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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of finding out which people are different from the group and the need for knowledge to help overcome similar interpretations of Islam. They emphasize the need for a common good and that mercy is more effective than mercy. The goal is to guide people to the truth and to debate if they are not knowledgeable enough.
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deal with people who follow strange interpretations of Islam.

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People who follow other interpretations first and foremost, we need to find out to what level do they are they different from us. Unfortunately, many innocent Muslims, they take any difference as a very big difference. If somebody prays with his hands here versus that his hands here, they're gonna say, Oh, this is a very big deal. If somebody prays a truck versus 20 a car, they will say this is a very big deal. So knowledge will teach you what is important and what is something we can overlook that which is overlooked, we should not cut off any ties, we should celebrate the diversity of these positions. And that requires knowledge. Other issues are clear cut, and we are strongly passionate

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about what we believe for example, we respect the companions, any group that disrespects the companions, curses that companions, we are not happy with that group. And we oppose that theology. However, even with those groups, in the end of the day, we have to adopt a live and let live policy, even if we will preach that this is incorrect. And we will teach our people the correct theology, and those that are qualified will debate with them. But in the end of the day, as we mentioned in our seminars and lectures, there has to be some type of communal ties, as long as they're within the fold of Islam. Occasionally, we will have to come together for a common good for a greater good,

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even if we disagree strongly with certain theological issues. So as I said, in the class, there's a time there's a place, there's an audience, there's a language that we use to talk about these differences. And we will take the advice of our, our knowledgeable and wise scholars and weigh each and every situation and circumstance as it comes up. The bottom line is that the goal is to bring these people closer to the truth, and generally speaking, mercy and compassion is much more effective than its opposite. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that never is compassion or mercy added to something except that it makes it more beautiful. And never is it taken away from

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something except that it makes it more ugly. So the goal really is to guide people to the truth. Do you think you're going to guide people to the truth through arrogance and through bad manners? Obviously not. So even if you strongly disagree, then you're going to have to understand that by being vulgar or being crude or mean or nasty, much less worse than this. You're only going to make things situations worse and we'll demonstrate some things that are an Islamic and if you are knowledgeable enough you bring up these issues and debate if you're not knowledgeable, then you will adopt a live and let live philosophy and you follow your way the other person follows their way and

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Allah subhana wa tada will judge the both ways in the end of the day.

How to deal and handle someone who has a strange interpretation of Islam? How do we decide what should be held important and what can be overlooked?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi answers.

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