Hatem al-Haj – Manāzil al-Sā’irīn #94 – Chapter on Connection

Hatem al-Haj
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to proceed, inshallah today we'll go over the station of facade

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which means connection or connectedness

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that Station Number 89

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and we're almost there will be done inshallah with whole book after 11 more stations

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and in fact we will talk about the marriage

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of the unbelievers and marriage to unbelievers

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to marry unbelievers and marriage of unbelievers among themselves.

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Allah tala who died in 41 after he said in his book McGinn men, as Allah said in

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Kala alto gel under the station over the facade or the chapter of ultrasonic or connection, connectedness.

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He said Palo Alto gelatin Madonna, della Gan acaba Hosseini

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is our pool Batali. He had an

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Allah Almighty said then he approached and descended and was at at a distance of two ball lengths or near.

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And then the sheikh said he caused the intellects to lose hope, meaning loads hope by knowing what that means,

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by saying or closer closer than to bolens.

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Some of them are serene. This is obviously the beginning of sort of Technogym as you know, and some of them have a serene

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you know, in the beginning and the first page in some of the city and said that this is in reference to Allah subhanaw taala. The majority of them have a city in said that this was in reference to debris lollies.

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It is likely as I mentioned, like 14 or some reasons to support this position, it is likely in reference to debris lolly salon, not only Allah subhanaw taala. And that is not to say that Allah cannot be described by those terms, because they have been mentioned in other places and lucky in this

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The concept of this scent has been mentioned in other videos as well.

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So as it is, which are which means scripture lists do believe in this for Allah subhanaw taala. Without

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without basically imagining the how the cave, the modality cave would mean modality without even attempting to discover the ontological reality. We just know that Allah is using those terms, to point to us concepts and things in the unseen, that are completely beyond our apprehension. But he's using our human language that has been developed that has evolved and been developed by humans to refer to concepts and things within their experience, to pay to point to those realities that are completely beyond our apprehension. So whatever allow us enter, you know, the terms that are used, are the most suitable, because allow us to them to express those concepts to us. So we believe that

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they are more suitable, but we don't go beyond that. So when we talk about the sense that a lot of sense to the Lord heaven

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if someone says, Does that mean movement, we say no.

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Does that mean that that's the to deny movement? We say we don't deny, we don't affirm. We don't deny it just not in the Quran or the Sunnah. So we just stay silent.

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It is beyond us. So we limit ourselves to the expressions in the Quran and the Sunnah. And we allow them to flow to the hearts of the people unimpeded, by intellectual objections. So when Allah says that he descends

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to the lower Heaven, there are there is a message that Allah subhanaw taala wants the people to learn

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to capture and benefit from

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And it's a message that's gotten to the heart, do not allow the intellect to impede the progress of this message for the hearts benefiting from this message, by any objections, just let it flow. That is to let it flow after we established or you know, we start with a primer of complete absolute utter 10 Z, which means exoneration of God from any flaws, or anything that is like his creations that similar his creations are complete and z exoneration.

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We affirm the other incompressibility of God all the time. So after you have this primer, then allow these verses and these hobbies to flow to people's hearts unimpeded by intellectual objections.

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But in this particular area, it was not talking about Allah Most likely, although it's controversial, and the chef is completely justified to mention it if he believes in that position that it was talking about a lot. But we believe that there is enough evidence that the this was a reference to jabril alehissalaam.

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So when the chief says he calls the intellects to lose hope by saying we're closer, if this is about a law than what is meant by closer, that a lot became closer to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam than to both lengths. So he says that Allah said, are closer so that you don't investigate what that means.

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And then the sheikh said, while it Assad was an autodidact, adagietto una salatu salam, some to Satoshi, some artesanato, dude. Well, to solve that as

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a director to una salatu salam from a facade of some facade will Jude connection is three levels. The first is the connection of Hassan. Hassan is to seek refuge and to find refuge and then something protection refuge.

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From the facade of shoe then the connection absolute, witnessing,

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then the connection of wadood which is actuality, which is a verb, noun or a noun, if it is a noun, it means existence. If it is a verb, a noun, it means find them.

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So, it means existence or finding,

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to find the law,

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if you see him PCM, you find them. And

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we will come to this particular concept a little later. And then also station 96 is all about what you'd find the gala. That is Station Number 96, which is basically the endings the very endings is one of the highest stations, or the last stations, the station of will do, or actuality. And I translated as actuality, to translate also as actualization

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because it's the ultimate actualization of faith.

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And certainly, that does not mean that you know, the dream and the freedom to Hayden, and

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does not consider those to be higher, but but it is among the ultimate stations anyway. So when the chef talks about this, he divides things into three levels. What

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we have talked about this several times, the last level is about finance. And that's why he calls it a dude, finding

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actuality, to find the God because you'll never find him until you lose yourself. And you will only be able to subsist in him by him with him for him.

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Or to success them sorry by him, for him with him. If you lose yourself and as long as you see yourself, as long as you feed yourself, as long as you have not completely completely completely, utterly, absolutely lost yourself. yourself will always be a barrier between you and him.

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And that is why she keeps this to the station of finance and we did speak before about the station have been hired.

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In the station of finance, and that the intent is that there are certain concepts from the station of finance that are necessary to cross that bridge to

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certain concepts that are necessary, not the whole thing, not the whole concept of complete development, ontological management, because that is never true. There is no ontological banishment, because ontological punishment means that there is no difference between the creator and creation. And then we will get into union and whether Indian ontological union and indwelling

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which is which is heretical. But,

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you know, the it is the certain concepts,

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the fact that you really need to lose yourself, need to not feed yourself need to not allow yourself to come in the middle between you and God is necessary for you to subsist by him with him for

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So, that's the last one. The first one is to salatu salam Salatu. Salam is basically that connectedness by seeking refuge and you will seek refuge. Now you're not seeing God.

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But you're seeking refuge in the revelation.

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In the indications in the signposts you're holding on to the signpost, the indicates the revelation, the evidence

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you're being because that you have not reached the second level yet.

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So that is a song that is you're seeking refuge in the revelation, which does not mean keep in mind that that's never means that you move when you move away from this face. This face becomes the foundation that you build on it, you don't move away from. There's not like something that you move away from. And you don't need to seek refuge in the revelation anymore. When you're witness that you know, the divine, absolutely not, it means that this is a foundation he built on it. And when you build on it, now you will have the experience of the heart. And the second phase, because the first phase is addressing your intellect. The second phase is addressing your heart. The third phase is

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addressing your spirit, your spirit, your role. Sarah would mean the secret to means in their terminology, your room

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or the innermost

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essence of it.

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So she says

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three different levels of dishonor to salatu salam, ala shih tzu. The second is the connection of who that is, when you witness God, you only worship him as if you see him.

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And that's the highest station even the third one, you know, the seizure of asset as a professor saddam said,

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in the Hadith is the highest station. The second one is a sub sort of, is a branch of a branch of this highest station.

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So it has to have a connection with Allah subhanaw taala is what everyone wants to be connected to Allah subhanaw taala to have a connection with Allah tala is what everyone wants. So how do we get to it we get to it by

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by following the Prophet so outside of that is the best way to get to Allah. He sent you a messenger to lead you to him. You follow in the footsteps of the messenger you get to him. So matabele ob de bois de mercado de la, la, la La,

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la, la.

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La Quinta to some holiday, as many of us are already observed the weather at Optus will be negligible at MGB.

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But the point is, is that our losses are my servant does not draw closer to me by doing anything better, or more beloved to me than what I have demanded of him required of him for and the fruit.

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And then, after fulfilling those, he continues to grow closer to me by no effort, until I love him and when I love him, I become his hearing with which he hears and cyclical he sees is handled literally strikes and his leg with which he walks. And if he asks me, I grant him his wishes and if he seeks refuge in me, I protect our protector. So that is the sun.

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So everything is about the sun. Ultimately, everything is about the sun. Well, the thing that is most obvious is a Salah crystallize about Salah.

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Salah comes from Salah connection at the sun connectedness. So the prayer if you want to speak to a lot of Karnataka pray, if you want to let speak to you read the Quran because it's the word of Allah subhanaw taala so you're moneda with Allah subhanaw taala your conversation with Allah subhanaw taala should there should always be some form of moneda some form of conversation some form of like a perpetual dialogue between you and Allah subhanaw taala permanent dialogue between you and us a lot smarter than it is not limited to praying and reading the Quran, it is everything is there is like an like an open ended like a permanent dialogue between you and Allah subhanaw taala at once

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you're not there, Logan, you're lost. Once you lose the dialogue, you're lost that dialogue is in every action, like when you lower your gaze, you know, you're you are conversing with the last part of the year saying to him, but you have to be you have your heart has to be present, you know, you have to do this these things not as like second nature but you have to bring in or being gone your intention, your heart needs to be present, you're saying to him, you know, hi, favor the sort of the permanent pleasure

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of your neediness over that temporary lowly pleasure.

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You know, of looking or gazing at something that you that you have demanded me to not look at. So you are saying to him, You are conversing, you're dialoguing. You're just every time every time you do anything, every time you refrain from anything, you are the logon you're saying, to keep your heart present, and bring on that sort of life, that higher of the heart, by being always connected. So when you pray, you are doing this, when you're fasting, you're you are also

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you're actually trying to suppress

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your your lusts and desires and so on and so forth. So that your spirit can rise and connect. So that your spirit can rise and connect. When you give charity or doing this you know you're drawing because you are giving from you know what, what you like the most your your money to seek nearness to Allah subhanaw taala and to come closer to Allah subhanaw taala. Like you do need to be having this dialogue. So if you give charity and a fundraising, for instance, just disregard everyone around you and talk to Allah.

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If you are waiting for feedback from people, or if you're waiting from this sort of

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even if you're waiting for the fundraiser, like you're not talking to a lot directly, although we will always welcome but, but it is important that you're having this dialogue and it is bilateral it is between you and Allah subhanaw taala. So definitely guarded this miss all the people around us so that you can have this conversation, we can have this dialogue.

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So everything that we do is basically to have the seller to solve this connection or connectedness with Allah subhanaw taala and that is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam That is why when, when the President talks to us about victory, for instance, you know, being the best of our deeds and firemen and Takata were comfortable and

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happy with where they are, as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, there will be a complicated medical Moleskine the medical model heavy data data competitor music

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hierarchical manufacturer heavy

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political la Coronavirus de la kinetic Rola. So the when the prophets of Salaam does essentially not tell you have the best of your deeds and the purest in the sight of your Lord.

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What if I had an article and the one that's most conducive to raising your ranks?

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Better than you know confronting your enemy but then GRP saying that what sentiment Islam which is the peak the pinnacle, confronting your enemy and striking out the next and they striking out your next and better than spending your golden silver, the proper and then they say the Messenger of Allah and he said Victrola. He said the remembrance of Allah because that's, that is the devil that is that is the connection that is connected.

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But But keep in mind that certainly that does not detract or belittle any of those deeds. But he's saying that is the essence. So the person who is engaged in, you know, jihad or Saba or any act, if he is in remembrance, he has this remembrance Plus, you know, so but he has this remembrance as well.

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So it's to have this remembrance and to be given Saba is better than to be in remembrance without giving Southern. Right. So but, but the concept that the professor's Adam is trying to drive home here is what this is all for this connection is all for this connection. So if you have this connection all the time, if you're having this dialogue, open dialogue, with a lot of thought all the time, you are safe, otherwise, you're not.

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Then the CFO talks about the three different level and he says what the solid are to some particular class, the sphere to the Rada, some people had.

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The connection of altruism seeking refuge is about the rectification of the intent, the purification of the whim, and the realization of the hand or the Interstate, and we send it to salatu salam usually dedicates this phase, to the intellect to the item to the knowledge of the revelation, and the knowledge of the revelation is received by

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the intellect. And then the second phase, it is basically the very the spiritual imports that come from Allah subhanaw taala, they are received by the heart. And the third phase is when you basically lose yourself

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to find to find that

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for by him, and subsist by him.

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So at the salatu salam is basically about what you can do, based on you know, your your good understanding the Latin certainly

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shows you the way to him, and knowledge, knowledge shows you the way to him, and without this knowledge, you will be walking in the dark. So knowledge shows you the way to Allah subhanaw taala, the knowledge that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam imparted to us, is the most prized knowledge, the most important knowledge that we should learn, so that we can follow him to Allah subhanaw taala.

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But here, you do need to do some work, you do need to stay past the rectification of the intent, the erection, you know, you need to set your competence, you need to make sure that what you're doing is for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala not for anything else. And then to see whether there are that many people have set their compass well, but there are that they will then resolve their energy.

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They don't have that much determination. You know, they set their compass, they're fine when it comes to cost when it comes to the intent, but they can't really recruit that much energy, they can garner harness recruits that much energy they just so it has two parts is tafisa errata, which is recruited and to purify, recruited

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first and then purified Second, you want to recruit,

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recruit, they're either by basically reflection on you know, the existence and the sort of transience of this existence by visiting the graves were reminding yourself of how short time how short is the time that you have here, and how valuable that is and the fact that there is nothing that can earn you more time, you can buy more time and that is basically a physical product that is the recruiting that energy and that

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determination, can then you want to purified

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and purifying the Rada is by making sure that there is it is not corrupted by any other

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motivations or motives other than the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala and seeking near the stem, and then the access, people have the realization of the hand and the hand is the interstate. And he talks about it. This is about time this phase is about the end. The second phase is about the * but he says that, you know the animal will lead you that. This is the last step here it is to get to the head. And then when you have the head when you have the spiritual imports when you have the presence of the heart when you when your heart is active now

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You're not it's not simply your intellect and it's not simply a matter of actions, your heart is always present your heart is always active.

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Then you get into the second phase and the second phase is the connection of she Who does she accept to Sania, at the sort of pseudo colossal vanetta, Atilla VENA listed lab was supposed to shut up till

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about 10 years to sort of show the colossal metadata that are listed then also go to

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the second level is the connection of show which is witnessing, which is about returns from the flaws, needing no proofs or to be to be satisfied with our proofs, termination of the Diaspora of the inner thoughts, so called Smart termination of the Diaspora of the inner thoughts. And as we said before, because we are most of us, if not all of us, belong to the first phase, it will be most beneficial for us to focus on the first phase because we have not completed the first phase yet and can fulfill that and perfected.

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But when he talks about shoot, which is witnessing God, which is Muhammad, Hassan and Tabitha laka Nikita rafaela, in Iraq to worship Allah as if you see him. And if you don't know that he does, that, when he talks about his shoe, then just don't deny something that you have no complete knowledge of.

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Because that will be mad at me, he told me

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that we do

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have units of last minute Allah says, because that will be mad at me, he told me in a Navy they have denied that which their knowledge did not encompass.

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Or that which they have, they have no complete knowledge of. So don't be of the people who

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love you know, because they won't be mad, no Hato Baron he don't be of the people who do deny that which they cannot comprehend that which you can wrap your heads around, if you say I can't wrap my head around this. Well, there is so much that you can't wrap your head around in the first place. there's so little that you can wrap your head around.

00:27:28 --> 00:27:47

It is important that we humble ourselves and we do not deny that which we cannot completely comprehend because it may be beyond this that does not meet the law tells us they lose the faculty of the intellect, no, but the faculty of the intellect is also limited. There are certain things that we never, you know,

00:27:48 --> 00:28:03

we never give up in our pursuit of Allah, Allah gave us that intellect to use it. So things like you know the law of non contradiction, we will apply it with us exclude the law of excluded middle of the law of non contradiction, these are, but

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these are basically a priori knowledge. These are the irresistible knowledge, the elementary, it's irresistible knowledge, you will use it. But there are certain things that are not counted to this, they are beyond this. And that is what we're talking about. You don't deny that which you have not

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comprehended or that have not encompassed with your knowledge

00:28:31 --> 00:29:01

level in 30 units because Obama Lem you hate with him, it is not the millennial among the millennials hated me they have denied that which they have not encompassed with their knowledge to hate is basically incompetent to from all directions, that is having perfect knowledge, complete knowledge of the ontological Reality of Things, how how much of that do we have about things particularly and when it comes to the metaphysical realities

00:29:03 --> 00:29:05

we know what we have been told of

00:29:06 --> 00:29:48

on the house and then the * as in this particular phase in this project phase of shoe, this is now about you know you reach the level of hair, you have those spiritual imports, you have the presence of the heart, your heart is completely active is is is completely functional, completely active, but keep in mind that you have to be also careful because even then, you still want to be watchful of yourself and charisma tolerate and from the flaws, there will still be flaws. And you need to watch for those flaws and purify your heart from those flaws. purify your actions from those flaws and the worst of all flaws is what

00:29:53 --> 00:30:00

yeah, it is it is to see yourself in any of this or to see any entitlement to see any type

00:30:00 --> 00:30:03

And to see yourself or you know, as the actor

00:30:04 --> 00:30:25

or to see any entitlement. But if you're receiving all of these as gifts, even the spiritual imports as gifts without seeing any entitlement without feeling any entitlement, then you have purified your hand. So, last minute returns from the flaws, there are many flaws, but the worst of all flaws is the

00:30:27 --> 00:30:28

feeling of entitlement

00:30:30 --> 00:30:34

or feeling of the feeling of your action,

00:30:35 --> 00:30:38

witnessing your your own acting,

00:30:39 --> 00:30:42

or feeling of entitlement.

00:30:44 --> 00:30:50

Then there's the external antenna analyst ladder, which means needing to know proofs in a self sufficiency. And

00:30:52 --> 00:30:56

that is basically finding proofs finding evidence.

00:30:57 --> 00:31:10

And we have talked about this concept several times because when you the signposts lead you to him to God. So when you see him, and that is seeing him with the eyes of

00:31:11 --> 00:31:12

your heart.

00:31:13 --> 00:31:20

This is highs because no one would see a lot with eyes, their head and this life as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, a lot more

00:31:23 --> 00:31:29

Muslim know that no one will have you will see his Lord until he dies that isn't Muslim.

00:31:30 --> 00:31:36

But with the eyes of your heart, when you see God, do you need the signposts?

00:31:38 --> 00:31:53

When you reach your destination? Do you need the signposts like when you reach the the city of your destination? All the signposts on the way? Do you need them anymore? You don't. So when in fact, you know, you may say

00:31:54 --> 00:32:05

that the knowledge of God is God knowledge is irresistible knowledge. That's why our scholars say that the knowledge of God is realized by Hudson Barton, and has al Barton.

00:32:07 --> 00:32:22

Seventh American Allah says that as much as you feel hunger and pain and joy and sadness, that inner sense that you have, all of these are, you know, sort of

00:32:23 --> 00:32:24


00:32:25 --> 00:32:40

And that is his that his sense. It's just like seeing and hearing, but these are the external senses, but you have an inner sense. And that inner sense as much as it feeds all of this, that inner sense also feels God recognizes God.

00:32:42 --> 00:32:57

So it is irresistible Rudy knowledge. And it is strictly knowledge. It's sort of a priori knowledge, it's innate knowledge. The problem is we have corrupted that federa we have corrupted that original disposition,

00:32:58 --> 00:33:05

by by so much bias and prejudice and ego and sin and

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there's so much that that can corrupt the origin of this position to the point where you will be needing signposts and probes, you will be needing people to tell you look at you know this and look at that, look at the creations of Allah look at the heavens and the earth. And then sometimes even you need people to talk to you about cosmological sort of evidence and ontological evidence and teleological evidence and so on. And sometimes even you're not either you don't get it and and you need the argument to become more and more convoluted and more and more complex, when in fact it is so the Boolean knowledge it's irresistible knowledge, those people have purified

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their hearts and from the you know, the corruption and pollution of sin and bias and prejudice and negligence and heedlessness and so on. So they have arrived. They are now in the city. They are now witnessing the Lord. They don't need the signposts anymore, what have you noticed

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and then he said what was so cool to started SRR which means the termination of the Diaspora of inner SOS, termination of the Diaspora of inner thoughts and inner wills and inner drives.

00:34:28 --> 00:34:33

You know, so now that togetherness that you will have,

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as we said before, without connecting with Allah subhanaw taala without you know losing yourself to find them and without connecting with Allah Allah, you will always be in the ask for your your your intellect, your heart, and your spirit, your body, your mind, your heart will be in different places. your intellect and your spirit will be in different places your emotions and your energy.

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intellect would be in different places, all of this would come together and you'd have this holiness, holiness, you know, homeless and togetherness, by connecting to the Holy One to the whole to the one subhanaw taala. And only then your fragmentation would end the fragmentation of your inner soul will end and you will be together in complete harmony, completely aligned inside, internally aligned, your intellect, your emotions are aligned, your heart and your mind are aligned with your body, everything is aligned, and then you that I asked for the inner thoughts and inner wills would end will be will cease to exist, and you'll have complete peace on the

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membership. To satisfy a dishonorable do to have a disorder that you'd recommend who knows caminhada de la small La, la mucha.

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The third level is the connection of the actuality.

00:36:07 --> 00:36:12

And as we said before, it means existence or finding the noun or verb or noun.

00:36:14 --> 00:36:31

And that's to find the God and that's the complete actualization of faith. And that connection cannot be realized by descriptions or qualifications that can only be pointed to by borrowed names and gestures, is mimar borrowed names.

00:36:32 --> 00:37:07

So he's saying that the same thing that we say nakida when we talk about the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, we're saying that we're borrowing names from human language to point to realities that are completely beyond human apprehension. We're borrowing names from the human language to point to ontological realities that are completely beyond human apprehension. And the same applies here, when you reach this level. The concepts cannot be expressed in human language. So we sometimes borrow names from the human language to point to those concepts even though

00:37:08 --> 00:37:57

those even names are just borrowed. They are borrowed from our own language that is that has developed and evolved through usage to express and denote concepts and things in our human experience. We're borrowing them to the nodes or to refer to or point to realities that are completely beyond our apprehension, for which those names were not developed in the first place. But is there some commonality? Yes, you know, you cannot understand what the hearing of God and as you understand what hearing means, you cannot understand the knowledge of God without knowing what knowledge means, but are they in any way comparable? No, the knowledge of God is infinite in

00:37:57 --> 00:37:59

encompassing eternal,

00:38:00 --> 00:38:07

necessary and our knowledge is contingent, limited, finite

00:38:08 --> 00:38:09

and had this

00:38:10 --> 00:38:18

had a beginning. So there is there is no comparison at all, but it's still you need to know this to be able to

00:38:20 --> 00:38:31

realize, you know, what, what the word is referring to what this refers to. The same applies here within the context of

00:38:32 --> 00:38:42

you know, within the within Sufi terminology. The same applies when they are talking about these higher rankings.

00:38:43 --> 00:38:59

The names that have been developed by humans to refer to their own impact experiences are not good enough. That is why you need a Shara you need gestures that's why if you're using the names you recognize that you're just borrowing them

00:39:00 --> 00:39:12

to express things that are that cannot be expressed in the human language that set for this phase or for this

00:39:13 --> 00:39:17

Yeah, that's it for this reason. That's it for the station. The station of connection.

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protocol, you have a snafu buddy.

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