Majed Mahmoud – Humility And Jesus In Islam

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming presidential election in Michigan and the upcoming d union in the region, as well as the use of Islam as a means of revenge against individuals and the media. They emphasize the importance of avoiding false expectations and the need for people to deal with their reality. The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of "has been" to describe experiences and emotions, and the importance of being humble and not overly confident in one's words.
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Why would Allah punish you? Man? If I will love you I'd become Why would Allah punish you if you are grateful and faithful, to show you that punishment never comes without reason. And if you are alive, then that punishment is an opportunity to repent even for the most wicked of people, the most wicked of nations the most wicked of tyrants. Every punishment that comes while you are still alive, while you still have an opportunity to repent is a way that Allah subhanaw taala calls you back to him. Never forget Subhanallah when I became a Muslim, one of my friends, I told him that we prostrate on the ground said I'm going to put my face on the ground. Why would I put my face on the ground? God

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knows what's in my heart. Why throw dust as a sign? I'm not saying to do it and blindside people's eyes but just anything from the from the Sunnah towards them, assuming they also understand what you're doing is to remind the one you're throwing dust towards is that the one you're overpraising is made out of this identity. I'm just Subhanallah Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone welcome back to Quran 30 for 30. So the question from yesterday's * when Allah subhanaw taala says in verse 36, of certain Issa was talking we will jump the companion that is at your side, who is the companion at your side that Allah subhanaw taala is referring to so please go ahead and enter

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below but in the nine to Allah. We want to remind you as well to insha Allah to Allah please donate to 15 If you have not already I hope you've been benefiting from around 30 for 30, the Ramadan series and so much more that's been coming out and hopefully throughout the year but in the nighttime so if you haven't donated already, please do and shouts out to go ahead and donate at the link below but in the law, and we are blessed and humbled to have as always Sheikh Abdullah Douro with us and Sheikh Mahmoud Mahmoud for the first time in real life in person humbly Latin is that here I have been a Hello, sir. Hello, welcome to welcome to Ganesha. Thank you so much, and I

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appreciate the invitation. Thank you.

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So if Margetts from Michigan, the great state of Michigan Hamdulillah. All eyes are on Michigan for the presidential election. We're a 501 C three, so we can't endorse a candidate. We like being uncommitted to a candidate here. So Michigan did a good job Michel, coming up, and showing up but just imagine hamdulillah as someone who you know, we were talking about this from the early days of Dawa online.

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You started young mashallah, and you were holding these papers. I remember walking around before iPads and phones, you know, really a thing on giving lectures walking around with these papers, giving incredible lectures and test get have done nothing. And you've done a wonderful job with MATLAB and beyond have the diagramming. So what's the next exciting thing coming out with your downshift? What are you trying to do now shell trying to locally focus on the hood of our machine, get a deeper dive into it in shallow handling. So Michigan managers teaching ColorFabb are still going to be online in Charlotte eventually in Charlotte, Charlotte, lost parents I've lost you

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baraka and you're down. I mean,

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Charlotte, I will go ahead and get started done. So we're still in Surah, Nisa, and there's something really beautiful that's unfolding in the Quran as you go through these chapters at this point that Allah subhanaw taala is showing you how he deals with nations and individuals with different ways in order to bring them back to Allah subhanaw taala. And so you kind of have the full spectrum by this point as you're reading into the Quran. When you get to this Jews, you've already covered the communities of the prophets. You've already covered. The righteous ones from Bani Israel, the wicked ones from Bani Israel. Allah Subhana Allah has addressed the hypocrites and their

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behaviors Allah subhanaw taala has addressed the believers and their hopes that they have from Allah subhanaw taala. But if you go back to just five now if Allah Yaga become in Shackleton mentum Why would Allah punish you, man if I will love you? Why would Allah punish you if you are grateful and faithful, to show you that punishment never comes without reason. And if you are alive, then that punishment is an opportunity to repent even for the most wicked of people, the most wicked of nations, the most wicked of tyrants. Every punishment that comes while you are still alive, while you still have an opportunity to repent, is a way that Allah subhanaw taala calls you back to him.

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Now we'll also see Subhanallah that later on, you know Allah azza wa jal mentions and suited Anam how he punishes people sometimes by opening for them the doors of this dunya for the man Asuma Lukey will be here for a while but could we say that when they turned away from the reminder at some point, if this is what you wanted, if the dunya is taking you away from Allah subhanaw taala and you want to keep going there, go ahead and have it right but know that it will come at the expense of your hereafter. Now here in certainly sat still. Verse 153. Allah subhanaw taala mentions the way that the people of Makkah, we're harming the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam being preceded by

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the way that the community of Bani Israel also hurt its profits right and ask their price.

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offered similar questions and put them through similar trials. And so when Allah subhanaw taala says yes Endoca 100 Kitabi and Tunez Iranian Kitab Amina sama that the people of the Book demand from you Oh prophet of Allah, that you bring for them a revelation from the heavens that you present to them a revelation from the heavens. Now of course the prophets like some is in Medina and he's dealing with the remnants of the people of the book as well at this point. And Allah says, Faqad Salah Musa Akbar methodic, they asked Musa alayhis salam, for something even greater than this, what did they say to Musa alayhis salam they said, Edie and Allah Allah.

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Let us see Allah subhanaw taala go ahead and make Allah visible to us. What did Allah as parents do to them as a as a result? For Africa that's almost like a car to be loaded me him remember this for the next two years in sha Allah to add that they were then taken by a lightning bolt for their wrongdoing, that a lightning bolt came instead. So they said make Allah visible to us. Allah's parents had made his power visible to them through a lightning strike. And then what did they do after that? Thermotech other agent, I'm embarrassed the manager Atmel Vu not that they went and they took a calf as an object of worship after things were made visible to them. And Allah subhana wa

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says right after that, fat fauna and Alec, you know, and we even overlook that we even overlook that. And of course, in the last two nights of Ramadan, you're asking Allah subhanaw taala Allah Mina, careful and to hebbal alpha five one, right? You're asking Allah for his pardon. You're asking Allah for him to overlook and Allah saying, we overlook that as well. Wow, Tina, Musa Sivan and Medina, and We gave Musa alayhis salam compelling proof. Now one of the things that that goes on in this job and then the next few hours last minute, Todd talks about the warnings that were given to Benny Israel, the way they violate the warnings and the way that punishment comes to them, and then

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the way that forgiveness comes to them after punishment. So it's going on and on and on and on. Something important to reflect upon. As soon as you start to see the words learn note Mina laka. Hatta, we will not believe in you until that in and of itself is the greatest violation of herbal do to Allah subhanaw taala the greatest violation of being a true servant of Allah subhanaw taala Who are you to put conditions upon Allah subhanaw taala and so, these words of land note mean Allah Cohutta we will not believe in you until our words that were used by Benny a slide with Musa Islam. They were words that were used by the elders of Quraysh in Mecca, alas, said the same words to the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and now they're being used by the remnants of the people of book in Medina as well. And Allah subhanaw taala is saying that no matter where that question goes, it's unacceptable from the start. But even when people ask those unacceptable questions in the past, Allah still forgave them and gave them a chance at redemption. And I think that the last thing I'll say here, Subhan, Allah is when you start looking at some of the destruction of nations that came before the Quran summarizes a lot of stories. So you have 1000s of years of Dawa, sometimes between a set of prophets that are summarized in a few verses. And sometimes it goes from just the initial

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Dawa, to the end punishment. And you think, Wow, that was a really harsh punishment. But alas, Pantai never punishes anyone unjustly think about all of the chances that are given to nations before that punishment actually comes to them. So before you think, wow, Allah really punished this nation this way. Think about Wow, how many warnings do people have to receive before too much has been invested in them to expect such little of a response so Allah's parents are truly has always been just and he continues to be just and we ask Allah to deal with us with His mercy, and not with his justice because we would all find ourselves in destruction as a result. I mean, I'll pass it on

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to Schiff. I'm just gonna go ahead and just when I was salatu, salam ala Rasulillah while he was the woman on my back, you know, speaking of justice and mercy, it's, I love how you ended up upon life allow us to deal with this with this justice. It would not be in our favor, but Allah subhanaw taala with his mercy, you know, that it encompasses everything as a process, some set, Madani Allahu rahmati when they said that, you know, your previous and your, your previous and future sins will be forgiven. Why are you praying in the middle of the night crying? He said that, you know, mentioning the Mercy of Allah subhana wa Taala that he wants to Mercy to be engulfed in to cover him. So the

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Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala is that which we all seek, when we say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, we read in the Name of Allah, the benevolent, benevolent, the Merciful. So when looking at

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a loss of Pinewood Darwin, his greatness and His Majesty and His perfection, that by default reminds us that everything else is imperfect and that everything else is from the creation of Allah

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subhanho wa taala. So what I want to talk about particularly is something that I faced as a non Muslim when I converted to Islam being that I was Christian. And my parents still are, we ask our sponsor Allah to guide my mother and family members to Islam, to the way of understanding that Allah is one that is a Creator and His creation. And due to that reality and knowledge, creation is by default, naturally in need of something to enrich it, in need of something to turn to, naturally, all forms of creation are in need. And that's what I lost from Dallas says that unto moussaka it Allah that all of you are in deprivation, spiritual deprivation, all types of deprivation, and need

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are something that controls it and has authority over it. The last one to Allah says, and in the in the chapter of Aneesa, verse 172, when he speaks about ASA alayhi salam see this for me was very interesting, because I remember when I was being told about Islam, and I was Christian, and my and one of the main questions that I had that I thought would end the argument was, what is your position on Jesus, Jesus? And they said, You cannot be a Muslim unless you believe in Jesus. And then they started to tell me how Jesus is one of the best people that ever lived. But also he was an OPT he was a servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala because he was from creation, but he's one of the

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best people that ever lived. This verse here amongst many verses in the chapter, and he said, we were lost with Allah speaks about isa Lai Salam when he says the position of Isa Ali salaam, he says if there ought to be laminar strips on our gem layers. Thank you for mercy. Hey, hakuna Abdullah. He will and Mullah eager to mocha Elmo, Cara Boone. omae you're stuck on a birdie where you're stuck better faster? Yeah. shroom la he, Jimmy and Allah subhanaw taala says, Neither did the Messiah disdain to be a servant of Allah nor did the angels lay a stancliffe will instinct calf is thick bar will identify. So it's a level greater than arrogance. It is arrogance at the highest degree. So

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Allah saying laziest uncouth, and lend means never. An Isa was never someone that was arrogant and being a servant of Allah subhana wa lainnya stunk if and Mercy who ain't your corner Aberdeen? When we see I mean servant, and some would say slave, it is a servant of Allah soprano. He never was raising his head or thought that he was better than creation or better than Allah or at the site or at the level of Allah subhanho wa Taala he never would say that he would never be that he would never be a servant of Allah Spano Donna. Well, Mala ecotour Makara born nor the angels, the ones that will Makara Boon only the ones that were close or near station to him so much nearer station to

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Allah subhanho wa taala. It was the angels they would not even have the audacity to have arrogance with Allah subhanho wa taala. But who did IBLEES shape on the one that refused to prostrate to Adam, the creation of Allah shaytaan being the creation of Allah therefore, we see one of the worst sins or the seed of sin is that of arrogance, arrogance, thinking that you are better or that you deserve more. Even when we say we deserve this from Allah subhanho wa Taala we look at the mercy and the follow and the virtue of Allah subhanho wa Taala we know that that's not the case he gives us more than we quote unquote, deserve. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala says after that, well may get stuck. If

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you add that to heat well, you're stuck bitter, and whoever has arrogance or disdain, and you see how he joins them to Romania stuck on a better team. Well, you're stuck with the one that has arrogance and so but honestly like with your unfair nose, you turn away you raise your head as though you are better than this. This is below me. Never forget Subhan Allah when I became a Muslim, one of my friends, I told him that we prostrate on the grounds that I'm gonna put my face on the ground. Why would I put my face on the ground? God knows what's in my heart. You see God creating the system and giving you the system to show your gratitude is that what's needed because if it was

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up to us, there will be a level of pure destruction there will be pure destruction. Then Allah subhanaw taala says speciation will mean age I mean, and Allah subhanaw taala was certainly join them all together. You know the promises of a lie there was someone was telling our Isha and a beautiful Hadith when speaking about the resurrection, he said, You got some NASA who fat aura to know Lord Allah. He said that mankind will be raised up to a loss pantalla barefoot without closed uncircumcised. And then I wish to ask the question that we would ask he mentioned these days without clothes, all around each other. And she mentioned that they're going to see each other's private

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parts for sale Allah, the Prophet saw someone said, for every person who's shutting you'll need every one will be preoccupied. They're not even worried about that to show at this moment of young will harsher than we will all be gathered in front of Allah subhanaw taala there is something that is much more important than that. Look at our lives. Now. When we look at ASA alayhi salam, understanding that he was a servant of Allah subhanaw taala, the best that ever lived, and that belief is what is paramount as a milestone for the Tauheed recognizing the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala which serves as an anchor for our actions. We do it for the sake of Allah for Allah not going

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or to anyone else besides him initially and ultimately realized Madonna make us the those that worship Him with excellence radical Alfie Kohn shake magic. Just like Monica chef May Allah bless you all. June 6, is one of the most unique czar in the Quran. When it comes to talking about profit to Asa Nerium specifically, anytime you want to learn more about him, you got to go back to number six. And Allah subhanaw taala addresses al Kitab from the hood and from the Nosara two opposite ends to extremes. So for example, in Surah Nisa, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions how he condemns the group from under Kitab that degrade a 70 Imodium? So Allah says we'll be covering him I condemn them

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due to their disbelief. We're calling him Allah Maruyama, Bhutan and Alima That's verse 156. So Allah is condemning them because of their denial and outrageous accusations against Maria Maria sternum that she perhaps was pregnant from an illegal relationship etc. May Allah forgive us. Then Allah says and for what they also say What do they say Allah will call him and they say in pattern and mercy ha ha Santa Maria we are the ones who killed Jesus, the son of Mary rasool Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala says one more Cthulhu you know first of all, he did not kill him. Why Masada boo and he did not crucify him well, I can shoot the alarm. It appears like it was him were in the lead

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enough to fulfill every second minute like even the ones that were doing the crucifixion to that individual like Is it really him or not? Subhan Allah, that Allah says, Man let him be him and in the Tibetan one this was all like assumption maybe it's me but whatever this is, do it. What am I gonna tell you who your cleaner Tabea Allah Where is he? Where is he right now? Where is he at? Allah says bargara for Allah Allahu La Allah has raised three 70 million to Allah Jalla jalla wa can Allahu Aziz and Hakima and Allah is the all mighty all wise, Allah is wise, or Allah is almighty How are everyone ganged against ASA, but the almighty saved Asus? And Allah al Hakim why Hakeem? Because

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Why did Allah send a 70 mme and most people will think in a negative way towards them. The biggest religion as a numbers think that he is a God which we'll address right now. And so that's in sha Allah, Allah ADA. Before I tell you, verse 159, let me go to Matt Eden, sha Allah to tell you the other extreme. chapter five, verse 73, Allah says Laqad Kaffir Alladhina Kado they have this believed, you are far from the truth. Who are they Allah, the ones that say in Allah 30 total data that Allah is one of three the whole Trinity aspect. One I mean Isla Illa, who had Allah says no one worthy of worship except Allah subhanho wa Taala we're in LUMION tahu Amaya Kowloon and if they

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don't stop attributing such claims to Allah. Liam is Santa Lena, kapha, Roman, Hamada, goon and him then they will be touched Allah said lemma center Subhan Allah untouched by severe punishment. Then Allah says FLIR to Boone isn't not time for you to return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala or people from the Nosara that you exaggerate the status of a seven Imodium isn't that time to balance things out and realize he is great, but not to the point of a God while you're still Fiona and seek Allah's forgiveness. And remember, though it is the greatest sin that can ever be committed. Allah says hola hola hola Rahim, Allahu Akbar. Then Allah explains, let me tell you who a 70 mme is All That Jazz at

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number six phenomenal. Allah says mal mercy have no medium in LA Rasool mercy. The Messiah son of Meriam is nothing but a prophet of Allah. God has been tabula rasa he is one of many prophets that have come before. So Allah subhanaw taala says min max, you have no medium in LA Sol Mercy has nothing but a prophet of Allah God harlot min Kubler Ross. He is one of many messengers that came before will Omaha so DECA his mother was phenomenal. So now Allah is addressing the false accusation in Surah Nisa that the hey that outrageous statement against the no almost vehicle she walked the talk on most of the ACA the mother of ASA is one of the four women that reached perfection. Can Kula

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and Tom Allahu Akbar, Allah said they used to eat food. What does this have to do with that? Can he create a bomb? They needed food, so they're not fully independent? They need some nutrition. In addition, can someone who's in need of such thing be a God think about it couldn't have been? Yeah couldn't be a time when you eat food what happens? Your body has to get rid of some of that stuff. Subhanallah Can God need to use the washroom and if the biller Subhanallah then Allah says under Kayfun obey you know the home and get some money and now you have a coin see how we make the science clear to them? Yet how they are deluded from the truth. So I'll end with a dua in electro learn from

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this individual Allahu alayhi wa sallam said Whoever says a shadow a la ilaha illallah wa hola Shadi color one a Mohammed and I will do what also that's known as Inshallah, now that edition, one Nerissa Abdullah webinar amateur and that he is the son of the female servant of Allah number three

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Well, can you make two who I'll call her Isla mme, and that ASA is the fulfillment of Allah's word through Mary number four and last Wuhan Minh and he is a soul created by Allah. And then one more thing I have to say we're not done yet to another janitor hack, or another hack that heaven is the truth. Hellfire is a truth they exist. Whoever says that Allah subhana wa data will tell you enter agenda from any door authentic narration. So may Allah allow us to remember this dua and be of those who believe in a said the way that is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa taala. I'm lying about something that occurred to me Subhan Allah between what both of you shared? So Sheikh Abdullah shared that a

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Saudi Saddam is not too proud to lower himself in servitude to Allah. And then you shared the idea in which Allah subhana wa says, but without a whole lot really rather lost parents or elevated him to him. And it's really interesting, because both of them are, in fact Subhanallah transgressions that we find in opposition to these verses. So when it comes to Eastside Islam falling on his face and frustration, that's something that's repeated over and over and over again, even biblically, right falling on his face and prostration, putting his face on the ground. And that's something that many people would scoff at, as a claim followers of Christ like, Wait, we don't fall on our faces

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and prayer. In fact, it's one of the things that the Council of Nicaea eliminated was prostration from Christian doctrine and practice, right, even though are you sorry, Sam falls on his face in prayer. And it's something that's still biblically established was like, which group of believers are praying like Jesus today, it is set up, right. And you see these millions of people in one place at a time falling on their faces in frustration. And then the second one is lost parents either elevating him beyond the crucifixion. So Allah is pulling him away from the crucifixion, which is at the center of Christian doctrine, right. And so you have a loss of Hanuman to Allah, affirming his

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place in sujood. His place in Obadiah, is placed in prostration, and servitude, and with that being elevated, and then you have a loss pans out physically elevating him, beyond an attempt on his life and raising him to the heaven. So it shows you of course, I mean, really, in a beautiful manifestation, that whoever lowers themselves for Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala elevates them and spiritually that's the case for all of us, the more that we lower ourselves to Allah permits, the more that ALLAH SubhanA wa elevates us there isa Islam, it's literal. He lowered himself to Allah Subhana Allah, and Allah subhanaw taala elevated him. Another thing was Benny is

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slightly because they are at the subject matter here.

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Why did Allah subhana wa give her a sigh stamp so many miracles. And one of the things that the scholars mentioned, you know, of the chances, right, and this kind of comes back to what I was talking about. Allah put all of these miracles in the last prophet to Benny soil, to give them this final chance. Right? So there were other prophets of bunnies, right? That raised the dead, right? And that's biblically established, as well as in our own tifosi. There are other prophets that healed the sick, but Subhanallah this, this one prophet, the last prophet have been a slight eel, who has all of these things, combined within him as sort of truly a last chance and still with that,

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there was an attempt on his life, right and attempt to crucify him. So it shows you once again the justice of Allah subhanaw taala, and giving so many chances to people to repent. With all of those miracles, they still tried to kill him. So what is it that the prophets lysozyme is going to show them of a miracle? That's not going to, you know, make them want to kill himself Allah who it was? It's impossible because the problem is what Allah azza wa jal mentions, in in certain Isa, that they said, What coldly him Kelowna.

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They said, our hearts are protected. Like we have made our hearts unreceptive right, we'll call you Kelowna gulps of their hearts are unreceptive then nothing is going to change their mind nothing is going to change their hearts. It's beautiful. You mentioned you know, with ASA, Allison and Barbara falala raised him to him, and how Lanius thank you for that he's not air is not arrogance, you know, it just reminded me of you know, the Prophet SAW Selim and he said in the literal

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word of the tool MBA, that the scholars are the inheritance of the prophets right? Let me walk you through dinar Allah did him like in water Sudan. He said they didn't inherit any money any currency dinar or the deer haven't which is type of currency gold or silver. But they inherited the knowledge whoever's inherited that who haven't left they've taken a huge benefit or that which is very good for them for lack of better translation. But also you know, you think about Hadith Mantova Annina. Rafa, Hola, whoever literally while the INF so who had to tell her out whoever places and debases himself

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was for Allah not for creation, Allah will raise them. That's what's so beautiful as well. When you look at how acla Salam, because the best of people were the prophets because they were the ones that had the most toil there. They were the ones that lowered themselves for Allah subhanaw taala they were the ones that had allegiance to the deen and that is what raises a person with Allah subhanaw taala. So it'd be the ship should be the same case with the human beings. Whoever has the most servitude to Allah spent Allah and is humbled to creation because of Allah. Allah is the motivating factor behind what you do. That is who we look up to.

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And that is so important because, you know, in touching on ace and ASA,

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you know, he says a beautiful example, because we see what's going on now when people worship him, because of his servitude, but at the same time, because of that servitude. He's at the level of gods and that's what when it hit me as as a Christian, I was like, no, but God is in control of all things. How can we create creation that serves to create toward be the creator. And when I heard about Islam, even the meaning cert servitude to Allah subhanaw taala it just sits so well with me. And it put everything in its proper place will like put everything in its proper place. And it was like I used to tell people at the smoke was clear.

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The confusion I really couldn't understand. When I understood the concept of Islam of creation creator, the prophets versus human beings, the prophets versus Allah subhanaw taala as so beautiful whenever reading the stories of Isa lay Salam, it just it just reminds me that and it puts it in proper perspective. You know, everything from Michel de vaca like just to pick up mashallah on the theme of humbleness, you know, with a 70 Imodium? Another thing that I believe we learn is that we should help people stay humble. Don't make it hard on people to maintain their humbleness. So rasool Allah Azza wa sallam he says not only Kumar Otterton nasaga So don't over exaggerate me Don't show

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me above a level the way the Christians did to Jesus Christ and ammonium rather tell the world Mohammed Abdullah solo I am Allah servant and His messenger and Subhan Allah here is that we have to make it easy for our beloved mache scholars and so on especially in the comment section Sharla as they comment the sha Allah, you know, Zack Allah here, but don't not say I see no from your eyes and Shafaq or in your ears none of that too much. Right overpraising. May Allah make it easy for us. And also Elias Allah, Allah, Allah was sending it says tofu in Medina, Torah, throw us towards those who overpraise you and one of the signs of overpraising is you pray something you cannot see, right or

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exaggerate something. And one of the elements says Why throw dust as a sign? I'm not saying to do it and blindside people's eyes but just anything from the from the Sunnah towards them, assuming they also understand what you're doing is to remind the one you're throwing us towards is that the one you're overpraising is made out of this identity. Um, just

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the whole theme of the powder aspect, we should help people like that. That's why one of the Sahaba after the resource accident, passed away in the desert also had the Sahara Desert running after him. I'm not sure if it was even Mr. O'Donnell the line one of the grand companions. So while they're running after him, so celebrating his presence, he said, you're running after me is a fitna for me. And almost in a way Mandela for you, that doesn't look right for both of us somehow, so helped me stay humble. May Allah raise us all in on Rex and you're not alone. But if you know, so, hello, I'll just end with this. I think it's deeply profound. Because you kind of you hinted towards it. Does

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Abdullah mean servant or slave? It means servant, it means slave. It means worshiper, it's all of the above. Like oh, booty actually captures all of that. And there is no, there is no hesitation in saying that by being his abs being the abs of Allah. That is the greatest form of honor. And if you look at the names of the angels, you know, so Menaka to macabre born, the closest angels, there is no mightier Angel than wa salam. And when you read the prophetic description of Dubai, it's not like I remember someone saying, wow, like, are you serious? It covers the whole space between the heavens and the earth. 600 wings spread out like he's so strong, Shadi. Ricola right. He's so strong, he's

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endowed with so much, but with that debris that needs to them when he goes with the profit slice, I'm gonna start wondering how large he flattens out, right? I mean, he's an all of Allah subhanaw taala he never at any point goes beyond what Allah subhanaw taala commands him to do. Even Jebediah Islam is proud to be a slave of Allah subhanaw taala In fact, his name Jabra, Jabra eel, most of them have us they don't say just means that Abdullah eel Allah Jabra Jabra composed is a slave of Allah subhanaw taala Narayan Murthy

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Amma to be the slave of the female slave of Allah. So unless parents are make us all from those who lovingly submit themselves to him, and who embrace that status of everybody and as a as a result are elevated a lot. I mean, does that mean a lot of hate on shift managers from dolla

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exact my favorites all of you for joining us we'll see you all tomorrow Charlotte was set on wanting to lie about a case

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