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Sheikh Daood Butt’s Halaqa / life session. At Isna High School.
October 28 2015

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Something else to add

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credence on lights.

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The angels are created from light.

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No, we're done with the angels.

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Fire. Yes. So they're created from fire. A smokeless fire. Okay. Does anyone know which part of the flame we're talking about?

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The invisible part.

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So some of the scholars tried to explain which part of the fire which type of flame it is, is it the tip of the flame as in the very top of it or the bottom of it where there's no color? That is totally, you know, irrelevant. The loss of Hannah Montana tells us they're created from a smokeless flame of fire. Right now they're a creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the word gin itself comes from the root word. And we see that the word is Tina. Right? It's Tina, which means to not be seen, to hide itself to not be visible. And so we also see, for example, the word Janine, which is a fetus, right? the fetus, the baby, when it's forming inside of the mother, also comes from the same

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root word. It's something that is not seen. It's there. It's unseen, but it's there, right? So the jinn themselves are not seen by us as human beings. But we'll see. You know, I wanted to finish with that today. We'll finish with it tomorrow, inshallah Tada, how some of the creation of a lot can actually see

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the gym.

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Now, the gym has certain characteristics. For example, they have a tongue and they can see, right, a few of the things with regards to the gym is that they have hearts as Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions, they have a heart, they can speak, they have ears, they have eyes, they have a voice, they have a tongue, they can eat, they can drink, they can laugh, and they were created before us. So as human beings, we came as a creation after the agenda. Some of the scholars tried to figure out when this was based on some of the, you know, traditions and stories, possibly from different religions as well. Some have mentioned up to 2000 years before the creation of human beings is when the jinn

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were created. But that doesn't really matter. Because Allah subhana wa tada tells us in the Quran, based on the verses, we see that the jinn were created before human beings, and they were around before the creation of Adam, Allah His setup, right.

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Now moving on into gins, right, we're not going to touch upon anything in particular, anything specific with regards to the gym, but the gym can see, they can speak they have a voice. Has anyone ever heard of a gym before?

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Okay, what did it sound like?

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anyone hear something different?

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Okay, so you heard the voice or sound of a person who was possessed by a gym, and the sound of the of that gym speaking possibly. Okay, and what was the actual voice of the person? Like, on that I had a very, very high pitched,

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hitting, hitting high notes.

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The next Britney Spears.

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Okay, so a woman who was possessed by Jen, but when she was speaking, her voice was extremely deep, deeper than a man's voice,

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as deep as a man's voice, good and alert Anyone else?

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The voice in your head that tells the voice in your head that tells you to do bad.

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It's very alive. It's right there. It's always telling me something. So Jim can speak right and they can communicate. And we see how to Pamela through the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they actually did communicate with the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now before we get into that story, with regards to the surah, I just want to mention the different types of jinn because one of the youth asked yesterday about the freeze, right? Are you good? So there's different types of gyms, right or different categories of gym, different levels of gym, to begin with, in general agenda is known as

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a gym. All right, so agenda is known as a gym. That is the general term that's used with regards to a gym. So a typical gym that we think of forget about being bad, being good, being strong being weak agenda as a gym, right and that's the first category

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The second one is a gym.

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Who lives with people? And this is known as an ionic. Right? Someone who lives with people. Now, you might notice that in some people's houses, they have a gym.

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Right? You go to the place and you've seen some weird things happening, you're thinking, you know, something just doesn't feel right in this place, kind of like the typical haunted house movie, right? That we normally would see what yeah, that's both some of those things are reality, okay? That you will hear things, see things moving, and so on and so forth. Right? And so that is the second category. The third category is the jinn who attach themselves to children. Right? They spend time around children, and they're known as the

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little four. Right? So so they're known as

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the fourth category is the evil Jin who tries to cause harm. What is this known as

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close check on

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the evil Jen who tries to cause harm. This is known as shavonne. Okay, and we know that shape on a please himself, he has helpers, or workers that work with him in,

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in high school, and

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that he and his helpers, his workers See you in high school

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in ways that you don't even see them. Right? So they can see us. There might even be gyms that are watching us right now, that might be gym that are amongst us right now. Right?

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That doesn't mean they're bad gyms. It could be good gyms they came to attend.

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Right? They might come to your classes because they want to learn something. Right? There are different creation of loss of handling data that are real. Some of the other religions, some of the other.

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You know, people out there in the world might think that these are aliens from other countries, or other planets, I should say, right now other countries, other planets.

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But it wasn't kind of what Allah knows best. However, when we look at the creation of the gym,

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we see that it's not only Muslims that believe in gender, as being a creation of a lot of

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other religions, especially the major religions like Judaism and Christianity. They also believe in the jinn being a creation of God, and that there are beings that are out there, and that they're real. And just the other day, so Pamela was in Seattle? No, I was in Dallas, right on my way to the airport to go to Seattle. And as we're entering the airport grounds, on the right side, we saw this it looked like a sister wearing a black eye Baya completely from head to toe, but a white niqab.

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Right, pitch white niqab from a distance, we saw that we were like,

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weird, like in the middle of nowhere. As we approach the airport, this really tall sister is wearing a completely black bio with a

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dark black and extremely white niqab. And as we got closer, we realized it was actually an orthodox Exorcist. Right. It wasn't us his beard is a really long beard.

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really long white beard, but from a distance, it looked like a sister wearing the niqab

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handle as we got closer, we realized it was this man with long white hair, sorry, long black hair, but his beard was really,

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really, really strange. And he had this hat on his head. And he had this big cross and that crosses a typically known cross, the style of it is known as the cross that they use for extra system. So other religions actually do this. And they, they try to remove the evil spirits. But this is done in a way that is not in accordance to the shediac. Now the fifth method, this type of gin,

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one that is worse than the shake on is known as married. And this is a rebellious gym.

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Okay, a type of gym that is rebellious. That is worse than just a shake on that, you know, whispers to you and tries to get you to do something wrong. This is the one that might bother you might irritate you might you know, go into you possess you and try to get you to do things or say things that are no good. And then there's one that's even worse than that we're stronger than it. Right. And that is the

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stronger one. That is the sweet. Now conclude with two more things in Charlottetown. Oh, one more thing.

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The last thing that I wanted to point out is that a loss of Hannah who was had I mentioned

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a lot about the gym, to the extent that he highlights an entire sort of related to the gym. Right

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To jump

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in for an idea that there were a group of jinn that came to the prophets of Allah, Allah, he was setting up and this group of jinn, they came and they communicate with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam you can go and read the Quran, right? But the aspect that I want to highlight is the fact that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent, one nugget in.

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Right, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not only sent as mercy to all of mankind and all of it means the world and everything that it contains, but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to deliver the message to the human beings as well as the jinn.

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And we see how he had respect for them in terms of teaching them the deen. And that's the jinn. We said previously, in the past few past few sessions that we as human beings are of the best creation of Allah subhana wa Tada, we were given choice, we were given reason we were given a brain that we can think and comprehend and understand right?

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And to penalize the prophets of Allah, Allah He was one of them is paying such close attention to spreading the message of Islam and to spreading the word of Allah subhanho, wa Taala, to other creations of Allah, then we as human beings, and as Muslims, as believers in a loss of habitat, as many, we should be spreading this message to everyone, including our own Muslim brothers and sisters. Now, sometimes we see people, right, who we might make fun of.

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Right. But that's not how we're supposed to behave.

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When Allah Subhana, WA, tada send something, or someone who is highlighting an aspect of life. So for example, last night, I went to meet with this one brother,

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a brother who has, you know, some mental issues because of very high dosages of drugs that he took in the past. And now somehow, sometimes he goes through extreme anxiety attacks. To the extent that he says, You know what, I just want to end this, the first thing he said to me last night is I just want, I just, I'm tired, I just want this to be over. What does that mean?

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That means they just want their life to be over, or they just want all of this to go away and to be normal. But a lot of bandwidth, Hannah sends these people to us, and gives them these sort of illnesses for us to understand. They're a sign of the creation of a loss of power with a sign for you. And I realized, they might be going through a difficult moment in their life, they might be struggling, they might be going through a hardship that we don't experience. And that's not a laughing matter.

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When I left last night, I messaged my wife, and she's like, How's everything? You know, because I told her, I'm gonna go do some counseling. And I said to the panel actually feel like crying. She's like, why do you feel like crying Something happened, said, you know, we complain about all the things that we have in life. And then we see other people who all they want to do is to escape from their body. They feel as though being inside of them is so hard for them. They just want to escape. They just want some freedom. They want to be like you and

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they want to just be a handler is where we can come, we can sit down, we can do what we want. We can laugh and joke, we can have fun. But they themselves don't feel that handler, we noticed that there are people from amongst us, who sometimes when we see them, we might think of them as wild as a stranger having to this person and we start pointing fingers at them, we start laughing at them. You'll notice how if you go on the internet, a lot of people will record videos and take pictures and post it up online. Right and say, hey, look at this person, right? And apparently this is absolutely against our Deen to make fun of other people. The method of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam is to carry the message to other people, and those that are ill those that are sick, they have a right upon us that we're supposed to go and visit them.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam took this to the extent that even when communicating with the jinn, you would make sure that he was trying to bring them into Islam. He was trying to convince them to be like you and I, believers in Allah subhanho wa Taala who help each other. And especially when we see someone who believes in Allah, we're supposed to help them.

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And it's a right that they have upon us that we go and visit them that we go and we help them that we take our time out from our day, and we spend time with them. If we see someone has an illness, someone you know is going through a difficult moment in their life and we can help them we find someone else that can help them.

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So it's not a laughing matter. It's a serious issue. And it could also mean our agenda when we help someone who's in need. Rather than pointing fingers and laughing and joking about it. We go and we help the person that

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Could be our agenda, we should be people that are always looking for our way to get into paradise. Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us signs all the time, you probably heard me say before, we should live our life kind of like, you know that scene in The Matrix, the movie.

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All the ones and zeros, the ones and zeros, the binary code that are just dropping from the sky, the ones and zeros. That's how we should be recognizing the signs of a loss of greatness, that every single thing in front of us, every single thing that we see is a door to our agenda. It's a way of us recognizing the greatness of the loss of habitat, including what you're seeing right now. Like, I'm looking at all of you, and I'm thinking, if I could simply deliver one verse of the Bible and one Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, that would change one person's life, or that might help someone to help another person that could be my agenda. And single moment is a golden moment,

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it's a golden opportunity.

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And so when we see people who are in need, we see someone who's, you know, disabled, or someone who has some sort of issues, someone who might not be there fully mentally, right? It's not a laughing matter. It's a serious matter. And it's a matter that we should take in our own hands. So we go and we help others. And when we see others speaking about them or talking about them, we should just remind them nicely.

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The other day posted on the internet, there's a book of about the prophetic methods of correcting people's mistakes. How many of us take the time to learn how to correct others? Or do we just jump down the boat and just start making fun of others. And that is so common on YouTube and Facebook, right? You open up YouTube or Facebook and you're scrolling on Facebook, and you're just seeing videos and pranks and things, of people making fun of one another throwing pies in each other's face, someone's coming down an escalator, you know, throwing pies in their face. Someone wakes up in the morning in their college dormitory, and all of a sudden, as they get up, they realize that it

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was like a water balloon over their heads. And you know, they tied like a paperclip to their head and they get up in the burst of balloon and they just become soaked with water. These are things that people do to have fun, but the reality is, we're making someone else's life a little more difficult. We should be looking out for them. We should be helping one another. We can have fun in Islam. There's many ways to have fun. But having fun by disgracing others, and then doing those things and putting it on the internet for others to laugh at. It's not It's not the method of the profits.

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Of course not by putting it on the internet.

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We didn't have the internet. So somehow we have to try and understand that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent to all of the creation of Allah subhana wa tada we have to help all of the creation even when we see for example, a spider you're scared and you're terrified of spiders and the spiders crawling across the carpet in the mustard right now this is going to do the roles of the sisters was just looking around.

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And spiders crawling around and you're terrified of spiders, but you know the person who's sitting around you or someone is not scared of spiders and Tom, can you you know, get rid of that, pick it up, do something, right? Take it and put it outside of the mustard. Right? We have to look after the creation of the last panel, no matter how big it is, or how small it is. So we're going to suffice with this and

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add a lot more than I wanted to cover today in terms of the Djinn but we'll get into that as we move along inshallah. So we'll stop here. If anyone has any questions

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