Doing Injustice

Hatem al-Haj


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The speaker discusses the concept of injustice and how it affects behavior. They use examples from Egypt to illustrate their point about the negative impact of standing in line for food or other transactions on people's lives. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of treating people properly and finding the best professional doctor to treat them.

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Because we always say I've got

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all my service, I'm even just ripping up on myself, but I make it forbidden amongst users will not be unjust to one another.

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we're always doing justice to each other.

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And we're always saying hobbies, and we're always doing it just to see each other. So there is a break there is a disconnect, is that we're not reflected on what injustice is.

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So basically, when you take my turn and line, I know, this is America.

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I need examples because I grew up in Egypt. So I bring my examples from Egypt.

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So when you're standing in line for food or something, is it easier to stand in line to get even here instead of

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checkout from grocery stores only gets them by the age of the lines are Bigger, Longer, someone someone, you know, pushes their way in front of the line or something that is a form of injustice that painful people do not recognize

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that you have done injustice to like 26 or seven people standing in the line. Because my turn is buying right? Right or wrong? It is fine, you're wasting my time. My turn is my right. But our awareness has been too contracted, that we think injustice is to make you bleed is to actually you know, wounds you and make you bleed, or to take your money out of your pocket or something like this. But I can trick you as much as I want and transactions in sales or whatever transactions, I can use the worst work ethics with you. I could use the worst, you know,

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the basically business ethics was you and we do this often as Muslims, right? sexually that we become so like,

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first one another, right? Because, uh, you know, you don't want to be working first and employer is not gonna pay you and they're just gonna give you like,

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right or wrong way to say this or not, is sad is really shameful. But I hear this from a lot of people. You know, I hear from so many people.

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How could How could they? How can we get there?

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Because basically, we're about technicalities. You know, you want the technicalities to fit, and you go to your own Mufti and tell him the story. If you're practicing, if you're good enough, you'll be going to your Mufti instead of the story. So this is the business dealings between me and my friend, or, and he did this and I did that. And he, once you basically you grab the fat out of the machine,

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then you run with it and then use it.

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But this had this,

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you know, should give us a different perspective on the whole issue, like

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American policy, none of you would have faith in God loves for his brother, what he loves for himself, and that he loves for his brother, if you are a physician.

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If you are a physician, you will even study harder.

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you treat people right?

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You want to treat, how would you like to be treated by ignorant physicians? By reckless physicians? No. And if you love for your brother, what you learn for the people what you love for yourself, then you're gonna want to make sure that you are the best physician so that when you treat people you're extending to the people that which you want to receive from them.

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It's just as simple as that. in everything you do. You are aware of this meaning for many years.

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You have boomers, Bula kilo

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when ye t 11. s manual Hippo a new daily, let's not come to him except while having faith in him on the final day and lets him extend to the people that which he likes to receive from them. in every regard in everything. You should do this.

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Otherwise you will not have faith.

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I heard this example from one of our Messiah.

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He says if you you know if you walk out and walk out of your apartment building, can you find the neighbors

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neighbors kids or kids

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and then you snap one

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Have the kids of the neighbor. For some reason, you just get around to have arguments with the kid and you slap one of the kids in the neighbor's.

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Or the other scenario.

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The other scenario

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is you're walking by the beach and you find one of the kids neighbors for stream,

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beach, anything you're working on and you find one of the kids of the neighbors journey. And you jump in and you rescue them.

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Okay, now, the next time you see those two neighbors, there is not going to be the same. The neighbor, the tube slapping the face of his child and the neighbor that you rescued his child from German. Are you going to be feeling the same is the interaction between you and the neighbor going to be the same?

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ally so how can I Allah? Hi, the creation, the people of the creation, the dependence of Allah isn't the he has their Lord, they're their master, their caretaker. He is their caretaker. You know, even Robin Bay to the caretaker of the household took the word Rob from a movie and a lot of the creation

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and the creation or the dependence of a loss of power.

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So basically, when you should change is

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his dependence when you transgress his dependence, when you humiliate or insult his dependence, how could you stand in prayer and meter?

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How would you feel about the next prayer?

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When you have wronged his dependence, just like your neighbor, whatever method of law until it becomes the most perfect example? Because just like your neighbor,

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how are you going to face a loss of habitat and the prayer after you have done this that is creation are his developments