Accepting a Calamity

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Difference of acceptance.

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You're talking about acceptance.

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The difference between acceptance and regular patience

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certainly the power very

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love degrees of acceptance, some of this acceptance may not even be

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demanded of us, such as the acceptance of our 11 or when his son died, and he was laughing. And he said, you know, how could you be laughing during the day where you when your son died, and he had shown before, of the stress over the sickness of his son, he told them that the stress was out of mercy for his son because he's suffering. And then when Allah decreed for him to buy,

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Allah love the surgeon, or Mike something. So I like to like what he liked.

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He liked to like what he liked. So Alan liked to take his son back.

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So he showed acceptance of that, and he liked the decree of Allah, the loss of the Son, certainly the greatest reflection that you could, someone could enjoy in the dunya of the dunya afflictions.

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But he showed that acceptance and contentment without the crave, to show that he likes what whoever abides. Now,

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how come he did this when the prophet SAW some

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whipped over the death of Abraham?

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You know, so discoverers have different ways of reflecting on this. But one of the most beautiful explanations is an untamed explanation that, that, you know, you have two different stations of Macau, Macau, Morocco, Morocco, Morocco, you have two different qualities that you want to exhibit as a human being

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are two different stations that you want to hold on during the time like this. And then this station of radical acceptance,

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contentment with a large decrease in the station of Rama, for showing mercy. So he said that the Prophet was perfectly able to manage both at the same time of the love nominals not. So he chose the Macron of acceptance, because he was not able to basically straddled the two,

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or the two

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stations at the same time. So he chose to show acceptance. So that mccammon

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River, the acceptance was shown by the prophet SAW someone

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when he said, when an akula may have not been, and we don't say, except that which is pleasing to our Lord, he said,

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in the line, and now in

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about me for Africa,

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that the eye whips and the heart is saddened, and we are certainly

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grieved over your departure will Ebrahim and we say now, except what is pleasing to our Lord. So, he was able to manage the tomb upon to show mercy for his son

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and love and affection, and at the same time, show acceptance the last time. So when, when the same thing, same situation was presented, top love nama, he was not able to perfectly master them like the Prophet did. So he chose to, you know, excel in one macom, which is the show of acceptance to Allah subhanaw taala. Basically, your your show of acceptance is when you not only endure the decree, but also make the best out of the decree. It is determined that affliction into an opportunity for you to gain the pleasure of the word of Allah subhanaw taala by showing a lot that you are content with his decree and you know that

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Make Up For the relief of the distress which is not countered to acceptance. By the way, acceptance does not mean that you don't need further relief of distress that you don't try

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to get this matter resolved this, you know, problem that you encounter to try to get it resolved. That's not against acceptance. Absolutely not. Because you just need to get out of the way.

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You need to be cured the preference some of us

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and he can paint a lot. You know what I can pick out Saudi American economy I've ever been for Bernie when he

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when he left the party, and when he was

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mistreated by the people who thought iPhone and then he came out and he said a lot of money ask where they could offer quality behavior to any person and then at the end, he said, or my complaint to me, my weakness, my powerlessness.

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the people's disregard for me, and have very sad in America kamioka conflitto Valley, if you have no anger, if you're angry with me, then they don't care. What I can offer you like, oh, sorry, this was the most polite way of asking a lot of leaders in distress. He's just telling him, I could take the more of this as much of this as you want. I could take I take take as much of this the suffering as you like, if you're angry with me, I could take it in me a convicted felon. If you're not angry with me, then I don't care of the affliction. More of this is fine. But the prophet in the most beautiful way, said to a lot when I did not like our Saudi, but you're our fear is

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our Saudi, very difficult to translate. It is more beloved to me. It means more than us, it's better for me. It's there for me and all we are safiya means what hoffa is basically protection from all afflictions, it is basically to be spared of all afflictions, that is our fear. So either RPF and burden is good health mafia in the mind, is tranquility contentment and peace of mind that I feel fear in your property is prosperity and to not lose that's often what I came up here to Casali so the Prophet said, fear and angers me I could, I'm fine. I could take you know more of this. But here are fear is better for me. So to basically complain and request that it gets removed, the selection

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gets removed, there's not counter to river,

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but rather is like tissue has the prophet SAW someone said it let me open the Kabbalah. If you're not angry with me, I don't care. I am accepting your decrees as long as you're not angry with