Hatem al-Haj – The Trial of Speech

Hatem al-Haj
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Provided money are one of the reasons

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he said

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ma have done water revoking water, do you have one answer that may have seen an S

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necropsy this

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might have done what a rebuttal whether they haven't said them and have seen and they said mama us baja you hidden more holy sir Have you

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not done?

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Not not have

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what are the bar nobody bar which is guarding the posts of the workers? What idea? Nor do

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I said that is harder than ever more difficult than men hops in the sand, then restraining your phone, then restraining your phone. Well, I've asked you Hey moholy Santo, and he rises in the morning wakes up in the morning concerned about the sun, first rpm and Avi, he would be in much

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he would be much occupied, he would rise with great words with great words.

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Because you're afraid because the most the thing that you're afraid of the most

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is that you know your supervisor at work is not your enemy is not, you know, the neighbor who's going back to you. It is your own peril. You're afraid of this the most. So if you wake up every day in the morning concerned about your Thank you, you're waking up with great words.

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All these one time, he have he was overly so surrounded himself with a company of scholars, he was one of the greatest scholars of his time. And he surrounded himself also with a company of stars. So one scholar said in his company,

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I think that the one who

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served in Lincoln with academia, I think everyone who speaks who stay silent, based on knowledge is like one of the speaks out of knowledge for the basis of knowledge.

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Then all around God, he said to him, by hopefully the one who speaks on the basis of knowledge will be greater than disciple along that age judgment. And the ones who stay silent on the basis of knowledge because the one who speaks to them, his speech will be beneficial for others, whereas the one who stays silent in silence will be only beneficial for him

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for the only benefit for prayer. And the man said to him, said to him whenever

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unfitness he at Columbia mirror movie.

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How about the trials?

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so, so

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sorry, to hear more about the the trials of speech for me, I don't really,

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the trials of speech are huge tracks.

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Because the trials of speech sickness of Canada is not only that you speak that which is good

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is not only a team to verify that what you're saying is good is not only that, you want to verify that what you're saying is for the sake of a lot. But there is another trap here

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is that you need to be the first person to act upon this speech, notice people that have the speech and you'll be thrown into the fire. That is a great trial. That's a great fit for speech. So you want to verify that it is good, you want to verify that it is right. And you want to verify you're saying it for the very purpose. But thereafter you will be speaking all of this you will be speaking speaking given their own talking to the people and so on.

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Cuz you're bound by all this and you

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you're required to uphold, you know what, what you preach. And that is extremely difficult. It's really hard.

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So he said, no other times of speech

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had been a horrible job. And as he started to cry profusely

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and all he was given a speech one day and then the people people's hearts became tender and they started to weep and

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And he said to him, what would you what why don't you carry on. So if we made all the

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and he said

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the same thing that the scanner had certainly

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Before in a dilemma fitness, speech is fitness.

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And then he said, Well after the movement,

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he acquired a favorable outcome

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and it is more befitting for the believer to act more than to speak.

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And when he you know, he ended his speech.

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speech in general, even if it is good

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there are there are great tribes in speech,

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many, many phrases,

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many stops making use, you need to pause many, many times

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you want to pass them to verify that it is good

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one particularly if you're speaking about religion, particularly when

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you have a lot of other harmony fellow like in the

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category of the court and do not say for that which your friends described, this is cut out of this parallel to fabric advise against a lot, most surely it also competed against the world deliver prosper.

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So, you want to verify that is correct, once verified, authentic, you want to be speaking on the basis of knowledge, not ignorance. You want to verify that what you say you're saying it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Not for the sake of the people and undisciplined sake of celebrity and of the sake of being cozy or curvy, or

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you know,

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or any of that, but after all of this and you have done all of this,

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the problem is all of the following that that he said, You will now have the power to live by, you know, you have to live according to him, otherwise, he will be

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benefiting the people within others that you will be the product of its benefit. So, they may go they may, you may become content of interest to them that way.

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You become a bridge on which people you know cross to agenda and then you are thrown into the heart

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