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what are the applications of hire

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the most important application of hire is your time

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you know, either towards your money

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exercise towards a low gearing

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towards yourself.

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So, when you exercise towards the bar,

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the profits on the long

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you know

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which means so, you know, shy away from

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you should be shut away from

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when I was

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law school says we do shy away from us.

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So, the professor someone said to me

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when I came

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So, the profits also upset within China away from the money

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in the system we spent away from a moment ago and he said, This is not what I'm talking about.

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Whether shying away from him as he deserves, is far safer than

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the head contains. What what now I'm at Howard embassy and what it contains also

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stark and what it contains

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remembering remember various afflictions.

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the afflictions that waiting

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What are other factors

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and he wants it should abandon should abandon zenith of

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the adornment

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But not all of the environments

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not only

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because we have to understand these things, collectively together, because I was gonna

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say who forbade the Zener COVID

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for his service, so what we'll be showing you is not over duty

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is to be available with a profit or loss means here is that better than excessiveness excessive.

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And to abandon that each and every enjoyment that will keep you back will keep you behind, slowing down.

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If you really want them to abandon the old enjoyments that was slowing, though, if it does not slow you down. If it does not slow you down, then it's an enjoyment

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made permissible for you and allows you to enjoy

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for loved ones who would enjoy it. But if it slows you down, and that's the difference whenever you hear there's a conflict between the outer boundaries of the profit or the profit in themselves.

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It's just beneath understanding. So whenever you hear about enjoying the blessings of Alaska cannot

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say who ever made forbidden Xena enjoyment that Alaskan Obama brought forth for his service. All of this talk about those enjoyments being anonymous permissible for us. And there is no condemnation of enjoying these enjoyment, enjoying life in such a way. All of these not about the injuries that are not slowing you down.

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To enjoy going down or dislike things women that will keep you back or

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keep you back from Tacoma to come back from serving the communities and provisions of the law.

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But beyond the most was enjoying this information

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Brian's roommates that are destroying

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his life, such as what

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examples like you talking about?

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you what I'm talking about.

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He wants to

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know, he's not talking about this now he's talking about

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so much.

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Everybody suffers coming off.

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yeah, playing soccer compete when if you win

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if you miss you,

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Megan soccer, if you miss your routine, we'll

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have some prayers. up your window. Perhaps you have your when the word word division, when is your routine, there is the rule of numbers, where

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everybody's routine of this particular

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morning and evening

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routine that you should observe. And you have your viewer and you have your routine of doing. So playing soccer that could keep you away from

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playing soccer that will keep you away from the web.

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When you when your routine, which for you. routine is dislike that slows you down, slows you down. So it's like playing soccer after you have done your routine, when you're when

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you pray that everything is permissible, it's permissible to have a nice car, this is the same thing. You know, in order, if you if you buy an expensive car, and you will need to be

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you need to like struggle too much to maintain the car. Because once people buy an expensive car

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to house, the car should have the tire be fitting in this house. living amongst like a neighborhood in the neighborhood is an upscale neighborhood. So you should have the apparent hope all this is fine.

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It was fine to have a nice car, it's fine to have a nice house, it's

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fine to have, you know, nice suits.

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Fire as long as there are many. It's very conditional, it is fine conditionally. Because there are many conditions for this to the file. Let's not fight over the conditions. But I'm saying it is fine as long as you're observing the conditions, but having a car that will make you

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that will make you fall in front of

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is that enjoyments that cars,

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you know,

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and having the car that was slowing down it would make you you know, push you into that vicious cycle.

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Earning money and

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working too hard

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in the heart defibrillator I'd imagine you'd have different delays during the day.

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For centrically about 80%

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of the characteristics is that he is American have difficulty with America during the day working too hard during the day like a donkey defect like a piece of meat at night.

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So basically his work keeps him away from the worship a lot keeps him away from you know the various acts of worship he has completed at night. So in the car that would push you into this is the slight enjoyment.

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It's not making you do something that's hot. But it is me it's keeping you from Iran is keeping you from your balance keeping you from what you need to do.

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moisten your relationship with us.

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And then it becomes this light.

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And all some people will need, we need to be a strong nation we need to work our This is not against working out, this is not against work ethics, because working hard to protect the good work and being a pastor

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is, you know,

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is, but this does not necessarily mean that you will ignore it. In fact, you know, most of the successful people are balanced. You know, success comes in balance, to be balanced between the rights of a lot, you know, your spiritual dimension, and your physical dimension, right civil rights of family, right, so your body

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is being balanced, that comes about with success, or

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brings about success. So this is not against being a strong nation and being patient and being technologically

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and working hard to get ahead of everybody else in showing that we as Muslims are not

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But, but it is important that all of this is not keeping us away from that, remember some of us from our witness tours, so to speak, to shy away from about the show.

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as he deserves, is to safeguard what

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safeguards you're having two things, two things you

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can things your vision, it means your earring to safeguard all of this from temperature, lights, from local to

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and what it contains

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what it contains also

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the sexual parts, so to say part of this quality,

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remember, and afflictions.

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For men

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he truly wants in

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the hereafter must abandon

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abandon, it's really not he says, enjoyment earlier, we said a woman means here what are some of the men in this police must abandon those enjoyments in the dunya that will slow you down from that pleasure. And from the attainment of the highest reward,

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that is what the highest means from a lot

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from a lot of people who

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should be

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exercising towards yourself, meaning that you should be

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too slow to catch yourself doing something that is inferior, something that has been easier startups, even if you are in the middle of nowhere, you to try to catch yourself doing something that is inferior, something that is unbecoming

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of the lever

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in our eyes,

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and that could be like two things. Number one,

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we talked about some examples of things that are completely

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things that are completely

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put in would compromise your integrity as a believer, they would start from scratches even if they make scratches in the first line of defense, which is offensive.

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We did not you know, we didn't get into the second one defense which is a minor third run of the

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biggest things is crashes in the first line of defense as a believing person that one survivor, that one servation is one less accepting and

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you should not allow yourself this

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the first barrier and that is

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to talk about integrity in your full full integrity.

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Like for example,

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in a manner that is unbecoming of a leader Duncan is only

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the barrier. So the last

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Here's a very, because

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Have you ever heard that

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he never asked.

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And, you know, unfailingly you see the back.

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is my

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outbound to let you know, is unbecoming. Now, if you feminine producing food from this video,

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I'm not telling you this. But I'm pretty good at the process.

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If you feel

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that I'm telling you that this is the first barrier, and I'm telling you that the scars are longer for them in that first barrier, it's so much enforcement first barrier. So to sit down with your apprentice in allopathic

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his comments, consider this to be he

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was, you know, like, no one in his right mind would sit down like this,

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you know.

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So you sit down in the proper way,

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like this some proper way.

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Now, did anyone say that sitting with your legs stretched like this is harder.

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But they said that this actually compromises

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things with compromise your integrity, things that make sketches in the very end, you don't have guarantees, if you continue to scratch the first barrier, you could

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end up having a hole in the first barrier, and then proceed to the second barrier, the barrier,

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your religious commitments.

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So examples, person wins, friends, some people do this. And this may not be particularly

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mystical people will not be known. But some people consider it funny. For instance,

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in high school, he went to high school here in America. So some people would consider it to be some of I don't care, it has been in the presence of

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an overall although I wouldn't be able to produce

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whatever have you thought about this?

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So the problem is going on, for instance, one final set

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community on

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the left, and then he said, Why do you laugh at what you do? He said, What do you say?

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He said, Why are you laughing?

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And he mentioned that

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he said,

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so why do you love Apple TV, and he didn't even mention with

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his hobbies, you could never say no one in his right mind could never say that this means

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But does this compromise the integrity it does.

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This is an example that you could relate to.

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You know, most of the people would relate to this example. But you know, laughing going a certain way.

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Dress dressing in a certain way.

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If you dress people might dress properly.

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Good looking, all this is fine.

00:18:49--> 00:19:00

But if you dress to who that would compromise your integrity, because the way you know what people define as who particularly to

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compromise, compromise the integrity. You know it compromise your integrity to chase the different fashions we come up with every bit. Chasing the different passions we come up every time we come up with a passion, everybody starts to change the wardrobe. In when you buy new shoes and you buy new

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fancy new shirts. You're a man

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you're changing your wardrobe because someone in some place in you know some street in Paris or Rome someplace, came up with a new fashion and then it caught fire and then everybody started to dress like this can be changed the size and you know why it becomes fashionable and everybody rushes to buy while

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everyone else has to fight even when

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you do what is happening?

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basically paying attention to this means that you have lost three quarters of your hire, you're almost done. It is because that is unbecoming of a believer of complete integrity, you have an excellent character in this reading.

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So, that does not mean that you will look too awkward. That does not mean if you go to places to buy clothes, that you would have to look for things that are particularly awkward. So that's her follow up following the fashion, but paying attention to this in chasing the fashion is far more

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you know, you know, find returns of integrity, five liters of integrity. What are the other examples?

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No, that does not

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Oh, you're asking me to this?

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No, because basically having, you know, perfect bodies. Good.

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is good.

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That's my,

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one of my brothers.

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When I have an example,

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to choose,

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for, like a man, perfect character is unbefitting. Think about if people are sitting in a meeting, for instance, of the White House, when you I'm talking about people that are not believers in the first place in Islam. So would you expect them to be chewing gum?

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in the pudding?

00:22:22--> 00:22:29

No, because it is ready. But the children will change, you know, to find

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the owner of your house. It's not fun.

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But the two comments I

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just like

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this one,

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sit down a muscle

00:22:49--> 00:22:49

is really

00:22:51--> 00:22:51

commonly seen as this.

00:22:53--> 00:22:54

I'm not saying that.

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But there is that barrier.

00:22:58--> 00:23:14

That important barrier of a prayer that we should not compromise if you scratch this barrier and that barrier gets to the second barrier when other examples because examples are important. This

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is important to mention.

00:23:33--> 00:23:34

talking to someone who

00:23:36--> 00:23:39

is also something that

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basically when you talk to someone give him your fullest attention.

00:23:47--> 00:24:00

It may be you know, it depends on the kind of relationship that you have with this person. Because sometimes, if two people are the

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two best friends and they're

00:24:06--> 00:24:08

your roommates or something in their pocket,

00:24:13--> 00:24:16

someone or elder to

00:24:18--> 00:24:33

someone that you know, well, someone that you meet for the first time while you're using slack that certainly is disrespectful. But also sometimes these issues they can they can fix the people circumstances.

00:24:37--> 00:24:41

Here's the speech. Useless speech is one of the biggest violators of

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people who do not know when to stay silent. Or people who are gone for error from a customer can

00:24:53--> 00:24:57

even be speeches, you know excessive errors or be excessive

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A lot of characters a lot, makes a lot of errors. So some is an indication long periods of silence is one of the greats in ancient wisdom, integrity and perfection of character.

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in all these are things that are considered to be violators.

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Integrity and compromise

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compromising first barrier

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