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spinoff from the Los Altos

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channel Today we have

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Beverly Nebo or the station of a novel returning to Las panatela.

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And then the second session we will have the chapter on your pencils. The charter and utensils is not just limited to pencils we will be talking about utensils we'll be talking about also pure and impure parts of different animal animals.

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Because they used to use a you know, animal skin

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as a utensil container vessel.

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So, that will Inaba

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said Qatar Lavasa Genoa and Ebola become

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chapter on returning along mighty Southern returned to your Lord on evil in our people wants to hear

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from a Latin Sauron

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that's in Surat Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala said return to your Lord and submit to Him before the tournament befalls you. And then you will not be helped.

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So whenever it comes in the program in different forms in the form of verb enable a lot of become in the form of an adjective las Coronavirus is about Brahim alayhis salam in Abraham are Holleyman aware on money. Most very liberal human This is a sort of Brahim is honey for bearing Hawaiian

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haft grieving. And grief is, is a characteristic of a believer because a believer does grieve over his mistakes a great believer does believe the grief over other people's mistakes as well as grieve over the condition of humanity. believer in sensitive, compassionate and sensitive compassionate people will have causes to grieve over insensitive people will not experience much grief unless they are compelled, unless they you know it's there even over their own misfortunes, but compassionate people who wish well for humanity, they grieve sometimes over the conditions of humanity, even if they have no personal or individual reason, to grieve, to grieve or to have grief.

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So in Abraham, Abraham and

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the fact that he's after grieving is a sign of belief. But but but at the end of the day, this grief of the believer does not really take away from the sweetness and the joy that the believer will experience in this life and the agenda, the paradise that he will be admitted into, in this life before the agenda of a half fairer. And then money is after returning, how do you want a woman when he was preparing, craving after returning? And then also in ABA, which is returning was mentioned the brand in the form of advert when he been in his

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rugby comm was the moment a

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so when he became a lover become returning to your Lord in repentance.

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When you've been in Turku, Morocco minimus Turkey and Athena fabrico Dena home or Canada has been the

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Libyan Arab Pico matakohe returning to your Lord and fear but article nominum Shakira Don't be of the

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Muslim in Manila vena cava forgot to Dina Mom, what kind of car for those who divided their Deen and divided themselves into groups into parties into partisan groups? Could the husband be mad at him? For the whole home every party is rejoicing with the where

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without which the hat and this ynab You know, you're

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all the people that are returned to Allah subhana wa tada whether they're Muslim or non Muslim. So in some sense there is in ABA for the believers and the unbelievers. But the voluntary in ABA is only for the believers, the believers, unique Boolean law, the return to allow only when they are in distress when they when they need something from Allah. Then they return to Allah so Allah, Allah says in Surah, nor

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Emerson, NASA

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gagal apartmani been a some document who nominated for a minimum

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of msns adorn our Batman ebina D, which means and if the people were or if hardship

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be filled the people with and even a hardship be failed the people they would supplicate to Allah had returned to him

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while returning to him, so, they will turn to Allah subhanaw taala and supplicate to him only when they are touched by hardship, some made up of minimal rock metal is a very common humblebee mushy cone and then when he lets them taste mercy from him, so, from a mill rock metal is a very big cone and then when he lets them taste mercy from him, then the bay commit ship.

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So, that is the nub of the disbeliever the Innovator of the disbeliever is a basically an Inaba out of compulsion they because you know in times of distress and hardship the to truly recognize that it is only Allah who can help them. So that's when the turning to Allah subhanaw taala they realize that everything else that all of their connections and all of their, you know, because people

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don't lie on silent Not that I've been conferred heretic, Tony Brahim said his people you have taken

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other than Allah has lords, not that Albania confer heretic dunya to basically exchange kindness among yourselves to build bonds among yourselves. So this is the social aspect of religiosity, the social social aspect of committing to a particular religion, and Brahim points this out, it is all about socialization, you have taken those Gods so that you can build bonds among yourselves will probably eliminate the customer and don't rely on Phantom income, for how to do it, you have taken those items so that those are the items of the stripe, those are the items of that tribe. And then you have a common denominator. And now you could build bonds among yourselves, based on this common

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denominator. He says practice religion, you subscribe to that religion, this denomination, that denomination, and then you don't really question any of that, because this is how you are able to bond with the rest of the people around you, the your coreligionists that people subscribe to the same religion. But then in times of distress and hardship, like in times of calamity, when like bad disease befalls your some calamity befalls you, you think about it. And now Yes, truly like in terms of ease and times when you want to build social relationships with other people, you may go to your particular temple and just, you know, ignore all of the inconsistencies in the message that you're

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hearing or ignore or you know, your conscience, you silence your conscience because you are basically just

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comfortable in this environment. These are your people, it's your group, your fraternity, and you're comfortable just building relationships through religion. It's not a religion for the sake of God or for the sake of the truth is for the sake of social bonds, but that's good and until you encounter hardship, or through the stress, and that is when you start

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to question that's when you start to look for the real God for the one who can actually help you. For the one who can actually save you That is why way there must have been so drawn down, money been a lie, some men hochma is a very common hombre beam yoshihiko

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sadananda bahmani been a

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that believer will always be returning to his Lord because the believer will always recognize who his Lord is. And the believer does not need the stress. For this because the believer does not

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basically worship a deity, just to build relationships and to bond with other people. He does this for the sake of the truth, to see the divine out not to basically use that concept of

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Religion and Divinity for immediate gains.

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Is that an emammal haddaway Rahim Allah said that in Abba to set us it was here, and then in Abba or the station of returning is part of the station of Toba, isn't it?

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Return, repent return 30. But why do we have to have two different names for the same concept? Because in people's minds they're not really the same concept. True sincere. Toba will include in ABA. You know, if you reflect true sincere Toby should include enamel and that is what the moment we will explain now, when he talks about enamel. But in people's minds, downward does not include in Abba does it in you know the minds of the masses. That will by means apologize, refrain, apologize, intend to not do it again. But that's a trade. He will tell you it's that's not true.

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Then the next phase is enamel. If you're truly returning to Allah, prove it. You apologized. You know, you said I'm sorry. Now prove it. And that is what he will be addressing. How do you prove the sincerity of your apology? How do you prove that this is true? Not fake that you're actually truly repenting to Allah returning to Allah subhanaw taala with your entirety It is not like just like saying, I'm sorry.

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No, you're actually returning to Allah that's enough to return to Allah subhanaw taala so you're you're gonna completely change direction now. It's not like I'm sorry in passing. You are actually sorry. Which means that you will change the direction he will return

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to Allah subhanaw taala so he says returning is three parts returning to the true one with reform after one returned to him with apologies return to you know, how to rejoice in a happy Islam Canada de la Here it is. Aaron Rodgers is Lohan with reformed Camerata. highly desirable with apologies.

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Apologies sometimes

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would work and a policy you know, policy, some of our policies were into policies, not only with the last pinata, even with the people, sometimes our apologies or just say, okay, just get off of me, you know, just to get out of my face. I'm sorry. That's, that's the usually our apology even with, you know, our loved ones, even with our spouses. Okay, I'm sorry.

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You know, and then your, your parents are sorry, that and then you just like mine, like, you can just move on

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that sorry. You just can't do this with a loss from that. You shouldn't have to be doing this with your spouse or parents. But then when I was in Thailand, you should never be doing this. Okay, I stopped for Allah.

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You know, done, you know,

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that's it. I'm done. And that is really cut. That's really not sincere elbow. That's not sincere caliber. So he says here a little happy Islamic Mr. Raja Hassan, returning to the true one. With true reform Islam, after one returned to him with a policies, then that's the first one. And then he said,

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what would you are? You have an Camerata, ie

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returning to him with fulfillment after one returned to him with commitment

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to returning to him with fulfilment, fulfilling, fulfilling our commitment, because when you return to Allah when you said sorry, you can admit it to something he can military returning and now at this time, you know this, so this is what people think of towable that that commitment, no, but then there is the face of fulfillment, fulfill that commitment, show it prove it, whenever canon law, the law and public law

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or canon law II mess EU law, and they have pledged to a lobby before so we're gonna

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have Obama come live with Luna or cara de la de mess oola they have pledged to Allah before like a bargain. They will not turn their backs and

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walk around

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My name is Luna and the pledge of Allah would ever be questionable. Allah would question your pledge. Allow with question your pledge. Your pledges to Allah Spano tala will always be under the microscope, after you pledged to Allah subhanaw taala. Then, hello, I would question your commitment that pledge and your fulfillment of that commitment. And then he said what rojo la Harlan Kamara de la, he, he

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he Harlan Kamara de la, he is out hidden and returning to him with one's interior. State had no one's interior state, after one responded to his call with his exterior, because Taliban could often be an act of the exterior pistola is to sit down and say is that federal law? So far, this is an act of the exterior, saying a structural lies an act of exterior or the interior and act of the exterior. But then, the then what matters in the sight of Allah is your interior, is whether this in exterior has supported this claim of the exterior of this exterior response to his call to come back. You know, he calls upon you to come back and use your same I come back to you I've written has

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some federal interference, please forgive me. But then your interior will have to support that claim, or majority higher land with your interior. As you return to Him with your exterior, if no, Adam, Adam has hasn't said that. I quoted this in my data set again when he commented on this and he said that hasn't said an atom like a power on Rama, Rama Look, I would have become in public. Well, I can sorry. Rottweiler Nia was earlier atone masataka Allah who became in Ahmed, Eben Adam, like I'm a

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son of Adam, you speak and your act will come along, I will become an anomaly. And your harmonica will become public. And your actions are more deserving of your attention than your speech. Your actions are more deserving of your effort, your attention, then your speech. Well, like I said, era two millennia and you have an interior and exterior. And your interior is more in control of your destiny than your exterior. Your interior is more in charge of your destiny will determine your destiny more than your exterior.

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You know, that is

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your mother and father madam whatever known Elon Musk has a lot of people have been sending him except for one who comes back to our last panel of the heart. That is sound.

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And then the moment Allah said my name is Roger Eli, he is laughing bisazza He is here to return with story form and may be correctly attained through three things. The Kuru Jimena Tabby are mending the consequences of the sentence before Rosie minetta we are mending the consequences of the same

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your sin. Whether it is something that you said whether it's something that you did will have repercussions will have consequences, consequences on your relationship with a lot of consequences on your relationship with the people. you resent me, I've heard many people.

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And this is not just when you hurt people intentionally. This is when like, if you are an activist, if you are a preacher, and you don't have enough deliberation to verify what you say, and you go out and misguide people, misguided people in any direction.

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Isn't Aren't you responsible for this?

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Aren't you responsible for the misguiding the people? Why are you responsible because he did not have not because he intentionally wanted to misguide them. But because he spoke of that, for which you have no knowledge, here's your spoken, you know about that of which you have no knowledge. Isn't that enough sin when I talk to Melissa can be here and Allah says in Surah Surah one attack for Marisa Raka behead, don't speak of that you have no knowledge of or don't speak about that you have which you have no knowledge.

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So you did not intend to do anything. You're actually making power. You're actually running around going to the massage giving you know delivering the message of the profits are silent. However, had you not had had you not had

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Problem inside, you would have not spoken about that of which he had no knowledge, the problem inside may be pride, maybe arrogance, may be lack of deliberation may be haste, all of these are sinful, all of these are prohibited. So, they are between karma and this macro and so on depending on the extent, but all of these things are, you know, forbidden or not prohibited us from from all of these things. Now, after enough deliberation and enough effort, if you go out and make a mistake, that is when you sort of comfort yourself by the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam dishonorable philosopher hakama Hakeem, instead of

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follow it with a high common high conference, fellow, when the hacking, you know, makes the hand and commits an error, he would be given one reward and when he makes an inch, the hab admits and is correct.

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then allow him to give him two rewards. So, but

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but then, you know, mending the consequences of your sins, if you spoke about someone in front of people, and if you critique someone in front of people, and you realize that you have committed a sin, then you go back to the people and to those people and the lie yourself in front of them. Tell them I said that about so and so. And I did not verify what I said, I was wrong. Even if you are not a liar, you will say that I was wrong. You know, I have nothing to do with us. And I should have not been involved in this

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sort of Illuminati argument in the consequences. Certainly if there are any monetary or tangible rights. You pay that you make the people up, you pay the people off, you make the people up, all of that is needed, as far as amending the consequences. So you know, in ABA, which is returning to a law is a lot of effort is a lot of work. And this work proves the sincerity of your Toba not just am sorry in passing, not just Oh, forgive me in passing. No, it is what it is much more than just in order for it to be in a school or to be sincere.

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And then he says what thoughts are the lasagna inheriting over the missteps? tanto de la Surat hurting over to hurt to hurt to have pain over your missteps or other people's missteps, both your missteps and other people's missteps, because

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alimony, the one who often returns to Allah subhanaw taala is one of the ways so tender his heart or her heart is so tender, that the what hurt over the missteps of other people.

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So if you see your your your fellow man, Chip and for you when hurt over therefore, you will hurt over the fall. And it may be something that we

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which means what, which means that you're hurting over you that you care about them.

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And that is and I hope that you understand this well because this may be a little bit intricate, there is alive.

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In our literature in our heritage, there is a love speaking about hate of sin and sinners. And this belief and this believers,

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you will never understand the verse until you understand what it means because the you could be lost in translation, you could be lost thinking text, you could be lost in something that's much bigger than just translation and context.

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Because when you can pay, it's a worldview. So, whatever is said within a certain worldview cannot really be transmitted to another worldview. Unless you provide you elaborate on it in much detail.

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translation that is word for word, translation that is even paragraph or paragraph.

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Even not literal translation, same without translating the worldview itself will always fade

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when always distort the message. So the hate of the same is the hate of the haters. The hate of the sinner is the hate of the lovers.

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And that is a that is a huge difference between the hate of the haters and the hate of those

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lovers, your mother could tell you, I hate you, because you're ruining your future.

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And in this in this particular context, she does really resent you.

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You know. So it is not just that she's hating your misconduct.

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She's really resenting you because of this misconduct, but she's resenting you, because you're ruining your future.

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So that is the hate of the lovers or the hate of the haters. That is the hate of the lover is not the hate of the haters. Your mother will continue to wish you well. Isn't that true?

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So whenever a man sends a message to the king of the Crusaders, this king of the Cypriots, Cyprus,

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you know, not the king of Crusaders, I'm sorry, the king of the separates working with Cypress who was one of the Crusaders, so when he sends a message to them, and he said to him, what happened when

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he could lay him or whatever. You know, he said, that's what it means that we love. We wish more people well. We love higher for all the people, you know that you don't wish people in the other worldview, you don't wish people whom you hate when you don't wish them? Well, he just don't. So in if you translate hate into hate, and you don't translate the world view what this hate means this is the hate of the lovers. This is not the hate of the haters. This is the hate of people that have concern for humanity. This is the hate of the people that care about humanity. And because they care about humanity, the hate for humanity to this to this obey God, or to this belief in God. This is

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the hate of someone. You know, in our literature, if you truly want to understand this in our literature, there is more hate of the self than there is hate of the other

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times in modalities and reports from one of the setups that he said that people will not have to fit in the Dean halftones or LMS fam put an on demand visitor until he looks at the people and hate them all all the people for a lot and then looks back at himself and hate himself more than anyone else. And looks back then what for mandatory LFC effectiveness of the McClellan FC and then looks back at himself and then hate himself. for for for the sake of alarm or it is basically hating.

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You know, it is basically hating because you're comparing

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her last graciousness, the graciousness of God, to our rebelliousness

00:27:56--> 00:28:53

or to our rebellion to our kin, gratitude to our sin, disobedience, treachery, wickedness. Yes, humanity does commit so much evil. And that is that is that, you know, so you're hating this evil, and you're hating the doers of this evil, but you're hating them, because you're concerned for them? Because you care about them. Because you can't eat yourself. Like you can say to yourself and in the sense of wanting destruction for yourself, was the prophets of Salaam always concerned for and caring about that this believers who hurt him? Was he always wanting their guidance? Absolutely. You know, looking at the clock and what he did and a five look at even the disbelievers who you know, so

00:28:53--> 00:29:18

when the prophet SAW Selim responded to his natural human instincts and kept on making the run against, you know, the the tribes who gave the Quran or the memorizers of the poor and kept on making against them, and then Allah subhanaw taala revealed to him later that came in and Emery say, I'm here to ballet movie of the Alamo is the matter is not

00:29:19--> 00:29:44

yours, or the termination, this matter, the decision is not for you, it is for Allah. So, then, the prophet SAW sort of understood this message, whether he will repent whether he will accept the repentance or he will torment that the prophet SAW Selim understood this message to mean one, stop making dua against them.

00:29:45--> 00:29:52

So he stopped making dragons them and continue to make the dark for the oppressed the Salafi.

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all of this

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is basically to say

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The heat of the sun is not like the heat of the centers. The heat of this belief is not like the heat of disbelievers. There is a difference between the heat of the heat and the heat of the lovers and

00:30:14--> 00:30:15


00:30:19--> 00:30:21

speech without

00:30:22--> 00:30:32

not just taking text, the worldview, within which this speech exists, is, you know, almost a crime

00:30:33--> 00:31:14

that we have been committed. And you have to translate the the you have to tell the entire story. And not just translate word for word or paragraph or paragraph. But there is a story behind those words. There is a long story, it is not a short story. It's a completely different worldview. And if if you don't pay attention to the worldview and to the long story behind this speech, the translation even non literal translation of this speech will still not do justice, to our the can to what we believe in.

00:31:16--> 00:31:26

Okay, so hurting over the missteps. And then he said, What's the draft we'll find it out and make enough for that, for what we missed, or for what he missed.

00:31:28--> 00:32:26

There is so much that you missed in your times of heedlessness that you need to make up for so time so much that you missed in your times of heedlessness, how much prayers how much you think, you know, the true, holier they grieve over any moment that the mist that passed them up without being in remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala it's fine to make up and make an up to make up, you know, what you missed, in, in all regards. It's time to make up. It had you if you have been harsh with your kids, it's time to make up. Your kids are grown up now. You still could make up. It's not too late. You could make up by extra kindness. You know, some people do this. Some people they're their,

00:32:26--> 00:32:36

their hearts with their kids. And then when their kids grow up, they feel like you know, I wish I had been softer with my kids. I wish I had been gentler I wish I had been Kinder

00:32:38--> 00:32:55

if your kids are still alive, even if they were in their 20s 30s 40s just make up there is the time to make up step drop the fighter. There is time to make up with everyone trying to make up with everyone.

00:32:59--> 00:33:00

And then

00:33:02--> 00:33:17

Namaskar Kimura in your family selasa ts here. So we so who do not have total authority to ratify it admin in the consequences hurting over the missteps and making up for that which you missed. This is to

00:33:18--> 00:33:38

basically to say to show that you have returned to Allah with true free for now to show that you have fulfilled your commitment in your life and decided to return to Him with full with fulfillment maybe correctly attained through three things with calcium and others that Islam

00:33:39--> 00:33:42

escaping from the pleasure of sins.

00:33:44--> 00:34:28

will be targeted is the hammer to be handed off Latina homophone Allah him Maharaja enough sick. That is refraining from looking condescendingly on the people of heedlessness and fearing for them while having hope for yourself. Well, but it slips on. If you're on lll. figma be an all encompassing owner observing the defects of your own service, your own worship, he said, but also the human level that is them escaping from the pleasure of sins, escaping from the closure of said, Now to show that you, you're really fulfilling your commitment. You need to work on yourself, you need to work on your interior until you escape from the pleasure of sins. sins have become

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anymore, or the sense of being there not unpleasant anymore. So, since become unpleasant,

00:34:43--> 00:34:49

we're not there. You know, most of us are not there. But maybe all of us are not there. hoar.

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

It is not just that you're we're about there, but we're not all there. We're not over there, meaning that many sins are unpleasant to us.

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You know, in many senses, we are repulsive to us. But there are those things that are not theater repulsive or unpleasant to us. And then, you know, this is Hobbes number 41 and arbeiten ohea

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laomi no hadoken hotair. Kona, however, tab on the magic to be none of you and have belief to believe, until his Hauer is this position, his inclination is liking, you know, his interest his desire is consistent with that which I have come with or without which I have brought to you let me know how to come hatake when Allah whatever limited to be, none of you would have to face and then his however, is in accordance conforms is consistent with

00:35:58--> 00:36:59

that which I have brought to you is do we feel this is there is still a long way for us. But we should never underestimate the beauty of this phase that we're in, that's the phase of Mujahid, that is the phase of your struggle, we are in the phase of Mujaheddin, then you will be able to win the prize, hopefully, before we die. But if not, then we will just, you know, it will be deferred. But hopefully, before we die, you win the prize of jihad, which is this, the embodiment of this hobbies, that you're in this position will be consistent with what the prophets or someone had brought, that praying will be more beloved to you sweeter, nicer, more, you know, more enjoyable, because then,

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you know, any other form of entertainment that, that you may like that, that you may be interested in. So, but in the face of magenta, you know, don't underestimate the importance of the face of matcha. It's a beautiful face, and just keep trying, keep trying, keep, keep going. And if you're not, if you did not get the prize yet, who then you because if this catches you before you get the prize in the dunya, then you have a great reward in the hereafter awaiting you for spending your life in Mujahedin, even if you did not get to that level of

00:37:43--> 00:37:49

interest enjoying the fruits of your motor habit in dystonia. And, you know,

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sort of again,

00:37:54--> 00:37:56

even admitted into the paradise of this Tony.

00:37:58--> 00:38:22

When he says we'll be talking is the hannity band in the Governator how finale modra Jaden apsic returning from you know, refraining from looking condescendingly on the people of heedlessness and fearing for them while having hope for yourself, when you should have been afraid for yourself before anyone else because you don't know how you

00:38:24--> 00:38:27

how you would end your life and how they would ended their lives.

00:38:29--> 00:38:32

And you don't know if you're here these are accepted or not.

00:38:34--> 00:38:54

And then what are the steps on if you're only a theoretical fit not being all encompassing and observing the effects of one service and that we have gone over this concept several times before that you have to be very critical, very suspecting of your fitness, Your Worship, very, you know,

00:38:56--> 00:39:06

critical of your own worship and whether or not you that your intentions are sincere and whether or not it was conforming to

00:39:07--> 00:39:19

you know, the guidance of the messenger sallallahu Sallam and consistence consistent with the guidance of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which is extremely important, you know,

00:39:20--> 00:39:32

second only to sincerity, but these are the two conditions. You know, sincerity and correctness conformity with the guidance of the messenger sobre la as

00:39:34--> 00:39:49

well as the P muratore. Helen bisola. Satya Shia returning to him with your interior may be correctly attained through three things, but he has economic despair of your actions or more Ayana t terrarium, observing your poverty and need

00:39:50--> 00:39:59

washy me borrow a lot fi big beholden his gentleness and graciousness towards you. Now your interior will only be

00:40:01--> 00:40:04

When you give up

00:40:05--> 00:41:04

here, you give up confidence in your deeds, you have to give up this confidence, you have to give up this false sense of security that you have, because you're praying five times a day, ie this false sense of security, give it up this pair of your actions means give up the false sense of security, because it may not be accepted. For many reasons, it may not be accepted, once you have given this up. And then you showed, like complete humility, he admitted in case our brokenness, because you think about all of this may not be accepted, it may not be for his sake, then the next step, you know, is my another product it is to basically behold your poverty and need because he said, your

00:41:04--> 00:41:21

actions, you're not counting in your actions anymore. So you are now without any good deeds, you're returning, this is how you're perceiving yourself, this is how you are standing before love, completely naked, have any good deed can please leave the you know,

00:41:23--> 00:42:23

lacking of any merit, to earn you His pleasure, of many merit, any merit to, you know, earn you admission into paradise. And that is, you know, at this moment, then, you know, shame about parrot fees and barkcloth fee is bonkers, the lightning, because you it is like you're surrounded by clouds. You're surrounded by clouds, this moment, you're completely in despair. You're surrounded by clouds from all directions. And then all of a sudden, you behold, the lightning through the clouds, what is the what is this lightning, his own gentleness, his own graciousness, his vast mercy, his compassion, and that is when your home is rejuvenated. But this is a different type of hope. This is

00:42:23--> 00:43:05

not the hope of the overconfident, this is not the hope of the arrogant, this is the hope of one who was completely broken, who is completely broken, who is completely, you know, in admission of his or her gift, and in admission of his or her poverty and need that that is when your hand where your interstate will be fixed. Could you imagine someone who have gone through these phases to be arrogant, proud, overconfident, boastful, you know, envious, hateful,

00:43:06--> 00:43:07

none of that

00:43:09--> 00:43:11

he would have washed his heart

00:43:12--> 00:43:44

of all the washing his heart, with the tears of his eyes, because that is the will do. Your heart, that will do of your body, or the water you use for your external purification is the water that he grew, you know, bring from springs and rivers, but do have your heart is the tears of your eyes. So that was the station of Inaba.

00:43:46--> 00:44:03

The chapter of another returning to Allah. This is what you need to be going over when you repent, to remind yourself of the work ahead. Have the work that is now binding on you to show the

00:44:05--> 00:44:09

honesty and sincerity and truthfulness of your repentance.