The Importance of Speaking What is Good

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Let's start with mechanical relay when you own an asset for the firearm only a small evil believes that a lot of the final day doesn't speak good or stay silent.

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This reminds us of our hobbies that is also reported throughout the webinar. Also by Sonia Muslim which was the purpose of our southern said in allegedly the camera will be kelemen

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la up La Habana

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Sakai la la de la bella yummy behalf in La

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copito avatar Lizzy Sabina

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So, the brightness is also agreed upon from a variety of on with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in my bedroom a common understanding among species speaks a word minute at one lap the parents have the pleasure of a low

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level he doesn't give much thought to it. He doesn't think too much attention to it.

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Yeah, probably probably not.

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A lot of reason by many degrees very rare.

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A lot you know we're raised we're raised by many rings.

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So, someone may say lay on the bed

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he does not give much thought to it does not pay much attention to a classic need rewarded that he have no influence

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Why is he being rewarded? You have no intention he said the purpose was on him said does not give much thought to it that I better

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not pay attention does not stop

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this is finished on these curves waiting for Canada moving Canada then soften that the European are young enough in

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the business arena Khalifa

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aware I may or may speak a word given for coming over Kadima the current system the anger of a law

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but it doesn't give much thought to it isn't paying attention to it.

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Yeah, but will you be have any he falls into the fire

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reported that there really? There is an addition Sabina currituck 7474 seasons How do you see the full season? What he means here seven years, seven years

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70 years

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so but the question is why is he being rewarded anyway?

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Don't we know that they never are moving Yeah, Visa

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Not a word of course it

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may also be prominent in cable TV does not speak a word except that he will have two angels by his rocky but watch her over him on TV recorded records.

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Yes, right. But once again, like why is he rewarded if he does not pay attention to what he said if he doesn't pay attention

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because he trained themselves to be governed. This became a second nature for him

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you know, he trained themselves to speak good until he speaks good as like this is a second nature. He's polite and courteous. He's good you know helpful

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you know, not not offensive as a second

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and then if it becomes a second nature does not punish you by depriving you of a word.

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You know, you have gotten to a point where goodness became this thing became your nature

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your speaking goodness you know, find the respectfully

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properly just because this has become your nature. So what a loving deprive you of reward because you have gotten yourself all the way to this point where you made this your nature no one will know Allah is more generous to do this.

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Okay, so they don't even have to but then in the at the same time the other one is not given some logic later on we'll take on some of them and that speaks you know, a word that arises in the anger of a lot he does not give much thought to it. Yeah, he definitely falls into the Hellfire thereby

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70 years, he keeps on falling for sort of years in part because of the work.

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Now, this person is not paying attention to what he said also, but that is not exempt from the punishment does not exempt him from he does when he is required to do is to stay silent.

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What he's required to do is to think about what he will say before he sells a commodity imports from other than whatever the allowable, the purpose, the purpose of going to sell themselves in Nicaragua. Sally met Matt wanted to come in for a second month cultivars black garlic in Nicaragua Zaboo Salomon, you will continue to be safe.

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Madam Speaker, so long as he does not speak

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for anything can learn, once you speak,

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good luck, it will be recorded for you, or against you.

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Therefore, you are required to think of what you say you're required to think of it before you say, because oftentimes, we you know, we have like those little arguments between us. And then you you say here like, brother, sister, wife, or mother,

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or father or mother, or you didn't really think much of it, No, you're wrong, you should have thought much of you should have thought a lot about it before he spoke.

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So it is a requirement that you stay silent all the time, until you have verified that 14 words, say would be good.

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For the EPA,

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that's basically the meaning of record.

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That can be good, precise IRA. Because the prophets, a lot of them said that there's only two types of speech good and bad.

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So, unless you verify that it is good, it is going to be bad.

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Because guess what,

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even frivolous features back.

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And it hasn't been reported to the profits or loss

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alarming to customers, when I say about other than soft layman will talk to the funder person.

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speaking much causes hardness to the heart because the heart The become harder. And no one is farther removed from the mercy of a lot than the one who has a heart to heart,

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heart with his heart and not so much.

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So, in this case, this is an important exercise for us.

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To learn to stay silent, have used exercise, try to do,

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don't listen to this lecture and just go home

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to your business the same way.

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This means that this is not the proper you, it's not beneficial.

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And the one who holds me that's not the efficient is fair, but it is very bad. You know, it's

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like a monkey carrying scriptures.

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So, he whenever you hear any,

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you have to act upon it. Otherwise, the parable of a parent is very bad for those who hold knowledge, which they go back to.

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So we exercise silence when you try to do this. And then every time you want out a word, the setup that I just predecessors used to say, let it go through your heart first. And ask with your heart. That means it goes through through your mind because it would not go through your heart instead of have gone through your mind.

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The mind

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is less intuitive than the heart. It is it is more superficial, the heart was deeper than the mind. The heart is a step higher from the mind. It goes through your mind first, you know what it means and you know the balance of benefit the heart. You know, whether it's like a good work and support and so on and so forth. That's the mind, the heart will take care of the rest is this for Allah because this

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is the right place, right situation, the right person at the right time, in the right place, the right situation for the right purpose, which is the pleasure of Allah.

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All of that is really processed by the heart is handled by the heart so that it goes through the heart, meaning the go through your mind, and then through your heart and then speak and if you check

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To do this, you will be speaking much less.

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And then you will have much less to worry about when you meet

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if you speak much less