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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. I want to do a quick response and an advice to a big mistake I found in our sister Lauren boots book, finding peace in the Holy Land, a British Muslim memoir. And this is a big mistake, a common mistake that not just sort of sister Lauren fell into. But many revert sisters when they enter in Islam, they fall into the same mistake. And I want to make it clear at the beginning of the video that this has nothing to do with Sister Lauren as an individual because honestly, I don't really know her I met her one time in my life. I've never heard her speak at all. I've never read anything that she's written. So I don't really know her as an individual. But I want

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to point out the mistake that's in the book because not just her but many of the sisters who entered Islam, they fallen into the same mistake. And obviously someone who has a big platform as a public speaker like herself, and she can influence others to fall into the same sin and the same mistake. And that mistake, what is it in the middle of the book here, I'm not going to show it. But you can see in the middle, these are pictures from when, before she was a Muslim, some of them when she was younger, obviously, some of them were older. And in these pictures, what's inside of it, our sister Lauren without hijab, and this is the problem that many of our systems fall into. They want to show

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you, you know, the before and after. And while it might, you know, if you look at it from a marketing or media aspect that might be good people, wow, look how she was, you know, and then look how she became now. But when it comes to a sister exposing herself without a hijab, and showing the people how she used to look, this is something that's haram. And it's not permissible. And I've seen this as become somewhat of a trend with many sisters, who they show you the before and afters and they will lie perhaps they have good intention. Like look where I was, Look what I was doing, look where I am now after guidance, but nonetheless, exposing yourself in this manner, showing yourself

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without hijab before you were Muslim, even though it wasn't sinful, then but now you're taking that picture, and you're spreading it and showing it to others. That's where the sin comes in. And now men look at you and they know what used to look like even I remember one brother when he went to marry a sister who was a revert sister. She said, You didn't ask about the color of my hair. He said, I know the color bears. How do you know that she was wearing a proper hijab? He said, Because I saw a picture of you when you were younger, on your Facebook. So I know what you look like before the sister him that obviously she removed it right away. Therefore, it's the responsibility of every

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sister who enters into Islam, that she removes any picture she has of herself without a hijab before she was a Muslim, that's online on social media Council and having that she removes all of that, otherwise, she's gonna fall into sin. And even a bigger sin is that if she is going to spread these before and after pictures, exposing herself what she looked like, and because now right away any man who sees is going to know what she looks like without hijab. And my advice to sister Lauren, is that in the new prints of her book, and shuffle Tiana that she removed this section in the middle, because someone like Lauren, who has an influence and people might look up to her and follow her

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that they might do the same thing. So it's not just gonna be the sin that she's coming upon herself, but also the sin of those who follower and we know that from the teachings of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Munson Neville Islami Sunette and say, Yeah, whoever invents any a bad tsunami a bad thing for people to follow. In Islam, people follow him that they're going to get the same sin of those who follow them into your multi AMA. Another advice to sister Lauren and other sisters that if you are going to use your picture, obviously, with makeup and color for hijab and things like this, there's also something that's haram and it's not permissible. This is not proper

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hijab. So if you're going to be a proper influencer and have an impact on the Ummah, you need to do in a proper way which is pleasing to Allah subhana wa Tada but exposing yourself and coming out with makeup and colorful hijab and things like this. There's something obviously which goes against the teaching of Islam and something that puts someone even if they have a good intention, it puts them into sin and it needs to be avoided. Well, Allahu allah sallallahu wasallam about Muhammad, what exactly