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Wherever you are, you have to fear a lot what is tough, a lot tougher lives to have achieved between you and the anger of Allah subhanaw taala and there is no seal between the two will work better between you and the anger of Allah subhanaw taala than the pleasure of Allah. So you lamins I mean, Kayla, like when we say to Allah lemons, I mean, Kayla, like, there is no escape from you except with you. Except to you. There is no escape from you except to you. Because you can't escape from the last graph except to or through a mask pleasure.

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You can always run from your that your mouth, or vice versa. But you can escape from Allah, He will go to room, he will seek help for more, don't give you a refuge and prevent protection against the law.

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For who will give you who will show you mercy if he doesn't show any mercy. So the ones that men can tap in last to make a shield between you and the anger of a lot and that shield is achieved of his pleasure. So you see, the please Allah subhanaw taala at all times. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to him practically how to do this has been a

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follow up of action with a good one. It shall erase it after the sale.