Advice for those trying to get Married

Hatem al-Haj


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The speaker discusses the distinction between the author and anyone else in relation to customization. They also mention the importance of being comfortable with one's partner's appearance, particularly when it comes to religious or values. The speaker suggests that the degree of personalization can be measured by the partner's appearance and that it is difficult to measure a partner's religious or values.

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So everyone wants to propose calm and looking at that which usually appears or customarily appears customarily appears were

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no longer public.

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Buy for surfing, he's not talking about public, because the public or the mainhand would only be okay to appear according to the Hanafi Meza, not the Maliki's, not the shofar is not the companies.

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So for certain, he's talking about what customarily appears at home. Color wise, what's the distinction between the author and anyone else? If these are things that would appear in public? What is entitlement?

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Okay, so, first of all, looking is important, looking is important. And it has been reported by a Muslim

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man came to the prophet SAW seven, and he told them that I proposed all and the Prophet said to him,

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call it out pubs, or they have enough.

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So the Prophet said to him, Have you looked at her? He said, No. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to him, look at her, because there's something in the eyes of Allah.

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Which means something undesirable,

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something undesirable.

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Maybe the eyes of the answer were a little bit narrower than what Americans usually desire. So the prophet of Solomon is basically alerting them that, you know,

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you guys desire a certain appearance. And you do want to look at ours to make sure that you're comfortable with how she appears

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before he married her, and this is extremely important, the knock on effect, said that you should not ask first about therapy, this was very

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He said that the first thing you should ask about is not rarely, you should ask about her beauty first.

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So then if you know that she's beautiful,

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you ask about it. And if she is religious, then you proceed. And if she is not religious, then you're afraid. Because then you would have refrained for the lack of religiosity, not the lack of beauty.

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Because if you ask about her, Deen, and then she, you know that she is religious, and then you proceed, and then you look at her and she's not beautiful, or, you know, beautiful is relative, right? Beauty is relative, she's not beautiful in your eyes. So, if you asked about her, she asked the pm Then he told that she is religious and value, you perceive. And then you discover that she's not beautiful. And you're afraid that you will have rejected a religious woman for the vacuum beauty.

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That is unbefitting that is hurtful.

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So first asked about review, you're trying to figure out if you are content with their peers, and then you ask about their religiosity

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so that when you make your final decision, you're perceiving or refraining on the basis of

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So there are many parties to this effect, which is that you do need to be comfortable with how your spouse looks.

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Now, can we say the same applies to the sisters? Yes, absolutely. They are entitled to accepting or rejecting. However, they are not the ones that are seeking out

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that say, Go look for my handsome man. But when someone proposes to her and she does not feel that he is comfortable with his looks, she knows that

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she needs to be content with his appearance as well.

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Now the extent

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of looking over to the extent that we

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She could look at or could be shown to the Father. What is the extent how much of it could be shown? So now, he said to us in our cafe Academy I like her face, her hands and her feet