted, use the same excuse for him and say, he can get off it because he's addicted. Because it is saying that, defend him this as you would defend yourself. Anyone that you want to backward, stop for a second and say,

00:41:29--> 00:42:06

What would be my defense if I was in the shoes? And whatever my defense is, that's exactly what his defense would be. Yes. Just as you hate to be shamed, and your faults to be mentioned. So today, as he goes on, he says, look, you wouldn't like it. If I were to expose you, he wouldn't like it either. So what you like for yourself, life for the people what you dislike for yourself, dislike for other people? Yes. Yet if you conceal his faults, Allah Most High will conceal yours. If however, you disgrace him, Allah will let loose upon you sharp tongues, ruining your honor in this world, that Allah Most High will shame you in the hereafter in front of all creation. So if you hide

00:42:06--> 00:42:39

someone else's fault, Allah will hide your fault. And if you expose people, you disgrace people, that Allah will release upon you tongues and they'll come from the forms of mother in law's and father in law's and next door neighbors and in terms of your clients, and everyone, all those tongues are going to come out, and they're going to expose you then in this world, and then you will be again exposed in the hereafter. You guys follow this? And I want to make one point clear here. Sometimes you need to expose someone. If someone is doing something in the form of an oppression, there's nothing wrong with exposing them. That's not considered backbiting. There was a case where I

00:42:39--> 00:43:12

dealt with where there was a sister, her husband was beating her up. And she thought by telling the mom her husband is beating up that she was doing one backbiting. And she said, I can't back right? It's hot. It's hot out, I sister, reward you for your dakhla. But we need to deal with his brother right now. So is he hitting you or not? You understand? So sometimes if someone is doing something as an oppression, and it's oppressing, you are oppressing someone, there's nothing wrong with warning other people or bringing that person out. So that sort of exposure is not what we're talking about here. Now, because it says, Okay, stop for a second. So remember, Sally was giving us a

00:43:12--> 00:43:33

solution on how to deal with the habit of backbiting. What he said was what he proposed was ask yourself, do you have any faults? If you do, then whatever faults you have, whatever defense you have for your fault, use the same defense for him. You guys understand that simple and easy. Now the second possibility is that when you look into yourself, you see you don't see any faults in you.

00:43:34--> 00:44:05

The first possibility was you didn't you didn't see faults in yourself. The second possibility was when you reflected to yourself you realize that I don't have any faults, though. So I can't think of how I would defend myself because I don't have any faults and I wouldn't defend myself so let's just disgrace this guy. So my mom was only has a very important line or two for you. Please listen very carefully. You have looked at the outward and inward aspects of yourself and not found any flower deficiency, neither in religious nor worldly affairs. They know that your ignorance of your own flaws is the violet type of stupidity, and there is no greater flaw than stupidity.

00:44:07--> 00:44:19

If Allah Most High was good for you, He will give you the ability to see your faults. Looking at yourself with an eye of satisfaction is the height of foolishness and the epitome of ignorance there was only lay the SmackDown there for you.

00:44:21--> 00:44:54

If however, you are truthful and sincere in your opinion, then show gratitude to Allah Most High do not ruin this blessing by slandering others and solving their reputations for that is one of the greatest defaults. Okay, number four for disputation argumentation and competitive debate with people because it says this idea of always arguing debating putting people down you know, there's always a person usually in each group that this loves arguing, usually have one person that comes to a dinner and just wants to debate with everyone about everything. He'll he'll debate about what color your shirt is. He's a bit about how much you bought your shirt for even though there's no

00:44:54--> 00:44:59

debate that I bought the shirt. That's how much I bought it for, but he'll find some way to argue that off that there was a sale somewhere else

00:45:00--> 00:45:31

I saw you there, and this is how much you bought it for. So some people, they just love arguing they get a kick out of it. They love arguing more and more and more. And they're like putting people down and slandering them. And this is the age that we live in, you know, you go on YouTube, all you see is people just debating back and forth slandering each other, right? You know, someone making a video against this show someone making a video against that *, someone's slandering this person, someone debating this person, and each person thinks it's their, you know, they're divinely given right for them to stand up for what they consider as quote unquote, the truth and to defend it for

00:45:31--> 00:45:54

as long as there's a soul in their body, and they will fight with their tongue and in their sword and with their fists if they need to. So there's this ego issue. It's it's a big ego issue, where people can't accept that someone else just might be wrong. If they want to do something, and if it's a legal opinion, if they're supporting behind it, let it be, there is not a need to argue. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Allah subhanho wa Taala does not like those who abundantly argue, in the

00:45:55--> 00:46:29

data, the most detested person to analyze the one who are not the hustler who excessively argues and is very vulgar. In his debate a lot is not like these people. Yes, these things until harming the one being addressed, making them feel ignorant and criticizing, even if you're debating about Hadith, or fifth. But if it turns into a debate, then sometimes you may end up harming another person, you may end up hurting his feelings. There's a better way of saying, you guys understand this. Even if it's a religious nature, you may end up hurting that person, whether you agree with a particular thing and religion or not, there's a nice way to talk about it. debating may end up

00:46:29--> 00:46:33

hurting another person's feelings. And if you hurt his feelings, what are the chances that he's gonna listen to you?

00:46:34--> 00:47:09

The doors closed now? Yes, you feel ignorant and criticizing him, as well as praising oneself and attesting to one's own superiority in both intelligence and knowledge. Moreover, these things do serve the clarity and peace in your life. Because a few debate and argue a lot, do you have any peace in your life? Be honest, we've all been through that phase, right? I went through that phase Anyway, when I graduated, I felt the need to debate with every other sec, in Islam that existed, I'm telling you, I had already done it. I had debated with all the groups that are out there, unless you follow the exact training in Islam that I had, I was going to debate you. I had this phase in my

00:47:09--> 00:47:20

life. And I'm telling you, after all the articles, and all the columns that I had written all the rest, all the research that I had put together, I realized one thing, every night when I went to sleep, I was just really worked up.

00:47:21--> 00:47:53

Really wired up, I just wasn't happy. And then as soon as I stopped that, so hot a lot, I have the best sleep right now. Life is just so much more peaceful, because I don't have to worry about arguing with people. I still will convey my point. Don't get me wrong here. If something I feel there's a need to raise my voice. I'll say it. Well, we can discuss it. But the whole debate thing is gone. There's a difference between advising. There's a difference between advising and debating. We don't like debating. We love advising a dean and Associate Dean is all about advice. Yes. He was a fool. He will no, you may remember that. He says, Look, if you debate with someone, there are two

00:47:53--> 00:47:57

types of people, either you're going to debate with a smart person or a full, if you debate with the full, what is he going to do?

00:47:59--> 00:48:08

He's going to annoy you because his arguments are going to be so foolish. And when you talk to him, you're gonna feel like hitting yourself on the head. Why did I waste my time? You know, I was trying to explain to someone once

00:48:09--> 00:48:34

you know, I know. My personal opinion on the on the issue of music is that it's not permissible. I tell people that music is not permissible in Islam, whether there are good words or bad words, in itself. Music was something that was detested and disliked by scholars. I do appreciate that. There's another opinion and scholars do hold that opinion. So anyway, I was in discussion with a friend and I was telling him that you know, music is something you should stay away from. So he said to me, if music was haram then why did they call him because it was early.

00:48:35--> 00:49:05

He was saying he was he was he was implying that the word Khazali came from the older word or the cousin. You know, because it means like a song. Right? And this is the reason why the cleric ghazali was because he was because because he was maybe some musician I was like, when I heard this from this guy, I have my head and I said yeah, Allah give me some but I can't believe I'm talking to this guy this point. Because this was the most ridiculous argument I've heard in my life. So sometimes when the when the opposite opposition comes back with something foolishness. You just feel like taking a rock and hitting yourself out. Someone was already saying this is what's gonna happen if

00:49:05--> 00:49:38

you did it with a fool. Yes, any debate with a more intelligent person, he will disdain and test you. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever leaves the court by using the wrong Allah will build him a house on the outskirts of paradise. And whoever leaves a quarrel while he is in the right, a level building a house in the highest part of paradise. So if you're in a debate and you're wrong, the Prophet says you'll walk away Allah will give you a house agenda. If you're in a debate, and you're right and you walk away, Allah will give you a house in the higher part of gender. So if you walk away from a debate whether you're right or wrong, you still getting a

00:49:38--> 00:49:40

house and gender Deal or No Deal.

00:49:41--> 00:49:59

Deal or No Deal. That's a straight deal. Mike friends, you know, if you guys can see that deal. Something's wrong. It's a clear deal. It's very easy. Yes. You should not allow Satan to deceive you when he says speak the truth clearly and do not dissemble. Satan is always trying to entice foolish people to evil by presenting it to them as goodness

00:50:00--> 00:50:32

You know, that whole feeling you get, I'm on the hot, I'm on the truth, I got a voice myself, man was it saying that shaytaan whispering to you, and shaytan he comes to foolish people, and he makes them think they're doing good and waste their life. You guys understand that? You know, you know, unfortunately, Chicago has picked up, you know, a lot of street fights, and a lot of our Muslim kids are getting involved in this stuff. And what happens is that they feel like what they're doing is right, and they get involved with foolish things, and they flush their entire life down, you know, and the parents are the ones who sit at home and see their kids going to prison and they think to

00:50:32--> 00:51:08

themselves, man, that was a kid that I give birth to that was a kid I give my life to, and because of some foolishness, look, he's gone. Look, look at mumbles it says here shaitaan goes to foolish people, he finds like he hand selects the dummies. He finds them very carefully. He presents good, he presents evil to them in the packaging of good. And then he says, please go waste your life. And these dummies do exactly that. So this is what he was saying. When he's telling you go and debate you're on the right. This is your thought whispering to you. Do not become a laughingstock of shaitaan, leading him to ridicule, letting him ridicule you. Making the truth clear is a good thing

00:51:08--> 00:51:43

when done with with someone who will accept it from you. Because it says Look, if you want to really tell the person if you really want to explain the truth. Make sure the person you're talking to is willing to listen to the truth first. Yes, this is best accomplished by way of honest, sincere counsel, not disputation, talk to them nicely Be kind to them, they'll listen to you. In offering such console, there is a proper form in manner and it requires gentleness and courtesy. Otherwise, it turns to humiliation of the other person and it's evil out we it's good. Whoever associates with the pseudo jurists of his time will find his nature increasingly dominated by this man because Allah

00:51:43--> 00:52:19

says, you might find some scholars as well. We just love debating, because it doesn't leave the scholars either he jumps off of them as well. He says you might find some scholars who love getting on, you know on the podium and always debating debating debating about 50 issues that issue this issue that issue and they think that's the way forward. He addresses that issue. Yes, in silence becomes difficult for him. This is because current scholars have influenced him to believe that such disputation bears marriage, and then scaling argumentation in competitive debate is indeed what earns in praise. flee from these scholars as you would from a lion and know that such disputation is

00:52:19--> 00:52:40

the means of incurring the hatred, both of a law and of creation. Okay, so with that, we finish up the first four will stop here inshallah. Next week, be the light Allah will continue on from five and we'll do the remaining four. We may read a little beyond that as well. But inshallah we'll start from here as we move forward. We pray that a lost father allows us to act upon what we learned, said Allahu taala serum Hamada Allah, he was happy doing Samadhi

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