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The speakers discuss various verses and phrases used during a conversation, including the concept of "has been around" and the importance of not violating promises. They stress the need to reflect on the situation and make decisions based on the situation. The video highlights the importance of strong support and reforming one's values to achieve success in life, including the use of "verbal and idiosyncrasies." The segment also recites verses from a blog to encourage listeners to practice their values.

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For the last half hour or so, or something beyond or less than are allowed to proceed. In fact, for this particular

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talk, I wanted thought that

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the number would be less than this and we everybody could pick up almost half.

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And we could go over a few verses together.

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So I would still recommend for people to pick up Masada. Everybody picks up on this talk. And then we can go over a few practices together. Yep.

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We start from sort of MDF. Let's talk for number 2187.

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Chapter 21, verse 87.

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What does it say?

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that Allah Allah, Allah Subhana subhanak in the container volume in

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festa, Japan, Allah who wanted a nominal

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income have this these particular verses, we want to navigate through hardship, these particular verses give us the first steps through this navigation.

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Certainly there is no hardship, no more distress, than being in the center of the wave, right.

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You can imagine if you have been swallowed by a whale, how much hardship or distress, you would feel.

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And in addition to this, the no one had.

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So what was the translation of these verses was unknown. And remember, is unknown means the man of the fish. Basically, remember, the man of the fish or the Companion of the fish with a known means, remember,

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the man of the fish is then about a while living, when he left out, in anger, when he left out in anger, he left to his town,

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which is now Noah,

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near Mosul in Iraq, he lifted the left him out, he left that town and went out in anger is the hub of mobile data.

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And he thought, that we will not make we will not decree against him, we will not decrease something against him something hard against them, or he thought that we will not cause him distress or he thought that we will not punish them.

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Or it may be also translated as did he think that we will have no power over him?

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And that we are here for the the implication here is that Allah is saying half of one headline, not the rally.

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And then the other four was removed and it became only found one Allah not the rally alpha one and he did he thinking that we would have no power over was a noonien Zaha Mahal. I don't remember the man of the fish. When he went out and he left in anger.

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For Vanga Allah naka de la la the the thinking that we have no power over him, or he thought that we will not decrease something harsh against them.

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Fernandez is full of math. And then he cried out to his Lord or he invoked his Lord or he invoked and it did not say his Lord, it just said he invoked and it would be implied that he would certainly invoke Allah subhanaw taala his Lord, Fernanda for the full amount because there is no

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Want to Helston hooked in a time of distress? But last time even though she could not call out to anyone in the time of distress with Allah subhana wa tada because the hearts know at those times that there is no one to respond except Allah subhanaw taala for another format and he invoked his Lord in the darknesses Lola Matt darknesses is the word the Velma has never been mentioned in the prime

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it has never been mentioned in the singular for has always been mentioned only in the poor for darknesses because there are darknesses but light has never been mentioned in a poorer form in the Quran has always been mentioned in a singular for

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and nor nor not Anwar

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Fernandez automatically when he invoked is lower than the darknesses Allah Allah I learned there is no god but use a panic. Laurie beat you in economy Nevada mean in economy Nevada, me. I was one of the wrongdoers that transgressors oppresses wrongdoers, here it will mean I was one of the wrong doors in the Continental Army. Was the job narrow and then came the response from a loss of product

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then we responded to him when a gentleman a GM and we save them or spare them from the distress that he was in the grief that he was in.

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Okay, Valley can anjan in hell Likewise, we save the believers Likewise, we save all the believers. So let's recite those verses

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together and

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I was relying on God

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in the tahmina volley me

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Illa Saba Hannah,

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come to me and avoid me.

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And then the response came immediately.

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Then we respond to them immediately.

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So that it seems that the key is there. Right.

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And equal to me

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and La Ilaha. Illa. anta satanic and incontinent of melamine is not simple, don't take it simply. Don't just like glance over. You know, you need to reflect on it. This has two components, right? La ilaha illa Anta subhanak there is no god but you Glory be to You. The first component is the recognition of a lost presence greatness, and demon gorilla above all deficiencies. So you're saying to Allah, you are not the one who violated the covenant. Because you're deemed above this, the covenant is what the covenant income sort of lie on circle if you give victory to Allah will give you a victory, the covenant in consola family but if you give victory to Allah, no one will be able

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to defeat you. You will, there will be no one given power over you. The covenant is

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Mohammed lasagna and in fact in our own

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Whoever does righteousness whether he's a male or female

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Male, while in a state of belief, we will give him a good life, if you feel that you are not given that good life, if you feel that you have been defeated, whether in person or in group nation on then it is important first to recognize that a lot does not violate promises, and a lot of our violates His covenant. If there is someone breaching the covenant, every covenant comes in with two parties, right to the covenant, two parties to the covenant. covenant is between Allah and you. covenant is between Allah and so there is always two parties to the covenant. And if there is any breaching of the covenant, the first thing that you have to realize is that a lot did not breach it,

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because a lot has not reached its covenants. And a lot does not break his promises. And above it never fails on a promise. So it is the recognition of lost greatness and lost power

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and having good thoughts in a loss of panic. Because panic, Laurie beat you,

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which could be translated Exalted are You glory, V to you, as a panic means idemia Above all, deficiency,

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above all, deficiency above all shortcomings, above all evil.

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So this is a recognition of the perfection of Allah subhanaw taala, the absoluteness of His perfection. So you're saying that not only that you don't breach breach the covenants but szczepanik has many meanings in it. subhanak means that, you know, you're the most merciful because you're above the deficiency of cruelty. You're above the deficiency of forsaking Your servant, you're above the deficiency of ignoring the plea of the petitioner when he invokes you. So you're above all of this. So it when you say it, if you really say it, like Eunice said it was the recognition that humans have with the humidity that unit showed

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lower relieve your stress, like you're relieved that the stress of your Salah is so La Isla inlanta so the higher neck there is no god but you subhanak glory v2 you Exalted are You Elena and and you know it, there are lots of meetings in La La Land like I have no one but you

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there is no one that I can rely on. There is no one that I can count on. There is no one that I can call for his help at this time. Except you there is you're my only Lord, you're my only God, I have no one but you and if we truly like if you say I cannot do it, I can stay with this feeling. I have no one but you there is no one that I can count on but you can assign only you do we seek help from only you do we asked for help. here Can I stay if that that is not what I learned. Here cannot only you do we worship only you do we seek out from? That is what I learned means he economical way I can assign I only worship You and I only count on you for help. And if we do say this in our Fatiha

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every day, with recognition with a presence of the heart and the recognition of the heart, then we're saying later in land this unit said it but in a different way. But if if the hardest present and there is recognition Why do we say this and that is important because that is the epic of the Fatiha, which is the epic of the Quran, and if in our Salah.

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We don't pause there for a second to think of what we're saying. Then we then our Salah, could be a mediator or that Salah because it does not have

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any spiritual power. It does not revive your soul because you're not thoughtful in your Salah at least at least. The Epic of the Salah is in fact behind the epic of the Fatiha is economical economic value. So if you're absent minded in other parts of yourself or at least at least, pay attention when you say economic or economic value.

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This is basically the center the focus

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of your salon. The pivotal point in your salon, Erica would wear a tie, so pay attention there when you recite those verses.

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So he said I learn to subhanak in economy Nevada, me. And we said the first one is a recognition of the presence and greatness of Allah, deeming him above all deficiency, you know, ascribing all beauty to him, or greatness to him or perfection to him, or mercy to him, on average, to him all power to him, do certain things that are needed for a response, you need to call upon someone who's powerful, capable, merciful, compassionate, who hears you, who sees you and cares about you and that is all

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implied and so the higher so the higher that resulted Are you

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then any contingent of other means there is a recognition in the quantum universe. I mean, I am one of the wrongdoers I was one of the wrongdoers and sometimes also when you reflect on the conditions of the oma, you could say in coordinamento volume into the hour the Qur'an maybe a slight modification and the recitation of the verse could not be more adequate. Still.

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You say in accordance aminophylline we were wrongdoers, when in reference to the Empire. When you when you speak to Allah on behalf of them, you could say that in Atlantis, a panic in a corner. I mean, we were on the wrongdoers. We transgress ourselves, you did not reach the covenant, you did not break the promise, because you're deemed above any of this.

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So La ilaha illa Anta subhanak Is he

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in Surah

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Surah two, this chapter number 11

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verse number 80.

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We'll just stop there briefly, so you don't need to go there.

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A lot is allowed. Salam said, lo and Nellie become Toba, Howie Illa wrote me and said he had they had power over you, or how they relied on

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a great support or strong support? Or where have I been able to be take myself to a strong source of support, broken into the you know, please like a pillar pole or, you know, when you say I'm kind of solid, that's the pillars of the prayers. So if there was like a rookie, initially, the strong

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support that I can rely on, that I can lean on, that I could seek for help.

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Lonely become

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broken into lead. Follow the plan in the middle of events

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in the Colorado woman read Canada when a lead comes

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into lead. Are they had

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power against you? Or have they been able to rely on to lean on a source of support that is strong, that will protect me from you? Why did he say this? Because remember, Luke had emigrated with his with Ibrahim alayhis salam, his uncle Ibrahim Alayhi salat, he had emigrated with him to the those villages in Palestine in in current Palestine, the immigrated from Iraq. So Luke did not have a tribe or a clan to protect them from those people. He was an immigrant, a foreigner in this land, so he felt that he is cut off from you know, support because he did not have a tribe or a clan to protect them.

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while we're blown up that said, for whatever Rasul Allah He and forcing him, that the rest of the messengers of Allah the angels that went to loot Allah, his Salah

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during this incident, you know, this incident, right, the angel scape polluted. They came in the form of beautiful man and his people rushed to him, because they were used to be people of Mancha rot and obscene acts and

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conduct and then the story. He tried to basically protect

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Guests have not known yet that they were angels. And he tried to protect them. And his people did not, you know, given the courtesy of, you know,

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protecting these guests, and they insisted on

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you know, him, basically, given those guests to the to do whatever they used to do.

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So he said this and then the angels.

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They became resentful of that statement. They showed resentment towards him. Kalia rasuluh, Rebecca yasui, like they said, all know that we are the messengers of your Lord, they will not be able to

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they will not be able to hurt you.

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They will have no access to you, they will have no power over you. Don't worry about this. They're saying that he absolutely like not money, Astro Elena, it is not we will not hurt us. He was worried about them. You know, so the angel said to him last night, they will not hurt you. So don't worry about us. As for us, we are the messengers of your Lord. So you need not worry about us. Additionally, don't worry about yourself, because now you are in the protection of your Lord. So that what happened and what happened he said that the messengers felt somewhat resentful. The route Allah is

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is actually saying this. He's actually saying have I had power against you? Or had I been able to be taken myself to a source of support or to rely on count on lean on a source of strong support?

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Sedna, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith as reported by Bukhari and Muslim from viharaya, the 11 year from Allah, happy Luton Latika we located in Saudi, may Allah have mercy on my brother lute, he did.

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He did have a source of great support, he did have a source of great support in reference to

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angels, Allah, Who are the angels, they're just tools, they're just agents. So if he did have a source of great support and recognition each year, that he thought he or he wished to have he didn't have in Allah subhanaw taala he didn't have that source of great support in Allah with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So even someone like the Prophet can sometimes have those transient transient lapses

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to the last job or the complete, complete feeling of the Divine Presence, or the recognition of the Divine Presence and divine greatness.

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A short lapse in the perfect and complete feeling of the Divine Presence, that that gives you the power when you're surrounded.

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When when you're surrounded, it gives you this power.

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So Moosa exhibited this

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last panel, said fellow matara, germani fellows have Luiza in Madeira Khun, Allah can live in Nairobi, Sandy Moosa, immediately when when the the two large masses, the Israelites are children of Israel and the Egyptians, they were, they were able to behold one another, they were able to run them and they can behold one another after my frown caught on with the Israelites on their way out. And they have the sea in front of them. And they had the flower and his people behind them. They said in nanometer code, we work hard. This is the sea we have no ships. This is for our own and his soldiers were caught. You know, at that time, it moves out in Salaam with complete reliance and

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recognition. The last panel that Allah will not let him down. He said Canada in an IRB sanity no My Lord is with me. He will guide me He will guide me out of this

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Whatever comes out of it, you know, whatever the outcome is just comfortable that he is now

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on a mission for his Lord, He will not let me down. He's the one who told me to go out. He's the one who told me to take you out. He's the one who guided me to this direction. How could I? How could I act upon his guidance, strictly act upon his guidance, follow his instructions. And when he lets me down, can I can live in America be sad.

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Center Mohamed Salah olalia salam also

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said what?

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This is something of that nature. When? Yeah, like that.

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That Allah man will not grieve, Allah is with us, not grief. Allah is with us. That is when he was in the guard with Cena who work for the alarm booth. And Mr. King, you know,

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came all the way to the, you know, to the opening of the heart. And

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we've worked with them they will if anyone looked at the you know, down a little bit, they will be able to see us and catch us and the professor said, I'm certain that as a man I do not grieve alone with us. So that recognition Allah is with us in the in Allah man in Nairobi, my Lord is with me, is what we what you need. And that is it, I learned that there is no god but you, satanic Glory be to You, above all deficiency in the continent of Allah mean as the second part, and any continent of admin we could talk about any continent does not mean for days, I was one of the transgressors. So basically, a without that recognition, that you deserve, that dilemma that you have deserved.

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Without that recognition that it is, it is you're doing that made this epsilon before you made this distress, made this trial before you without this recognition, then you know, you don't have all the teeth of the key. You know, in order for this key to work perfectly well for your for you, like it worked for Uranus, you have to have all the components, the recognition that the feeling of the Divine Presence and greatness, compassion, and power, and the recognition of your own deficiency, your own weakness, your own breaching of the covenant, your own breaking of the promise with Allah subhanaw taala. This recognition is not just the simple recognition brothers. So when an oma goes

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through hardship, this means like evaluation of our conditions, where have we gone wrong?

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Where have we gone wrong? Because if the oma is afflicted, or like, great distress befalls the home, then the owner will lead in its entirety to reflect on its own reality and the safety that itself where have we gone wrong, and then come up with a list, you know, because a simple violation a simple infraction of the law would not make you deserving of all of this, you must have done so much that is wrong. You must you must have gone so far from the path of Allah subhanaw taala to deserve all of those trials. And all of those, you know, tribulations, then it is

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it is extremely important that we do this, but it is extremely important that we do it with humanity. So everybody will come down. You know, don't be Hardy. Don't be arrogant. Don't be forceful, don't because don't think that you have the right answers. Because all of what is happening is for you to show humidity. So if, you know everybody will start to say here is what we have done wrong. And because now you know, because you guys are not listening to me.

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We're gonna continue to be to be doomed, and we're going to continue, you know, to preserve the structure. Well, it's that is the counter effect. That is the counter of what Allah subhanaw taala expects of you at this time.

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para todos es inserted enamorado Santa yellowman public

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para la la Nieto borrowed Farah jam batswana Todaro lactic acid coloboma?

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makan Ramadan, when a pad

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public we have sent two nations before you, because now home will set you up. So we see them with hardship and distress. We see them with hardship and distress. Why? What What is the purpose? What is the purpose? And if you're asking yourself so what is the purpose of all of this? Lala homea

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that they may show humility. How are we showing he admitted he personally are we showing humility to Allah subhanaw taala collectively are we showing humility to Allah subhanaw taala This is something that we should ask ourselves. So you invoke on Allah with humidity and recognition of your own deficiencies, not only a recognition of your own deficiencies, but a plan for, you know, reform, to change your own conditions, by reform and reform, when it comes to this now before means restoration, right. Reform when it comes to Islam means what restoration there is for the original picture, the beautiful the most beautiful picture of this religion and this oma was taken at the

00:31:35--> 00:31:44

time of the Prophet Solomon his companions, restoration of the original picture is what we mean by reformed lalani to the road

00:31:46--> 00:32:02

so when our best are the foot be felled failed them for the row phenomena is Jerome vasana. Had they shown he admitted he had the sun humidity when our hearts when hearts and B failed them. But no, they did not.

00:32:03--> 00:32:22

What I can pass it Global Mirror their hearts became hardened, was a in a loving shape on mechanical, Yamato and the shape and make beautiful to them in their site. They're all doing the same fun beautified their own doing for them or in their site.

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you go back and you read, realize that there are two parts here, recognition of the greatness of Allah, feeding the Presence of Allah and recognition of your deficiency, but which part is greater?

00:32:45--> 00:32:47

for anything that has two components,

00:32:48--> 00:32:55

there usually is a greater component, the greater component is certainly

00:32:56--> 00:33:01

not about you. It is your recognition of

00:33:03--> 00:33:11

you know, Allah being the one capable of relieving your distress, removing your hardship, and

00:33:12--> 00:33:21

that he is compassionate enough to want to do that. And that is he's able to hear you when you call upon him. So if you go to swatting them

00:33:23--> 00:33:29

out in London, Chapter 27 verse 62,

00:33:39--> 00:33:40

numbers 27, right?

00:33:45--> 00:33:46

Verse 62.

00:33:53--> 00:34:01

So let's read this together in some sort of numb pants. Chapter 27, verse 62.

00:34:04--> 00:34:08

I was gonna say, Paul, you're the

00:34:13--> 00:34:15

man money g

00:34:23--> 00:34:26

y x, you're forced to

00:34:29--> 00:34:30

wear the odd Oh, come

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Why Exif was so

00:35:31--> 00:35:53

just a glance over the verses before if it also provides you with a greater context, a larger context, Allah subhanaw taala started by showing us His signs in the creation of the universe prior to these verses, as if Allah subhanaw taala wants to introduce these verses by showing us His power,

00:35:54--> 00:36:27

His omnipotence, his greatness before these verses their verses about his science in the creation of the universe, and then our last minute Allah says ma uwgb Matata Eva da, or who, when respond, answer the distress when he invokes him who would answer the distressed when he invokes and Mujib answers and the distressed is at the heart when he invokes them.

00:36:29--> 00:36:45

Why actually for so we're actually pursue means removes the hardship or removes the evil? Or he actually means what uncovers right? isn't yet doesn't actually mean uncovered.

00:36:46--> 00:36:51

Yeah, so as Sue is evil, has if the evil

00:36:52--> 00:36:55

that had befallen you,

00:36:56--> 00:37:30

is like a cover, it completely covers you, it makes you feel that there is no exit No, there is no way out. There is no light at the end of the tunnel, because you're covered. It is it has surrounded you, and it is on top of you. And it is a law only that can uncover lifted the evil so that you could see your way from here, we actually pursue where the ATO can qualify

00:37:31--> 00:37:32

and makes you

00:37:34--> 00:37:43

Hey, is agents on earth or makes you the basically controllers owners of the

00:37:46--> 00:37:50

planet Earth, generation after generation

00:37:51--> 00:37:54

gives you power, the power to subdue

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that which is on the planet

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gives you ownership of the land generation after generation.

00:38:05--> 00:38:13

Mama is the god beside Allah. And that is the basically

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this is repeated in these verses at the end of the verses a lot on my blog. It is an invitation for reflection reflect all of this around you. No one claimed ownership of it except for love.

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It is only Allah, the God that sent Ibrahim and Musa Mohammed, he is the only one that claimed ownership of it. And if you know the one who's capable of this creation is capable of removing your distress and no one else's you know mala Is there a god beside the luck, funnier methods like our own little that you become hateful or little that you remember. Let him that you remember. So let's just recite those verses. One more time.

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With Avila even as a foreigner already ready.

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Well actually I was too two

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It would be appropriate now that you say, no there is not. It is appropriate now that we all say la ilaha illa de la

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La, La

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La Ilaha

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and enter this beautifully I would ask Jafar to come and recite a few verses from the Quran to make you up for my bad voice.

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So, Mike

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Don't quote

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