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I'm about to paint

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a column.

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Often Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah.

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Allah Azza wa man from the magazine. You know you have a Xena

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Don't miss the moon. Yeah, you understood the power of Bakula vehicle apocalypse in wahida. Fellow caminada

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German Cassie Rahmani De

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La Hoya de de de on our home. In aloha Ghana la cumbre peba yo yo Levine I'm in Tacoma fudo covenants of either nakoma Hama,

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Hama, Yokai, la sala

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Allah, to proceed are servants of Allah.

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We often hear nowadays and this has not been only going on for a few days or a few months or a few years or a few decades even may have been a few centuries that the Muslims here or they're going through tribulations in Syria, in Iraq, Somalia, in

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rap in some in Burma, in Kashmir, in the Philippines, in Tanzania.

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Recently, it was also in Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo

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also in

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an African different places, massacres have been committed against the Muslims recently.

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It is not that the Muslims are the victim all the time. And this is something also that we have to be understanding and intelligent enough to appreciate sometimes the Muslims are

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the victimizer and sometimes they are the victims,

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but most often

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the Muslims are the victims.

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Most frequently, the Muslims are the victim. And if you look at most of the

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hot areas of conflict

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throughout the world, you will find that the Muslim demands are justifiable, mostly justifiable, where where, you know, if you look at the case in Kashmir, for instance, one of the old conflicts or struggles, can you study it from a historical perspective, not from a religious perspective, but basically, you know, applying one standard to all people and studying it from a political, you know,

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an historical perspective, you will find that the Muslim demands there are justifiable and the Muslim case there is justifiable one, you look at, you know, the Muslims in Burma, this is quite obvious, even if there were

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sort of

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incidents that led to the current events, but it is most obvious to any fair minded person, that what is happening there is

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like a genocide, a massacre of a population, and that is a massacre committed against the Muslims of that country.

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I did not even talk about Palestine because that is more obvious than to be,

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you know, explain or clarify

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the validity of the cause of the Muslims there is quite, quite obvious.

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And then you will find this throughout the world, in every corner of the world there are

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tribulations of the Muslims are going through, mostly they are the victim, sometimes their conduct and behavior may not be

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appropriate, but oftentimes they have been victimized by others. And that

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will have an impact on our psyche, for sure. It has like a great impact on our psyche. And it sorts us out into two different groups is not just

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to be honest with you, you can divide people

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mathematically like this and

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to two different groups, it's like a spectrum. It's like a large, spectrum wide, very wide spectrum, from the most concern to the least concern, we as a people, some of us, they grow, sort of accustomed to hearing the news, to the point where they disassociate themselves from the tribulations that the Muslims go through. And they just mind their own business, the left for their own, you know, selves and families and, and so on. And it's a lot of us, by the way, even those who pretend to be concerned, are really not actually concern or they are not effectively concerned, they are not positively concerned, they may be concerned, they may every once in a while, you know, shed

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a few tears, or they may every once in a while, feel bad for the suffering of the Muslims here or there. But it doesn't go beyond this, just like a feeling that that is basically occasionally sporadic, random. Sometimes it comes and goes.

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So those are people who have no concern that they basically grew very accustomed to the news, that they became indifferent to them, they became indifferent to the tribulations that the Muslims go through any any anywhere in the world. Sometimes they were more concerned with their own

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locality, you know, so if they are Egyptians, they would be concerned with Egypt or whoever they are. But that is not really a concern for the Muslims that is a concern for yourself. Because you know, tribalism and nationalism, they're they're just different forms of egotism, the old sprout from egotism, it's your concern for yourself and for the circle that is immediate to you and then the circle that is, you know, after that and so on, but it goes on from yourself. All of those feelings come out from our sprout from tribalism, from a from egotism, your concern for yourself.

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But your concern for the oma is not really for yourself. Because the what connects you to this oma is not a, an ethnicity, it is not a race. It is not a nationality. It's not even a language. It is just Illa Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, you take yourself away from the center, you bring a lot to the center and then based on this, you decide your allegiance and your allegiance is always based on you know, people's devotion to Allah subhanho wa Taala, and people love and recognition of his messenger sallallahu sallam.

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So some of us are concerned, some of us are less concerned, some of us are more concerned. But we have to say to the people that are not concerned that your faith is not really complete, unless you become concerned for the Muslims, and for the plight that the Muslims are going through.

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The Hadith that is often reported millimeter diameter Muslim for a salmon home is not traced authentically to the Prophet he who does not who has no concern for the affairs of the Muslims or has no concern.

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Who's not concerned for the well being or the welfare of the Muslims is not one of them. This particular Hadith cannot be traced to authentically all the way to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam yet the meaning of this hadith is clearly can definitely, definitely correct and it's throughout the parameters certainly, and if you don't leave the meaning of this hadith if you cannot, you know, extract the meaning of the studies from the entire body of the Quran and Sunnah. And that's a big failure. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam in a very authentic hadith, a portable Bukhari and Muslim from Abbey from the name of Nelson a dairy cow and who said at the end, oh, no, see how

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many are sold on La palette? Allahu la kitabi or there was only a limited Muslim era when I met him. So the Prophet said that do not see how at the end is all about mercy. How do you know what mercy means? Here? It means goodwill. It often translated as sincerity, it means that you have a concern consideration, goodwill, affection, for whom or messenger of Allah. He said for a lot of his book, His Messenger for the leaders among the Muslims and their public. If you don't have this sincere concern for the Muslims, leaders and public, for the Muslims in their entirety. If you don't have this sincere concern, then you're missing out on the definition of the deen. You don't need to have

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not really comprehended the difference.

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finition of this the the Prophet said that dmlc How do you know when the Prophet says, vn? Is this or how Jonathan hi Johanna means what Hobbs is all about RFM you know, if you're if you miss out on prep, you're missing hands. So a dean and Dean is all about sincere concern for Allah, his book has messenger and the leaders among the Muslims and the public.

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And if you don't have that concern, and you're just minding your business, trying to basically ensure

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you know, the balance in your bank account that does not drop below a certain level or that you sort of accomplish your dreams of having your dream home, your dream car, your dream spouse, your dream, that's your dream that if you're just living for that, then you're you're actually not have you have not comprehended the meaning of Islam. The meaning of this theme or with this theme, is is all about Dean and Dean is about sincere concern for the welfare or, you know, goodwill or affection for Allah, his message, his book, His Messenger, the leaders among the Muslims and the Republic.

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So those people there, they're almost acting like them, when I 14 during the time of the prophet SAW Selim, who have no concern for them will just live for themselves, you know, in addition to all of the

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in addition to all of the deficiencies that come along with this with living for yourself, it indicates that you have no loftiness of spirit, you have no

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ambitions beyond your own personal limited dreams for anything. Small people only are the people that live for themselves.

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People that are greater spirits that are loved the spirits, they they cannot live for themselves, they will just feel awkward, they feel sort of the, if they even get busy at certain times that you know, taking care of their own affairs and they are distracted from working for the community from their own or from the people of Mars from human for humanity of Mars, where they're distracted from from all of this work, they feel really awkward and they feel very guilty.

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But but then Allah subhanaw taala describes those when I 15. And sort of in this Allah says we're in the moon koombana madaleno Bhakti and finance that Kumasi Eva, para para la la la

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la la la la

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la Vina Hamada La La home foods if I was gonna have him, and some of you linger behind, you know, and the prophet SAW Selim marches it was the Sahaba on an expedition, some of you linger behind. Some of you sort of stay behind linger behind. And so they let the property of Solomon the Sahaba go forth first, and then the watch from a distance

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and then fliction or misfortune have the following you they will say Allah subhanaw taala favors us by being away from them.

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Down below Allah isn't a metronome Shaheed Allah have favored me, because I did not witnessed that encounter that battle that encounter. You know, I was not part of it. Lefevre Meola saved me. He was destroyed. He was not saved. The martyrs on the battlefield were saved. He was destroyed, but he's not paying attention. He does not, you know, have the faculty to comprehend this the spiritual faculty, it is often a spiritual faculty that is not just logical, mental faculty, but he doesn't have the spiritual faculty that could comprehend it, that he was destroyed. So he thinks that he was saved, and he thinks they'll favor them. And then

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and if a good fortune, you know, comes your way or if Allah subhanaw taala favors you or bestows a good fortune on you, he would say as if there was no compassion between you now easily It is not just that he is, you know, happy when he's not hard. But if you know the prophecies that Amanda companions have become victorious, then he will be regretful because he was not part of it to to win a big way, you know, or to be a win like with them or to earn like a fortune from the UI or this or that, that he would be you know, I'm the convener Qmobile mode as if there was no affection between you and and him whatsoever. So he does not feel happy.

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For you, when something good happens to you, he does not feel happy, he will be regretful, and he will say, piano at home, who is the father of him, I wish I had been wisdom, not to earn the pleasure of Allah not to earn the reward of Allah not to earn martyrdom in the cause, in the way of a lot, but to

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parent, you know, the fortunes of dystonia, or, you know,

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to win a battle or to be called victorious or this or that, like one of the gains is what they are after. So those people who have no concern are just like this, they're just basically watching from a distance. And they, they, they say, it's like they're watching a soccer game. They, they, they hear the news about the oma about the tribulations that the Muslims may go through, just like to hear any other news. And they become, they became so indifferent. And the news became so relevant to them, because they are consumed in their own pursuits, you know, personal pursuits, limited, narrow, personal pursuits, have a nice home, a nice car, a nice house, you know, and, you know, kids that go

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to school, then that goes to college, and so on and so forth.

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But as for the people who have that concern, you know, be some people have that concern, their concern.

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Oftentimes, when we are concerned, we are not concerned the right way, we're not concerned in an effective, positive way.

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Many of us become concerned, you know, those people that are indifferent, we said that, certainly they have completely missed out on the meaning of, you know, this the enormous love but the people who are concerned, they're also not effectively concerned. They're, they're just concerned. And then they, they may they may be in. And but the they're not really effective, they don't, they're not productive, nothing comes out of that concern, that concern me amount of frustration, they may amount to despair,

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lots of things, but it never amounts to positive change to positive movement. Because once again, it is about our lack of understanding

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of this theme. And the beauty of this, the and the teachings of this theme.

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So to be concerned is good, but it is not enough. To be to feel the pain that the Muslims are going through is good, but it is not, it's not enough, it is necessary for your own for the well being of your face, it is necessary, but it is not enough, you have to have to be like a positive change yourself, you have to contribute to the positive positive change. So here are some thoughts that I have and certainly whenever is what my reflections are my reflections and they could be wrong. But whatever I can relate to you from a Lost Planet, Allah and His Messenger reflect on on the app and the Hadith that I relate to you listen to my reflection take from it with what you find the suitable

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appropriate and leave out what you don't but reflect very, since you know very, very intently and very attentively

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on the app and the hobbies that are related to your general concepts that are beyond doubt. First thing that we need to have well you know, after we have this concern for them, which is a healthy concern, it is extremely important for us to have personal funds to have good thoughts of Allah subhanaw taala Muslim report the term job and I'll be alone, that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said lay on with later now Hello Come Hello, Donna Bella.

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Let none of you get caught by death except while having good thoughts of Allah when having good thoughts of Allah, Allah is fair allies just analyze capable analyze the best planner, do you have any doubt about any of this? We should not Hawaii spear means what it means whatever happens to us is not injustice, it is justice.

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Our most optimal

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or most about the most economical supplements right happen to man as a woman Indian for SQL. So what what you know when I went and affliction had before menu that you have,

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that you basically

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suffered miscellanea that you have

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sort of be

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done to the enemy bubble of it meaning and reflection like to reflect that you that you have done to the enemy level of it in the

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have, you know one over the enemy like a double victory, so that because the victory of the foreigner had was a limited victory compared to the victory of the Moscone in battle, which was certainly much greater, much more decisive victory for them. And now that you said, Where is that coming from? A woman, an Indian posse, come say it is from yourselves. Allah subhanaw taala ly over the mahad mirrabooka with a lamb in the lobby, and your Lord is not unjust to the surface, Abi servants. Your Lord is never unjust your Lord is never unfair.

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That is one thing that we have to think. To believe that your Lord is not unfair of law is most fair, whatever had before us is because of our own doing is because of our own corruption is because of our own laziness. It's not only corruption, sometimes it's laziness. Sometimes people are not really particularly corrupt, but they are too lazy. They're not they're indifferent. They're not doing anything to improve their conditions or to better their situation.

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So it is from from yourselves and it is not from Allah subhanaw taala and at the same time, we have to have complete faith that allies are capable isn't almost protocol adequately shamefully isn't promised. Allah capable over all things. camel was pronounced Allah turned things around in a blink of an eye. Absolutely. We have to believe this way. I'm karanpura Lolo hater mascarene and deployed on a love let's analyze the best of power.

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Allah subhanaw taala said

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what kind of Medina it is automatic you don't have to use the whole car with a person will be late and waiting for melanocortin delivery my Santa Monica de when Allah saw the cool omega omachron oma Karna MACRA funds okay for Kanaka tuna cream, another Macondo is my Tikka

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Masala mo in the Vatican and the colony on the moon when Xena Lavina American born in Sora, nonetheless Potala describes the plot of the people of the mood again a solid they plotted you know that they when attack him at night, the person will be a little bit you know, somebody that we will attack him and his family at night. And then we will say to his closest relatives or his kin, Masha hidden Monica Lee, we did not see anything we did not see, you know, the killing of

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him and his family when the last of the poor and we are most very truthful. Well, McConnell Macron and they plotted the plot for my cabinet record on the law says and I plan the plan funds, okay, if I cannot hakima tomeka him, another mahoma calm as my. So look at the outcome of their plot. We have this fool with them. We have completely destroyed them and the entire nation, not just the line people that plotted the plot, but the entire nation because it was complicit to their, you know, doing and the corruption.

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We have destroyed them and their entire nation for

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how much money but then we'll be able to

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look at their homes, look at their dwellings in complete ruin, because of the wrongdoing that they have committed.

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In the theoretical part of the Camila moon certainly there is a sign and this for people who have understanding when dianella Xena men are working with the code and we saved the believers who have piety who got who used to fear Allah subhanaw taala when Xena, Xena, amen, well, can we support? So can I last plans are better than any person's plans and the plotting we hear about conspiracy conspiracy, and sometimes it becomes sort of like

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self defeating to keep on talking about the conspiracies, because you feel that you're surrounded that you have no hope that there is no

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exit out of this no outlet out of the misery that we live in. It is not true allies, the best planner allies that are slaughtered and he wants you to just work for him to do the right work for him. on his behalf. Has his agent has his agent and then you will have to rely on the loss of

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sometimes we feel that we are on our own. Yes, we have to take precautions. Yeah, we have to take precautions. Yeah, you're levina Amano Rocco, Allah subhanaw taala tenses and syrup and is that Oh, you believe Kobo has Roku? take precautions. You know, watch out for your safety. If you are out on the battlefield. Don't say that. You know, I'll take care of me. You should watch out for your safety.

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Don't sit down and

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Say, many famous

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And you had already known that the sky does not train gold and silver, you know, work and the profits all sudden, I'm better than all of this setup that can tie your capital and put your trust in Allah.

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So you have to take precautions. But if you think that you are alone, if you think that you are alone, then most certainly most certainly you'll be defeated. Why? Because your opponents and wherever, it is very important that we don't have the feeling that everybody around us, everyone that is non Muslim is conspiring against us and wishes, you know, destruction for us, because that feeling is what would make us sour, and will make us also very,

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it defeat that very feeling is defeating it would cause us defeat before we there are those opponents, some of them, not everybody, but there are certainly opponents. And those opponents, and those adversaries are very powerful, and very established. So the world, throughout the world, and they're planning and they're plotting is very effective. And very, you know, thought out. And if we think that we're alone, then we will definitely lose, we will definitely lose. But you have to rely on Allah subhanaw taala you have to rely on Allah subhanaw taala. And then this reliance on Allah will give you peace of mind will give you tranquility, you know, and you will give your soul a lot

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of tranquility, a lot of confidence and a lot of peace. After you have taken your precautions and you have done your work. You do need to rely on Allah. We talked often about her ledger of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam right, and we talked about the plantings that you know, but we forget often to mention that all of those plans.

00:27:14--> 00:27:30

You know, I'm not I don't want to say that they did not work. But at the end of the day, all of those plans that we were the prophecies of just wanted to make sure that they are not found by Christ. All of those plan amounted to what

00:27:32--> 00:27:38

Christ who, you know, or the crises, were at the end of it

00:27:39--> 00:27:43

at the doorsteps of the cat for the cave, in which the profit zone is Heidi.

00:27:44--> 00:27:47

So the fans were important.

00:27:48--> 00:27:51

But eventually what saved the profits of the Law Center.

00:27:54--> 00:28:26

You know, the sheep that were going after the footsteps, and uncertainly, partially these things may have helped to delay price so that they don't find the profit or loss, you know, before he went into the person he helped, but at the end of the day price made it to the cave, without our price we did or did not made it to the cave, despite all of the plans and all of that, you know, covering the journey and

00:28:27--> 00:28:32

sort of wiping out the footsteps of the prophets on someone by the sheep and

00:28:33--> 00:28:54

guys who was there and it was a loss of power to Allah who saved with the prophet SAW said him and his companion. So, you do your best as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did and hedgerow and your plan as if you are in it alone. But when your heart is dependent on a lot, because an effluent is bad, for evil,

00:28:56--> 00:28:57

bad for you

00:28:58--> 00:29:00

to take precautions, that is an obligation

00:29:03--> 00:29:20

while at the current fee have said but to believe in those precautions that they are, they are inherently inherently effective, not by the permission of Allah but inherently effective. That is that is shipped.

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when when when you go about your business in life

00:29:29--> 00:29:30

How do you treat lives?

00:29:32--> 00:29:57

You have to treat lives carefully because the cut right? The knife did not cut the throat of his made fire burns. But the fire did not burn Ibrahim. Is that true or not? That's true. So you have to deal with the ASVAB and you have to respect the ASVAB for the universal laws. There are laws Potala instilled in this universe

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

and you have to treat them

00:30:00--> 00:30:26

You know, just like last profile, I made them. But at the end of the day, you were not a believer in those as bad, meaning your ultimate reliance is on a lot. Not on your plans, not on your plotting or your planning or your you're you're off of the bus now we're taking precautions. And that is very important for the health of

00:30:27--> 00:30:30

for our mental health as Muslims

00:30:31--> 00:30:41

rely on a lot. He is most capable, he's most fair, he is most capable. And he is the best of the planners a protocol the habit was talking about infrastructure.

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When do you use what

00:31:05--> 00:31:07

one? Can I answer me? It's fine.

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00:31:10--> 00:31:11

by 1240, we can end

00:31:16--> 00:31:44

in this case, we will summarize what what I wanted to say after this because it is important that after we establish those concepts, that we have to really work and have take precautions while relying on Allah subhanaw taala we have to have like sort of a detailed plan for ourselves, what should we do next? Practically, what should we do next? We'll put that metal facade on lower I'm Allah Kumara pseudo mirror.

00:31:46--> 00:31:58

And so Allah subhanaw taala says and sort of kobelco that model work, do good deeds, per se, I love them, because I love and watch your deeds and His Messenger. And the believers, your deeds are being watched,

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also could have done a 101 radio show that if you want to be on time everyone and then you will be returned to the knower, the knower of the value, the unseen under seed, and he will let you know of what you used to do. So we have to work. And this work includes like very different phases and stages. There is preparation, where we have to prepare ourselves to be effective contributors to the home.

00:32:28--> 00:32:41

It takes preparation, it takes sort of spiritual preparation. It takes intellectual preparation and spiritual preparation by strengthening your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala.

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At the end of the day, we all can talk and talk and talk and talk on one on one, you know, supplication, from

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pure hearts, that person can be more effective for the oma than all of our busy talking and working.

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So there is a lot of work that we need to do to be effective contributors.

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Spiritual preparation, intellectual preparation, you know, financial preparation, you know, for your firearm, or how blood alignment I'm not going to buy, you have equivalent faith, that the strong believer is more beloved to Allah than the weak believers strong and every way, in every capacity is more beloved to a lot in the weak believer. So preparation in every regard, I do preparation in every regard is extremely important. And then you need to work. And then when you work.

00:33:36--> 00:33:57

Keep in mind that you don't have to work in a group, you don't have to subscribe to a group to be effective in contributing to them. But there has to be there has to be groups that are working for the welfare of the government. Because group work, collective work is certainly more effective than individual work.

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And to subscribe to our group is extremely valid, as long as you do not shift the allegiance from the oma to the group. Is that clear? Allah, Allah says in Surah Allah in Medina, Medina mcconachie Allah, da

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da da da

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da those who divided their Deen and became in

00:34:26--> 00:34:33

partisan groups, you have nothing to do with them. You are Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Have you have nothing to do with it?

00:34:35--> 00:34:59

Mmm who will allow their affairs left to Allah subhanaw taala to decide regarding them, those who divided their Deen and became sick. So it is okay to work in a group. And it is important that we we have groups that are working for the well being and the welfare of our communities and our own map that that is important because collective work is is more effective than individual work.

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As long as your allegiance is to dogma, to Allah and His messenger to the body of the believers, and you don't shift your allegiance to the group, the group becomes like a tool. It is not a goal or an objective in and of itself. It is a tool to help us sort of organize ourselves and become more effective and more productive in our work for the welfare of our own.

00:35:28--> 00:35:46

And after this, there are a few other points that I wanted to mention that I will not be able to mention. But at the end of all of this, wait for your reward from Allah subhanaw taala, do not wait for a reward from anyone else. And do not settle for any reward, save

00:35:48--> 00:36:10

the reward in the hereafter. That is what we should be after what we should be after. And if you see the victory, and you see the accomplishment, the fruition of your work in the studio, that is great and good. And you praise a lot and you thank Him and you prostrate to him, you know, with humidity.

00:36:12--> 00:36:17

Have you sing his praises? You know, they are nice, but

00:36:18--> 00:36:41

that is not what you're what you're after. It is good, but it is not your pursuit of therapy, my love of data, seek, seek the about the Hereafter, because that is the ultimate destiny and that is the ultimate prize is kept and saved for the believers. There

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was never a moment of solid

00:36:47--> 00:36:53

copper Karna Hamada, among many couples who could offer for fun personality the person at Aqua Qian

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Antonio Aloha, aloha as Islam comes to me anonymizer is no one was to me alone knows that Islam was to me alone rather notice that one was the university and for Takeda, who was also benefited merely after the war one on 100 a letter blogger

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or a

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political money Acrobat or more. We are in the office now.