Manazil as-Sa’ireen #7 – Chapter on Self Reckoning

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The use of

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server for the server itself record

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accountable before you are.

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So, who has a ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba,

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Fear Allah and then every So, look to what have put forth for tomorrow

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and tomorrow years later after,

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so, every soul has to

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look to what you have to force for error.

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The reason why

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he will tell us now that the reason why he stopped after about the Cobra Is that

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possible to sell frightening or this patient

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is suited after October because you have to have resolve

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in order for you to hold yourself accountable in order for you to engage in our seven

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you will have to have the resolve first 30

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in terms of the ordinary gogia that those stations overlap to a great extent

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there is no way that we have like a fixed order

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for those stations, because they overlap. So, if we say that you need more hands that you need to have failover and resolve

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for the server, we can also say the opposite that you need to have a server to return you know you will not return until you have you know held yourself accountable until you

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basically examine your actions and your examination of your actions your critique of your own self and your own actions will open the door for you to repentance. So, there is never before

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and there is some laughter and there is no before and there is no bathroom

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and all of those stations overlap to a great extent, sometimes there is obvious suitability for having one station before the other you will not have Basilan before you have perfect code you will not have inside before you reflect

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you do not reflect before you have the apple card before you have alertness wakefulness.

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So, you know that there is some order that is sometimes

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but not always and oftentimes things overlap, even when we talk about alertness, you know and tactical reflection and then masirah insight, they just come in separate distinct phases when you move from one to the next.

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You need to be alert after

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the fact for a short break about alertness,

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you know, wakefulness and alertness jacoba.

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And when you have a masirah when you have the insight after the perfect course that should bring about more perfect for and so on. So the over this is the lesson

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that is

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to the Toba one will only truly begin

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the tasks guys might translate to the Translate business the task is talking about the past of concern

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or will embark on the past our self recommend after having the resolve to

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and when he says what was enough to

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get this resolved has theaters, how to have interdisciplinary vertical genetic first is comparing between his favors. And the case of a Sabina runs he was in I have to compare between his favors and your transgressions. And we didn't cover this concept before this this you know

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You're constantly comparing between the favors of a lot and your shortcomings and failures and regimens. You're always vigilant when you're always critical of yourself, critical of yourself, but because it's such,

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so you compare between his fingers and your transgressions. And that's what we have the actual problem. And they said it was as it was here. And this is hard on someone who lacks the following three qualities. Number one, head trauma, the light of wisdom.

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We're so funny, and so informative enough, suspecting oneself with a means have never met even a nebula, and distinguishing between favors and trials. So he said that, you know, you will not be able to have this constant comparison between his flavors and your aggressions, and tell you how proud you are,

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in order to address the light of wisdom, and the light and wisdom is, is is complex, the length of wisdom is not basically, the simple knowledge, the information when you read the book, and you memorize, you know, the chapters and the points, and topics and subtopics, and so on. This is good. And this is important, where we do not be underestimated the importance of knowledge ever. However, this amount of beneficial knowledge or beneficial knowledge, there, there's a lot more than just, you know, the ability to digest the information, to decipher they just absorb the information. That's all still intellectual.

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And, you know, we did not even talk about the heart here, this is all still intellectual. And retaining the information is different from basically understanding, comprehending, digesting the information, breaking it down, you know, making sense of it.

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So a lot of people have information, but how do a lot of people have the ability to break down information for standard comprehend, not necessarily, some of it is intellectual,

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intellectual, and these are gifts of ideas from ever he pleases. But some of it is also some fee. And, you know, even before you get to the heart, so,

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I used to go to all the benefit masks, and prostrate and you know,

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the dusty ground of the old abandoned mask, special humidity,

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to allow him to comprehend the meaning of one verse or one word,

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and he was continuing to complete loss of

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funding. So, we have a lot of the times he taught me a lot louder, so advantage to

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you know,

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and then we allow to comprehend that

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there was like a case presented to the Buddha

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was able to

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the correct judgment concerning the case was,

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he allowed to start again.

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So, he used to do this. So that is, we have not even Catherine to the, to the heart here, just to be able to understand, part of it is your aptitude, part of it is your innate capacity. And that is a gift from Allah. Some people have more of it than others, but Allah Subhan Allah, in

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this case, they will not be held accountable, if we all have the ability to understand to some extent.

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And then for the rest, we really need to be thinking to the last subject of law to allow us to understand not not to basically implement yet not anything just to understand, it really does help. Just understand, because oftentimes, what we do is we trust our, you know, ability to understand, and then we asked the bus protocol to help us empty

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know you will, you may be completely misguided in your understanding. If

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you do see how often we get into debates with each other over all things

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related to marriage, literally politics, everything. When it comes to debates, he comes to debates with our brothers and sisters and

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family members, acquaintances, coworkers, classmates were always disagree in

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some somebody is not understanding, you know, somebody is failing to have the perfect understanding. And why do you always think that it is the other one is the other person

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it could, could very well be you

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could very well be you who's failing to understand. So you're asking a lot Karla for neural Eggman the life of wisdom, because it is not just the intellectual capacity is that our feet and the speed that comes from alive is the law.

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Feel feel to have to have the right understanding and then this door of headman does not stop there. It's not just that you understood

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it because sometimes you can have a proper understanding and there are many scholars verified by scholars who could have the proper understanding, but then more headlines not just limited to proper understanding, after the proper understanding, you really have to let to allow this information is sink into your heart and sent into your heart. So that the information is vital and have the ability to generate higher goodness, connection, obedience submission is the information even when understood, information may still be an intellectual phenomena may still be a mental, you know, stress, but not not, has not really done anything yet to you, to your nerves, in your work to

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develop your spirituality to improve your religiosity to purify your laughs, then do any work here. And what I hate is when you go through those phases of this well understood knowledge of the revelation of you know, the intensity of legislator, Maxwell the shadow

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has sympathy in your heart and generated generated submission and key add and action.

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So, in order it is essential for someone to be able to engage with this,

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I do not want you to think ever that

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anyone any true seeker of the past would would be lifted the importance of knowledge, the information because this is the information that will then become

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beneficial, but information alone may not be that efficient.

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The knowledge that will keep us from you know, it is this this is the beneficial knowledge the knowledge that resides at the heart after it gets processed by one's intellect. It's the knowledge that helps one sort out truth proposal and others that will keep us from disrespected authority, but will also keep us from surrendering blindly to anyone short, the infallible some of our knowledge.

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And that is like an important point

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is respecting authority, respecting specialty, respect, expertise

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knowledge if you don't know, but you do not give in completely accepted the prophets. Allah

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said render yourself but to the revelation and one infallible conveyor of this revelation, which is the Prophet Solomon.

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So you

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you bring your mind your intellect and your heart, to any book

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have this is the

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Critical interpret, certainly when it comes to the

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law, that

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is the analytic is what you're doing here is analysis. It is not critique as it comes through like a book written by a scholar, a scholar

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who used to be

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some of his statements or rulings used to be challenged by other

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somehow that will embarrass anyone. Shortly the Prophet Sal said that he should just follow strict the line the

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would challenge some of the rulings,

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sometimes over various issues, so

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that you only surrender completely to the process.

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And you still want your intellect to be with you because you want the paralysis you want for comprehension.

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That was super fun, even that's so normal. Now you need to have your exponent allow you to be a hero to be

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a good

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observer of your feelings, your failures, unless you have super vulnerable nerves. So as long as the nerves is suspecting oneself, you must suspect yourself. Because if you suspect yourself you will not be investigating. It's false you will not be diligently investigating yourself if you do not suspect. So you will have to suspect yourself and the beginning of the path of destruction is confidence is overconfidence in your

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talking about the good type of confidence.

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But I'm talking about overconfidence in talking about arrogance, self deceit,

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or and self can see courage.

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So suspecting oneself is the set the other quality that's important then the third is distinguishing, distinguishing between the favors and pride, distinguishing between the favors and primes. Oftentimes we perceive some of the trials as favorites.

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So, the person who was given the

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calf and the person who was given to the train in the two burdens,

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that that favor from Allah subhanaw taala, the gift of law led him into self deceit,

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because he thought that

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this life, that a lot of us like him, that, you know, he saw that this is a lot harder than he thought he thought the mere

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wealth that he has, is a sign of Allah's liking, give him more love. for him. It was the first mistake. And when he presumed that if he likes him for law favors and interest lies, that our law will favor him in the hereafter as well. And we often do this like we do not, you know, we do not even engage in herself and we do not even second guess ourselves until we go through hardship. And then you say what happened to you and then you go back and you can mentor your deeds and actions and your course in life. You know your choices in life. We don't do this as long as things are going well. Things are going well you're fine kids are good. School making money, you know paying your

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whatever your mortgage

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replacing your car every year, how many years depends.

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So and this, this leads you into the illusion that why is pleased with you because everything is working out. This is this is this is what we go by. This is what we go by. You know everything is working out. I am fine. And then when you basically trip and fall

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And suddenly happens when you say, what is happening.

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And that's, that's,

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that is one of our greatest problems is the role that we

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imposes, when things are going well for us.

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fitness is the same thing, wealth was never for

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who for something that was never for causal power was never for the car was never for for our. So, but you should presume that everything that happens to you is a test because this is the art of the lab, this is the testing, this is the abode of testing and we are being tested all the time. So, you should presume that everything that is happening to you is a test for loss.

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passing an exam is a test to show gratitude.

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For Business the

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job is a test for loss

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and your ability

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to see that will help you with your self reckoning.

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Okay, so the first is to compare between the his favorites and your transgressions. And then the second he says was stalking them easily Happy armella amend

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he can when he can Malaika gentlemen.

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So we're setting them up.

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So now that which belongs to the true one and have the true one, the truth, the true Word

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from that which belongs to you, or comes from you. So that you may realize that comes in a little fence was a fee against you when they come in, and the your obedience was a favor from him on you.

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What helped Malaika while I was there, and the decrees were not excuses for you, but rather evidences against you say it's, it's lastly been built up against you the decrease. And this is beautiful from the state to say this one. Because, you know, I told you that some of the statements are sometimes ambiguous. And you may feel that the chef is using other inappropriately but here the script shows you that he knows very well what he's saying and he is not using product as a free is not using product as an excuse. He's telling you, what a man or a man who

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supplies the cream is that three against you, not an excuse for you. And like we said before, when a lot you have the beta corbynism makes you commit the sin, you should say to yourself, he would have not done this unless I deserve it. What have I done to deserve to deserve this from us to deserve the love would allow me let me leave me to commit the sin. So, the very decree of Allah subhanaw taala for you to commit the sin is a plea against you, you must have deserved he must have distance to you. You must have done something for him to visit to the site to decreed that you be distance that you are not invited to his presence or is yours.

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So this is a this is important for that you you always

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differentiate between that which comes from your advantage comes from a loss

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for reckoning for suffering

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he sent them was terrifying Nicola Tarzan rabita her min Sandhya la

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de la

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Misa Tikka minear they were Sandy and Tyrese and Nicola clouds and Ravi

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Minka are here on a service to recognize that every act of obedience he were content with is again

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Do you

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have a like an every act of disobedience

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with which you disgraced your brother, it will be yours one day it will be yours

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Welcome to the reason optical media day, finally, you must not let the scale of your time slip from your hands.

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So he say, and tarnish and

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leave him into an era to know that every good deed that you are contending with you're satisfied with you know, you're not you're like too happy with your good deed or deal with your good deed is acceptable

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to be grateful is acceptable. And to be to some extent happy that you were you know,

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held that you were

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given some feed to do this good deed it is acceptable, that happiness is acceptable even even sometimes to reward yourself for having done a good deed or to praise yourself or to comfort yourself, you know, I was able to do that is fine, unless it leads to sell the see

00:26:33--> 00:26:46

if leads overcome, it means the certainty of acceptance, because who knows what was accepted and what was not accepted? can you be sure though accepted?

00:26:47--> 00:26:52

Can you be 100% certain that a lot accepted my good deed?

00:26:53--> 00:26:56

And you know, you cannot?

00:26:57--> 00:27:08

How could you become too happy with your good deeds? If we cannot be certain? How could you be happy in this dunya with any of your good deeds, if you do not know

00:27:10--> 00:27:12

whether or not accepted

00:27:14--> 00:27:20

we can make, you know, primes, you know, have the greatest

00:27:21--> 00:27:35

the worst caliber and then go out and do this after goodness. Yeah, so you yell at your mother in the morning. Or you you sort of

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you look at your mother in the morning with

00:27:44--> 00:27:44

you know,

00:27:46--> 00:28:00

like an unkind look just like a mankind book. And you go out and do the master and pray the salon and then pray for records after it was over and for archives before.

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And then are you Where are you you see someone homeless, you give them charity, and you saw that, you know, everything is now is great, you know, like I keep the mosquitoes first one

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for our cause it's

00:28:18--> 00:28:20

got malaria, my

00:28:22--> 00:28:37

few dollars in the hands of this homeless man. But what you have done in the morning, ruined the whole day, maybe ruined your week, your month in the sight of Allah maybe just destroyed you in the size of a book

00:28:39--> 00:28:44

whoever told you that whatever you have been afterwards was accepted. And

00:28:48--> 00:28:51

and this is you know, because remember that

00:28:53--> 00:28:54

comes after

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00:28:58--> 00:29:22

always after surgery, because this is this is something frankly because that you know, a lot around Thailand gave those to people, your father and your mother so much uncertainty. So, so many rights, it is frightening. It is it should be a source of regret if your parents have passed away

00:29:23--> 00:29:30

and it should be frightening that they have not passed away because it's it should be should be like

00:29:33--> 00:29:36

it should have anxiety all the time.

00:29:38--> 00:29:39

You should

00:29:40--> 00:29:45

treat them with utmost care focus. Just like you know

00:29:46--> 00:29:59

every interaction with your parents should be done in the was so much more high seven before the action or seven during the action or seven out

00:30:00--> 00:30:15

30 years or so, you are holding yourself accountable before you speak to them, you have to figure out what you will say what you will do, how you will reply before, during, after

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00:30:19--> 00:30:20

And if

00:30:22--> 00:30:38

you know, I would be important to, to make this like more practical, it would be important if you have any living parents that that are around you, it is important that you do something to really show that this model is not

00:30:40--> 00:30:47

just theory, your parents, even if they are not practicing, even if they are

00:30:49--> 00:30:53

they are your parents, they have rights, Allah subhanaw taala says

00:30:55--> 00:30:56

can be released

00:31:00--> 00:31:02

and is the sort of

00:31:03--> 00:31:07

conservative fight against your they

00:31:08--> 00:31:09

force you

00:31:10--> 00:31:32

viciously, you know, Dan adakah officially could be two sparring partners for me to commit sherek against me if they do this, don't obey them, but then give them good companionship in this life. And if these are just non Muslim parents, these are parents that are forcing you

00:31:33--> 00:31:40

to commit chef and Ally's telling us to give give the gift companionship in the slide. So you can imagine

00:31:42--> 00:31:51

the non Muslim parents who are not pushing you to convince them, you can imagine the Muslim parents who raised us are Muslim and now

00:31:52--> 00:31:54

you know how much

00:31:56--> 00:31:57

you owe them.

00:32:00--> 00:32:08

So it would be good that you go and today it gets their hands. You're eating ready physically.

00:32:09--> 00:32:38

In case the answer he asked him to forgive you. Because what like when you remove a burden, because if they sincerely forgive you, then it is hoped that I would forgive you for any wrongs that you have done against them. And you remove a huge burden off your shoulders. And if you cannot preach them and kiss their hands and ask them to forgive you, then you call them on the phone if they are alive.

00:32:39--> 00:32:42

And if they are not alive when you make sincere in the hearts

00:32:43--> 00:32:48

and you continue to make offer them and make the offer to forgive you for

00:32:51--> 00:32:55

what I'm trying to say is the idea here is

00:32:56--> 00:33:00

it is not that simple, you know, acceptance from above.

00:33:02--> 00:33:25

It is not that easy. And it is not that simple. It requires for you to really be keen on having this acceptance of any deeds, any of your deeds, because there are minor barriers that will obstruct this lead from being accepted from within the

00:33:27--> 00:33:27


00:33:30--> 00:33:31

And then he says

00:33:32--> 00:33:33

well, Kumasi,

00:33:36--> 00:34:05

LA, every act of disobedience in which you have this grace your brother, it will be yours, it will be yours. So to gloating over, you know when you see your brother trip and fall and commit a sin, note over this, that is one of the worst sets as very important although that is not authentic, but it may be it may be related.

00:34:08--> 00:34:10

The prophets of Allah

00:34:13--> 00:34:13

for being

00:34:16--> 00:34:17


00:34:33--> 00:34:36

I don't remember exactly the wording of the hobbies.

00:34:42--> 00:34:43

What are

00:34:47--> 00:34:53

the meaning of the hobbies is don't this raise your brother over a sin it's not authentic.

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

Remember, these are nice, but the discard

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

accepted the meaning of

00:35:03--> 00:35:13

this phrase your brother because we will say that he committed because perhaps Allah subhanaw taala will try you and save

00:35:14--> 00:35:16

our feet that way to the

00:35:18--> 00:35:19

end level

00:35:20--> 00:35:25

four, perhaps Allah will try you would save him and try you

00:35:28--> 00:35:34

out no guarantees. So what what happened to you tomorrow, no guarantees whatsoever

00:35:36--> 00:35:43

of us will probably take away the light from your heart because of gloating over the sin of your brother or because they'll be

00:35:47--> 00:35:53

doing themselves or destroy themselves, when you sit out of bed sad for him and sympathize.

00:35:55--> 00:35:59

The money saver for any reason

00:36:05--> 00:36:19

like it means it will be yours and this maseo will be yours, what does that mean? It means that love may be for us in the same set because of rejoicing over your brother's

00:36:21--> 00:37:04

name before you into the same set. And then he says Finally, you must not let the scale of your time slip from your hands what is an optical media that is that is he is actually telling you that you should be carrying the scale a scale in your hands all the time, the scale of your time, your way, you know the benefits accrue the last offers in your times all of your times and you love the dusky slip from your hands. So before you embark on any action, you have to figure out if the net profit

00:37:05--> 00:37:06

out of

00:37:08--> 00:37:20

the next three hours, the next four hours today, the net profit will be there will be a net profit in terms of my customer. And say

00:37:23--> 00:37:30

when yourself all the time with your actions all the time is the essence COVID server or self regulating. But

00:37:31--> 00:37:33

as I said before,

00:37:35--> 00:38:00

before going on during the AMA during the action, and after the action before the action, you're trying to figure out if this is proper, this is the right action at the right time in the right place the right context, you really have to be a person or a person are going to find that person of perfection, you don't do anything just because it is good.

00:38:01--> 00:38:31

Because you may be wrong. Because that good thing that you're doing distracted you from a better thing that you should have done. So you do that which is best for the time in the place. And they can text for the most errors that person saying and the best thing for the particular circumstances. So that it is possible for you know, before the action

00:38:32--> 00:38:48

to determine whether this particular action is what you should do at this time in this place with this complex, it's the best not just because it's good because there are good things that could be distractions from better things. And there are good things that are

00:38:50--> 00:38:51

you know, how

00:38:52--> 00:38:57

we as Muslims should always be keen on learning, time management,

00:38:58--> 00:39:02

go take you know, classes, it doesn't have to be by Muslims

00:39:05--> 00:39:34

would be a great help for you to learn Time management is sometimes the is that mentality that I need to make the best out of my time, not just do good things to the best things, you know, for the time and the place and the context in the most urgent states. Maybe my where the of the poor Am I could defer this now

00:39:35--> 00:39:39

and go out with my brother to the Social Security Office

00:39:40--> 00:39:59

and translate for him. You know, like a newcomer from you know, Pakistan or Egypt or someplace that doesn't speak English. Once you go to the Social Security office. I you know, and find some time I have to finish my work the RN if I have a word you should have

00:40:00--> 00:40:00


00:40:01--> 00:40:02

are some routine,

00:40:03--> 00:40:05

daily routine with thinker and

00:40:07--> 00:40:14

things like that. And but if he if your daily routine will be compromised

00:40:15--> 00:40:20

with any other ones in the Social Security office, he needs to go today. Then

00:40:21--> 00:40:27

if you do your word of beforehand, your routine for administration baby reservation

00:40:30--> 00:40:48

can tell you brother, I don't have time today, this reciting the Quran is a good thing, right? wasn't the best thing today. Now, probably, if your brother needed to go to the Social Security now, then you remind yourself the profits, same

00:40:50--> 00:40:50


00:40:56--> 00:41:21

in our genre, and for me to walk with my brother fewer some of his needs to walk with my brother and procure some of his needs is more beloved to me than making it caffeine this mustard out of mine for a month speaking, the prophets are selling himself which means it is not mastery level. So

00:41:22--> 00:41:28

then this is a seven, you have to make a seven sell frankly,

00:41:29--> 00:41:49

what is what should I be doing now? Should I be doing that which is most pleasing to Me, most comforting for me? Or that which is most pleasing to my Lord? Would my lord be more pleased if I go out with my brothers in Social Security office? Or if they sit down and finish my routine? Or my tennis, my work?

00:41:50--> 00:42:08

And then during the action to monitor your sincerity of the action to monitor the perfection of this action? How am I doing? I go out and give charity to the homeless people? How How do I do it? How do I approach them? And like you know,

00:42:09--> 00:42:11

how do I give charity to people?

00:42:12--> 00:42:14

That that requires?

00:42:16--> 00:42:35

Why they are giving the money to people? Am I doing it discreetly so that I don't embarrass them? Am I doing it? How am I dignifying them, why am I giving them charity? How am I giving the charity do I give it like this, like this? How do charity Like this?

00:42:37--> 00:42:38

Like this?

00:42:39--> 00:42:42

You know, so your hand should be lowered

00:42:43--> 00:42:45

use binders and show

00:42:49--> 00:42:50

binders. So

00:42:51--> 00:43:10

these intriguing things that you're you're passing on yourself will lead you to the station of perfection and the station are etc and after the action. But then myself F is not really just for myself.

00:43:11--> 00:43:12

There has to be something out there.

00:43:14--> 00:43:14

What is it

00:43:21--> 00:43:23

and then there is also

00:43:26--> 00:43:28

it is the punish yourself.

00:43:29--> 00:43:49

Because you figured out that you were really wicked the past few years or a few weeks, and then you did so many bad things. And then you just allow allowed to just allow yourself to just move on, move on. Whereas your markable

00:43:50--> 00:43:57

punishment of yourself in this market that does not necessarily mean that you will burn yourself.

00:43:59--> 00:44:01

Although some of the righteous predecessors used to do that

00:44:02--> 00:44:19

is to put his hand on the fire and say to yourself, why have you done this? So to get a taste of the punishments that you will, that he may incur in the Hereafter, you don't do this. But

00:44:23--> 00:44:24

what did

00:44:28--> 00:44:29

you know?

00:44:32--> 00:44:33

Before we

00:44:44--> 00:44:45

can begin

00:44:48--> 00:44:52

with an expense they use Office 330 to us if

00:44:53--> 00:44:59

you suck it out of the three behold when something happens you will trade the hole

00:45:00--> 00:45:04

Verses were presented to him in the afternoon for

00:45:05--> 00:45:06

a failure,

00:45:08--> 00:45:13

then he the man who is as God is afternoon as God, you know,

00:45:15--> 00:45:21

that's what it means. Then he said in the title, I love those horses.

00:45:22--> 00:45:26

The horses are indicative of the overlay members of

00:45:28--> 00:45:38

my North have that our job until the sun came down and hid behind the veil until sunset.

00:45:40--> 00:45:44

The finals over for the SCA will do

00:45:45--> 00:46:05

bring them back to me, those are well trained beautiful horses photography cameras can be super literal translation is that he kept on wiping over the legs and the necks of the horses, it means that he slaughtered them all.

00:46:06--> 00:46:40

This is not an act of vengeance against the horses, because horses are penalty. So it must have slaughtered them and donated them to the poor with an I expect of a profit with an unexpected an ordinary person to just like act viciously. But he slaughtered them and donated them for the poor to eat. But those are his beautiful, you know, special horses do you do you? Can you imagine? How

00:46:41--> 00:46:44

you know people do this with dogs nowadays but

00:46:46--> 00:46:47

so that so

00:46:50--> 00:46:56

these are his special beautiful horses, he must have loved them a great deal.

00:46:57--> 00:46:58

That is one

00:47:00--> 00:47:02

that is basically punishment

00:47:04--> 00:47:04

is important.

00:47:06--> 00:47:10

To his heart. His perspective is

00:47:12--> 00:47:13

you know for

00:47:16--> 00:47:18

a very came back late.

00:47:19--> 00:47:22

And he said to himself, my heart I

00:47:23--> 00:47:26

made the Miss last for

00:47:28--> 00:47:29

it's all

00:47:30--> 00:47:31

for a loss of

00:47:33--> 00:47:33


00:47:35--> 00:47:39

So he stayed in his despair, he stayed in his garden

00:47:42--> 00:47:45

you know, this sort of answer. So

00:47:47--> 00:47:56

like an immediate punishment for himself? How often do we do this? How often do we do more, which comes out from

00:47:57--> 00:48:02

it is the punish yourself for for failing or for the story?

00:48:03--> 00:48:05

very infrequently.

00:48:06--> 00:48:11

And that is really important for Maha Sabha to be complete. For some of

00:48:13--> 00:48:15

you may not be they're

00:48:16--> 00:48:30

going to do something that is not the fitting of you, that is higher than you because you may regret it. And if you regretted that, don't act out of haste and imagine that you're on our warriors today.

00:48:32--> 00:48:35

Because you will be delusional, schizophrenic.

00:48:37--> 00:48:49

But so don't act out of haste and imagine that you're there. But at least some degree like you know, some degree of montcada some degree of punishment.

00:48:56--> 00:48:58

Something you do something about it.

00:49:00--> 00:49:02

So that this stuff is complete.

00:49:04--> 00:49:06

Stop here and then we'll come back in 10 minutes for

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