Prioritizing Our Efforts on More Important Matters

Hatem al-Haj


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They are different issues, I would say different issues,

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not the same issues that times are different. The words about what are different. And

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you know, the spread of atheism in Egypt in the last 10 years

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is unprecedented. It's scary, actually. You are talking about a country that is at the heart of the Muslim world.

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And if you're, if we're going to pick up fights over, you know,

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spatial located. Yeah, I totally agree with you. I totally agree with you. It's, it's incomprehensible.

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And when people say, Oh, well, it's part of the deal, but I agree with you that there is triaging and you're a medical physician. And of course, triaging is, you know the rule number one in the ers that, you know, someone's coming in with a heart attack, and other coming in with a broken ankle. There's going to be obviously a major difference in the priorities, the time given to each subject. So I totally agree with that.