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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of finding comfort in one's heart and the need for people to make small talk about it. They also mention a woman named Sonia plastering a book called "slime" and express pride in her accomplishments. The speaker also talks about a man named Rob being in Lima and talks about a woman named Sonia plastering a book called "slime" to describe her distress.
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And there are is also of great importance that we have to always seek comfort in the heart in many people will put it that that means that you have to make the scholar said no one would say I've been even sending a book 130 minutes an hour listen to him like he listened to you. Are you upset? What property name is Sonia guru entendre Moroccan infrastucture vanilla, and we will slowly responded to him to you but he said, Rob be in Lima Sonia. My Lord, I have been touched by evil. And he did not say about the you caused me. I have been touched by evil, or I have been touched by this dress. Well, I'm proud of what I mean and you were the most Merciful of all those who show mercy like the

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rock of the new Atlanta satanic in the continent of London need for certain Allah

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Salallahu Salam certain, you know,

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in the belly of the hood or the way of the land, the satanic and equipment of follow me here repeat this as human senate and the wait for our last product Allah to respond to you because certainly he will respond to you even if he did not relieve stress right away.

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He will give you an award that is greater than that will be more appreciated by you then the relief of that distress