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The speakers discuss the printing of "medina," a ne novel, and the significance of its subtlety as a lifestyle. They also show a tribute to the Church of Islam and discuss the importance of learning about Islam and avoiding "comp possession of culture." The transcript uses practical examples of the success of smallpox cases and the use of cream sauce in warfare, as well as the history of Islam and its importance in modernizing society. The speakers emphasize the importance of pride and learning from history to achieve success and achieve greatness.

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana via bada boom bada boom bada bada

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bada bada kitabi wala Sri aka bada Shariati. I'm about to fold wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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la cada Candela confy rasulillah he owes watton Hasina

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por cada tada Yeah, Johan maybe you in on a sellner CATIA hidoe, Hideo MOBA, Shiro one of the law when he anila law he didn't he was urologia monniera settler colonialism

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respected all ama, elders, brothers, mothers, sisters and listeners in whichever platform you are choosing to listen today. We begin by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala sending salutations upon our beloved nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whom Allah subhanho wa Taala has sent as a siracha Mooney ROM is a blessing and a resplendent son and our extended right to grant Hidayat and to grant us a great amount of benefit from his teachings.

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We always, especially myself, I would like to start off that whenever we speak about our beloved navia Kareem said, Allahu alayhi wa sallam, we always do so with the understanding that we are unfit. And we are incapable of speaking sufficiently and in accordance with the greatness of our beloved Navy aquariums, Allahu alayhi wa sallam delko him but now he left cuyana he, our heart does not have the capacity, our tongues and our lips, and our words do not have the sufficient eloquence to be able to praise our beloved nebia Karim Sinhala while he was sent him is you ought to be praised or to speak in accordance with his greatness in his status. Obviously we have been speaking

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in this Sierra jelsa this time obviously with a great difference compared to other years. We do miss the audience and especially when we have come to this Masjid, the masjid used to be filled and we used to have that type of environment may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us that environment back inshallah speedily and very soon inshallah, and we can come back to some form of normality. However, whatever Allah subhanho wa Taala wills, we try to do the best in the situation that we find ourselves in. And that Allah says that our beloved maybe a creme de la Hollywood cinemas life is a perfect example.

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What am I have written that one of the ingredients that is required and is necessary for an ideal lifestyle is that that lifestyle must be comprehensive. And the reason why it is an essential ingredient for an ideal lifestyle is because humanity which Allah tala says that now beloved Nivea cream sauces in life is a perfect example for the entire humanity. Now, humanity is not one class or category or type of people. You will have within humanity people who come from different classes, categories professions, you will have the businessman you will have the worker, you will have the doctor, you will have the lawyer, you will have the scholar, you will have the people who are

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striving to scholarship, you will have all of those type of people within humanity. So the lifestyle that is ideal, must be so comprehensive, that you will be an ideal lifestyle. And it won't be an example for humanity in his diverse classes and categories and professions. And never mind only with regard to humanity. Even within our own life. As individuals, we have a situation that we have different types of situations that come upon us as individuals. Sometimes we are sitting sometimes we are lying down. Sometimes we are standing. Sometimes we are laughing, sometimes we are crying. Sometimes we are in a good mood. We are happy. Sometimes we are not in such a good mood. We are in a

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in a somewhat different type of mood. Sometimes we are host to someone, someone we are a guest at someone's place. Sometimes we are in a situation where we find ourselves that we are in a good space. Sometimes we are not in such a good space. Sometimes we are learning sometimes we are teaching so in our own individual lifestyle. We have such

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A wide variety of emotions. Now, if the ideal lifestyle is not so comprehensive, that it does not cover all the situations that we find ourselves in, in a lifespan or in our life, and that particular life cannot be regarded to be an ideal lifestyle to follow or to be an example. Now there are various ways, how orama have addressed nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam comprehensiveness in terms of his example, so that it can be the ideal lifestyle for humanity to follow. One a very amazing way of discussing his comprehensiveness has been shown to us and has been written about by the great Muslim scholar has it Maulana Abul Hassan nettv Rahim Allah May Allah

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tala elevate the status. May Allah subhana wa tada grant him the elevated status in Jenna, what a remarkable human being, what the remarkable thinker and he has put forward the comprehensiveness of our beloved nebia Kareem saw set up in a very amazing way. So in one of his articles in the

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book, entitled carvana Medina, translated into English the route to Medina, and I will use that as a basis to discuss the comprehensiveness of our beloved nebia Kareem saucer. And he writes and just understand he's putting his imagination. He see me I'm not gonna bless the historian said more than I was an excellent historian, perhaps one of the greatest Muslim historians in the last few decades, because not only was a historian par excellence, but how he derived lessons from history, and he put it forward in front of the oma, it is something worthy of consideration and worth your reading. So mama says, may Allah bless the historians, they are such people that wherever they are, wherever

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they are, they will always try to link the past with the present and make the present relevant to the lessons of the past. And he said, sometimes it goes to an extent, it may be people might feel it inappropriate. He says, I was in the Rosa. I was sitting in Nigeria nabawi I was sitting in the place which nebbia Kareem saw cinema, Rosa to me in Rio de Janeiro the gardens of Geneva, between my home and my member. at that particular time, people were around me. They were involved in making rebar that and some were making till our summer reading salad. And he said all of a sudden, my cap of history came on to me and I started thinking, and my imagination went wild. And I started

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thinking and he said, what was I thinking? He said, I saw great personalities of the past. And natella granted him life.

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And after Latina granted them life has specific groups. They were coming in the material number one, they were eating a salad. And as groups, they were coming in the presence of nebia creme de la jolla wasallam. And they were presenting a solemn, and they were presenting the tribute on behalf of the class in category they represented. They were presenting the Salam in front of our beloved nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said this was my imagination. And in that imagination, I imagined Swan Allah. He said from the door of barbecue.

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I saw a group of people with great respect and great honor. They came from Barbara L. They made two records of Sarah and they were the allameh of the soma. They were the alama of this oma and all of the great valamar we can think of and he said I'm I'm using my imagination. The allama Omar coming in.

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Let us think Allah mumble hollywell Hara mahogany Java, teachable from among the Sahaba alira de Allahu Allahu Allahu Mali, and the holy fire regime, and all the various nativeness arbitrary Allahu taala, who live near Masuda de la new among the Sahaba then amongst the tabula in shaba on the Romanian field, Hadith, the four great imams of fifth imamo hanifa Imam Ahmed Winnie humble, and Imam Shafi Anima, Malik the mohltc in those who had compiled the C asita. And in later years, you know, Imam ghazali Rama Kalani

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Chava Lula Maha Tisdale Rahmatullah Lee, the great scholars of the Allah Maha joban all of these, they were Now presenting and they were coming in a mascara neighbor, we, as a group, they finish reading the deaf ear to Salah Masjid, and they went in front of our beloved navia Kareem saw some such great Allah

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Who are tutors of not only individuals, tutors of generations? Who are the founders? Who are the founders of entire disciplines? Such great automatic what can we say about those on ama? It was said about abou Muslim Alka Ji, that when he came to Baghdad and he gave a lesson in Baghdad after his lesson, they counted 40,000 inputs from one lesson of his

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evening, I'll fail to be head 316 mocha pills 316 people carrying his voice at a time and there was no microphones. There was no mics 316 mocha pills. So hon Allah who were taking his voice, and relaying his voice to the amount of people who had come to one lesson of the great scholar and Pharaoh be Subhana Allah, they were 10,000 people taking down notes in one lesson, such great Allah. And then there was a lady Billy Marini, the

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who started off with Mambo Hari Rama talari. We are people queuing up for Black Friday specials people used to queue and used to set up the places for the dose of Allah hippie Martini from the previous night a certain time for his lesson that was to be delivered the next morning after fudger Yes, these were such Allah and they they come in the presence of our beloved nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they from the different professions, different times different backgrounds, different

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aspects of knowledge. They come in front of Navy aquariums, and they present this

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in this area.

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Whatever we had gain, it was not because of us. It was because of you and your teachings, if only Allah can understand this, that they are not independent. In terms of the respect and honor, they owe the respect and honor to the baker himself.

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And the Dean of nebia creme de la jolla selam. Yasuo la had it not been for your beautiful Dean, in which you have made mentioned kalevala him for either tuna called a Muslim.

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The acquiring of knowledge is for support each and every Muslim oma for every home but he had it not been for your deed which taught and you taught Allah ma ambia sambia the heirs of the Ambien mo Salatu was Salam. Had it not been for your teaching, that you have innovated the rank of the scholars? Who is the will arena Allah moon, will the

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prophet of Almighty Allah, had it not been for your beautiful teachings, and your beautiful and extensive Sharia

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which called upon people to reflect upon that Sharia and give people guidance from that extensive and most beautiful Sharia to reflect upon your Sharia and to give most beautiful guidance to people. We would not have been able to codify fifth. You don't us and you taught us a pinata Burrell Quran. Won't you go and make an ponder over the Holy Quran, which made imamo hanifah Rahmatullah Lee in his lifetime formulate 83,000 decrees 38,000 in a budget 45,000 in Warhammer a lot in human meme the dealings with human beings. Oh prophet of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala would have not been for your Sharia which told us to be able to delve deep into the ocean of knowledge of the Sharia, we

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would not have been able to set up such a wide, diverse library of Islamic knowledge in front of which the religious literature of the world pales into insignificance. Oprah for a fall madly in love what had not been for your deen and Sharia, which told us to illuminate ourselves with knowledge, we would have remained in the shackles of jaha Lee ignorant and we would not have been able to gain knowledge to be able to pass it in front of the people of this world.

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We thank you for this beautiful deed and teachings of yours, because of which we have achieved because of you we have achieved some form of respect and honor. Otherwise we would have become redundant. They present the Salam in tribute in front of navia Karim Sausalito, Mr. Will so let me say I'm imagining these people coming and they

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Leaving in the way out of the door.

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He said they're just not finished.

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When another group of people come from another door, these are the CEU fees of this world. And we are indebted to the SU fees because they have done such tremendous service to the oma. At a time when Islam was in need. It was a Sufi who carried the banner of Islam, who carried the mantle of Islam. And they were of course, there were people from the time of the Sahaba calm who were in that particular situation, who did not stay away from this world because it is prohibited. They will not like the Christian Ravana. Yet, monasticism, that they cut themselves away thinking that we can only come closer to Almighty Allah by staying away from this world. They were not in that category. No,

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no, they were amongst those who enjoyed the good things that which was permissible, but they kept a relationship with this material worlds to the bare minimum. They stayed away from the excessive drama and drift of this world. And they lived a life of such simplicity that people came to respect and look upon them in all with man been masan radi Allahu Allahu

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Allahu taala amongst the Sahaba and many others from among the Sahaba. Then later on, as an apostle Rahmatullah Ali Hussein Hussein bin is a guru Carter Gilani, Rama,

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Rama to lolly and we can go on Liza Medina Alia and in our own South Africa, Sufi sub, all of these great great people. They come in presence of our beloved Navy acronyms Allahu Allah wa sallam, people who despite having access to wealth, they live the life of simplicity. Omar Avi Allahu taala, who, while he was been the halifa, a group of people from Iraq when they came to have meals with over the allowance that advo had when they came to have meals they could not eat the meals of Omar would be allowed on who they found it to be to pose amongst us was Jerry Reed me, Abdullah villatoro said I couldn't finish the meal that merville also presented in front of me yet he was actually far

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in the year of Amaury mother, when there was a drought humara de la jolla stop eating all types of food, you know, in terms which were regarded to be luxury, no ghee, no butter, no meat. And then he said I will not eat until the people of Medina cannot afford this meal.

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So when someone came in said, and one of the items they were now worried about Omar villatoro, his complexion was changing because he was not eating. And then they found that there was a situation where these things became available. So they said Omar it has become available in the streets of Medina. Omar said How much is it? 40 Did he say Can the poor afforded to the poor can't afford it? Omar said leave it I would have it. His stomach your stomach used to growl at the time and you should say crowd as much as you want until the people of Medina can afford the food I will not give you

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these were the people so they come in front of Libya. Kareem saw Solomon D presenting the Salaam in front of Nivea creme de la jolla wa sallam. Subhan Allah and what what can they they are so over awed and they now present a solemn, the Sufis of this oma presenting the Salam in tribute to our beloved nebia Karim Sol cillum.

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Yasser Allah had it not been

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for your beautiful teaching that you said couldn't do NACA, NACA Haribo, Abu Seville.

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Oh people live in this world, as you are traveler or wayfarer.

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Had it not been for your most beautiful teachings in which you said that live in this world as a traveler and have to live nobody has to say upon this particular Hadith, either as a serial Messiah, that when you get the morning don't wait for the evening, either. I'm saying that for that intensity Saba, when you get the evening don't wait for the morning. Had it not been for your teaching profit of Almighty Allah as related, but I said I shall be allowed and that three moons used to pass and they used to be no fire lit in the house of Your Beloved maybe headed not be not only in terms of your teachings but showing it to us by practical example. By showing it to us by practice that one

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Murthy allowed them to one day comes in the presence of Nebula cream sauce to them at a time when nebbia cream sauce had

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separated himself from his wives for a certain period of time. And he comes in a small room nav a cream sauce in a sparsely furnished nothing in them. One small

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Through met the impotence upon which were upon the Mubarak body of our beloved Nivea creme de la jolla was sent him and he could see and Omar a strong person like Omar burst,

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burst into tears. And nebia creme de la syrup said, Omar, why are you crying? And Omar said jasola? Why shouldn't I cry? When I look at the rulers of the kings of Persia and Roman Empire? I look at what they were. And I look at my nebby who is greater than them? How is he staying? And maybe acronym sorcerer got up in his armor on the chest and said, Oh, are you still in doubt for them is in the world for us is in the hereafter. And he not only gave this example, in with himself, even with his family pages, sometimes more difficult. We have this that if we ever had any difficulty would let our children see that difficulty may be occurring saw Suleiman Fatima Belladonna came and

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asked for a servant in a slave to help. He did not give us a sleeve. He said read this be fit me that the three times from Angela that at times well hamdulillah 34 times Allah

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has it Allah, Allah says, I married the daughter of the Navy of Allah. I one day brought food after so many days I brought some flour and because of excessive weakness in hunger, as it Fatima was doing the flour and needing the flour, and she was so overwhelmed by hunger that while she was needing it, a forehead was falling down on the kneading machine through which he was needing the flour.

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We had one straw we had one met a sheep met. We used to sleep on it at night. And on the day we used to keep the fodder for the animals to eat from that very same mat. And now these two freezers say Dr. Rasulullah had it not been for this example of yours, these teachings of yours we would not have been able to achieve that.

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surviving on the bare minimum and staying away from the drum and glitter of this material world. Jaroslaw had it not been for your motivation, we would not have been able to discipline our enough's to stay away from the drama and the glitter of this material world. Rasulullah we thank you. And we thank your teachings. And we thank you for this beautiful example that you provided because of which we had become people that people looked upon us as Sophie's. It was not us. It was you. Yes. They present a Salaam they present a tribute and they leave the machine.

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In this way. I'm giving you what has it more I will assume that we're saying I'm giving you an example. I'm thinking and I'm imagining the different classes and categories of people coming in the presence of Libya Kareem salsa, and they are presenting the Salaam and they're presenting a tribute because of cream sauce in them they preach a situation. He said then while

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I'm still thinking, I see a group of woman coming from Baba Nyssa and they come in with the most modesty.

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modesty that I can explain to the meanings of words. They have, you know, immaculately cleared with modesty and there is no sign of purification and apparent beautification. They come and with the utmost respect at a distance with humility and modesty. They come in they present and they are great women in the history so hon Allah, what can we say with regard to those women, and they come and they present themselves in front of our beloved Navy aquariums also has an eyeshadow, viola tallada, who missile Mara, viola, Rhonda, and many others and they come into present they Salam in tribute in front of our beloved maybe a cream sauce from your rasulillah

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you rescued us from La Jolla. We used to be buried alive his daughters. When you came you stood up in respect to an honor of your daughter, Fatima, viola. You're a pseudo law. You change our situation before we were buried alive. Now you came you granted respect and you stood up for your daughter jasola you ended the tradition of pairing of daughters alive, you exalted woman by saying halogen Nikita D'Amico Mata comm channelize under the feet of the mother, you did not even exclude us from inheritance, which you have made mention of in your teachings. Even if sometimes people from the indo Pak sub continent day exclude the women from from inheritance. You did not exclude us. You

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kept us and you said Well, let me say the shibumi Matra Qawwali Daniela Capone, there is a share from the inheritance of the people

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They forefathers that is there for the women. You gave us such great

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respect. You did not even forget us in the celebrated hood Baba jetaviva. You said, Lisa nakoma, Santa Monica, Manila,

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Manila. And you have granted us such respect and honor that you exhorted the women, the men folk of the soma, that you are not complete in your Eman until you treat your women kindly. And you told and you gave was here to the men of this woman is those who have been nice

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to you to treat your women for kindly, your rasulillah and then your drill even stunt. The intellectual development of ours has a Musashi Miyamoto said whenever the Sahaba were faced with a difficult situation in terms of understanding any Quranic either via cream salsa, they used to go towards it, I shall have the ultimate and never did it happen that they approached us

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and they did not get a satisfactory response and answer one third of this, of this knowledge have been came to us through the means of

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and especially as it I shall be allowed on her head not only that rufina eslami is regarded to be the first Muslim nurse even though he said I learned Hadith from 53 female Hadith scholars

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imagine was a woman who used to clean the material navy and navy a cream sauce afforded us such great respect and honor. You did not stunt our intellectual progress. You're a pseudo law, yes within the particular method of which we are supposed to achieve that knowledge you told us to achieve it and we achieved it rasulillah we are indebted to you you have granted us our respective dignity or order. They present a solemn in tribute and they live

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to Allah says now he's giving this and I'm using this as a background I want you to think that I would add but that is now I will assume that we is giving this imagination deputations in the presence of Nivea cream sauce alum. And then he said I see great great people, formulators of sciences, codifies of different branches of knowledge coming in front of Livia cream sauce and they come from one door and they make the merger into Trudeau and they make this the fuselage and now they come in front of me. So some people like many great people, if they rushed it Messina if Nipa tuta. hipness say doing such great people who formulators of zero must od.

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In the whole Dune, Craig Craig, people who achieve excellence in the various fields, among them was seen as a physician, the mathematician wrote 453 thesis in his life 240 of which survived. And now we're talking about COVID. And of course, there are many examples of what people in COVID f0 made mentioned with regard to

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things that have become contentious, or places of debate and arguments and cetera, et Messina, he wrote, he discovered the contagious nature of infectious disease. And I'm telling you now because it is COVID manana eurocis man wrote a book in 2009 already did not know at that time 2009 he wrote it now it has become maybe more trendy and more applicable. He wrote about the contagious nature of infectious disease in Messina, and yet it becomes a point of contention. In fact, he was the one who introduced quarantine as a means of off as a means of limiting the spread of contagious diseases. Razi raises. In fact, he is known as the founder of modern medicine amnesty Now, many of his books

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were translated and used in medical universities for a great period of time, if not even up till now, raises Imam Razi, also someone who was known to be in terms of his medicine,

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the Encyclopedia Britannica, by that time, it used to be a big thing, right? That the most trust worthy statements on smallpox, was written by the Muslim physician. Razzie in the ninth century when people were still didn't know about smallpox Mr. Murali was writing with regard to a new hold on the philosopher he the historian, the father of Social Sciences, wrote the key who wrote the mukaiyama, the macatawa, about which about which the British historian Arnold Toynbee writes the greatest work of its kind by any

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Mind in any time in any place.

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You prefer to travel 75,000 miles at a time when traveling was not so easy. Can you? Can you imagine if you had a loyalty card of any airline

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company Potter oh seven, and day these are the people who achieved greatness in various fields. Haytham even up in astronomy, Massoud even environment long before environment became 10 D people want to know about environment. He wrote a book on Meadows of the environment on environment idrisi in geography in niroshan philosophy, even if you're not in flying the first person who started off the aspect of flying which has become, you know, something that now we take as a norm. And these people they come in front of our beloved Nivea creme de la Hollywood cillum. And they said Yasuda law had it not been for your dean which taught who Olivia sanathana Kumar

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Allah, all your all your teachings are assuming the Quran which was revealed upon you, we are natera says, I have created everything in this earth, for your benefit, go and take out from the earth, everything to benefit humankind had it not been for your teachings, and what has been revealed in the Quran to you, we would not have been able to achieve this. Your rasulillah You are the one who taught loophole risk for use of Babel or seek risk in the midst of the earth. That's how we became and we took into mining and Muslims are in the forefront of that also, Yasser Allah had it not been for your emphasis, that for every sickness and ailment, Allah has created a cure. And Muslim

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physicians, unlike today who sit on the periphery and criticize other people, they are nowhere to be found with regard to solutions. They only sit and sit and talk with regard to medicine. Sometimes, people who are not even in medicines, they are sitting in critique, critiquing medicine. What What a beautiful condition we have come to, that wasn't the situation. We were the ones that maybe a cream sauce from sit in the liquid leader in Dawa for every illness there is a cure, and because of that Muslims physicians were in the forefront. If Nina fish was the first person to discover the pulmonary circulation of blood in the human body, something that is incorrectly attributed to

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William Harvey, who came 300 years thereafter, it was even in the face first brought to people the attention to the parliamentary parliamentary circulation of blood in the human body. And jasola had it not been for your emphasis intellectually their endeavor, we would not have been in the forefront with regard to it. We have forgotten this in the last two 300 years, much to our detriment, and areolas through law had it not been for your dean that did not shun innovation. So when salmaan FRC really allowed them to came and said, You're Rasulullah the situation that we are facing in Indonesia when we had such a situation, we dug the trench, maybe a cream sauce and didn't say this

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is not the way of our Korean or this is not the way of how we do things. Maybe a cream sauce will embrace it. And in fact, when a cream saucer went in to type in late ch to type it was the same same manufacturer the ultimate came in and said you're a soldier in this situation, we normally use the catapult the catapult was first used by our beloved Nivea cream sauce in the seat of life.

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It was used by nebbia cream sauce and him in the seat of life. And they after it became a great means of military warfare in the Middle Ages. And even at that time to Sahaba Robin Massoud and as they land in Selma, nebia, cream sauce to them, send them to a Syrian town of jerash. To be able to go and learn the modern, the modern modern military warfare that was prevalent at that time. I had it not been for these examples of yours, we would not have been able to create these particular type of situations where we became the Masters in our own different professions and field. We are the link between us in the sciences we develop. We are intended to use our intellect, we are indebted to

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you for our findings and whatever type of findings in whatever type of research and whatever we did was because of your motivation.

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It was because of you. If only we AS Roma can understand the broadness of our Deen, where and where we were and where we are now. Hmm. And this was because of our beloved nebia cream sauce loves teachings and these great particular type of people who are researchers, people who achieved who are the founders of such great disciplines and professions. And whether it be environment, whether it be medicines, whether it be poetry, whether it be philosophy, whether it be you know, social sciences, Muslims were in the forefront and all of that was because of the teachings of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. We are coming to the end I can give so many examples but I think one one example I have

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to give and that is

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The example of the rulers that came in the Muslim world, such such great rulers, you know, today we can, we can only today when we look at our situation, you know, we have rulers, but our rulers are like the rulers and the Kings that are in the pack of cards, the ace of spades in the king of spades, that's our rulers are absolutely nothing.

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Absolutely no power and influence in the world, in terms of power in terms of authority, making things done absolutely nothing.

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A toy in the hands of the powers of the world.

00:35:43--> 00:35:46

There was a time when Muslims had real power

00:35:47--> 00:36:35

corrupts Abram coolala makes mention of this. He said, a time when we had power. We used to fight for power and authority and philosophy. Now we don't have power in California. And we don't have California and we don't have power and authority. So we fight on Muslim asylum. There's a situation with regard to ours. Now who were the people like Walid bin mahira at a time when if you want to wanted to measure distance, you take a fast, soft moving camel and say that now you move from place to place. And he is Hill up it was so great that it took off so fast, slow moving camel, five months to traverse the lead over what he didn't move here. I had control over five months for a fast and

00:36:35--> 00:37:04

swift moving camel to traverse over. Harun Rashid used to sit on his in his palace. And when he used to sit at his palace, there was sometimes it used to rain in Baghdad. Sometimes the rain pass clouds used to go pass and he never used to read in Florida she used to address the clouds and see. Go and rain wherever you want. Go and rain wherever you want. The tributes will come back to the bay tomorrow of the Muslims. cold rain wherever you want the tribute Welcome back to the Muslims.

00:37:06--> 00:37:11

Aruna rasheeda nice time when a Muslim went to a non Muslim land.

00:37:12--> 00:37:28

Listen to this, talking about Islamophobia. When Muslim went to a non Muslim land. Out of respect for the Muslim who came to a non Muslim land that day that church bells used to be silent. A Muslim has come to our land.

00:37:30--> 00:38:09

That particular time when mortars him when he heard that Muslim woman had been abducted, he wrote a letter to that ruler and said, if you don't release those Muslim woman, I will come and ascend to such an army, that by the time the first portion of the army is with you, the last portion who is still believing that these people come they leave a bodyguards away. They come in the presence of our beloved Navy aquariums and Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and they said, You're a soldier. They make this solemn in complete humility, away from all types of bodyguard jasola had it not been for your dean that taught it has taught us to go and wage Jihad for the sake of establishing justice for the

00:38:09--> 00:38:51

sake of helping the oppressed people of the world. And to take in our elderly law Yuri Swami Yeshua, the earth belongs to Almighty Allah go and become the inheritors of the land of Almighty Allah and bring an established justice in the law of Almighty Allah in the land of Almighty Allah jasola had it not been for the teachings of yours, that motivation, that inspiration, we did not know nothing. You know, with all these great rulers, Aruna Rashid, will it be Maghera, where this will sell out in a UB Rahmatullah Li the Ottoman Empire? the Mughal Empire, the bus Empire jasola had it not been for your motivation? We could not think beyond our own tribes. We could not think beyond our desert. Had

00:38:51--> 00:39:20

it been worried it allowed us to say my greatest accolade before I became a Muslim. I was the foremost wrestler of my tribe. I couldn't think beyond that. We were like frogs in a pond. We couldn't think of an existence beyond the pond, Yasuda law you came in to tell us that this earth belongs to Allah establish the law for my Earth. Then we became Khalid bin Walid, whose greatest accolade was the foremost wrestler in the tribe, he became safe for law, that sort of format.

00:39:22--> 00:39:59

jasola You gave us the aspirations and courage to look beyond our own tribe to look beyond our own surroundings. From a restricted tribal situation, to subjugation of the world for the right reasons, had it not been for your influence, we would have been still in our dry and edit lanes in our narrow and dog bellies, and we would be like a fish in a pond. You told us to establish justice, you gave us the motivation and inspiration to establish such justice, such civilization, such rule that never mind Muslims, even non Muslims. They they

00:40:00--> 00:40:51

benefitted from the establishment of justice and the civilization that Muslim rulers established from the time of Misaki Medina, from the time of Spain in the time of Spain, not only were Muslims, non Muslims even today, there was such glorious harmony, such a civilization that the non Muslims achieved a peak of the intellectual prowess at the time of Muslim rule jarocin Allah we are rulers Yana jasola we have ruled with such authority, people came to respect us people came to regardless with fear and all, but we came to today to pay the tax. Today we came to pay the tax of our oil and fear and we do so willingly in your presence, because whatever we had achieved in terms of rulership

00:40:52--> 00:41:31

in terms of authority in terms of fear in terms of the civilization that we had done was because of your motivation was because of your inspiration, respective brothers. I can go on making mentioned and I will conclude this saying that these are just examples. Every person who achieved greatness in this oma was achieved it because of our beloved Navy academies. Awesome. He's teaching these his inspiration and motivation. If we want to be great if we want to achieve anything, that the only way for us to the means of our beloved maybe a creme de la jolla was understanding that the life of a saucer not restricting it the way we sometimes do so understanding the broadness the greatness, the

00:41:31--> 00:41:39

example of how every person in this room who achieved greatness was because of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. Let me conclude with a small anecdote

00:41:40--> 00:41:52

as it modernists say it seldom psyllium Solomon that we refer to lolly, you know, is written in his hood. But in Madras when this incident that has an alley was a person who took out a small

00:41:53--> 00:42:34

booklet in the time, that time, he said after he took out one book booklet on Nivea cream sauce, let me say a non Muslim, came one day to come and speak to him and said, I regard your prophet to be the greatest human being in history. So as Sally said, Tell me why you said there are so many diverse things that are concentrated in one human being in one personality. He says, Just when I want to call him and he say he started speaking to me, and he said, he said this when I want to call him, the king of the world because of his absolute power and authority, how he brought a region like Arabia, which would not like discipline in law, how he brought it under the law of Islam and the

00:42:34--> 00:43:21

discipline of Islam. Just when I want to call him the king of Arabia and the king of the world. I see him with such humility, that a small curve is taking his head and leading him to what she wants him to do. However, they call him the king of the world. And yet I see such humility. He has such wealth under his control, that anytime wealth came from Bahrain, he was sitting with a wealth and the people who are waiting for him to distribute it. He had such great amount of wealth at his disposal. Yet for three months, there is no fire lit in his house. He is such a great military genius, that we're a small group of people 313 he overwhelms a group of 1000 who are far more

00:43:21--> 00:44:10

superior, superior military and every way. Yeah, he is such a great military genius, that he can overwhelm armies with a greater out at such great odds. Yet he is so peace loving, that he signs a peace treaty, when his followers had pledge allegiance, that they will die for him. And they would die to death for the sake of human his cause. Yet at such a time we go and sign the peace treaty. He is such a person that he is so mindful of one person that he used to go and visit those people who are not Muslim. He goes visit a Jewish youngster. He tells what you have in your Hippo Omar, they love you. It is such a person that he can fulfill ties in relationship on a one to one basis, yet on

00:44:10--> 00:44:41

a broader scale of the scheme of things. He's Rahmatullah mean, he is Rahmatullah mean, when I wish to call him a king, I want to call him a king because of all what he has achieved. I see him in a room in which the straw method left impotence aboard his Mubarak body. And you can see the importance of its pro met on his mobile body. There is no person who had such great amount of different aspects of greatness and different

00:44:42--> 00:44:59

aspects with regard to you know, different aspects of his life in one individual, one personality that is a personality of our beloved maybe Kareem Sausalito, Rahmatullah alameen sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they are Latina, elevated status beyond what we can even imagine. May Allah

00:45:00--> 00:45:02

Grant has the ability to benefit from his life while still