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Janaza For Non Muslims

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Hatem al-Haj

Channel: Hatem al-Haj

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What condition

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you have? No, they're not Muslim that you can't, you know, that was

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almost me don't pray that when I was a prayer though because Allah themselves

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do not pray for anyone other than who died. And when I decided to send my history, Pamela stepped up to the prophets of the lives. So we don't pray as a prayer except for Muslim.

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Now, who is a Muslim a Muslim is the one who said that our

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Muslim is the one that you saw pray

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and err on the side of

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Islam. size of the pockets here this silly when you're a

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parent in the sight of this

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kid he was a Muslim at one point consider him a Muslim until it is clear to you like the sun in the middle of a summer day that Isla partida