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manuver Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah showfield MBA Eva masa de

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se Medina Allah and he also to be as vain you will arena la casa Casa de una 11 to Muslim on un NASA taco Bakula de Falco, Kumasi, wahida bufala.

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In Houma region and casino when he saw what the political economy he will have in Allaha con la Cooperativa

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de una mano de la la Polo Colin said either useless America

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aku Baku.

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Rasulullah hotaka differs 1000 azeema well that's right in the US Stephen Hadley Chiquita Malloy.

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Mohammed is on the line while you're setting up for Chevron to Hakuna Matata can be that poco llobregat. In Bala Hakuna Matata with infinite respect to brothers, brothers and sisters in Islam. When we hear about the story of love and marriage, what do we picture? We, because of our background, perhaps you picture the typical Bollywood scene we're in? You know, we have a hero, super, super handsome. And we have a heroine who's super beautiful as well. And they suddenly go to university, isn't it? And they go to university and suddenly they get to know each other. First the enemies that suddenly they fall in love with each other, right? That's the way it is. It's tough to

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get each other then or the woman doesn't want the man where the man wants the woman. And she plays tough to get and then suddenly falls in love with with the man isn't it? Then so what happens is a big love story. The Father, father and mother don't want each other to get married. So was take place between the two, perhaps gunfights and then thereafter they lived happily ever after what I think the father dying of the mother dying usually the father mother died.

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Yes, isn't it? This is a story of 1000 Bollywood films. This is the storyline for 1000 Bollywood films you can't get wrong, you can't go wrong with this always works. Okay, they're making 1000 films based on the storyline. And then what happens brothers brothers and sisters land, they get married, they have children, but what is the reality?

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Reality is whether the students learn when they do get married. And initially it's it's all joy and and splendor and nice.

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You know, honeymoon. Usually it is like that. But then it turns out to be the reality is like that show that they used to have. In Hollywood, they had a series called love and marriage. They are this type of story called a series called loving marriage in my time about 10 years ago. And this story was about this man who was married to this woman and all they could do was fight all that it was fine. And you know, every everything was a joke. And this series was that the husband and wife they were married, they had some children. And the store at the series was all about how they would fight against each other and crack jokes against each other and how the wife was angry with the husband

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how the the husband was angry with the wife. And truly, they had a terrible time. And this is truly even more closer to reality. But what is even more closer to reality is what we find these days. And that is that many people will get married based upon love. And then after they get married just because of sexual attraction. They know that this is the person because he is the only one who can please me in bed, for example, and thereafter they get married. After they get married. What happens whether this is the basis for their marriage was love. The basis for their marriage was sexual attraction. The basis for a marriage was something that goes away when the when she has a child.

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Normally she beautiful she is not fit anymore. She's not that the hearing that she that they used to know. And so the marriage bonds die away. And so we find, you know, divorces on the increase. We find that 70% of the marriages in America end up in divorces we find in Saudi Arabia 40% of the marriages end up in divorces. And it truly this is the story of our love and marriage isn't it that will lie because we base our marriage and our relationships upon nothing but physical attraction or nothing but worldly material worldly things. And we base our attraction on nothing but you know, lineage etc, etc. On on trying to preserve the fact that if you have been lollies we only married

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Bengalis, and because we are Pakistanis only married Pakistanis. And because we're trying to make sure our parents are trying to make sure that our children only following this lineage we find that truly will not who many of the marriages end up in failure? We find the marriages end up in divorce. We find that divorce is a call is the is the most is the greatest disaster for the family. Unfortunately, that is happening every single day. And this is a story of our life. Unfortunately these days story of many

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Many pious people as well these days who nowadays as you know, divorce is so rapid, it has not missed anybody, even the righteous people, even the Imams, even the mowlana is more or less even they have divorces in their in their family, and will not have you know, this is quite an unfortunate event. quite unfortunate event, because this is what destroys the house. This is what truly destroys the fabric of society, the house, every individual's house. This is if the house is broken brothers, brothers, sisters now on which foundation will the society's ever grow? On which foundation? How would the children grow up when the when they have seen their parents divorce, when

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they have lost the moniker of being with the Father, and learning Mandarin from the Father, and having the same

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kind, soft upbringing from the mother, when they have lost this when they see the father and mother arguing when they see the father and mother fighting. And when they see the father, when he reads the I have the analysis of the whole agenda and to what was logical tomorrow. And to you gentlemen, you and your husband and your wives in a joyful manner. The husband says no, Allah Don't do it. Don't do it. Because I can't bear bear. bear my wife in this life, please, I don't want to be with her in the hereafter. Unfortunately, this is what happens, isn't it? You see these Sophie's that come out of Egypt, you know, they make these series Sophie's and all that. And then the Arabic

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sapis. And you find in this panel, some of the funniest incidents, and I watch I once I remember seeing one of these, and this man he was making, he was reading this this he was supposed to religious man. And he was reading this verse of the Qur'an, lagenda anthem was was borrowed. And you'll say, No, don't do it. I can't bear him this life, I can't be in an eternity of the hereafter. So, you know, this is this is the this is the problem that I'm talking about, that our love and our marriage has has disintegrated into nothing but hatred and divorce, our love and marriage has disintegrated into hatred, and divorce. And this is the problem that we have today. And this is our

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talk about today. We want to brothers and sisters now talk about the exemplary family, what is the best family give me a family that you can that we can talk about? Who will truly be an example for the husbands an example for the wife an example for the children example, give me a family which is the best of families, which family can I find I have not found in my studies any family better in in its complete integrity for a Muslim in our life today to follow for the husband to follow the husband and for the wife to follow the wife and the children to follow children other than the family of Muslim or Muslim and abital one of the best families in Medina In fact, I would say the

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most exemplary family in Medina, and this is the super family which if we want to truly fix our family problems if we want to truly make sure that the Father the mother and the children are doing their their duties. They let us look at the life of this family, the family of all Muslims, are they allowed and who was nicknamed a rooming saw this was her name a roommate saw and her beloved husband her actress has been a Beatle have al Ansari on slavery of your lower and how was truly a righteous woman. In fact, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he mentioned in authentic hadith in Bukhari, that he that he said the whole to gender in my dream I enter gender for either Anna be a romaine saw in

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Morocco. I entered gender and it is as if I'm in front of a woman saw the the wife of a butyl meaning that he entered gender and he saw the roommates I was there before him. The roommates I had entered them for him and we know that when he when he when he when he said this that would mean therefore that other roommates was from the women agenda isn't it. And we find that roommates are so righteous if you look at our history, that truly Allah, rewarding her for Jelena because of what she used to do with Mesa Mesa, and her almost lame. She was originally obviously she was a disbeliever. After Islam came to her, she accepted Islam. However, her husband was manic. Her husband was manic a

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drunkard, and he was mushnik. He was a drunkard he would drink a lot. And he would drink a lot and remain so used to bring bring him the alcohol and you'd keep on drinking and drinking. And he would just get drunk every day and he just couldn't leave his alcohol. So how many families do we have these days like that? Isn't it? How many of our unfortunate brothers are so engrossed in in alcohol? As on how many of our sisters right to ask questions that are that our husband spends his time in alcohol etc, etc. and will lie This is a story of her life as well. Her husband used to drink a lot of alcohol until the verse of the Quran was revealed to stay away from alcohol. So Muslim or the

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Aloha, this woman she came to her husband who was a Muslim at the time and said, Allah, Allah has revealed that we should stay away from alcohol so I forbid you from alcohol. I will

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serving alcohol from now on. And so Malik, this, this tyrant this this polytheist. He said this is the the the the Sirocco, baby, this is my divorce, I divorce you because of that. And so Malik, this drunkard, he divorced her and later on of course he died as a Muslim he died outside Islam. However, when he left looselay and two sons, Danny, this is an example of what happens these days, isn't it as well, perfect example, that our brother is usually not righteous and he drinks or he goes up with women. And then what happens? The sister becomes righteous and pious, know what happens whether the brother leaves isn't it? The brother leaves and goes as he leaves the sister, a single mother,

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raising two children's Pamela and this is a story of a Muslim so I'm sure our sisters can appreciate this and and associate them and they can and they can see that some of the sisters can see themselves in the shoes of a snake. So this was almost leg after her husband had left and she was raising two sons. One was named us so his name was nsmb Malik and the other one was Bara so they Bara Malik. So these are the two sons of almost named the OSA name was raising up later on I will call her who was a companion resources lead came to him slain and offered his marriage to counseling and above all, how was a righteous man was was emotionally I'm sorry at that time. And when he

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offered himself in marriage to slim slim saw that that man was was it was a mistake. And you know, he was a rich man at that time as well. So obviously what would have asked for it he could have, he could ask for a lot of things you could ask for money. She could ask for wealth for housing that will let her you know she was a righteous woman. And so she asked that I accept your proposal on the condition that you accept Islam, meaning my mother, my mother, my gift, my Maha, which is obligatory upon you towards me is your Islam. And this is what she asked the first panel what a noble gift she will not benefit from this except in the answer. But Subhanallah she is asking this as a as a as a

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mother from her new husband. And so I will have the he accepted the invitation of a Muslim to accept Islam. And so he went to law school most recently as soon as the sola sola Why do you send them sabaton ha