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The Etiquette of Sleep


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You're listening to the Calum Institute podcast series, beginning of guidance by saying Kimani

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To find out more information of the saints column course entitled the prophetic code, a study of prophetic manners and etiquette. Visit Olam slash prophetic code.

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Human handler, handler,

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via Leela skia was having let's be

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clear, we are starting from a double known the etiquette of sleep.

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When you wish to sleep, spread out your mattress facing the Qibla and lie on your right side, as one lies dead in his grave. So hear him on the line. He says that when one person when a person intends to sleep, spread your mattress facing the Qibla, and lie on your right side. So what does this mean by spreading your mattress facing the Fiddler and lion, your right side spider matches in a way that you can lie down and have your face in the right face in the right direction towards the Fiddler. Now when we talk about facing the Qibla, what does this mean? Because there are two positions that a person can lie in while facing the Qibla. The first is a position that a person lies in, where they

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are flat on their back, and their head is lifted on a pillow or something that elevates their head. Now what this does is that this allows them to face the camera. This is also a position of lying down while you face the Qibla. And this is the common position we put a person in who is passing away. When a person is passing away, we see that you should have them face to face, you don't make them turn on the right side. The way of doing that is that you allow them to lie on their back where they're comfortable, and you elevate their head a little bit so that way they're facing the Qibla. The second common way of facing the Qibla is the method we use to refer to when we lower a person

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into the grave to face the Qibla.

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So the first one, when a person is passing away, I told you you lie on the back and you lift their head. The second way that you make a person face to tabla is the way we lower a person down into the grave. When you lower personality to the grave. And when you're burying them, what you do is you have them turn to their right shoulder or the lying on the right shoulder, their face is towards the Qibla. Basically, their entire chest body everything is facing the Qibla. And in order to keep them in that position, usually place some kind of wood or something rocks behind them to keep them up in that up in that position. So when we talk about facing the Qibla when it comes time to sleep, we

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referring to the second position, which is that where you're lying on your right side, your face, your chest and your entire body is in the direction of yes, no, that sleep is like in waking. So here he gives an example before that he said and lie on your right side just as the disease lies in his grave. That's the that's the second position that we were talking about the way the slides in his grave Yes. Know that sleep is like death and waking is like resurrect so here he was it was a very beautiful reflection. He says sleep is like death. Everyday you sleep you actually get a taste of what death is like. Every day you sleep. You get a little taste of what death is like. So always

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remember that when you die, be ready to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala every day, ask a lot Oh Allah when I die, make that a good day. You know how some of us when we sleep, we feel happy. You feel excited? Because that's the end of the day. That day is over. It's time to relax. So similarly ask a love Oh Allah when I die, let me be happy. There's a narration that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was one day sitting and the angel of death came and came to receive the soul of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam Villani Salaam was there the purpose that allowed his son was there in the age of death came and he said to the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wasallam to be under the age of

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death, that I'm here to take your soul.

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I would like your permission. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says to him if I don't graduate permission, he said I leave. But he says the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I had never taken permission from anyone else before you're the first person I've taken permission from. And Allah has told me to take your permission. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he asked God, what should we do? So da da da Salam said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah is waiting to meet you. It's time that you move on. And the prophets have a long way to sort of granted the Angel of Death permission and he took the soul of the province of Alberta. So now imagine how

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beautiful that is? That Allah is waiting to meet that person, that person is waiting to meet Allah. And you know how when you come time to sleep, you're so excited. You're so happy. That's the happiness and excitement that you should aim for when it comes to the time of your death. And if you wasted your full day, are you happy when you sleep? Not at all. You think yourself man, I wasted this day you don't feel happy of yourself. But if you use that day, you did some good things you exerted yourself, you really use all of your energy. Now when you're going to sleep you feel excited about it. So similarly, we learned that when we live our lives, exert yourself to the nth limit,

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push yourself all the way so that way when death comes you're happy with yourself. And when death comes on the other side for the people who wasted their lives, their souls are being taken to Allah subhanho wa Taala like criminals being arrested the person who

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to their life when their souls are be taken a lot of the examples like that of a criminal being arrested, they're being turned around, their hands are being cuffed, their feet are being chained. They're being dragged to a law because they're not ready to meet a law while the friends of Allah subhana wa tada when their death comes. It's like a beautiful walk for them in the garden where they're enjoying themselves because they're walking for something better than what they've come from cerium was Allah gives that analogy says that. Remember, sleep is like death. And when you wake up from your sleep, it's like resurrection.

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Like it's like being resurrected again. So here you're resurrecting again. So here in LA he says, When Allah tala Yakubu haka filet lotic it is very possible that Allah might just take your soul in this night. So when you're lying on your bed, remind yourself that this night maybe the last night and tomorrow in this house, there may be tears of people crying over my dead body. Tomorrow my friends may be sending messages to each other that soul and soul is a good person. This could be your last night because it says prepare for it properly. What can you do to prepare for it? He gives us some advice now Yes. Hey, maybe there are a lot more time we'll take your soul by night so be

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ready to meet him by sleeping in a state of purity. The first thing it says sleep in the state of the hot sleep with booboo. If this is your last night, the first thing you want to do is make sure that you slept with blue. So there are many virtues for this that have been said a lot while it was said and puzzles and hobbies that a person that sleeps in the state of Oulu Allah subhanho wa Taala sends an angel to watch over him during the night. And that Angel throughout the night continues to make a stiff fight on this person's behalf until the morning. The Hadith is narrated by

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Allah Allah say, so there's an angel watching over you making dua for you receiving repentance on your behalf the entire night if you make a little before steeping, and again, there are many more virtues in this regard. So the first thing because it says use this night and benefit from this night before go to sleep, do you do the second thing Yes, your will written and placed beneath your pillow man because it says every night before you go to sleep, make sure your will is underneath your pillow. Have your will ready because tomorrow if you were to die, what will happen to your wealth if most families many families I've seen this with my own eyes as an Imam in the community,

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that when a person passes away and he has some possessions and he doesn't leave a will behind the family fights and argues and all of the love that that person tried to develop while live it's all gone down the drain in the few moments. Brothers aren't talking to each other sisters are not talking to each other brother and sister don't want to see each other's face anymore because they will all that person had to do was follow the Sunnah of the Prophet said aloud instead of prepare the will keep it under the pillow and families could have been saved and loved could have been maintained between family members. That's the second thing. Now the third thing was Alice is in a

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state of repentance over sins. So he says sleep now while making Toba or repenting to Allah before you sleep every night before you go to sleep. Just ask Allah sincerely for repentance. Ask a lot very sincerely Oh Allah, please forgive me, Oh Allah, please forgive me. And Allah subhana wa tada will forgive me and promise yourself, you'll never go back to it. You know, just this. I think one or two days ago, I was listening to a lecture by monotaro Jamil Some, such a beautiful lectures such a beautiful lecture, he tells a story of a lady who was a prostitute. But she died while he was in such the

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interesting story, right? And he says that what happened is a he had a student and the shift saying that he had a student and his student was an Imam in the masjid. And in the local area, there was a lady she was involved with prostitution. Not only was she involved with prostitution, she was kind of like the ringleader. She was one that was sending sisters out for hot on. And one day, you know, this lady's son became friends with the mom. And the mom. What he did was he gave his her son a little cassette. He said, we're going to listen to this cassette. And the cassette was a lecture of his teacher shift out of Jimmy. So he went home and he was listening to the lecture while he was

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listening to the lecture. His mom was just roaming around in the house doing her things. And she overheard parts of the lecture and it really affected her. So she came back and told her son play the cassette for me again.

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So he played the cassette. She was so touched by the words in there that she said play it again. And now she plays it again. He plays it again for his mother. He says to him, he says to her son, that word she says to her son, where did you get this cassette from? He says, you know, the local mom gave it to me. So she takes her son by the hand they go to the local amount, and they say to the man who's consensus, so that mom says that's my teacher shift our example. So then she says to the Imam that in there he says that if a person asks Allah for forgiveness, sincerely, Allah will forgive all of their sins. Will Allah forgive me too?

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And you know what I do? Everyone knows what I do with Allah forgive me. He says to her if you're sincere love will forgive you. She started to come into the motion every single day. Now she became regular at the budget. It was a month of Ramadan and in Ramadan when she used to come to the budget to pray, she used to loudly make the water law saying Oh Allah, I asked you to forgive me and if you forgive me a sign of that will be that I will die soon. She says they will not take me out of the world. I've spent too much in this world. It's time for me to go to a pure place. And every night she made this law in one night on the 29th of Ramadan. She went into surgery and she never got up

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No, where does this come from? This is the power of Toba. A person that comes from a life like that dies. And as a chef mentions, spent her life sinning, but died the death of robbia versilia she dies was in such that that's the power of repentance. Because the law is telling the similarly, that before you go to sleep, repent to Allah and have all of your sins forgiven. So in case you die that night, when they stand in front of Allah, you have nothing to worry about. Yes.

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in a state of repentance over sins, begging forgiveness, decisive about never disobeying Allah Almighty again, you must resolve to do good to all people, if Allah Almighty most majestic should allow you to rise again. And the fourth thing that he says is that if you wake up in the morning, make an intention that tomorrow I'll be a good person, I'll help all the people, I will help humanity, I'm going to be a good person, and I'm going to benefit other people. That's the fourth thing that he's saying. When you go to sleep, make that intention that tomorrow morning, if I wake up, I will do whatever is in my capacity to help other people. Yes. Remember that you will be put in

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the grave this way, all alone with nothing but your deeds, and you will be rewarded only for your endeavors. Do not Do not go to great lengths to induce sleep by preparing your bed in the most comfortable manner. Remember, as it says here that don't go buying your What do they call these mattresses.

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Memory Foam, I don't know what else is out there. All the different mattresses that don't invest in these things. Because if you invest in there, your sleep is going to prolong. And the idea of sleep is not to be long. The idea behind sleep is to keep it short. Because life is the it's the real game. And sleep is a disturbance to life. You know, we talked about this last class, okay. In our in our philosophy, what's our philosophy, waking up is a disturbance to sleep. You're not allowed to say no waking up is not the disturbance of sleep. Sleep is a disturbance to life. And if you buy these nice comfortable beds with nice big blankets on you and nice big puffy pillows and you sleep

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on this bed, you're never going to wake up. I remember one of my friends once told me that shift, whatever you advise people to wake up with 100 so that one simple solution is to make their mattress harder. Make your mattress hard you leave them for the $100 and this is true. Have you guys ever had the opportunity to do out the golf in the masjid or sleep in the budget for a night? Yes or no? All right, if you have How easy is it to wake up for further Salah. It's very easy. You don't even need the alarm clock Your arms are aching, your arms gone numb you can't even feel it anymore at some point you're you're back on your feet are gone numb your necks hurting and you have to wake up for

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fight for fighter Salah. So this is a good opportunity for us to you know among because that is giving a very beautiful solution here. He's saying don't invest in comfortable bedding because if you do, it's going to make you sleep for longer. Yes, go read that. Now go to great lengths to induce sleep by preparing your bed in the most comfortable manner. The purpose of the law while your son's bed was made of what anyone know. He used to sleep on a leather leather mat. Right? And sometimes it was we buy leaves. His pillow was a leather pillow stuffed with leaves inside it. One day the purpose of the law while he was sitting was lying down on one of your loved one entered into

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the room. And when Omar came in the puppet said a lot a lot he was sort of set up and he began to fix a sheet. You know they used to wear sheets so he was covering this upper body because I've just walked in so while he was sitting up he was kind of like fixing a sheet and I'm one of the long ones started crying and the Prophet asked him are you crying? He's a messenger of Allah the Roman and Persian emperors are sleeping on sheets made of silk cotton, comfortable settings. And here look at your back because the Prophet when he set up the the map that he was lying on it had left marks on his on his chest on his body sorry. And on one of your loved ones are crying and saying that look at

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your state is leaving marks on your blessing body. And the purpose of the Lord is so many saw almost tears. He said to him, the AMA tada Omar akula madonia what an afro Omar does not please you that Allah will give them the world and Allah will give us the hereafter. Let him sleep on the comfortable things in this world. We're going to enjoy the hereafter. You know there was a great Scott I'm sorry.

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Allah alarm on himself. You've all heard of his name on one of the along on the grid.

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During his telethon he was always busy taking care of the things for the Muslim. Sometimes this person has disputes sometimes that person disputes sometimes this army sometimes this issue always kept himself busy.

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And sometimes his day would get very long. There's an incident that once he told one of his servants, can you go and get me a cup of water. So the servant went and got him a cup of water. But the servant thought to himself man Ahmed has been working all day the guy must be so exhausted. So rather than just bringing him water, he took a spoon of honey and mix it in there to make it Sweetwater when you gave the water to I'm going to be alone I'm going to be alone was about to drink it and when he began to smell it for them, he smelled the honey first. And when he smelled it, he put the cup down and started crying.

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And he cried and cried and cried. And his servant asked him why are you crying? he recited the verse of the Quran. What if Allah says to me on the Day of Judgment, I'd have to play a Vatican fee hieratic madonia was a failure to do so now.

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What if a law says to me and he recited the verse of the Quran on the Day of Judgment

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That you've enjoyed all the luxuries in the hereafter today, there's nothing for you at all. And he said, I can't drink this go and get me water without the honey in there. So where are we in comparison to these people? You know, luxury. Luxury is like, you know, we don't even know what luxury means. Because we're so used to luxury, our definition of luxury is way beyond that. levels. I'm gonna mention this up ahead. But it's so powerful. He mentioned that if you become enslaved to your desires, you won't be able to live your life anymore. because let me tell you guys, one thing, you have to make a distinction between necessities and desires. You guys understand that? You have

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to make a difference between your needs, and your wants, your needs can be fulfilled, your wants can never be fulfilled. Everyone understand that? Your needs can be fulfilled, your necessities can be fulfilled, your desires can never be fulfilled. That's the way it's been made. You know, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that if a person was given two values of gold, what do you stop there?

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Is that enough for isn't necessity? It is. Is that enough for his once never, he's gonna go and search for the third one. And my teachers to give an example. You know, people, they have a desire for men, they and women as well, people have desire to sin. He says that if you committed Zina with every single lady on the face of the earth, and vice versa, but there was one person left you wouldn't be happy.

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Is that right or wrong? It's true. If you committed to now with every person on the face of the earth, you wouldn't be happy if there was one person left because that's the nature of desires. You can't control them. They're out of control. You have to know that I can't go after desires, I have to go after what's necessary. So human because it is teaching us here that you know, your life is the is what matters, and your sleep, isn't it? It's an interruption for your life. So don't go after all these comfortable beds and stuff because they're going to disturb the cycle of your life. Yes. Because sleep is an interruption of life. Unless being awake is a burden for you. Because it becomes

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angry again. He's asleep as an interruption for life. Unless staying awake is a burden for you staying awake as a burden for you? What does that mean? We talked about this earlier in the last chapter. staying awake is a burden for you in the sense that if you stay awake, you're only going to sit. If you're going to sit all day and you can't even stay awake, then you might because it says put yourself to sleep. At least that way you're not going to harm anyone, you're not going to harm yourself. But this is a very sad state. If you can't even stay awake with controlling yourself, that means you're in a very bad situation. And that's where a lot of work needs to be done. Yes. In which

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case you're safer for your religion. name because it talks about how much should you see? How much should a person sleep on the maximum every single day? Yes. Understand that the night and day comprise 24 hours. So do not let the total amount of your sleep for the day and night exceed eight hours don't sleep every day more than how many hours? If you're going to sleep two hours in the day, then how many hours at night? Six. If you're going to sleep zero hours in the day, then maximum how many at night? Eight. He says don't sleep more than eight hours. Why is that? It's because if you sleep eight hours every day at the age of 60 How long have you been sleeping for?

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20 years, right? Because eight is one third of 24 What's one third of 6020 City you've already been sleeping for 20 years you don't even live your life. And now if you're going to be Mashallah an American kid who sleeps for, you know on Sunday until vorticella awesome Salah people are coming to logon Sinatra massages with the eyes full of dirt. Chef, I'm tired. Let's go have breakfast, who has breakfast after the Lord Salah. So this is our state and this is our state, then that's an issue within an issue that we can discuss at another time. Yes, it is quite enough for you if you live 60 years that you waste 20 of them, which is one third before sleeping, or to stick in your water for

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evolution and resolve to perform the night vigil. And to be out before the morning. He says have your miswak ready because when you wake up, that's the first thing you should do. It's another purpose that a lot of sort of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was very particular on during the miswak. You know today everyone talks about oral hygiene. The doctors are telling you to brush your teeth once, twice, thrice a day. The perfect little audience of them used to brush his teeth at the minimum five times for every salon. That's the minimum. And then more than that when he woke up in the morning first thing his mouth when he entered in the house first thing his mouth after eating,

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he was cleaning his mouth cleaning his mouth cleaning his mouth. The idea here isn't in our communities in our societies. Unfortunately, the reason why people brush their teeth is to kill bad breath. That's another reason why the profits or loss unnecessarily brushed his teeth. It wasn't the kill bad breath. It was to clean the dirt within the mouth. These are two different things. It's two different thing altogether. Okay. So what happens in our communities people drink coffee. After drinking coffee what they do is that they just put one of those mid strips on their tongue, kill the bad smell. Now the prophets that allow it was sort of teaching God that if you have something that

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gives bad smell in your mouth, rather than just putting a mint there and killing the smell, get rid of the source itself. Pull your miswak out and start digging. start cleaning your teeth on make sure it's cleaned up properly. You don't realize that your mouth smells but anyone that around you remember one thing if you're having a bad odor coming out of your mouth

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No matter how beautiful it is what you're saying no one wants to hear it.

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This is the fact I'm telling you the truth. Okay? You could be saying something that has a tear jerker, you could be sharing a tear jerking story, but if your breath smells, trust me, people are gonna say la ilaha illAllah. Muhammad Rasul Allah, it's time for the soul to leave right now, they're gonna want to leave you. So here your mind has not is teaching us that the perhaps Watson's habit was that when he woke up, he did his miswak and then he performed his will. So before you go to sleep, have these things ready. Don't wake up in the morning, start searching for them before you go to sleep. Have this ready. Now a greater principle from here that we're going to discuss is that

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when you go to sleep, if you know when you wake up, you're going to need certain things. prepare them before going to sleep. Don't wake up and prepare them. For example, you know that your kids have milk, they need milk for their cereal every morning for their breakfast, for example. Now you know you don't have milk, should you buy the milk before going to sleep or after waking up?

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Before go to sleep, so that way you've prepared for the next morning. You know, tomorrow morning, got to go to office and when you go to the office, you need some nice clothes, they have to be ironed. She'd wake up in the morning, go to the basket, find them start ironing them or should do that before you go to sleep. What we're learning from here is that prepare before you go to sleep, everything you're going to need when you wake up the next morning did give you proper you know order in your life. Yes.

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In the depths of the night are among the treasures of piety. Now hearing him gladly share the secret. He's just trying to pay 202 is enough. But at least pray something he says to the God of the 100 salah and the depth of the night. It's a treasure of piety. It's something that's very special. Don't miss out miss out on the subtle many of us wake up in the middle of the night. May Allah protect this mela forgive us to use the washroom to drink water for a midnight snack right to someone. It was written the other day Mashallah one of our friends. He said, I woke up in the middle of the night. I did some research and I went back to sleep. So everyone wakes up people. Some people

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wake up for cardio in the middle of the night. But when you wake up in the middle of the night, whatever it is that you wake up for, you have to make sure that you at least give five minutes to pray to God to saw inshallah everyone. If you wake up to use the washroom, you're already washing your hands you already using the washing, probably gonna wash your mouth out anyway. This is another one minute, two minutes, do you pray to the gods a lot and go back to sleep. If you prefer, I'll tell you something. If you put the 100 solar, even if it's two o'clock very quickly at night, every night, you'll feel so good of yourself during the day. Is that true or false? You feel very special.

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Because you realize you've done something that only those people do, who are close friends of Allah subhanho wa Taala yes to the gods in the depths of the night are among the treasures of piety, so augment your treasures for the day of your poverty, for the treasures of this world will be of no use to you when you die. He said the treasures of this world one help you and your die. Those tutor got that you pray during the night, they're going to come and help you when you die, because that's going to be good deeds that will be standing in your skill, all the other treasures that you have your cell phones, your cars, your money, how much money you put together in your chase account, it's

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not going to be of any use to you at all that chase account is going to be gone. That won't even mean anything to you anymore. But however those tutor got the 100 you pray during the night, they will have great value on the Day of Judgment. Yes, and see when you sleep now hearing about Mozart is going to start with a whole beautiful section of laws that we should recite when going to sleep as usual. Try to focus on them try to pick up the deep meanings of these laws and try to implement them if you can learn them in Arabic. You can purchase the book and learn to the laws. Otherwise, at least try to memorize the English part or parts of the English part and try to incorporate them in

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your daily lives in a daily litanies inshallah, this one, your name My Lord, I lead myself down and in your name I rise up, forgive me my sins, all lost see me from your punishment, the day you resurrect your slaves, or lock in your name, I live and I die. And I seek refuge from the evil of everything that possesses evil and from the evil of every creature whose forelock you hold. Truly, my lord is on the right way. You are the first there was nothing before you, you are the last there is nothing after you. You are the appearance there is nothing above you. You are the hidden there's nothing below you. Resolve for me my depths and enrich me beyond poverty. All along, you created my

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soul and you will cause it to die to you belong it's perishing and it's living. If you cause it to die, forgive it. And if you give it life protected by that would you protect your pirate slaves or lock truly I asked you pardon and well being all along with waking me into our most beloved to you and us me the word most beloved to you, so that you draw me ever closer to you and keep me always far from your wrath. So that when I asked you, you give me when I repent to you, you forgive me. And when I call it to you, you answer me.

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Then we the throne verse and honor the throne versus

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Allahu La Ilaha Illa who will help you until the end. Read this every night before you go to sleep. And then also read and also to the end aminoacyl to the end or the last two verses of Surah Surah Baqarah realism, I believe

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Got to see was what he then says Rizzuto class hello hello heartily and read my our the thing which are all available fill up and fill out although there have been us and then we sort of milk the Baraka lady via the human qualification code here. And then it says, when you go to sleep, make sure while you're sleeping, the last moments while your eyes are closing, your tongue is in the remembrance of Allah. Make sure the last thing your tongue is doing isn't saying, darling, I love you. The last thing that you that you see before you go to sleep is Allah La Ilaha Illa. Allah Subhana Allah, whatever, keep yourself busy in the remembrance of Allah. Yes, let's sleep overcome

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you while you are in remembrance of Allah and in a state of purity. For the spirit of one who does this will ascend to the throne, and he will be recorded as being in prayer until he wakes. When you awake, returned to the routine of the morning I described. Now this is a complete routine. That's where the complete routine comes to. Remember, we said Mr. ghazali, has written this book into three major parts. The first part of the book, he mumbles it walks us through an ideal 24 hour day, how should the 24 hour day be like and we walk through it step by step by step. And now that part of the book comes to an end, because it puts us back to sleep. And now the 24 hour routine has come to an

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end. However, without is going to make some closing remarks before he moves on to a few appendix discussions, a few extra discussions before the first part comes to an end he has a few appendix is at the end. If you add a few additional notes, and we're going to discuss those amongst additional notes Human Design is going to give us a detailed walkthrough of how to praise Allah. He then is going to give us the idea that the detailed walkthrough of how to be an Imam. And he's going to walk us through the Juma prayer, he will walk us through how to fast once we covered these four chapters that remain the first part of the book will come to an end, it'll be time to start the second second

00:26:47--> 00:27:24

chapter of the book. But however, before we go to that, now that he was out, he has walked us through a 24 hour day. Remember that he is giving us some closing notes on how to stay firm, and to be strong and what we've learned so far, yes. Were you awake, returned to the routine of the morning, I described first and maintain this routine for the rest of your life. This is when you wake up in the morning, start the book all over again. Walk yourself to the 24 hours again. And he says keep doing this or do mala Delica and be firm on this. But the automatic until for the rest of your life be busy with this Yes, if keeping to this routine becomes difficult for you Be patient, as

00:27:24--> 00:27:57

the sick person is patient with the bitterness of medicine, waiting for a return to help say mom goes on. He says if it's hard for you to do this 24 hours a day, just keep doing it. It doesn't matter about whether it's fun or not whether it tastes good or not, whether it's enjoyable or not, you're doing it for results. And the results don't come overnight. They take time, you just have to keep going slowly, slowly, slowly. It's like the sick person. Many of us may not relate to this anymore, because medicine doesn't taste bad anymore. But there was a time where medicine didn't taste good. And before they added all the sugar to it. So we flavoring to it. So in that time, I

00:27:57--> 00:28:22

still remember when I was in I had some medicine that didn't taste good. They were still around when I was growing up, right? And taking medicine was so horrible. You didn't want medicine, you would run the other way. And you were like, No, I don't want medicine, I don't want medicine. But then your mother would sit down and say no better. If you have this medicine, you'll get stronger, you'll feel better. And that's why even though it didn't taste good, we will still have it. Even though we didn't like it, we would still have thinking that it's good for me, it's good for me, it's good for me. And there are tons of examples like this, you know, many kids, they don't like eating

00:28:22--> 00:28:53

vegetables, their parents tell them eat vegetables, they say no, I don't eat a vegetable. So they tell them if you don't eat vegetables, you're not going to be strong. So therefore out of that hope that one day I'll get strong. So here your mom goes on. He's saying that tried to be firm with this 24 hour routine. And if you can't, if you find it hard, then just keep telling yourself that I have to do this. And it's for my own betterment. I have to do it for myself, I have to do this to make myself strong, yes, reflect upon the shortness of your life. Even if you were to live 100 years in comparison with your stay in the afterlife, which is everlasting eternity, it is a very short time,

00:28:53--> 00:29:33

even if you were gonna live 100 years, even if you're going to live 100 years, one day of the year after is equivalent to 100,000 years of this world. Right around. Right? It's such a long such it's the comparison is nothing. So what's the what's 100 years of this world in comparison to eternity says it's nothing. And if you can't make the sacrifice for these 100 years, you may regret it for eternity in the hereafter. But if you make the sacrifice and these 100 years, you'll be happy for it in the long run. Yes, contemplate how it is that you you bear hardship and humility in your pursuit of this world for a month or a year in order to gain rest and relaxation for say 20 years. So

00:29:33--> 00:30:00

hearing about that he's using his his explanations. He's saying that because in those days what would happen is a certain people that would go above and beyond for business for a year. And their idea would be that I'll earn for one year and then I'll live relaxing for the next 10 years. And then I'll earn for one year and then relax for 10 years, earn for one year relax for 10 years in our communities we earn for the full year and then we go on holiday for five days. So for five days we spent 360 days, you guys some of them you guys understand

00:30:00--> 00:30:34

I'm going to say you spend 360 days for how much for five days, and those five days are very only special people get them the rest of us, especially in our DC community. Unfortunately, there's no concept of holidays, right? People don't have concept of going on vacation holiday. It's a good thing. You should take vacations and holiday. It's good for relaxing yourself. But the point here, your mom was always saying that you work all year, just to get five days vacation 20 days vacation 30 days vacation, that's it. Hearing monk was only saying that there, if you look at the ratio is a lot more harder. Because it's 330 days, and you're getting 35 days off. For example, here I'm

00:30:34--> 00:31:07

telling you work for 100 years, and you get eternity. You guys understand the rate of return here some business basic business model here, the rate of return is a lot better, which means this is a good investment. Yes. How often is it that you can have very few short days of this routine of worship to attain rest and relaxation for eternity. Do not maintain your hope so that your work in deeds become burdensome to you. So you know, I told you guys, you can never fulfill your desires. No, we were talking about the hairy man. Because I was saying, do not learn from your hopes. Don't lengthen your desires. Because if you do that, then your actions will become hard on you. Your

00:31:07--> 00:31:40

actions will become hard on you. It's like for example, someone who loves eating, if you love eating, if you're like one of those food fanatics, then dieting is going to be hard for you. But if you don't focus on that, then this will be a lot easier saving because it says don't look into the beauties of this road. Because that's going to distract you from your actions. focus a little on that you'll be able to do more here. Yes. anticipate the closest of death and say to yourself, I will bear the difficulty today for perhaps I will die tonight. And I will have patience tonight for perhaps I will die tomorrow. So here when he mumbles it is saying don't think know what happens to

00:31:40--> 00:32:18

many of us, we think to ourselves, man, that was one day, we spent how many weeks is talking about one day. Now if I implement this one day, it's going to be so hard on me. Then you think to yourself, I might live for another 40 years after the 40 years like this one day. Man, that's impossible. You guys understand this? So remember, this is don't think about 40 years, don't think about one year when a man because it is teaching us here take one day at a time. What does he say? 24 hours. Why? Because he says tomorrow is not guaranteed. So let's not worry about tomorrow, when we wake up tomorrow morning, we'll worry about them. But until I don't wake up tomorrow, let's not

00:32:18--> 00:32:57

focus on that. So that way you don't feel overwhelmed with all this, all this other stuff that has to be done Yes, for death does not attack at a particular time at a particular age or in a particular situation. Go into salt is inevitable. Therefore preparation for it. For eight is superior to preparation for this worldly life. Since you know that you will not stay in it for more than a short period of time. Perhaps all you have left of life is one breath, one hour or one day. So consider this in your heart each day. And make yourself be patient with obedience to Allah Most High a day and time again a day at a time one day at a time. Yes. For if you estimate that you may

00:32:57--> 00:33:32

remain alive for 50 years and that yourself will have to persevere in the obedience to Allah Most High. It will try to run away and make things difficult for you to understand him because I didn't say here. If you think about 50 years at a time, it's going to get too hard for you, then you're going to think I can't do this too hard. Forget this. I'm going away. But if you take one day at a time, it'll be a lot easier for you to say one day at a time every day remember when you wake up this what I have to do. And then like that, yes. If you do as as advised above, you will have placed at the time of death and an endless list. And if you procrastinate and take it easy. Death will come

00:33:32--> 00:34:06

to you at a time you do not expect it and you will be grieved for the grief which knows no end. when morning comes the travelers phrase night travel. Everybody Mangala he is a phrase. It's a proverb. when morning comes the travelers praise night travel. So what happens is at nighttime, when the when people are traveling, everyone says don't travel on that don't travel at night. But in the morning when they wake up and they realize the other guy's 200 miles already traveled to head what do you think yourself? Man, I should have just joined the guy. You guys understand that? So you know what? I'll give you an example. Like one person says I'm going to go study his other friends and we're

00:34:06--> 00:34:38

going to go to college, forget it. Let's just go do something else. And then five years later when he's become something big Mashallah whatever his field is, everyone else thinks to themselves, man, we should have joined him too. So when morning comes the travelers they grieve over the night travel. So read that again, very beautiful, but morning comes the travelers phrase night travel. By the way, night travel is something good. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he encouraged this habit to travel during the night, he said fade in and out of the tooth wobbly, because the earth is wrapped up during the night. Basically, what that means is that you travel quicker during the night.

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

So the problem he incurred is that when you travel, travel during the night because but that's only for the people who can travel and if you're one of those people who's going to sleep on the wheel, then don't travel during the night, then please travel during the day. But if you're one of those people who can safely travel during the night, then it's something good as well. There are many benefits of traveling during the night. Obviously, you don't have to worry about prayer you can just continuously travel because there are long hours there. And then

00:35:00--> 00:35:28

Also at the same time when you're traveling during the night, and those days it was there was an added benefit. Nowadays we have air conditioners, so we don't value the night. But in those days, they didn't have air conditioning. So during the day it would be too hot. So not only where you're traveling, where you're also traveling against the heat, so traveling during the night gives you the ability to, to to fight Do not worry about the heat, it was already cool and you can travel easily in a lot more quicker was easier on the animal and easier on the traveler as well. Yes. And then death, the convincing truth will come to you

00:35:29--> 00:36:05

from the ground, and you shall certainly know the truth of it after a short while short while having guided you and how to organize your regular duties of worship. We will now mention the method of prayer and fasting, the etiquette of each the etiquette of leading prayer of following in prayer and of the Friday prayer. So here in Mongols, it is now going to walk us into the last part of this first section, which is etiquette of prayer. How to be a leader how to be a follower, the Jew masala and then the final part of this whole discussion will be on the etiquettes of fasting then after this is over. We'll move forward to part two, that prayer is a longer chapter and I think it's

00:36:05--> 00:36:19

probably best that we started next class so that we can cover the full chapter in one class and Shalom as he's repentant Allah subhanaw taala gives us the ability to act on what has been said. Or sort Allahu taala said Mohammed Ali was having a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.