JAR #24 6 Types Of Backbiting That Are Permissibile

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Well that Gator fan in

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the Colorado

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federal meeting. Well now I'm going to login. Now one

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah who are going to get Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allahumma aluminum and founder on fan Vemma alum tena, Elman.

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We ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us benefit from our tutorials and increases in knowledge. My dear, beloved, respectful brothers and sisters, I ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us all from any harm. Today in our episode, just a reminder, it's an extremely important topic about a sin that is very easy to commit.

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All it takes is just move this muscle called the tongue and then you will fall into that sin and that sin. Allah subhanaw taala warned us from it in the Quran in surah 200 When he said about Dokkan Battle. I hate what he called it, he made it and forget it to Allah subhanaw taala said do not back bite one another. Would you? Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his brother of his dead brother? You would hate it. So we are talking about backbiting backbiting a major sin that many of us commit and sometimes we do not even know that we are doing it Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Hadith in Sahih Muslim, he asked the Sahaba Do you know what Backbiting is? They said Allah

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and His Prophet know best. He said Ali salatu salam Backbiting is mentioning talking about your brother in absence in his absence or in her absence in a way that he or she dislikes.

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So the Sahaba said what if you had also Allah what we said about him is true.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that is specifically backbiting when it's true, and if it's not true, you made up something about them. That is called Boutin slander. So, my brothers and sisters

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this sin Subhanallah

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we will regret it regret it in the dunya and in the Acura and specifically in the Acura when we are so excited we have so many has an ad and we are about to enter Jana and we see a line of people waiting. Yes. What do you want from me? He said you spoke behind my back. Your back bitten me in the past when I when we were in the dunya. And now the currency is only has an ad and say good deeds and evil deeds, other ones no money. I want 1000 Hustler, for example, I want 5000 Hustler, for example, for all these words you spread about me, Allahu Akbar. So all these has an ad that we worked for so hard, we go and here you go, we gave this guy who's waiting and then another guy and another guy

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SubhanAllah. So we have to be extremely careful to think before we speak,

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to think before we speak and if we see any backbiting taking place, my brother, my sister, do not shake your head and approval. Because if you do, you are a partner in the crime, ask the people to stop and if they do not stop you leave that gathering.

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there are six exceptional cases, when Backbiting is permitted.

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that too, we have to be very careful to mention only the floor that we want to discuss the about that person do not go and mention anything. It's not an open license to backbite anybody there are six situations where Backbiting is permitted. Number one,

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oppression if I am if I have been oppressed, and I want to get my rights back. So if I go to the judge, if I go to the ruler and express what that person have done to me talking about that person, what they have committed, how they have wronged me it will not be considered backbiting. So when I am discussing with the person of authority about someone else who

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who have wronged me that is not considered backbiting.

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Second, to stop wrong doing.

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I have seen for example, your son committing a sin.

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If I go and talk to the Father, I talk to the mother, who are a people who are the people who can influence the child have authority over that child, then is not considered backbiting because my intention is to order good and forbid evil. Similarly, I go to the principal, I go to the, the Imam, someone who is in charge of a person of authority that can do something about that matter that I'm discussing about that person.

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Okay, and make sure you purify your intention and you're doing it strictly to fix the problem with your brother or with your sister. Third situation, what's not considered Backbiting is seeking a fatwa. You are sitting with the Imam, you're sitting with the Mufti and you're telling them what the other person have done to you to get a fatwa from them. In that situation, that is not considered backbiting, when you say that this person have done this and have done that.

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Forth very important. And we go through this many times in our life, warning others about a person.

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A person came to you and said,

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My daughter

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wants to get married to brother, so and so.

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What do you know about brothers so on. So

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it is not backbiting to mention the faults of that Brother, if you know that this brother is does not pray that brother drinks alcohol, that brother is very stingy, that brother has committed many, many sins openly, he does not care. You have to mention these things to the person who's asking you and to not be considered backbiting. Similarly, if someone came to you and ask you, I would like to go in business, do business partnership with someone so what do you know about him? If you know that this person is a thief, this person is he cheats this person he lies this person have been have wronged so many people before you have to mention these things and to not be considered backbiting

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because you are warning your brother from doing business with that. And similarly, if someone who is spreading the spreading innovations in the dean and he's sitting down no matter how many people who follow Him, if his if he if his al Qaeda is wrong, and is any spreading lies about rasool Allah and salam lies about the deen you have to warn others about about that person. So,

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from that perspective of warning, we it will not be considered backbiting.

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Fifth, if someone is openly doing the sin mentioning that this person is committing that sin in his absence is not considered backbiting and this is an Arabic is called Musa Hara Rasulillah Salam said could Luma Timo Alpha illan Bucha Haroon, all my OMA has a possibility of being forgiven, except Elijah, who is the Messiah, the Messiah is the one who openly do the sin. Allah subhanaw taala kind of covered him nobody had seen him at night what he has done, and he wakes up in the morning, and he brags and boast of what he has done last night Subhanallah that is called Mujahid. If someone openly he's posting on his Instagram on his Facebook that he is, he has a girlfriend, he's he has

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a can of alcohol in his hand. Subhanallah and you go and you say, oh, this person drinks. He's openly impaired posting it to everybody Subhanallah so that will not be considered backbiting. And the last one is for identification. If I want to identify somebody, I'm asking

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my brother Hassan, I said, you know, brother, he said Which brother Ahmed Ahmed that comes and prays with us in the masjid, he did this he did that. So he did not recognize him. So if I go and I say

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the blind one,

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the chubby one, the tall one as mud, the black one.

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That will not be considered backbiting because I am only mentioning these things to identify as mud. Okay,

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a CIO and make sure you purify your intention, do not, you know, ask yourself why am I saying these statements? Do not belittle anybody, please be very careful, you're doing it only for identification. So in these six situations, then it will not be considered back backbiting. You have to be very careful when we speak my brothers and sisters Wallahi Backbiting is destroys the Senate, it eats up the Senate. And we will come on the Day of Judgment very excited. And then our hasard will start diminishing because of all the backbiting that we have done. And so Hala

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just treat others the way you would like to be treated. You know, on the Day of Judgment, you cannot give your mother you cannot give your father escena people that you love so much. And you will go ahead and give that person maybe you did not even like him, you will give him 1000s Of Huseynov because you have back bitten him in in this dunya Allahu Akbar, backbiting will ruin all these Salawat that we have done all these fasting that we have done. It will take away from all the hassle that we gained from the analysis Allah may Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who control their tongue. May Allah make us from the people who control their tongue. Amin horrible enemy I love

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you all for the sake of Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala make our last deeds our best deeds and make our last words

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see Aslan did he got

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